Mind Control

Mind control is not limited to a few extreme cases in the MK Ultra program that trains slaves for government purposes. I am going to “suggest” that we are all mind controlled robots already.

Now you are already thinking something different just from reading those two lines of black squiggles. You scanned in the symbols like a computer, and it is mind altering. The word “suggest” is used in hypnosis. Suggest means to push an idea into someone’s mind.

Words and ideas are mind altering substances, like drugs, and they are pushed by drug dealers like me. You can get hooked can’t you ? And then you want more and more of it.

It’s mind fuck. I use the word “fuck” because I am coming to think of it that way, it’s invasive, it is a deliberate rape of the mind, and it starts young. Unfortunately, mind fuck is an acceptable form of child abuse, so acceptable that it is even admired and encouraged by the Parenting Program. Body fuck of children is still unacceptable, but it won’t be long. Look what we already have happening around us and participate in… Once upon a time people must have been outraged by mind fuck of little kids, but now we send them off to nursery and school and sit them in front of books and computers, and we marvel at how educated they are.

Mind fuck screws up their little developing minds that are far too small to take it all in. The kids scream out silently in pain but are not heard, they have food and dummies stuffed in their mouths to stop the screaming.

The world is heading towards one big mind takeover. The internet is the global mind, and we are all in it, participating in its construction, being part of the new mind. Well you must be if you are reading this.

There are two globes in the body, the womb (that I have written much about) and the brain. They are both cavities which are entered by force. Global takeover is achieved by takeover of our individual globes.

People love to say it is “all in the mind”, when they are referring to problems. I think the mind is the problem because it overrides our nature (body and spirit) and tells us to act against ourself and our kindred spirits.

I am going to blame the pineal gland. This is the implanted chip. Though you don’t have to have an actual implant to get the chip. Plants can be genetically altered just by changing their environment, and so can we. I’m a plant, implant. For example, blood group can be altered by eating more or less meat. I think minds can be altered by living in the mind environment.

If we live in a mind environment, we start to become a mind. In the same way that if you are surrounded by certain people you start to become like them. You wear certain clothes, like a uniform, you start to become what you wear. The more we live in a mind sort of world, the more we become a mind, and the less we become body (female) and spirit (male).

If you live in books or films or internet, any mind invasive media, then you are living in the mind. You are mental. Mentally institutionalised. If our world is going mad, then it is because we are in the mind.

In today’s modern world, almost everyone is routinely mind fucked, and huge numbers are going onto University for further treatment programs. They end up as corporate and government remote controlled robots. Mind fucked adults simply pass it on down the line, meaning well, like a sort of inheritance. (Please see The Inheritance of Paedophilia)

“Mindfulness” is becoming a fashionable new age type thing to do. Fullness of mind. Personally, I wish I could empty out my mind, it is overly full and has been all my life. It dominates my life and takes me over. It won’t stop talking torquing, it makes an annoying noise annoys, and sometimes stops me sleeping too.

I probably have a high IQ though I have never measured it. IQ seems like a measure of how many upgrades of microchip you have had implanted. Intelligence Quotient is the number of intel chips inside. I feel like I have had way too many. My well-meaning parents were great believers in education, edit-u-cation, and I was mind fucked regularly from an early age. I was trained to be controlled. My mother followed the manual of the time, a child training book written be a man called DR SPOCK. The Spock Doctrine. A mind instruction. (Apparently at one point, sales were second only to The Bible). And I remember being rewarded with love and praise for my mental abilities.

A strange name, SPOCK, that reminds me of Star Trek (a mind fuck TV program). Or is it Start Rec ? Start the re Creation process ! Start with childcare instructions, it doesn’t matter what the instructions are, as long as mothers learn to follow instructions through their mind.

“To boldly go where no man has gone before” is the mission statement of Star Trek

Well that sounds like rape of a virgin to me.

And child mind fuck is the rape of virgin minds. Imposed by their own mothers, lovingly.

To create MK Ultra slaves, children can be raped to create trauma. The trauma has the effect of compartmentalising the mind, so that each mind compartment can be separately programmed and controlled according to triggers. Several completely separate personalities, personas, can then exist in one body.

Methinks that child mind fuck can do the same thing. It makes you into a programmable person. easily remotely controlled and manipulated.

A mind controlled robot.

There is so much food available in the Western world that we are all saturated with it, overeating, overdrinking and constantly needing toilets to empty it all out. Saturated levels of food lead to fat and obesity, Hence the popular expression “saturated fat”. (Satur-ated is also like satur-day and satur-n). I think the same is happening with the mind. We are all OVERFED mind food, food for thought, too much stuffed into our big heads like too much stuffed into our bodies. Mind food is addictive too. Soon there will be anorexia and bulimia of the mind. Maybe this blog is actually mind bulimia, and I am throwing up all my excess thoughts because my mind is too stuffed full. I already suffer from mind anorexia, as I have stopped watching any films or You tubes, and I read very little, much to the consternation of friends and family who think I might die of mind starvation if I don’t read and watch more. I will waste away from lack of media, aaagh.

I notice in the alternative media world of alternative mind fuck (which I am part of), there are people declaring a wonderful future of bliss and euphoria (as I have probably done on this blog). Does that sound like drugs ? Mind altering substances ? The brave new world is New Age ( nuage is a French cloud, neu age-nda is neutering us), the New Age is called “spiritual”, it leaves the body behind in a permanent out-of-body experience. Bliss, no more beastly body with all its pains and ugly warts.

Have you noticed how you sort of enter another world when you are on the internet or reading or watching a screen. Enter-tain-ment, enter and hold mind. Enter-Net, inter-net, intern on the net. Is it a bit like a hypnotic trance ? You barely notice your body until you come back into it again, is it a bit like an out-of-body experience ? Bliss.

The new world bliss is abandoning the Earth, so we are no longer Down To Earth (do you like “down to earth” people, I do). And if we are out of body, then we lose the wonder of our five senses. To me, one of the biggest joy of life is the experience that we get from our five senses in nature. It is sensuality, coming to our senses. If our environment around us is beautifully wondrously sensual, instead of mind fuck, then we will thrive like a wild plant.

The new promised “spiritual” age we are “entering” entertainingly is a con. It is just another word for mind. The global mind is the internet that is taking us over, via MK Ultra style mind control for everyone, getting more and more extreme, more and more complete, with larger and larger numbers of remote controlled slaves, many of whom sit at their computers remotely controlling others. Does that sound like a job in a corporation ?

It’s going to be a SPY RITUAL age. It already is.

See what I mean. The internet is one massive Orwellian spy network and we all carry around little mobile spy cameras in our pockets to help out. We also have eyes in our head that relay images back to central control via the microchip. Spying will be the norm, it already is. We give them (“them” is just other mind controlled people like us) the right to spy on us, spy rite, spy rights. And we spy on others. The spynetwork is the spyne, the mind controls the spine of your body, the backbone.

Churches have Spyres. Big Ben has a Spyre. Are these buildings part of the control network ?

Conspiracy world is looking a bit like a con spyre too. By inhabiting conspiracy world, we become conspiracy world. It is all in the mind. Conspiracy world is largely on the internet. Conspiracy world lures you into inhabiting the mind, and becoming mind. Come to think of it, I got my ipad about 5 years ago, when I discovered conspiracy world, and was hungry for more and more of the addictive information.

Spiritual people often “channel” information. They hear voices talking in their heads. I do too. They hear messages from God or another sort of god or alien. The message tells them some information or tells them what to do or say, or tells them to pass on the message. It’s just like a vicar or a teacher or The Pope. It’s just like the internet isn’t it ? It’s just like smart phoney people, except the chip is in their head. It is all programming, remote control. A “channel” is a TV station, and if you are channelling information then you are probably tuned into some subliminal TV station, maybe one that is on a nearby spaceship or the Moon.

A world of total mind control will be like living in a spaceship sharing with all the other mind altered people that have entered the prize draw. It will be like living on the Starship Enter-prize. You can remotely control all the slaves on Earth from your spaceship, and no need to worry about growing any plants to eat, or saving the plant planet. Just press the buttons and some remote controlled person will jump to it. You can be like a God or like Royalty. Bliss.

The Pineal gland is idolised in sculptures in key places like The Vatican. It looks a bit like a pine cone, or a Pineapple, (yet another apple), either way, it is all about PINE. The pine cone is from the Fir tree, a conifer or con-fire perhaps. It is the same tree that is implanted in the HEART of our homes at Christmas time. The Pineal gland is a sort of crystal. Crystals are highly electromagnetic, used to control Earth Energy and therefore us. Crystal means Christal or Christ. Can you see why The Vatican worships Christ ? It is the pineal gland, the third eye, the sixth, sexth sense, the hidden hand, the Cult of the All Seeing Eye. It is implanted in our mind already, and we are making it more programmable by programming ourselves with a saturation of mind environment.

So I would say the entire internet is mind pornography. It gets us excited though, doesn’t it ? And addicted too. The new planet we are saving up for is a net too, a play-net. Bliss.

The Pineal Gland, Pine Gland is so similar to Pi En gland, that I feel the pineal gland of the world is symbolically in England. Maybe at the BBC HQ in London, centre of the world for telescreens, telescreams, and now with a statue of George Orwell outside.

Maybe I am wrong, and things will be bliss (number one priority for spyritualists), and more to the point, maybe paedophilia wars and slavery will suddenly end when we live in the mind. How can there be paedophilia if there is no body, Haha, see it doesn’t really exist, you made it up ! But looking at the internet so far, I see that we just become more detached from the horrors because our mind takes over.

Dogs were microchipped first, and the thing with dogs is that they are highly trainable (mind fuck), and they have a collar and chain round their neck. (slaves).

I will get off this internet thing one day, I hope. it feels like trying to quit alcohol, or some other form of addictive mind altering substance. It is never too late to change though, because time is a trick. As with plants, if we are not continuously “treated” with chemicals and programs and upgrades, then our altered minds will start to revert naturally to their pre-altered state. The programming will start to wear off if our environment changes.

A reminder that The Pope is head of religion, all religion, in the world, including the money God, conspiracy theory, sex cult, science, the new universal god called “universe”, celebrity worship, celibate worship, Romans, Catholics, etc etc. All religions are on the internet. Because they are all in the mind. Religion is “mind fuck”. Mind fuck is the one and only religion in many different forms.

No wonder The Pope has a pineal gland sculpture in his Vatican Garden.

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The Field by Lynne McTaggart. (contains stuff about remote viewing experiments and telepathy and the CIA interest in it ) Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto. (about the education system).

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7 Responses to Mind Control

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Snap! We meet again in Syncro-City . The mind has no volition of its own, the totality of our being has. The mind is the tool that has taken over it’s master. Being but a function, it is finite and depends on it’s operator the living being,the self, to exist. The living being is a part of that miracle called life,that endless exhilaration. I may die but the life I am part of goes on but my brain will be dust. I think the mind is the electrical component of the brain. The mind must cling to it’s existence like a tool that is well made and do a good job for its owner. But it should not take over. Communism is a good example of this. How has the mind taken over? It’s been fucked by the outside controller.We’ve been driven into the pen of our own minds because it’s the most efficient way of controlling is- we police ourselves! I think this and I use my mind to express it in the world. No problem! Yes the internet is the controller’s net but I think you’re fucking with it quite nicely and making holes!

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks will take a look

    • suliwebster says:

      Interesting read, though at times too academic for me.

      I was particularly interested in the experiments showing two people sharing consciousness states. I recently read about two people who mutually hypnotised each other and went into hypnotic state together, and I likened it to “falling in love”. The two people both reported a desire to merge with the other, a lovely fantasy, as if they had been somewhere together and it felt real. They said it felt good at the time, but later said it seemed to threaten their sense of autonomy or identity.

      Both “near death experience” and “falling in love” have the effect on people of living in the now, and throwing caution and order out the window, or “to the wind”. If you think this day is your last , you live differently. And so your usual mind structures collapse and the world seems very different. Being “in love” creates that occurrence with another being, joined in consciousness. “Falling in love” seems like a willingness to “collapse” or ” fall” together. I think the sensuousness of two bodies together can trigger that state, and maintain it, and the state of being in love encourages the sensuousness… until something breaks the trance, and both parties are back in the land of order and caution again, feeling their sense of identity and autonomy threatened by the other.

      It seems that “collapse” is essential before we can arrive at consciousness. And it would appear that consciousness is another word for love.

      I don’t think that a near death experience shows us what happens AFTER death. It shows us what happens when we no longer care about any of the unimportant things in life.

  2. suliwebster says:

    I just found some relevant notes about the Alan Turing Enigma machines developed during WW2. Machines called “bombes” were built to decode the German information. And apparently, the bombes “accelerated intelligence” into “mass production”.
    Was that the real purpose of WW2 ? To roll out mass produced intelligence to the masses, to create more robotic robots ? We are part of the masses, we are not some clever little conspiracy group that got away.
    (Please see earlier posts on Alan Turing).

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Exactly,they’ve been doing it for thousands of years and we still don’t get it!

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