Smart Phoney People

I met up with a friend recently, and to be quite honest, she might as well have sent her smartphone to meet me. I spent all my time listening to or looking at things on her phone, or listening to her reading out things from her phone. Or waiting whilst she dealt with other people via her phone. Where had she gone ?

It was as if her mind was outside her body, all dumped into her smart phone. That’s smart ! Are you smart ? Similarly, the smart phone told her what to do, just like the mind does. Her personal smart phone had become her personality.

The phones seem to make all the decisions, they are our eyes and ears, they tell us what to do, where to go, how to behave, how to do things, when to get up, they even tell us who we are and interact with other people or smartphones for us.

An advertisement poster for railways tells me to “Discover Cornwall by Rail”. The poster shows a smart girl on a train, looking at her smart phone screen, and the phone looks out through the glass window of the train at the Cornish scenery that she is discovering through two layers of glass. I expect she is taking photos to store on her phone, so she can look smart and interesting like she has discovered something. It probably makes you more smart phoney friends.

Or maybe it just helps your personal smartphone make more smartphone friends. You can personalise your phone with ringtones and smart covers and favourite apps and photos and screensavers. You can personalise every app on your phone with your personal settings. You can create a unique personality for your smartphone. Just like a person really. A real person. Sooner or later there will be male and female smart phones that can meet up for dates and have sex. Just plug one smartphone into the other and sparks will fly. Smartphones are good at doing dates, better than humans.

Smart phones are turning into people, and people are turning into smart phone drones.

It would be great if smartphones could get about by themselves, wouldn’t it ? Then my friend really could have just sent her smart phone, and saved her the bother of coming herself, and if she had several smartphones, she could have sent lots of them out at once to interact with others and report back to her at central control in her comfy chair behind the screens of glass. Thus maintaining more friends at once, and increasing the smart appearance and interesting discoveries of her life. Great bit of multi-tasking that would be !

Smart phones don’t have legs. Not yet. Add some legs, and they can get about by themselves. they can go out and meet smart phoney friends, and discover places, like Cornwall. Without the need for an owner to go with them ! Smart independent phones ! A smartphone always knows what the latest train times are, (unlike me, I can’t keep up to date), it could go to Cornwall by train all on its own.

It is starting to seem like smart phones are actually an improvement on human beings !

Why do we feel so inadequate and powerless that we need phones to substitute for ourselves ?

I find myself dumping my own mind out onto the internet. I am smug about having no smart phone, but I do have a smart ipad. I am a smart phoney person with a smart phoney
online personality. I wonder why I am drawn to writing parts of my mind out onto the internet, so that it can be trapped into this net and web of deceit ?

It feels like I have had my voice blocked for ever, and now I have found somewhere to speak. Through the screen. Through phoney fake touch, and the fake voice of the written word that is not really a sound at all. Be Heard. Be Herd. This is the way in to the global mind ball. Enter, be entranced, be herded ! I have created a false persona on screen to hide behind.

The internet is collecting up all our minds into one big global glow ball mind. It’s mind blowing. We are having our minds blown up and reset. The mind will be a shared mind that controls us all just like the glowball Sun now does. Centrally. The new global mind is accessed and received through the SKY and CLOUD, just like the Sun is now. At the moment it may seem like there is some freedom on the internet to think differently, that is the bait we are offered, but once we are all in there addicted, we will be programmed to think the same and behave the same according to central control, I think we already are. The bait is offered “free” like a free lunch, or the free cheese in the mousetrap that has free admission too.

It is a new form of Time Lord. Smart phones are good at time keeping, so good that their owners are sometimes unaware that the clocks have gone back by an hour and they are repeating the same bit of time. The smart phone hides the Sun time, like the clouds of chemtrails hide the Sun.

The smart phone is the new mind, ready for implant. You don’t need a physical implant or microchip, the smart phone SIMply reprograms your existing mind space because you worship it. It doesn’t matter what you read from your phone, or write to it, any more than reading one newspaper is better than another. You are programmed by the regular use of a smart phone, by religious practise and devotion to it. By loving it. By giving your power to it. It reinforces your belief that there is an iconic thing that is outside your body, like a GOD of a major world religion. It is a belief that you have no power and the power is in your phone. It is a belief in the screens that come between us all. A belief in centrally controlled media, controlled by an elite few. A belief that you cannot go anywhere without a screen as your guide and companion. And a screen to hide your true self and project a smart phoney personality.

The smartphone is GOD. God is in the SKY program with his sun and son, the Time Lord. GOD is the takeover of the mind which then rules over the body instead of our true spirit guide.

Our true spirit guide is within our body. We cannot ever hear its true sound, because our mind is cluttered with endless noise of smart phoney distractions, and endless busyness. I guess a microchip SIM implant within our body would help people believe that the phone is the real thing.

So it seems that my friend was not really there when I met her because she had switched on her phone, and deferred to it as a God, and in the process she seemed to have switched off herself. I have the same problem with people that hide behind newspapers. An old fashioned version of the same thing.

Just a little reminder that bees are known to to be smart. They are centrally controlled by their allegiance to the hive mentality, the single obedient mind that worships the Queen. Bees are revered these days, and the smart phone mind tells us to save the bees, all smart people know that bees are in peril and need saving. It is accepted fact because the shared mind says so.

Smart means phoney. Smart means robotic. Smart means keeping up appearances. Smart means feeding the Queen. Smart minds think alike.

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10 Responses to Smart Phoney People

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Even before the smarts appeared my daughter,then a teen, said she liked her mobile because it was like being in Star Trek! At the same age I would have felt the same. I’ve heard of predictive programming and that showed me it was for real. I’ve got some Cyberman helmets,oops what a giveaway! When you press a button it says “You will be upgraded or you will be eliminated” Here,kid have this chip in your brain,i t will give you superpowers. It looks to me like transhumanism is a done deal. Everyone will want to be smarter,better and quicker or they’ll be LEFT BEHIND. The only place where I see very few smart phonies is in the queue for jumble sales. Us sad old losers chat away to each other an awful lot! A moment of light humour….when I came home with yet another cyberhelmet with a brain in a transparent panel my significant other,don’t you love that phrase! said”oh,so they have females” needless to say her dinner was late that evening .

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes Nixon I think it is pretty much a done deal too. The future is already here. The things I signed up to as a teenager are part of where we are at today. I also spent 15 years in the computer industry. Now I can see the error of my ways, but I am addicted, and my kids are being programmed as I was.
      Despite that, I still feel motivated to withdraw my own participation, step by step. I find it strangely fulfilling to drop out and under achieve.
      I feel pretty content with jumble sale style sociability too. It is the only organised social event I go to. (No chairs in rows !).

      Starship Enterprise reminds me of Enter Prize Draw.
      The childcare bible my mum used on me was written by Spock. A man I think.
      To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before is obviously the taking of a virgin, entering her inner space. I could do a whole post on it, but writing posts is something I am trying to withdraw from too.

      Computers are better at being smart phoney people than people are.

      Is it LEFt behind and RIGHT foot forward ? RIGHT ahead.

  2. Claire says:

    Hello Suli
    Even before phones got smart people were saying that they were changing how people communicate. Also it was said that texting was changing languages.
    I like my smart phone because it helps me pass boring moments. I play card games on it. I suppose it’s part of the ongoing battle for the human mind. I think it all started with religion which got in the way of people directly accessing god.
    Imagine if the phones really could go out and do sex and then they became aware of what was going on and decided to choose their own partners. The arguements that could cause would be horrendous.
    Be Heard sounds like beard which can hide a weak chin. Lots of people hide behind a fake persona on their phone.
    Ants are also centrally controlled by a queen. Ants are such busy little buggers. Mobile phone signals are said to be responsible for the decline in bee populations.
    To smart can mean to sting like when somebody gets slapped. It would hurt to be slapped with a mobile phone.

    • suliwebster says:

      I take my ipad with me to cafes too, Claire. It makes me sit and stop for longer than if I was just on my own without my electronic companion. I used to read the sunday papers as a way of relaxing, because it would help me SWITCH OFF from my work life and other demands. People watch tv because it puts them into some sort of relaxing state, like hypnosis.
      There is a new smartphone shop in Bath, called CEX.
      I think relationships are already in a bad way because of people’s smartphone mentality.
      The Singapore government apparently have an online dating site encouraging sex and giving advice. The government is governing arranged marriages and controlling and monitoring who mates with who, controlling breeding programmes. Before long, they can introduce smartphones dressed as people into the dating sites. Noone will know the difference. Most young people use dating sites, come to think of it, most people my age do too.
      I hear that British Telecom have a whole research team studying ant behaviour. Ants are very computer like too, as you say. I wonder if we are being converted to ants and bees.
      Yes I think you are right, religion came in first and separated us from our spirit guide, making us vulnerable to an imposter version.

      • Claire says:

        Hello Suli
        It’s rare that I go out as I am primary caregiver to my mother and she gets agitated if I’m gone too long. I take my phone and play games while I’m waiting for the bus, that sort of thing.
        There’s CeX shops here in Spain as well. It’s for buying and selling games and things to do with computers.
        Intoducing smartphones dressed as people reminds me of Ashley Madison, the dating site whose old slogan was ‘Life is short. Have an affair.’ The new slogan is ‘Find your moment.’ Ashley Madison got hacked and lots of people’s secret affairs were no longer secret. From memory, a lot were preachers.
        It turned out that many of the women weren’t real, but fembots. It was quite a performance getting them to say interesting things. If the men wanted to meet, I think local escort agencies were involved. The whole thing was to make money. It cost some to hook up with the fembots.
        I think the human race is being converted to ants and bees, but not wasps. Wasps have attitude, although they are also social insects.

      • suliwebster says:

        “Fembots” sounds like characters out of Brave New World.
        Your reply shows that this is not the stuff of the future, but the now.
        I think the phones and internet fall into a sort of market gap, whereby we have all become too socially isolated, so smartphones seem like a “godsend”.
        My experience of being socially isolated too much was with young children to care for single handedly, this explains why mothers are so easily sucked into Facebook etc. It’s a godsend. In my day, it was toddler groups which were my “godsend”. Even then I felt sad at the state of things that a toddler group could be the highlight of my week.

  3. People need to communicate, or they shrivel mentally.

    I am horrified when I see young parents (mothers in particular) texting or talking on their mobiles while their young children are ignored or attempt to attract the attention of the mum whose mind is elsewhere.

    Last Saturday I was enchanted to watch a young mum and dad interacting with their vivacious toddler while extracting a wee baby and its buggy from their car; giving their undivided attention to both youngsters as required as well as maintaining watchful eyes on the traffic in the car park throughout.

    Watching parents reacting positively to their children while shopping is like watching poetry unfolding before your eyes. It is a delight to watch real learning experiences happening right before you, whereas watching parents with dead-pan expressions texting on a mobile is akin to looking at dead cod-fish on the fishmonger’s slab.

    • suliwebster says:

      Very well put Maureen.
      I find the same joy when I see happy alive kids interacting lovingly with their parents who take pleasure in being with them.

  4. paul says:

    we have a connection to this plane(t) – when it is broken you suffer – it effects your physical and mental health (and spiritual i reckon) and that connection is being lost (all by design)

    resonance beings of frequency

  5. paul says:

    this may resonate
    Moby & The Void Pacific Choir – Are You Lost In The World Like Me

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