Sky Television

Television is a device that socially unites people, a shared experience, something almost everyone has in common. That’s nice.

I do not have a television and I therefore find it difficult to join in with daily conversations that revolve around what was on tele last night. I have the same problem with news stories.

I used to watch TV when I was a kid, and I can share my experiences with other people of similar age who were brought up in Britain. Remember Blue Peter, and Dr Who ? There are even phrases like “Here is one I made earlier” that only those who watched the TV programme will understand. It creates a bond between us that we have had the same experiences at the same time.

It was the Bristish Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that created that bond. That’s nice of them.

On the other hand if you have not had the same TV experiences, you are likely to feel excluded, and children who go to school and don’t have a television at home will find themselves unable to join in. If you have not watched Blue Peter regularly, you won’t know what I mean by “Here is one I made earlier”. That is when you start to want a TV so you can join in.

If you are a foreigner, you will feel left out unless the show is a worldwide one like The Olympics, or The Queen, or The Twin Towers, or Trump.

The BBC is doing a good job to bond people around the whole world with its broad casting activities, in particular the BBC World Service. It doesn’t really matter what is broadcast as long as we are all sharing the same very suspect wavelength, and the show is centrally controlled. There is lots of paedophile activity at the BBC, and the sculpture over the entrance to BBC HQ gives us a clue to the wavelength we are all being invited to share.

Underlying all these nice shared screen experiences that bind us, there is an undercurrent of a not very nice hidden agenda that is programming us.

But of course the BBC cannot reach everywhere. Neither can the internet get its screens into every home. Annoyingly, there are plenty of remote tribes in the world with no electricity ! And Africa is a very big continent to run broad band broad casting throughout.

There is, however, one very big screen TV that everyone in the world watches, whether they like it or not…..

It’s called The Sky.

It’s Universal. It’s central. Perfect for controlling the whole world.

It is the one viewing we all have in common, wherever you are, whoever you are. Some people in the world have never seen or even heard of the existence of the sea. Some, like me, have never seen a rainforest. But we have all seen the stars of the sky show.

The two celebrities of the Sky are The Sun and The Moon, a male and a female lead, just like all good stage and screen shows.,

Then there are the main supporting actors, The Planets, with their carefully choreographed movements. And last but not least, there are billions of stars to create crowd scenes, and Zodiac signs. The stars of stage and screen. All carefully staged, and it is one big screen.

I would say the sky screen is made of some sort of glass, and the stars are some sort of screen saver image to me (maybe we need a new charity called Save the Screen). Sometimes a screensaver is called a “wallpaper”, but it could be a CEILing paper if it was above your head. The French word for sky is “ciel”, which can also translate to “heaven”. A wall is divisive as the Berlin Wall demonstrates, and we can paper the wall or ceiling to make it nice and pretty to kid ourselves we are not a heavenly heavily guarded prison.

By my reckoning, we live IN the world, on the INSIDE, and the sky occupies the central space in the middle that is common to us all. (Please see Through The Wombhole). To really truly centrally control the world, you need to take over the sky space. Does that sound like God ?

The Vatican is central control HQ on Earth, and you can see that wall paper is also Papal Wall. The Sky is the Papal Wall designed to divide and conquer. The Universe and the Sky is the domain of the Pope and God. Sky TV’s chief Director is God.

NASA has a big part to play as the Space Agency. Like a travel agency, or estate agency, Nasa is there to sell us a vision of another place, the place known as “outer space” (slightly misleading marketing words like all good agencies, it should read “inner space”). NASA creates advertising and publicity material, and its most successful drama series was probably the Moon landings, which is why Stanley Kubrick’s name is still linked to it, whether he filmed it or not, we all deep down know it is showbiz. Sky showbiz.

The Sky is the biggest TELE VISION of all. It is universal, of the Universe, it broadcasts its show out to all of us. Wherever you go in the world, you can talk about the Moon and the Sun. It unites us all. Everyone has seen the programme. EVERYONE in the world. It is on all day every day, all night every night. You can’t switch it off… unless you hide in a radiation proof cave, and maybe cave people have more sense than we are led to believe.

A TELEscope is used to improve VISION of the sky. Hence the word Television.

These days, it is no secret that there is a Sky Show that is man made. We have been told that some of the moving movie “stars” up there are actually man made satellites that are used for broadcasting. That’s ok with us because we all worship screens. (Are you looking at one right now? I am). We have “Sky TV channels”, and we have “cloud” that stores data. Data goes up through the cloud to the Sky. And the Sky broadcasts down to us, just like the BBC World Service, to everyone, whether we want it or not. It is all part of the global screen world of programming.

If you didn’t know about the satellites, or even planes, if you lived in a remote tribe, then you might be very much in awe of these strange sky entities created by sci entities, scientists, science. If you lived in the future, and all our current knowledge of satellites and planes had been eliminated by education programs, then you might be in awe of these strange sky entities. You might call them “moving stars” or movie stars. Nowadays everyone assumes that the stars and sun and moon and planets (another form of “plane”) are “natural”, and we are in awe of them. That is because we are educated.

The satellites (and other entities) in the sky do not just transmit TO US. It is a two way show. They WATCH US. Google Earth for example, has watching satellites, they even tell us this! They tell us that they are controlling and watching us from the sky. It’s not just us in the Western world that are being watched, the whole world can be spied upon, and any hidden tribes discovered and obliterated if they refuse to convert to screens. It is like the Orwellian two-way screen in everyone’s living room, except these Sky screens are in the Universal living room, living womb space we all live in. Everyone everywhere is watching the Sky, everyone everywhere is being watched and controlled by The Sky. This is nothing new, it’s been happening for eons.

And that is starting to explain a lot about why some of the behaviour patterns of human beings are universal, even in remote tribes.

Watching a show on terrestrial TV is never just watching. You get dosed with radiation and flickering lights transmitted to you from the screen. It controls you, programs you. You don’t even need to watch it, it affects you if you are in the room, it affects you in the air outside which is filled with invisible inaudible transmissions, it affects you at work next day when you hear about last night’s tele. Sky TV seems to be doing the same thing, even if you don’t look at it, you still get the radiation.

We are increasingly being encouraged to look at the Sky Show. Areas are being designated as star gazing areas. TV watching people keep talking about how we are a tiny planet hurtling through Space, and how we are thereby insignificant and helpless against the mighty Universe and Solar System (which will also save us). We are being led by broad casting to marvel at the stars of the Sky as if they are celebrities !!

Much of the Sky Show is very predictable, so predictable that a computer can predict it accurately years ahead. That tells me that the background Sky show is run by a computer program. But we can have a few foreground specials to liven things up !

Special events and Special effects, just like going to the Movies. Or going to The Moon. Eclipses (film clipse) are headline news, appearing on terrestrial TV screens. Last year we had the Northern lights appearing in the wrong place in the West of Cornwall. People love the colours of the sunsets, so they are being made more pretty with the increase in chemtrails, great for photos to store on iclouds. In the Vietnam war, the sunsets became prettier with the chemical warfare, we like things to look nice, don’t we ? What are shooting stars, they look like extra fast satellites to me, and “shooting” is how you make films, you shoot stars. Meteorites come in showers or shows, which reminds me that the weather is broadcast form the METEOR logical Office. See how logical and computery it is ?

The weather and the climate is part of the Sky Show too. Rain shows are big in England. But perhaps the most exciting bit of weather recently was the lightning strike at The Vatican just as Pope Francis was chosen by God as the next Pope ! Surely this is proof of God’s existence, and his strong electrical connection to The Pope. You need electric connections for screens to work, wireless is best. God exists for sure, God’s Sky TV has power over us, God is a higher power over our heads, but he is not as strong as the lower power beneath our feet.

Our weather and climate is influenced by the Sky show above all else. The Sky is ABOVE all else. So is God. And in Britain, we all talk about the weather, possibly even more than we talk about tele and screens, because the weather is so changeable, and unstable, it impacts our daily moods.

Our daily moods are impacted by the planets too, female moodiness is oft attributed to the Moon, and methinks any screen watching or screen being watched will impact your moods too.

Astro logic, astrology, is the study of how the sky rules over us. It’s logical like a computer program. At birth, we are each allocated a Sky team to belong to, according to which part of the screensaver or wallpaper is “ruling” over us at the time. Our official birthdates show the Roman calendar month we began life in, but everyone still seems to know which zodiac team they belong to.

It seems there is no escape from God’s Sky rule, but there is a curious thing about the Vikings, who are said to be the best seafarers. They did not navigate by watching the stars, or indeed any other TV show or screen. It seems obvious to me that they must have tuned in to the Earth Energy, the spirit that runs through Mother Earth, the chi energy of our shared mother. This is our true navigation, and you don’t need any VISION to do it. You don’t need to watch anything. It’s more touchy feely. You just to feel your INNER power, inner space, and I would say that is strongest at the solar plexus. This tuning in is a different wavelength to Sky TV and BBC TV, and electric screens. It is lower and slower.

I think our inner power is stronger and capable of overruling the Sky. But we tend to pay attention to the Sky and other screens instead. And by paying attention we pay our power to the show.

The four fundamental elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air are being altered and the new names widely broadcast. The Sky is a show, it is not the same thing as Air. Meanwhile Earth is being renamed Planet, as if it is now part of the Sky Show.

It seems that the new Sky TV corporation could be destined to be the next Sky above our heads. An upgrade to something so much better, higher, flying. But really the sky is being lowered closer towards our heads, and the amount of Air we have to breathe is being reduced as the prison gets smaller and tighter.

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9 Responses to Sky Television

  1. Mick says:

    Ho, ho, you are so quick. Swift Suli!

  2. Claire says:

    There have been attempts to get Sub-Saharan Africa online, but the rocket exploded on the launch pad.
    It was the SpaceX rocket that was going to put an Israeli communications satellite that was going to provide Facebook to Sub-Saharan Africans. The satellite was called Amos 6 and it was owned by Spacecom.
    The Africans had a lucky escape. In the future they may just get Facebook and other social media.
    Football is another programme that unites and divides men mostly. I watch the news, but a lot of it looks fake, so I prefer the internet.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Claire, Good to hear that not all the global takeover plans are working that well.
      I also notice charities collecting surplus mobile phones (when people upgrade every 6 months) to send to Africa and “empower” women. Then you can feel good about getting a new slave made phone, because you are helping Africa.

      • Claire says:

        That’s irony in action, seeing as most of the raw materials used in phone-making originate in Africa.

        I use my phone until it stops working, it would be nice to upgrade every 6 months.

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes, Just like all the cast off clothes are given to charities and sent back to the slave factory countries they are made in, TO HELP THEM.

  3. Seeing is believing, but television only allows us to see what the television company, its owners, and the Establishment want us to see. That’s not freedom – that’s brainwashing and conditioning; in other words – grooming.

    Television is a wonderful tool for propaganda, but it is not its only tool. The public have been fed a pretty solid diet of that from time immemorial, and certainly during and since WWII. And it is here, Dei gratia, that some of our finest writers have explored and exploited the possibilities of exposing the propaganda machine in all its guises.

  4. suliwebster says:

    Headline news yesterday, NASA has “discovered” a new Solar System. Everyone seems to simply swallow the news as truth.
    Maybe NASA just installed solar panels on the roof of their offices.
    Or maybe it will give them an excuse to screen off the sky for our own safety, under the banner of protection from aliens. A new style war against the sky, …the whole “planet” must globally unite to defeat the aliens.
    Either way it opens up all sorts of new possibilities for controlling humanity.

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