Hearts Are Trumps

The man next to me on the bus was on his way to the Hospital. He got out a little card, and at the top I could see “European Pacemaker Patient Identity Card”. (EPPIC). It sounds very Orwellian… And suddenly it dawned on me what was going on….

Heart Head Office…
I pictured a pan-European control centre for pacemakers, where each one could be monitored and regulated remotely by computer. Each person tracked by the emissions from their heart, just as a smartphone is tracked. An international Head Office that controls Hearts. Heads ruling over hearts. Like mind rules over matter. And matter is undermined.

Do you follow your heart ? Or does your mind tell you what to do ?

Heart Attack…
Cupid shoots his arrow through the heart. Attack. They are aiming for our hearts. The target for microchipping the population is the HEART. The heart of the matter. Cupid aims to WIN hearts. “Aime” is French for love, and French is known for being the language of love. AIM for the heart, WIN the heart. It’s a game, a very nasty game where hearts are attacked, and the desire is to win.

Playing Cards…
The EPPIC card is a card identifying hearts. We are playing an epic game of CARDs, and hearts are trumps. The more hearts you have in your hand, the greater your chances of winning, so the powers that be are collecting hearts. Hospitals are a good place to collect hearts, hearts that have been attacked and need some help.

Heart Doctor…
He’s a CARDiologist. It’s all about CARDs. The card war, the card ward, CARDiology is the heart department in hospitals where you get your pacemaker fitted by a card doctor, to doctor your heart. It’s card logic. Cardiology is the logic of pace making the world population with a united centrally controlled heartbeat. It’ll be great won’t it, when we all love each other because we all beat with one united heart.

Corporate Heart Office
Corporations aim to WIN over the hearts and minds of their employees and their customer consumers. Like Cupid. Methinks we already have a microchip in our head, probably the pineal gland. Now they are coming after the heart. The next microchip is going to be in the heart. Corporates need to win over our hearts and minds otherwise they are dead corpses.

Heart Hunting…
In times gone by, hunters would return triumphantly TRUMPly to the King with the fresh heart of an animal they had won, an animal they had killed, probably a Hart, or a deer, a dear heart. They had got to the heart. And hearts are trumps. The best hunter has a handful of hearts, and it will trump anything anyone else has. The best hunter could WIN the heart of the Princess by his impressive handful of hearts.

The EPPIC pacemaker is a cure for a bad heart, makes it beat to the right tune. An “epicure” is a person who likes luxury fine wines and food, gourmet style, maybe gore meat style, maybe govermet style, maybe French style, maybe blood red wine. Satanists eat raw hearts. And church goers follow card suit by drinking the blood of Jesus’ heart as red wine. It seems to me that eating hearts is part of the training to immunise and desensitise people from their empathy and kindred spirits. To become tough, hard hearted, and ruthless truthless. To be out of tune to love. It probably trains you to be a Hunter style person that likes to have handfuls of Hearts. I can still remember a Biology lesson at school when I dissected an animal heart with a sharp knife. Medical students must do a lot of that.

Valentine’s Day…
…is a day when everywhere is adorned with bleeding blood red hearts, especially places offering epicure style gourmet dinner for two with candles. It won’t be long before they are serving raw hearts from the menu, or maybe one heart to “share”. It is called Roman tic. The Roman way, the Roman clock is the Romantic candle, setting us up for Roman times.

The heart is the timekeeper of our body, it regulates the pace, and the peace within. Modern hearts beat far too fast to be peaceful. Peace reigns if the pace is tuned to peace. The heart is sometimes known as the “ticker”. Tick Tock. If your heart stops like a clock, then the grim reaper calls time on you. The pulse of the heart is very similar timing to the clocks, but not quite. As with everything else, the clocks are a fraction out of tune to make everything grate on our nerves like a badly tuned musical instrument.

Heart Attack…
Hearts that are constantly pulled and pushed to work at too fast a pace start to breakdown, or “conk out”. They have been conquered by a greater force. They are under attack from an incompatible external pacemaker called Big Ben. When they breakdown, or slow down, or go too fast, you will be offered a new heart piece called a pacemaker. It will have a new heart pace too. One that fits better with the modern way. More machine like, more engine like, more sex like.

The heart is the engine of the body, the power, the driving force, the life force that pumps fuel around the body. The Satanic powers that be need more hearts to get more power. They are greedy for hearts. The heart is fired up like an engine to begin life, and it conks out at the end of life. Our heart can be tuned like an engine. But unlike the ugly noise of an engine, our heart can play a beautiful musical tune, the tune of love, the tune of peace, the power of love. If only we can hear it.

Selling Hearts…
When we sell our time to make money, we sell our heart, because we are working at someone else’s pace, not the pace of our own heart, not in our own time. How much do you sell your heart for ?

Donating Hearts…
People freely sign up to donate hearts to medical science and to heartless people, after their death when they meet their maker. Before long we will be donating our hearts willingly even whilst we are alive, to the universal united pacemaker. Hearts are given away in marriage, and now hearts are given away to Governments and science.

Heart of Government…
The Singapore government has an online dating agency for lonely hearts, governments are now governing hearts. The government is telling you who to match up with, they encourage sex, and give advice. You can see how they are controlling breeding like a scientific laboratory experiment. It’s eugenics. Do you think it’s not happening near you ? Most people seem to turn on to online dating services to find their perfect match. It will be everywhere soon, worldwide centrally controlled dating. Setting the date, setting the time, setting the pace. And the pace is sex, not love. So much choice, it is like shopping ! Which is what Singapore excels at, a giant shopping mall. When governments have our hearts, they have the greatest power of all.

Smartphones are converging towards microchips. So I think the heart microchip will probably take the form of a small smartphone, and we will all have phoney hearts. They will be lonely hearts too. Because only a true heart that is tuned true can love. A phoney heart is only peaceful when it is switched off, like an engine.

Universal Time…
Smartphones are excellent timekeepers, they even automatically adjust when the clocks go back or forwards, and you need be none the wiser about it. That’s nice, being none the wiser. One less thing to worry about. Maybe it can auto adjust when you change time zones too. Maybe the next smartphone on the market will be an Apple iPip and we can swallow it ? Can you hear the pips when you pick up the phone ? The pips on the phone are from the speaking clock, he is known as Tiny Tim, and he is Big Ben’s little brother. The pips go at one second intervals, tuned to the clock. One sec, one sex, pip, pip, pip…

Apple pips contain cyanide. Cyanide is a poison used to murder people. You can murder someone by taking or breaking or poisoning their heart. That’s what the triumphant Hunter does. Any end game eden game story has to have an apple in it.

Obviously Donald Trump has to come into this post, his name looks like a heart donor, Dona Trump…..

Electronic Hearts…
Trump just won over the hearts of the US voters. Trump loves US, The US loves Trump, it’s official. They are all on the same heartbeat. Trump beat Clinton with his trump card. It must have been a heart. With all those hearts of the people in his hand, I think Trump must be a Hunter type, Satanic, and tuned to Roman clock time.

Electron engineering…
Politicians aim to WIN over hearts and minds. I haven’t been following the US election, and I don’t even know what Trump was standing for, except that he was standing for election, as all politicians do. Or is it Electron ?

Does Trump stand for electronic pacemakers ? Hearts are engines, now they are engineering hearts, new electronic hearts, maybe to go with new electric engines for cars, so Eco, so Green, so efficient.

Making Pace…
If we are all implanted with pacemakers, we can be remotely controlled. And I am pretty sure they won’t be setting the pace to be peaceful. They will set the pace so that we are at war when it suits them, and so that we are all uniformly paced when it suits them. The pace will be set for war and whore, porn and pawn. As with everything else, the actual implant is not necessary for takeover, it is all about symbolism.

Noble Prize…
And so the Nobel Pace Prize goes to Trump, the triumph of modern technology over hearts. Just as the noble Hunter of olden times got his prize. Trump will get US all fitted out with pacemakers. He should by rights win the heart of an electronic princess in marriage as his just reward. (From a comment on the previous post, they are called “fembots”).

Another 911…
The US election results were announced on 911 English date time, 9th November. It was fore cast by The Simpsons movies that Trump would be president, just as the Twin Towers 911 was fore cast. The Twin Towers 911 paved the way for war against the Middle East, War on Terror. The pace of the Middle East had to be converted to Western ways, clock time. Maybe the Middle East represents the heart of the world.

World Peace Making…
Every country is motivated to fit pacemakers because it extends life expectancy, an official measure of the greatness of a country…. how long can you make your slaves last before you have to replace them? It’s what we are all clamouring for, isnt it ? We all want world peace. Who can argue against that ? Let us all have the pace that makes us live longer, no matter if we can no longer love.

Mother and Baby…
Babies hearts are regulated by their Mother’s heart, that is why they feed at the breast near the heart, the same pace, the same heart, that they felt in the womb. It is the primary pair bond of two hearts beating as one. The Mother’s heart sets the pace of the baby until it is able to set its own pace. Obviously babies in caged cots will be broken hearted and some do actually die from this separation and lack of assistance in pacemaking. (Cot Death). Modern babies are separated from their mother’s pacemaking as often as possible, as early as possible, severance severe, so that another sort of electronic pacemaker can enter in, something like a smartphone or baby monitor would do, a fake phoney heart.

Tune into the Earth
Just like babies, we can all tune our own pace from our always present Mother Earth. We are the children of Mother Earth. EARTH rearranged is HEART.

Love conkers all…
Conkers are horse chestnuts. They are beautiful mahogany coloured seeds, treasured by children. A heart is kept in a chest, a treasure chest, the only treasure is the love that is paced by the heart. Conkers fall from the tree in autumn, and children collect them to play the game of conkers. A hole is made in each, like a hole in the heart, and they hit each other in an attempt to break the other’s heart and win. The game seems to represent some sort of heart attack. The Horse is symbolic of our true spirit, and so I would say that conkers symbolise the source of love.

Love conquers all…
I have faith that true love will always win out in the end. In the meantime we struggle to keep our own hearts and our own pace. Keep your own time, do everything in your own time, not someone else’s. Then love will prevail. Love is a frequency, a pace. It is set by the pacemaker, our spirit guide within. Our maker is the pacemaker, making love is tuning your body to the right frequency, tuning your heart to the sound of peace and love.

Official frequency is measured in “Hertz”. Ouch ! You can bet your bottom dollar that Hertz is slightly off key for the heartz. Love hurts when the heart breaks. The heart breaks when the pace is wrong for too long. Hearts are made to love, they are made to go at the pace of love, but our modern day hearts are nearly always out of tune, not tuned to love. The heart is the place and pace of love, the heart is a pacemaker and a peacemaker. We just need to tune in, tune our hearts to the right pace, no need to measure it officially, just hear it HEARt. A normal heart beat at rest is 60 to 100 per minute. 60 is one per second, exactly ONE HERTZ. That’s very neat. Was Hertz designed to rule the heart ? Designed to hurt hearts, create lonely hearts, ripe for online dating. Online dates, another clock control enterprise, dating now means love, love has become a DATE, part of the Illuminati timing device.

Resting Pace…
R.I.P. Dead people are labelled Rest In Peace, when their heart has conked out. They are said to be finally at rest or finally at peace, when the heart has given up keeping time. But we can get some rest and peace while we are alive by choosing our own time, our own resting restful pace. It’s not easy though, is it ? Too many noisy distractions.

The Doctor to trump all doctors…
The classic image of a doctor is the one with a stethoscope, the tool of trade. The classic doctor is a heart doctor. The doctor’s tool is to hear the heart, to hear its beat, the drum beat of the heart heard by the eardrum. Ears to hear to heart. The doctor monitors the pace. It seems to me the biggest doctor of all is the CARDiologist, the heart doctor. The CARDiologist has a handful of hearts, he is a Hunter type, and he is paid well by the King.

The Princess of Hearts…
Princess Diana dated a heart doctor, a CARDiologist, a Heart Card called Hasnat Khan. Princess Diana publicly said she wanted to be Queen of Hearts, a playing CARD. Maybe because there is no card that is the Princess of Hearts. The Royals feature heavily in card games, they are always worth more than ordinary hearts. It seems that Hasnat Khan is a sort of modern day Hunter with a handful of Hearts, and he won the heart of the Princess as his prize. The Illuminati hunted and killed the Princess and took her heart in a heart underpass operation in the romantic city of Paris.

Doctor of Hearts…
There is no playing card that is the Doctor of Hearts. But the 8 of hearts could be the Doctor.
“OCT” is 8, D.OCT.orate. D.oct.or.8. Doctorate of Cards, Doctorate of Hearts. Ate Hearts. Doctored hearts, stole hearts, altered hearts.

Trump The Queen…
The newspaper headline caught my eye… The Queen will meet Trump. Trumps are hearts, what is the Queen, is she hearts too ? Who is the Ace of Hearts or the Pace of Hearts. Who makes this up ? (See The Queen and The Pope for the game of chess that also includes the Queen).

The Time Lord…
I have answered my own question… WHO is the Time Lord, Doctor Who. WHO is the World Health Organ(isation). Or is it the World Hearth Organ? WHO sets the pace. The one unified World Health Organ, the one unified heart, paced by The Time Lord. Obvious really, that would be part of his remit. The Ace is higher up than the King, and the King reports to the Time Lord. The Ace counts as ONE. ONE Heart. WON Hearts. The “organ” is a Church instrument which sets the pace for the blood drinking church goers, all singing the same tune from the same hymn sheet. The Time Lord sets the pace. The Time Lord is the maker of phoney pace… if we let him.

I Want One…
At the moment, it seems to be mostly old men that are fitted with pacemakers. But before long, everyone will want one even if their own heart has not broken down, because the new ones will be better than the ones we are born with. It increases your life expectancy, and that is indisputably A GOOD THING at any price, even selling your heart. A new fake heart piece is a bit like people wanting fake teeth and fake breasts and fake eye lenses. In this strange modern world we live in, you will cope better if you have all these fake phoney things. If you have a pacemaker, you will fit the pace of modern life and you will be fit for 21st century purpose. If you go at your own pace, you will get left behind. KEEP UP.

Go Faster…
A big selling point for the EPPIC pacemaker will be the speed at which you can go through airports. Going Faster is so much better isn’t it ? Maybe they will cost less than a passport too, how could you refuse ?

Heart Bypass…
EPPIC card carriers can bypass going through the electronic search gates at airports. (Please see Scan Gate). Unlike other people, they don’t need tracking at gated intervals because they can be tracked continuously from their EPPIC pacemaker within. When we all get fitted pacemakers, we can get rid of the scan gates and airport security, hurrah ! It will be so much more convenient getting a plane with no security required, maybe cheaper too ! Not only that, everyone’s heart can be controlled so they won’t FEEL like blowing up a plane even if their mind has been fed instructions to do so. Brilliant ! We can all be kept safe and live longer. No more need to love and have your heart broken, the heart will be bypassed.

Watch your Speed…
It seems to me that our speed through life is to do with our heartbeat. If you drive a car or catch a plane, your heartbeat will probably go up, so that you Go Faster. But you are not getting anywhere any faster. It is YOU that is going faster. Cars and planes are mechanisms with badly tuned noisy engines to interfere with our natural pace, so we start to flounder like a severed baby, and crave an external regulator to regain our lost beat. A watch is set to the wrong speed, that is why you wear it on your pulse. A watch is an early form of pacemaker to override our natural pace and make us all out of tune. A watch helps us save time, save the Time Lord, and helps us get places on time, and catch planes and trains and buses. It’s a great device isn’t it ?

Machines trump hearts…
Hearts are changing pace to keep time with machines, machines are made to pace hearts. Soon we won’t know the difference between our heart and a clock.

Hear it…
The heart can be heard, it plays a tune. We can’t hear it for all the noise of all the wrong paced machines. Heartheheart, Hearth, Hear, Earth, Ear thing, Earthing. The stethoscope gives us a clue as to how to find our way back to love. No need for doctors, just hear.

Heart Clubs
On the internet, there are things like “Pacemaker Club” (Clubs are sometimes trumps) and “Heartbeat International”, which sounds like it promotes a single unified international heartbeat. One pacemaker fits all ! One maker, one God. Meet your pacemaker. All regulated to the same out of tune. A Satanic off tune heartbeat. Love will be eliminated. Once we are fully implanted we won’t tune in to the hurt any more, we will be able to block it out and carry on being good hearted, god hearted, and healthy and fit without noticing suffering around us, without noticing the children crying out it hurts. We won’t be able to FEEL when things are out of the love tune, when love is not tuned, because our love tune will be lost.

Little Lonely Hearts…
While the narcissistic world pursues its time and date clockwork Roman tick love, the loneliest hearts of all are the children who have been severed, separated, gone missing or abused right under our noses. And we cannot hear their hurts, their silent cry, because there is too much machine noise, too much high speed busyness, and we are out of tune with love.

Lonely Hearts Club Band…
It was the Beatles that produced this album… Before this album, before their reinvention, they were tuned to 432Hz. They changed their tune to the international standard tune of 440Hz, and they became off tune. The Heart beat Beatles Band were fitted with a standard pacemaker from 1966. And their ” Money Can’t Buy Me Love” and “All You Need Is Love” tunes were no more.

Little Lonely Hearts Club Band…
A band is a ring, and the Lonely Hearts Club Band is the international paedophile ring that we are having our heart strings tuned to. Paedophilia literally means child love, and you can see that love has been warped by the timing and tuning of our hearts. (See Vinyl Revolution and The Badminton Game). The wrong heart Beatle. The wrong heart beat. But at least we’ll be able to get through airport security quickly, live longer, and we won’t suffer any more heartbreak.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Development_Network (Singapore gov dating agency)

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14 Responses to Hearts Are Trumps

  1. Claire says:

    Hello Suli
    This is a very interesting article. It made me think of the tv series ‘Hart to Hart’. I remember it used to start ‘This is my boss Jonathan Hart. He’s a self-made millionaire.’ The driver in it was called Max and the dog Freeway.
    Now there are plans to bring it back but with a gay male couple. Some people thought it would be better to leave the couple straight, others were ok with gay males and others thought it could go further and have a transgender couple.
    The word heart contains the word hate, which is weird as hearts are associated with love.
    A trump card is one that has been given a value above its usual value. There are even trump suits. Donald Trump is president-elect now. Trump is orange, which is an unhealthy colour for blood to be. It means there’s an iron deficiency or anemia.
    I was not surprised Donald Trump won the election, Clinton had one bad thing after another written about her. She was thrown under the bus. Not that Donald Trump is any better and the Clintons and Trumps are friends.
    I was surprised anybody voted for him when he said he would make America great/grate again by bringing back jobs that he said had been lost to China. Lots of jobs are lost to automation, mechanisation and robotisation.
    Donad Trump does indeed have a fembot wife called Melania. She looks like a snake and all I’ve ever heard her say sounds programmed.
    Even if Michelle Obama is said to be a man really, I would stil prefer to talk with her than Mrs Trump. Michelle Obama is human.
    I am not the only one who says this about Mrs Trump, a Daily Mail article called her a fembot and her farther looks a lot like Donald Trump, She has also been called a Stepford Wife.
    I could write a lot more, but I want to keep it short.
    Hope this helps.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Claire.
      I am finding the (roman) robot culture is growing at a phenomenal speed around me, and almost everyone participating towards some dream world Utopian hi tech future.
      Sometimes I feel like I am the problem, not able to see how great a high tech future will be and already is. I feel sick when people enthuse about it, it makes a bad noise in my ears, and a bad feel in my gut.
      Today I saw an ad on the counter at the local garage for turning your smartphone into a 3D reality headset (or something like that), with a picture of a man with a smartphone strapped over his eyes. That goes with the cool sunglasses look.
      There are also many places and people that are trying to reverse the trend and get back to a more Earthly way of living. Lots of people I know just want to go and live in a hut in the woods, though they don’t know how to achieve it as it is pretty much illegal. Though they all seem to have internet and smartphones too.

      • Claire says:

        Hello Suli
        Thank you for replying. The robot culture is indeed growing and virtual reality is part of it. Here there is also ads for turning smartphones into virtual reality headsets. My boyfriend seems interested in it, my son less so which is surprising.
        I read about virtual reality (vr) and combined with porn, it can have serious consequences. I suppose the whole idea is to get people so distracted that they won’t notice that their whole life is controlled from eugenics birth to euthanised death.
        I too would like a closer to nature life, but I don’t hold any nostalgic ideas about cabins in the woods. I would prefer a house with a garden and try to produce most of what I need. I would like everybody to have a house and garden, it’s much better than all these empty homes and homeless people sleeping rough, especially in this cold and sometimes violent weather.
        I would like some modern fittings like plumbing as I don’t fancy getting my water from a river or well. Nor do I want to do my washing in the river. And I like toilets, I don’t fancy doing my business behind a bush or in a hole. I also like electricity, but I think that’s relatively easy to make with solar panels.

      • suliwebster says:

        I agree with your way of changing by small steps in your own way, Claire. I don’t think idealism works (nostalgic cabins in the woods sort of thing), it ends up being “visionary”, Utopian, controlling of others, or self righteous, or “if only everyone did it my way”, like politician mentality. Though a small cabin in the woods sounds nice to me, it is not your way, but there are things that you would want to do that are not my way (maybe like care for your mother which I would find difficult, but I admire people who do it). Above all else, we are explorers, experimenting with different ways of doing things. We each come from a unique starting point in life, and we can’t suddenly become something else overnight. I too feel sickened by empty homes everywhere that noone is allowed to live in due to ownership. Offices and shops and student accommodation are all forms of second homes too. There is no shortage of habitable buildings. Lots of people prefer to sleep out, but I am never sure how much of that is about sleeping outside of the system… avoiding the money and rent trap. Personally I really enjoy being more part of nature by sleeping, and washing, in it. I wish it was more allowed, so you don’t feel persecuted.

      • paul says:

        The Russian president has approved the idea to offer large land plots for free to anyone who resettles to the Russian Far East to start a farm or other business.

      • suliwebster says:

        Social control. Sounds like setting up a business park. Why can’t people just move where they like ? Or stay put where they like ? The only reason people will jump at the offer is because they have been made landless by the same authoritarian control that is now offering them a carrot (or the chance to grow their own carrot).

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I want one……too! We get like that sometimes, feeling left out of the artificial world, it gets lonely. At least it’s a clean feeling, we have to isolate sometimes to see where we begin and end. When we are at home in the virtual they will take the world away….and we won’t notice.

    • suliwebster says:

      I agree, Nixon, we won’t notice. Blissfully unaware, wrapped up with our toys like a perpetual Christmas Day. I also think they have already At every stage, people resisted the next change. (kids put in school for example). But it still happened.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks, interesting article.
      The book “Flat Earth News” was the one that exposed the media for me as 100% controlled, a propaganda machine for the powermongers.

      The internet is 100% controlled in the same way. It will not save us, it will tell us what to do just as TV, radio, and newspapers do. For some reason we all believe that internet is different from other mind control media. They will, and already are, twisting the Saville expose to their own advantage.

      I think we all have a Janus principle going on. Those on the world stage are extreme caricatures of the general population. Everyone in the Western world has a secret hidden face. The things that most people keep secret are: sex lives, financial details, medical details especially blood group, internet activity. Why do we have this secret face ? Is it out of fear ? Even in intimate relationships people keep a hidden side.

  3. Claire says:

    Hello again.
    I prefer a house with a garden. I don’t like forests and woods, I find them creepy. Also I reckon most of the wildlife would be trying to move into the cabin and I am not sure they are very hygienic. I am happy for other people to live in the forest/woods, just so long as they leave me out of it.
    I do not mind trying to be as organic as possible, no gmos in my garden, no chemicals. I am quite happy to share any excess produced in my garden. I am also quite happy to see about using better, more natural ways of washing and flushing the toilet.
    A lot of homeless are alcoholic or drug addicts. Some have mental health issues or are abuse survivors. It is tragic and it would be better to help these people than put up homeless spikes.
    Not sure about the land in Russia, the winters there are extremely harsh. I thought it was only open to Russians or people of Russian descent who want to repatriate.
    Russia just appears to be full of girls skiing in their bikinis or jumping into holes cut into the ice over lakes. It is strange to say the least.

    • suliwebster says:

      Well that’s an interesting thing ! The Russian marketing program advertises girls in bikinis, and at the same time they offer free land. What sort of carrot are they really offering ?

      • Nixon Scraypes says:

        Very interesting,my next reply will probably come from Vladivostok!

  4. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Joking aside, WAR ON . TERROR. That’s what our insides hear.

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