Quintessentially English

The Queen is quintessentially English. England is such a Quaint little country cuntry, don’t you think ? With quaint little tea shops with tea and jam, or maybe tea and homemade Quince jelly.

“Queen” is slang for a gay man, the gay Queen is the one that provides the pseudo cunt receptacle part of the sex scene. The word Queen derives from the word “cunt” (or vice versa), you could have Qunt, or Cueen. Either way, the King is counting them and quantifying them, quaint isn’t it ? (Please see King Cnut).

The cunt is essential, we arrive in this world through the cunt, it is sacred, and the word has been horribly turned around into a nasty slang word that degrades women and the womb.

QUINT means Five, 5, or V in Roman numerals, a 5 is ‘S’ shape. A low five for LO.VE, or a High Five for HI.VE. Is that a Queen Bee I see there ? ‘V’ always appears when we are talking about the Vagina and VulVa, see all those V’s in the labelling. V stands for Volt too, the unit of charge of power, the voltage of the Cunt is potentially a very highly charged piece of equipment, I would say the biggest Power on Earth.

A QUINCE is a fruit found in quaint English gardens, (along with plums and apples and oranges, my blog is getting very fruity). A quince is like an apple or pear, ripening in Autumn to a golden yellow colour. When cut around the equator, the seeds form a star of 5. Quinces are traditionally used for making Quince jelly, just squeeze out the juice, collect the quince essence, add sugar, seal and pot up to preserve for future use. And maybe the quince jelly is the Royal Jelly of the Queen Bee, herself a Qunt that is the figure head of the quaint cuntry of England.

Or is it N-GLAND ?

….because in female anatomy, there is an essential GLAND just inside the entrance to the cunt.

The essence of this gland has been harvested in times gone by, collected like the Quince essence, and no doubt still is. The gland is called the Skenes Gland, which looks a bit ssssnakey to me. And snakey means rising kundalini, the snake uncoiling, activated, aroused.

The secret gland secretes its magic and ESSENTIAL potion when the female climaxes in orgasm. It is essential to have the right sort of female for harvesting, a selected female, selected young, and carefully trained, just like modern babies are potty trained today. Because the stuff needs collecting in a pot, it can’t just squirt everywhere, it is a product. Some babies are born to bee Queen Cunt.

In days gone by, these females were the High Priestesses or maybe Princesses (look at all those snakey sssss’s in their labels). We have modern day equivalents like Princess Kate and probably some pop stars and other celebs too.

So now we have an interesting fact because the snakey fluid does not come out of the cunt itself, it comes out of the urethra, the same tiny outlet as the urine. Does that remind you of a penis, having one multi purpose hole for both urine and semen ? The female snakey fluid is known as female ejaculate, and modern scientists seem puzzled by the pointlessness of it. Why does a female need to ejaculate semen type stuff when there are men to do this service for her, eh ? And the men can make it so much more convenient by delivering the semen directly into the target pot of the womb. A man improves efficiency !

I am not puzzled. To me this is a leftover from days when the world of women could initiate conception of their own offspring, without the need for a penis to invade the sacred space reserved for the baby. (Please see I Want One). And I will bet my last pot of quince jelly that there is still somewhere in the world it goes on today, because nothing ever dies out.

Parthenogenesis is a method by which some animals, including snakey reptiles, are able to reproduce without a male. The Path-of-N-Genesis perhaps. Via the N-Gland. The Parthenon in Athens, Greece is an ancient temple, and I wonder what sort of ceremonies went on there. Perhaps Athena of Athens was a High Priestess. A quick internet search shows me she was born by parthenogenesis.

Not all women are able to ejaculate, and the vast majority do not anyway, probably due to potty training which teaches everyone to hold everything in, UNLESS YOU ARE SITTING ON A THRONE. The toilet is often referred to as the Throne. What is the Queen throwing on that throne ? Why do some toilets have just a seat and a collection bucket underneath ?

Everyone knows about male ejaculate, jacks jacking off, and boys sooner or later learn how to undo some of their potty training and let it out, with encouragement from Sex Ed and the subliminal advertising all around us. Most girls have no idea of this aspect of their bodies. It seems to be taboo information, and I hear it is illegal even in the porn industry (Which means there must be a government department to regulate this).

Quince jelly is POTTED, saved for future use, collected in a pot just like the snakey female fluid. Potty training teaches us to collect all our lower body excretions in a POT. Potty training is usually a severe punishing process, and I know of women that cannot wee anywhere other than a toilet.

If females are selected for High Priestessing jelly processing, then I think they will be Rh negative, the Royal bloodline, good for potting up good old English Royal Jelly. What do they do with it?

The snakey fluid is apparently very like semen. The most obvious difference between the male and female fluids is that the female contains NO Y CHROMOSOME. Y chromosomes do not exist in females, they are “alien” to a female. The Y chromosome is the deciding factor on producing a boy or a girl baby.

It’s a girl ! Guaranteed. No more hit (boy) or miss (girl) games.

High Priestesses were not behind the scenes, they were the scene. A very public pubic scene in a carefully prepared ceremony. Probably at a very key time and place. Maybe a bit like Madonna on stage in modern times. The females were aroused into a trance state, an addictive “high”, to open up the chakras and reach orgasm, then the resulting POTion collected in a pot by the assistants (ANTS, I would say female sister ants), shall we call them Bee Keepers ?

Bee Keepers neatly matches Book Keepers, the attendants of King Cunt and his a counting accountants (ANTS), whilst the Queen Cunt is being Quinced.

You can see the similarity to making jams or jellies. The fruit mixture is brought to the boil by heating, softening the fruits like chakra, arousing the mix in the cauldron, stirring in circles, bubbling and steaming vigourously, releasing aromas, until setting point is reached, (climax, or climate change perhaps as it all heats up), then very quickly the jelly must be potted before it sets. Then all done, anticlimax, and we clean up all the sticky mess. Jam making is women’s work, and the Women’s Institute of England do a very good job of it.

Cleopatra comes to mind. A high priestess of Egypt. Cleo is another word for Clio or Clito, the Clitoris. Patra is Petra or Peter, the Rock. I suspect that stimulating the High Priestess would have some simlarities to modern day pop concerts and other ceremonial occasions, with chanting, music, dance, aromas, warm up acts, a crowd of expectant fans watching the show. And behind the scenes, a load of men making money. How to stimulate the High Priestess. I do not think anyone is going to penetrate the High Priestess. I do not think any penis is necessary nor desirable. This is virgin fluid.

Cleopatra is known for her sssssnakes and her milk and honey. England is the land or gland of milk and honey, and the quintessentially English Queen took the Pope, her master, some honey on her last visit, harvested from the Palace Bees. The milk is from the breast, the mammary glands or M-Gland perhaps, the honey is from the Skenes or N-Gland.

I instinctively do not like this High Priestess stuff. It smacks of modern day High Church and Catholic Mass and Vatican type rituals. (A CATHeter is something stuck up the urethra to collect fluid, and maybe a catheter was used in ancient times). The High Priestesses seem to be very much slaves and farmed animals, glamorous though they appear, as are modern day celebs, their power is harnessed to control populations. They look powerful, they are powerful, that is the magnetism, but they have handlers and their life is not their own, they get on a trance like “high” through the attention and approval of others.

There are two ways for the World Rulers to control populations, you can control the behaviour, and you can control the breeding. High Priestesses and their Qunts are ESSENTIAL for both.

It seems to me that the potion was harvested for creating more priestesses. I don’t think there is much in semen that is essential, but there must be something that kick starts the program, something that binds the egg to the womb and STARTs it up. Something sticky, like jam or jelly. And I think that the female fluid contains the same power. The same potential, the potted power. It is potent stuff.

Down one and then up the other. Or down one and up the same female to self fertilise and produce an identical DNA twin, or maybe five. Quin Qwin Twin. Just like bees take pollen from one plant to another. even from one part of a plant to another part of the same plant. I do not think it would be difficult to squirt some snakey fluid into the womb, without any need for inserting a solid instrument. Or even better, maybe use a carefully positioned ESSENTIAL oil burner so that only the quintessential gases rise up the Qunt.

King Cnut is from the Jelling dynasty, DyNAsty looking a little DNA like to me, as is the cuntry DANmark. Quince jelly, Cnuts Jelling, same old stuff everywhere you look. King Cnut’s job is to jell the DNA into the females, and keep count.

To wet yourself takes on new meaning. Harvest festival takes on new meaning, when you donate your Quince to the Church.

The ancient practise of parthenogenesis reminds me of the Mary bloodline, a single parthenogenesis line, with no male intervention. Does it continue somewhere to this day ? The Mary line is in defiance of what we are told to do. The Mary line is “contrary”, like the children’s nursery rhyme “Mary Mary Quite Quntrary”.

Modern day liberated women can choose the gender of their baby. It reminds me of the High Priestesses and the guaranteed girl. Modern woman goes to the clinic (church) to get some male sperm, which a man has collected in a pot for them in a clinical cubicle ceremony. If they want a girl they get given filtered female sperm, what a big con is that, female sperm from a man ! Nowadays the male seed is said to determine the gender. Somewhere along the line, we have been re-educated to believe that a man is the source of baby girls.

Sooner or later, when choosing the gender of your baby becomes the norm, the sex discrimination laws will catch up with us, and you will be told to have equal numbers of each sex. One boy, one girl, perfect equal family. And then one day, the clinic will run out of female sperm, and there will be no more girls.

There is so so much more on this quincey qunty subject, but I will stop for now.

The most interesting revelation for me is final proof (to me) that women are able to reproduce without a male. I am not sure where that takes us, but it surely threatens the age old essential trade deal of exchanging seed for womb.

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4 Responses to Quintessentially English

  1. Nemesis says:


    I’ve been pondering female ejaculation on and off for a while now (as you do) – as it is something that just didn’t make any sense to me at all with regard to female self-reproduction (as opposed to something some women can do to titillate men).

    I see what you mean – it looks as though women were created first and then men later as women would seem to be able to reproduce alone.

    However, what if men and women were actually created at the same time – their body make-up and especially genital make-up would seem to indicate they are mirror images of each other made to fit perfectly together (like a plug and socket and create electricity – which itself is more or less an anagram of erect clity).

    A positively charged orgasm seems to me to be the ultimate creative force and I would say this is how everything came into being (the big bang). So why then would women need to reproduce without a man (I’m sure you are correct; I’m sure this is possible) – but this is what I could never fathom?

    Your article is very interesting and has finally given me the key to understanding – the assertion – if correct – that not all women have this gland – along with the fact that the gland is linked to the urethra.

    This tells me that women were not originally created to be this way. They were not created with this gland, My theory now would be a group of women had ‘gone-off’ men for some reason and tried to find a way to live without them. You only have to look at history, ‘mythology’, ‘fairy’ stories, etc to see that women have had a fairly hard time of it from men – as I know you have pointed out before.

    Perhaps these women created an extremely powerful splinter group – such as the Amazons – who didn’t need men at all as they had found a way to alter their bodies and self-reproduce. They gradually inspired other women to join them until everything became fatally unbalanced.

    Female ejaculation is also bound up with the wine press of the grapes of wrath from the bible (classic misogynistic writing) as when a woman ejaculates the cyst bursts like a grape when pressed.

    ‘And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God. Rev’ 14:19 kjv

    ‘And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea’. Rev 21 kjv

    ‘Sea’ is allusion to female ejaculation – women have clearly ticked God off mightily. The tarot card for Water – with regard to the FAWE (force) – shows a grape vine generally, sometimes womb shaped.

    My theory again is that this group of women caused an awful lot of trouble for the ruling elites of the time – way back when – this is why their story has been more or less written out of history and only alluded to.

    Whilst, of course, you can sympathise with their actions, depriving grown men of natural uninhibited sex with another grown female women, however, is to send their sex drive off in other less desirable areas. Sex is the most powerful force there is creating the unbalanced world we live in now where children are targeted by the elites.

    The elites of today merely tell the same story that has been told over and over again as they are only unfortunate pawns in a huge chess game. In MK ultra survivors – some women have told tales of having their g-spots and other vaginal tissue removed or altered in some way.

    Haven’t groups of women all across the globe – led themselves by powerful women such as Madonna (Hera?) et al – taken part in huge protests against Trump (Zeus?) and his alleged sexual assaults on women?

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

    (Your articles have always been extremely interesting and useful to me – Thanks).

    • suliwebster says:

      That is all very interesting, I wonder how many other people are pondering this strange subject ?
      I agree with you the Big Bang is an orgasm, God’s orgasm. It is electric. It is powerful.
      My working theory is that the male feeds off the female energy, as an electric appliance is plugged into a power socket, and as we all feed off Mother Earth.
      When cannabis plants are separated into male and female, the female plants start to adapt to self reproduce. When males are present they cannot do it. It is as if they allow the males to help out of they are around.
      I agree that women denying men sex can divert the male sexual energy to “go shopping” elsewhere, and children are much easier sex objects to control than modern day women. (Think my post Sex Therapy Trade explores that a bit).
      The female womb is a conduit for male reproduction. The male uses the female body to recreate himself. (aka God and his son). Hence nearly all cultures claim boys back into the world of men from a young age, once all the early years mothering labour is done. (See Mothers and Monastries).
      The grape thing is interesting as it is slaves that trample the grapes traditionally, with the souls of their feet. Cyst is like cyster, sisterhood. Perhaps self reproduction by females is the core of the sisterhood, whereas the core of Brotherhood is to own the females as chattel or reproduction factories. Hence the eternal Battle of the Sexes, because there is eternal impasse ! The bodies may be a good fit, but the driving force is a very bad fit.
      Though I do feel there is a way through this impasse somehow.
      Wine is a Roman tic and Church drink. And we endorse the whole thing by drinking it.
      I am curious about your idea that men and women were co created, then the women “split off” which is what abused children do when being abused. (their spirit leaves their body, and can lead to schizophrenia). To progress further with this, I need to explore further how women (wombs) were created. I am certain we have all been genetically engineered down the ages, and we began as very simple organisms (orgasms).
      It has occurred to me that the Quintessential jelly is harvested from the priestesses for genetic modification, before being squirted or gassed into the womb. This matches the modern day human fertility clinic. If women were first (“women and children first!”) then the media middlemen that first harvested the jelly and adpated the XX to become XY, must actually have been a mediawoman.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Apparently the Quince fruit symbolises love and happiness for couples, and fertility in marriage. The Romans made potions from the essence.

  3. suliwebster says:

    Jack pot is when you get a lot of winnings from a FRUIT machine. The money squirts out an lrifice towards the bottom of the machine.

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