Papal Bully

A Papal Bull is a paper document issued by the Pope. Papal Bulls instruct the world’s population what to do. You don’t have to be Catholic to be caught up in this. Catholicism is merely a branded branch of Rome. The Bulls filter down the world hierarchy to all state registered people, through branch organisations and franchises (Frankish) such as The Monarchy.

Papal Authority…
The document takes its name from the LEAD seal attached to it, known as the Papal Bulla. (plural is “bullae”). The lead seal is a coin shape with a unique imprint specific to the current Pope, maybe his head. This confirms that the document is authorised and authored by the authority of the Pope and, therefore God. And you can’t argue with God, can you ? He is the ultimate authority.

Dick Dock…
This is another form of time-keeping. The papal e-dict dicctates what we all do, though by the time the instructions reach you, you will not notice any trace of Catholicism in them, they will be converted to your own language, whether it be text speak, English, pop music, the daily newspaper, etc etc. It’s a dictatorial e-dick, a-doc, docked, indoctrinating, doctoring. The edict is written in the past as instructions for the future, by the time we get it, we are in the future following instructions from the past. It lays out the timeline before us and behind us in a neat one-way easy-to-follow line.

Prize Dick…
Talking of dicks, bulls are best known for their insemination activities, it is what they are bred for. They bulldoze and bully their way in, prising open the recipient body… the biggest bullying of all is surely to force a prize dick into another’s inner space.

The old name of Lead is “Plumbum”, or plumb, hence the chemical symbol of “Pb”, and I can now conclusively link this to plums because a wild plum is “bullace”, Ace Bull, black Ace Bull maybe Ace of CLUBs. Modern day plumbing is so called because of the lead piping involved. Papal Bully is also PB. But back to the Roman Catholics for now…

I began this post when I discovered that a bulla is given to all Roman baby boys at just 9 days of age. It seems like some sort of trophy. So that got me digging….

…and I found that at just 8 days of age, baby boys are circumcised. Is there no end to the cruelty of the system that we live in ?

Prize Bulla…
So it seems that a bulla is a PRIZE, a reward, maybe an award ceremony (look at the shape of those Oscars) . The Roman boy wears the bulla as a necklace round his neck, an amulet, a small version of a millstone really. Apparently it wards off evil spirits, but I would say it is like having a membership card, it proves you have joined the club, and it will make sure you get the rewards of the club, and stop you getting another form of bullying or ostracision that is applied to people who are not paid up members. The bulla is a stamp of authority, a branding, to prove the boy has been dicked off, dictated, docked, doctored, indoctrinated. Well done, congratulations ! Celebrations ! A new born baby sacrificed and entered into the world of men, Oh what a good boy am I.

Rites of Passage
Methinks there is more to come with the rites of passage of baby boys, and that all this is still firmly embedded in the foundations of our society today. Our world is built upon the foundations of the Roman world. There is no escape from this fact and we are all partaking in it and of it. Obviously the next rite of passage for boys is to enter a Prize Bull into the baby boy’s back passage. Plumb his Bum. Enter Prize Draw, Enter, prize open, draw blood, so enterprising.

The Bull is easily lead, or led, via a ring through his nose, and the bulla similarly has a ring or hole to attach it to the charming necklace of charms around the boy’s neck. At some point in time, the baby boy will be initiated by rape, either by an instrument, or by a brother from the brotherhood, a Big Brother probably, probably one too big a size for the little baby boy. The baby boy will then get another prize for what he has achieved in this initiation. Soon he will get hooked by a world that leads him along via charming prizes, rewards and awards, and above all… approval.

History Repeats…
You can see the similarity with modern day paedophilia, with the bribing and rewards that are used to groom and train the victims. Schools operate in similar ways. It may not be happening in your home, but it happens all around us. It happens in the corridors of power, it happens to the baby boys that go on to be world leaders and dictators. They don’t need it to be going on in every household, because in time, it becomes so ingrained into our collective psyche and culture that we no longer need the prizegiving and rewards and the re-enactments every generation, it’s just in the atmosphere, in the psyche, and we all know it is there, and yet we carry on being Roman. It’s PALPABLE, a word from the Latin palpabilis “that maybe touched or felt”. Papal Bulls are Palpable, felt in the atmosphere.

Raging Bull…
A bull is known for its rage, the rage helps the bull to unleash its anger in penetrating and invading. And if all this invasion and accompanying approving prizegiving had happened to you by the age of just 9 days, you would be building (BULLding) up such an internal rage, that simply a red rag would set you off….

Red Rag to a Bull…
A red rag is a blood soaked one, and what is the betting that the baby boy is shown the red rag that soaks up the blood from his circumcision ? Good little boy, well done, you have pleased the adults, you must be proud of yourself ! So that forever more, a red rag will provoke his pent up rage, like a mind control trigger. And the red rag will lead him to charge and re-enact the damage that was done to him, to take out his revenge on the genitals and internal space of another.

The lead bulla seal is like a modern day coin. I would say that before we had money as we now know it, currency came in the form of Papal Bulls. A bit of paper from the Pope had a value, for example allowing people to pass through territory unharmed and claim free lodging and food, or allowing people to tell others what to do (because The Pope says so), which is a form of bullying, etc etc, …in the same way that money now does the same trick. So eventually the papal bully seals became of authoritarian value in their own right, without an attached document. Though it’s not just any bit of metal, it must be a genuine one with the right stamp of approval on it. Romans love coins of course.

Hahah, So now there is no need for paper documents, just a coin will do the trick to exercise authority over the population. The Vatican started printing and controlling coins. Though you don’t “print” on metal, you mint. And obviously they had to be careful not to make too many coins, because that might devalue it (sound familiar ?). To make coins, you need an instrument or tool that will mint imprint, prints, princely and charmingly, the charm pattern onto the metal…, and I can’t seem to find one on the internet, but there must be one, so I will guess what it might be. I think it will be like the modern day office ink stamp, or maybe a red hot poker with a flat round end on it, or maybe a fat medical syringe. (Please see Just A Little Prick).

Just a Big Prick…
Whatever it is, the end will be flat coin size with the inverse pattern of the desired coin print. It is a blunt instrument, mansize for the manhole, let’s say the diameter of an old style British penny piece. And you can see that pennies and penis are much the same. The little boys are trained with coin minting instruments. And then we launder the deeds by using the money.

Join the Club…
In fact we carry money around with us every day like little charms or amulets to ward off evil, sometimes known as Keeping The Wolf From The Door, because you “need” money for food and rent and safe passage through foreign lands. We are in the club, the Club of Rome, because we use money. It’s an ace club isn’t it ?

Bulls are known for stamping and stampeding. And stamps are printed like coins are minted. Stamps are SQUARE, more Roman really. Stamps are stuck stickily on letters just like the papal bulla is attached to a papal document. Oh what fun, now we can all act like the Pope and send out sealed authoritarian letters. But there is one difference, we use the stamp of authority of the Queen (or whatever your country authority is), you can’t just print your own like the Queen does. You lick the stamp to stick it on, maybe like slaves licking saliva-ly the feet of the Pope, another sort of money laundering service.

The Penny Black…
…is the first stamp. It cost one penny coin. The first post was in the watery Roman city of Bath, started by Ralph Allen (RA, oh what a good boy was he, building all these fine things). So you can see that really stamps are another form of currency, a currency that overrides water currents. The currency of ultimate authority that is from God via the Pope, the Queen etc etc. Stamping is very much like printing and minting, a pressing in, impressing, empressing imperial authority. And we all join in.

The Queen’s Head…
The Queen’s Head appears on three important authoritative control devices. Money, stamps and alcohol. Many British pubs are called The Queen’s Head. Don’t blame the Queen, she is just a puppet figurehead… “Off With Her Head !”. See what I mean, you always see the chopped off head.

Frankish machines…
Sometimes corporations that have lots of letters to post will “frank” their letters with an ink stamping machine, and this is YET ANOTHER REMINDER that the Pope France-Is and the Frankish Knights are very closely related. Franc is a French coin. “Frank” means honest, and that is why everyone trusts the authority of the Pope and the Papal Bull and money and stamps. It means you are authorised. You wear the amulet and the charm that wards off the evil, you belong to the Club. We have been LED to place our trust in these things.

Just a Little Brick…
Building, or BULLding, is a Roman activity. It happens with authority, the builders have signed and sealed papers to justify their activities. By the time the builders leave an area, you feel that you have been bullied, invaded and redesigned. Many would say their town has been “ruined” by building programs. Romans ruin things don’t they ? Hence Roman ruins. Building is ERECTING. Erecting ever taller towers. And can you see RECTor and RECTum in e-RECT? Little boys are being wrecked as I write. Plumbing is an essential part of Roman cities, controlling and ruling the water supply, charging for it, giving access to only those who are in the Club. Bullding is Bullying. (Please see Bob The Builder).

Plum Bob…
The plum bob or plum line is used in building to determine a vertical line. Plum Bob is a piece of lead on the end of a string, somewhat similar to the charming lead bulla worn around a successful boy’s neck. Lead is very weighty, heavy, like water, pulled down to the depths, plummeting.

Lead Poisoning…
Plumbing is traditionally done with lead, but no longer, because lead is poisonous. Many people died or got sick from lead poisoning in water pipes. Lead is impermeable to water but it also leaches into water and contaminates it. The lead contaminating water reminds us of the history of the lead bully in our society. The contamination of innocent babies by The Brotherhood, the cruelty that is inflicted by the Roman way of life. And perhaps there is a matching story that is to do with our disrespect for water, and our Roman desire to control it.

DNA design…
Design is de sign, signed off by The Pope. God’s design of course, can’t argue with that, can you ? By the time the little boy reaches manhood, he knows what to do. And he knows what to do to be a Good Godly sort of man, how to be Prince Charming, how to print charms, how to achieve, and win prizes and make money. The grown man stamps his signature and his seal on the female egg by entering his prize dick into the womb, and imprinting his prize DNA on the egg. Can you see there is a minting and printing going on in the wombhole that matches the sealing of the papal bull document ? Can you see what the Papal Bully is really for ? It is to carry out God’s will, God’s design, His plan that the Brotherhood rule over us. The erection of man (Homo erectus, Homo Sa-penis) is just another horny thorny branch of the corporate Roman Empire.

Denari DNA Design.
British coinage was Roman, until 1971, not that long ago. The British Penny (Penis) was labelled “d” for denari. The penis is designed as a printing tool, ABOVE ALL ELSE. The male function, malfunction, is to print and mint the DNA and to release it into circulation. Old British pennies are printed with Britannia, ruler of water, she carries a spear, or is it spearmint ? spermint? British pennies are made from copper, symbol Cu, and you can see the word “copulate” is quite similar. (see post Popule Copule). When plumbers stopped using lead pipes, we got copper pipes instead, and now plumbing is copper. Plum bums and copulate. Talking of stopping, plumbers use stopCOCKs to switch off the flow, and control the circulation.

DNA is inseminated, inserted, asserted, with authority. The authority of the Pope, can’t argue with that can you ? Papal Bulls are inseminating disseminating paper instructions for the mind. Building uses cement sement to stick bricks together. The penis uses semen-t to stick the DNA design permanently to the egg.

It’s a Boy!…
Bulls Eye ! Bullae ! And so we need a prize, and the prize is BLUE, blue for boys, can you see that BULL and BLU are very similar ?

Oh What A Good Boy Am I…
The cute little nursery rhyme for kids goes like this…
“Little Jack Horner
Sat In A Corner
Eating Plum Pudding and Pie
He put in his thumb
and pulled out a Plum
And said What a Good Boy Am I”

Annoyingly, I know the rhyme so well I did not have to look it up. Jack is the horny one who jacks off, e-jack. Like the Horny Bull. A corner in French is a “Coin”. Corners are where the spiders build their world wide web. A Jack is a prince, or a youth. PIE is the Paedophile Information Exchange. Part of the Great British Pie. Jack the Lad, Jack the Lead Plumbum.

8 and 9…
Back to the beginning, why choose the ceremony at Day 8, and the award reward at Day 9 ? For some years, I have been noticing the uncanny merging of numbers 8 and 9 together and recording examples. Here are two: “Bath Deep Lock” on the watery carnal canal (a master feat of plumbing really) is labelled “8/9.”, even the sign looks like a round metal bulla coin. Is it a Bull Lock, bullock, a baby boy bull. There is also “Bulls Lock” which is lock number 88 (a number linked to Solomon and the Moon). There is only one double numbered motorway junction in Britain, number 8/9 on the M4 (London to Bath motorway, of course, running parallel to the A4 paper road), it is called the Maidenhead junction. Up The Junction means being pregnant, being impregnated. 8 is the number of the spiders web. God built His World in 7 days, and then on the 8th day, he circumcised it….

Lead Stories…
These are the stories that newspapers have as their main story. You can see how important lead is in our Roman world. And how it leads us. Here are some lead facts that I have picked up along the way, which are far too many to expand upon in this post….

BULLets are made of lead. Guns are COCKed ready to fire. Guns are held in a slung holster at the hip. Lead is in ink for printing. Petrol is now unLEADed. Paperweights are made of LEAD crystal, Christal. Cock and Bull stories are BULLshit. Coins are cons. Plumbing is a “mod con”. The latest mod con is LED lights, a new sort of poison. Batteries contain LEAD acid, more solar power please. Gold is stored as BULLion. Lead is malleable soft grey matter, like the grey matter of the mind to be papally imprinted. The crystal structure of lead is a CUBE, Roman room shape, no wonder it is poisonous. Corners create sides. So do coins become coinsides LEAD mining peaked in Roman times. Stamps are “mint” if they are virgin, unused. LEAD flashing is used to waterproof roofs, LED lights flash, a man who exposes his penis is a “flasher” who will be arrested by a “copper”. A wild plum has a bluish tinge (BLU BULL), often with a white powdery look over the skin. The colour of mined lead is bluish white that tarnishes to dull grey when exposed to air. A damson is a relative of the bullace plum, ADAM SON. This post is probably going down like a lead balloon. Gay men advertise their plum bum by walking a certain way, called “mincing”, or is it mints ? Buy Bullying, Bible (see comments in previous post). And the coincidences go on and on, all leading back to the Papal Bully.

I have not got the inclination to read any Papal Bulls, but I bet my last copper coin that they read like a set of instructions for the world. To lead us into slavery, war and paedophila, without us even realising where we are, or where we are being led, or even that we are lead. It’s heavy stuff isn’t it ? Bullying starts at The Vatican, and it continues because we follow its lead.

(See also earlier posts: His Seminal Works, Holy See Over Bath, X Marks the Spot, Royal Male, Cracking The Egg Code, Scrambled Eggs, His Seminal Works, I Want One, Bits of Paper, Papal Bank, The Queen and The Pope, Bob The Builder, Popule Copule, Romans Remain, other Roman and pope posts, Custom of Excision, Inheritance of Paedophilia, Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, Family Farming, Just a little Prick,Time Lord, Time and Place, The Rise of VAT, Mother Moon Time, Pleading Guilty, War Tory Party, many posts on Bath including ominously titled Borehole ones.)

See also the post on toolonginthisplace blog called “Rock Around The Cock”, which curiously came out after I started writing this one.

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15 Responses to Papal Bully

  1. Mick says:

    Golly goshness, Suli. So much in such a small space! Unintended pun, there.

    We’ve already discussed the shattering effect anal penetration has on a child’s energy body.

    This may be of interest:

    The assault upon the child’s (and utimately human) psyche is relentless.

    The Pope wears the Triple Crown, making him judge, jury and executioner:

    It also signifies his rulership of the 3 worlds: Hell, Earth and Heaven.

    • suliwebster says:

      Does Triple Crown sound like tricolore, the French flag ? Pope France is.
      Programs execute, like execution. Computer programs used to be labelled “exec”. It is also like “executive” as in CEO of a corporation (which is a corpse). The destruction of children’s psyche is so that they can be programmed, and then the program executed at a single command. It is so that we can be turned into robots.

  2. Claire says:

    This is another insightful piece.

    The part about lead crystal being cubed structured is most interesting. Lead is the metal of Saturn and it was the first metal to be mined about 9000 years ago.

    Now at Saturns north pole there’s a hexagonal storm raging. The hexagon can be turned into a cube by making a sort of y-shape that meets in the middle and drawing the sides. (That’s a bad description.)

    Just looking at the storm on Saturn reminds you of the Kaaba that Muslims walk around in Mecca.
    The Kaaba is a big, black cube.

    The Jews strap a Tefillin to their heads for some prayers. Tefillin is a black cube. The Christian cross is only a cube opened up. The Hindu creator god, Brahma sits on a throne that is a cube.

    Black cubes are used as modern art statues. They are everywhere if you look close.

    The one redeeming feature of lead is that it can shield from radiation.

    Sometimes testicles are refered to as plums.

    Hope this helps.

    • suliwebster says:

      Brilliant Claire, that is all new to me.
      There is a Big Black Cube in Roman city of Bath now, so so ugly. It is the main entrance (entranced) to Bath College, (known for Art courses!), about one or two streets away from the Hot Spring source andthe Knights Templar stronghold.
      Perhaps it is Saturn that rules over all things lead and cubic and black.
      Cubic is like pubic, and reminds me of my Popule Copule post where P and C are interchangeable.
      I do not know how I have missed seeing that the cross is an opened out cube.
      It is interesting that the black cube seems to be a UNIVERSAL symbol, appearing in all religions and art too. And probably universities.
      The corresponding opposite to big black cube is small white sphere, which must be the Moon. Is the dark side of the moon a big heavy black cube called Saturn ? And if the Moon is watery, then leaden Saturn is controlling and contaminating the Moon.

      • Claire says:

        It could be, that lead, with its radiation shielding properties prevents anything from the small white sphere from getting through.

        Some time back nasa published some photos of the dark side of the Moon, but the photos are so fake looking that nobody took them seriously.

        There is something called squaring the circle, which is an impossible maths problem that nobody has solved since the ancient Greeks discovered it.

        I don’t know if the Moon is watery, it does control water like tides and women’s monthlies.
        In the Moon landings it is dry and dusty, but those are fake, so who knows?

      • suliwebster says:

        I think you may be right there Claire,… that the lead cube blocks the small white sphere. Squaring the circle is a huge Freemason theme. I worked out some interesting Maths on it once, maybe I will publish it one day. The Mortar board (cement, sement) hat of Universities is a square on a circle. In Bath (water and fire), the Queen key street layout is a circle and a square, which look roughly the same size. Bath is one of only two World Heritage Cities, (watery Venice is the other)… the logo mystified me for years because the square is INSIDE the circle, at first glance it looks more like “circling the square.” Then I realised it represents the womb. You enter into the womb which looks like a circle on the outside, but when inside you are in a square. Round WOMB transformed to SQUARE ROMAN ROOM. Just by a trick in the entrancing entrance. Maybe the Moon will be a lead cube one day. And all the young people will think it’s really cool.

      • suliwebster says:

        Apparently, men exposed to high lead levels get more lead in their semen. Semen is then deposited in the sacred space of the womb, thus we have lead poisoning of the womb, which matches the chemical “fertilisers” of agriculture that destroy the soil fertility. I notice that battery factories are a factor in lead exposure for men, endless batteries being very much a part of the Green solar revolution.

      • suliwebster says:

        Just come across the Spanish word desCUBrE meaning disCOVER. The CUBE is covering the truth.
        I think Stanley KUBRICK CUBE BRICK has something to do with the cover stories about the Moon !

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Down with straight lines, down with numbers. Down with the Romans and all their plumbers.

  4. Mick says:

    My step-dad was a plumber, apprenticed at 14. He was also a wrestler and a drummer. Dunno what connections they make.

  5. suliwebster says:

    Since writing this post, I have noticed BLU PRINT or BLUE PRINCE perhaps. (blue blooded).
    Are Papal Bulls the Blueprint for the world, God’s design, God’s plan. ???

  6. Claire says:

    All this about circles and squares makes me think of square pegs in round holes, it just won’t fit. I think the Freemasons and others are trying to make the world and people fit to a plan or way of life that was never meant for them and that’s why it never truly works.

    Religion is one of the ways of bringing about such a plan. It stops people from revolting because they have to please some Sky Daddy or else they will go to Hell and burn forever or get reincarnated into a ghastly life. A lot of religion is intentional nonsense to keep people arguing amongst themselves.

    Once you start digging around religion and find out the black cube it puts you off religion forever, that and the horrible way women are treated by religions.

    Severe lead poisoning is called saturnism. Lead used to be in paint and that caused lots of trouble,
    but now paint is lead free.

    I think the small white sphere is the human soul and religion tries to get in the way of the soul linking up with the Universe because Saturn or Satan needs souls, hence people selling their souls to the devil.

    As for the Moon, I don’t think it was always here. Plutarch wrote about people who remembered a time before the Moon. Some, I think, Native Americans, have legends that the Moon was brought to Earth orbit by giant machines. I think the Moon is hollow and some sort of transmitter for the Saturn influence.No human has ever been there and space is probably completely different to how it’s portrayed by nasa.

    I even had a dream a long time ago that the Moon exploded. hope this helps.

    • suliwebster says:

      This “lead” and black cube thing seems to be underlying everything. I see black boxes everywhere.
      “Black box” is a theoretical idea in computer programming. A black box is something with clearly defined inputs and outputs, and you don’t worry your pretty head about what goes on inside behind the scenes. The internet is a “black box” in that sense.
      “Saturnism” is a very apt name, and seems to clinch the proof that Saturn and lead poisoning are one and the same thing.
      I think the Moon (soul) maybe being phased out, (possibly by explosion) to be replaced by the faster Sun (soular), and there will be a new Sun that will be even faster. The Sun looks like identical to the Moon when shrouded in cloud. Anything could happen really. It is all part of the world stage show.

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