Male Reproductive System

The biggest difference between man and woman is the womb. Men do not have one, and they cannot therefore reproduce themselves. Men need something else to do it for them, a device to create more men…

The male reproductive system is called “woman”. Woman is a labour saving device for men. The saved labour of men becomes the slave labour of woman. As is the case with all labour saving devices, the labour is simply moved elsewhere.

The man sparks off the reproductive process by jump starting the woman, turning on the machine, and then imprinting his unique DNA, including the key identifying mark of the Y chromosome. The woman incubates the baby, and delivers it to the man by a force called LABOUR, the labour force.

A baby boy’s passage through life is fundamentally different from a baby girl. Hence the first classification made of any newborn is its gender, this determines your path through life in all cultures throughout time and place. You see, when a boy gets to a certain age, he is reclaimed from the world of women and the labour of love that produced him. He is reclaimed by the world of men that pressed the BEGIN button that began production. If a baby is a boy, he has the stamp of ownership of the Brotherhood, a baby cock.

A baby boy cannot be created by a woman alone, and a baby boy is also clear evidence that a woman has been successfully invaded by the cock of a grown man (or these days, it could br a syringe of male sperm). A baby boy proves and provides the paternal line.

When a boy gets to a certain age, he is expected to cross over to the man’s world and leave his mother and other female carers behind. It is a fundamental difference that boys are born into the world of their opposite sex, whilst girls are born into the world of their own sex.

The crossing over is called INITIATION, and I think it explains a lot about why boys are more prone to separation anxiety (from their mothers) than girls. Subliminally, they know what is coming.

Initiation of boys happens in different ways with different methods, according to culture. But the fact that it happens seems to be universal. Initiation is frequently cruel, deliberately so. Gotta make a man out of you, my son.

I started writing this post when I learnt about male circumcision amongst Australian Aborigines. This happens when the boy is about 8 years old, and it is considered “men’s business”. Which means that women turn a blind eye, the men know best how to make a boy into a man. Within the aborigines, the purpose of male circumcision is to put the boy through extreme pain at what must be one of the most pain sensitive parts of his body. The idea is that the boy learns to experience pain and overcome it, and therefore learns to hold no fear of pain. It toughens him up. Though why pick on the genitals eh ? I personally think ritual circumcision is a form of torture, and I cannot see any justification for it. After this, the boy is considered a MAN.

Do you see what I mean ? The boy is now reclaimed by the world of MEN, as if he was commissioned as a work of art. There is no choice, some deal has been made to deliver the boy as a parcel or product, and the mother now hands over the boy to his rightful owner. The boy must bear these scars for life, and in order to continue to believe that the right thing was done to him, he must participate in performing the same rituals on younger boys himself. Otherwise he will have to admit that there is something very deliberately cruel going on amongst the people he has learned to love, and why did his mother not protect him ?

The Jewish circumcision ritual happens much earlier in life at 8 days old, and is probably more traumatic at a more impressionable age.

The British Public School system still operates initiation rites to this day, which includes “fagging” whereby a young boy must fag for an older boy, carrying out orders including any sexual demands, hence the word “fag” to mean gay sex. Young boys are sent at young ages to board at public schools, SEPARATED FROM THEIR MOTHER. No protection. It’s men’s business. The British elite men reclaim the boys from their mother through the public school system. These boys grow up to be the men that walk the corridors of power. Another form of public school initiation I have come across is rolling a new boy down the stairs in a locked suitcase. These ritual practises are condoned by the blind eye or cooperation of the school staff.

It seems to me that the big underlying FEAR of the world of men is that they will revert to women. It is an insult to a boy or a man to be too soft and girly, or worst of all a “mummy’s boy”. Is this the driving force behind male circumcision and other initiation rites ? The cock proves you were born a boy, seeded by a man, but the circumcised cock proves you are MAN MADE. You have made it as a man. You have a man made scar on the most sacred male symbol of all.

By my reckoning, men will indeed revert to women eventually if these initiation rituals die out. But to me that does not justify the cruelty. Baby boys are created by women, and they have to be MADE into men by a subsequent process, whereupon they are declared MAN MADE.

There are plenty of modern day Western cultural activities to make a man out of a boy that do not involve circumcision, such as alcohol, porn and violence. To us they are normal, to another culture they would appear to br torture.

However, strange changes are happening in the world of women too. It seems that girls are becoming more man made.

The State takes back ALL BABIES, both girls and boys. The State is becoming the new husband and replacing the WORLD OF MEN. Women increasingly look to The State to provide for them and their children. The starting age for school in Britain is now aged 4, and it is getting younger with nursery schools. It is no longer just the elite that go to school, everyone does. And in the UK, the State is now offering free boarding places, and school hours and years are lengthening.

The Pro State cancer is growing, and it could be that prostate cancer among men is a reaction to the growth of women choosing The State instead of a man.

Today we have “surrogate mothers” who are conduits for reproducing babies for other women. But can you see that women have been surrogate mothers for centuries ? Women are surrogate mothers for reproducing men.

Cuckoo ! says the SWISS made clock. Cuckoo ! Somehow women have learned to raise little boy chicks as their own, but they have been cuckoo’d.

Somehow women have learned how to raise little boy cocks as their own. Cockoo !

My own experience is that whatever I give birth to, I already love because of the incredible closeness of the bond of the womb. It is my creation. Whatever the ways of the world in other cultures and my own, I would have to turn a very big blind eye to not care about any cruelty inflicted on any child of mine, whether boy or girl. (I have both). Mind over matter. Matter undermined. And surely deep down, women around the world have something very big gnawing away at their hearts when they hand over their boys to the world of men, knowing what it is they have coming to them.

I also notice how men change their views about the practise of sex, when they have a daughter growing up and start to think about other men invading her, knowing full well what she has coming to her. A father that loves his blossoming daughter seems to have a little bit of a conundrum to do with the world of men and how it all works. And then he GIVES his daughterr away in marriage to another man, with his blessing. We are all programmed to accept this and turn a blind eye, what else can you do in a world that does this universally ? Everyone does it, it’s what we do.

I wonder how all this began. And it seems to me that the baby boys are a sort of tax system. You can keep the girls, give us back the boys. Or else… So maybe once upon a time, a trade deal was agreed upon.

And now the trade deal is going one stage further. Because it worked so well didn’t it ? If you pay the taxman to go away, then the harrassment was successful, and he will return and do it again. Nowadays the trade deal is to sign over ALL your babies to the State at birth, and women are reproductive systems for the State. Though it is not so new, all Roman babies had to be state registered within 30 days of birth, or else… In modern day UK, you have 42 days….

The original parliamentary system (British) was set up to govern the ownership of slaves and their enforced labour, and the labour of women to reproduce more slaves is no exception. New girls must be produced too so that the reproduction systems can be renewed. (Until they can replace women with laboratories, then girls will no longer be needed).

For the continuation of THE species, THE species of MEN, God’s species, Homo sa-penis, it is essential to have initiated men. Real men, men prepared to invade women’s inner nest to seed more men, men prepared to initiate boys to keep repeating the cycle. Man made men. God made men, God made man.

But by my reckoning thus far, men are not essential for the continuation of woman. And here we have a glaringly big underlying INEQUALITY.

I think we need a sex discrimination act, don’t you ? It’s not fair, is it ? We need to make things more EQUAL.

Could it be that once upon a time, sex equality laws were introduced that encouraged POSITIVE discrimination for men, because it was seen that women had the upper hand ? Suppose that most women were self-reproducing girls by themselves, and some more generous women (known as whores) were producing a few boys as well, at the rate of roughly 50% boys, that would still mean that there were far more girl babies. To make things FAIR, like fair trade deals, a new law would have to give equal chance of boy or girl being produced. That’s fair isn’t it ? And the obvious method is to ban women from self-reproducing (it’s so unfair), and leave it all up to the male seed, which has been coincidentally designed to be FAIR and EQUAL.

And so religion was born. Because underlying all religions and all philosophies is the subject of sex and reproduction. It seems to me that the basic premise of our world is CONTINUATION OF THE SPECIES, the male species. Religions advocate missionary position heterosexual sex. Hero sex. It’s heroic to be fair and equal. It’s heroic to be made a man. God created us all equal, didn’t he ?

Man is MANMADE, Woman is NATURE, nativity, that which we are born to. All things that are called man made have exploited and altered nature in some way. I am not sure why we all seem to want to continue either species anyway, but maybe that’s another story.

Eventually if we continue our manmade progress, we head towards Homogenisation, the new global human species of Homo Genesis, man generated, man made. “Homo” means “same” or “man”. It all sounds a bit samey, like supermarket fruit and veg that is seeded by Monsanto.

I somehow doubt things would be any less cruel with women regaining the upper hand, it just feels like the same old flip-flopping of political power, whereby each team gets to have 10 years in power, then we change colour to the other team. It makes it all FAIR, just like democracy eh ? But FAIR is really a trade system based on FEAR. And I would say that the biggest undercurrent of fear everywhere is that the species of MEN and the accompanying cock will die out or become a rare species. It seems to drive us all like slaves.

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9 Responses to Male Reproductive System

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Blimey,Suli, you’ll be changing your moniker to Cybele next!

    • suliwebster says:

      I had to look up “Cybele”, never heard of her before. I notice that her annual festival seems to be about the time we now celebrate Easter. (Oestrogen). So I think that Easter must be an overlay from Cybele, and that would explain its relationship to the Moon.

      I am appreciating more and more that these ancient gods and goddesses were once symbolic of the truth of how things work and where we come from. But somewhere along the way, the worship of the icon became more important than what it represented, and the truth was lost, and instead we carried on worshipping the icon, whatever its new meaning became. It is a bit like modern day products that carry brand labels, people learn to trust the label of a good product, then the product behind the label starts to morph into something useless or evil, but people still believe in the label.

      I have a piece brewing about eunuchs, but in the meantime I will probably take a break from this subject before it consumes me.

    • suliwebster says:

      I notice that Cybele is like Cyber (just swap L for R, left brain, right brain). And I looked up Dr Who’s cybermen. Even in the fiction of 1960’s, there was moon based weather control, and virus’s sprayed to control humans, and humans being converted to cybermen. So when it actually happens that a virus comes along (even a cyber virus), we are all pre programmed by BBC programs to be controlled and frightened by it.
      I wonder if Cyber and Cybel are in battle for world power ?

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    After I wrote Cybele I wondered if it was right.History has absolved me! Yes you got it, Cyberman. No balls, obeying machines, give me my orders, I exist to serve thy will. I’ve struggled to understand myths, their hyperreality. Are they maps of our brains or guardians of neural junctions? At present I think they are training ,branded in our brains by our farmers. Those cats have got to be doctored, they say. Not me ,duckie. Leave that brew alone! I still haven’t got the poet riddle,see you Nix.

    • suliwebster says:

      That’s an interesting conundrum about the purpose of myths and the celebrities that accompany them. Even in modern times, they are highly ingrained and influential. As are planets. People get really excited about how the planets control us, as if it is “natural” (e.g. Mercury is in retrograde this week, that is why you can’t do anything right). We like to align ourselves with good mythical characters, and hate bad ones. Then all they have to do is manipulate the mythical character imagery to “train” (as you say) our judgement of good and bad. The Romans are labelled “Good” when they are actually very evil. It is a bit like the labelling of products again, deceived by the mythical label.
      Maybe myths are creating the maps in our brains ? Very limited maps. Like a satnav. All the interesting and healthy pathways are excluded or blocked, (as you say, guarding neural gates), and the satnav sends you round in pointless circles or up the motorway, or via Sainsbury’s or another sponsor. Ordnance survey maps are the same, they show you that you can’t actually go most places, it’s all private. (I have a huge collection of maps that I have “loved”, but now I am looking at them and thinking that they too are controlling and mind narrowing devices that make us behave.

      The poet riddle is that poets match up endings. Imagine a poets dictionary that put all the “ary” words in the same section. Or all the “tic” words or “tion” words (or “ing” for Orwell’s Ingsoc). The endings of words is just as vital a link to their similarity of meaning as the beginning. (And the sound is as vital as the look).

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I have some local 2.5 inch to the mile maps and I read them like a book quite often. There’s a stream without a name nearby which I have followed for most of it’s course on foot. The map is useful to find footpaths nearby,then it’s strictly trespass. I wear a tweed jacket and hat for disguise! You may have guessed that I never grew up.

    • suliwebster says:

      I have recently become more aware of what I wear and how it blends into nature, none of this flourescent pink or yellow “outdoor clothing” fashions ! Hats are great, that is why bank robbers wear them !

  4. Nixon Scraypes says: the Cybermen- I passed someone with those big white headphones today just like a…..No!…..Predictive programming? Also I watched a very old Dr.Who set in a post nuclear dystopia a while ago and I now wonder what effect it would have had on small children or even the adolescent me who probably watched it. I hope this is all idle speculation but it looks more and more likely that a very unpleasant future has been written . Worse I find it grotesquely fascinating.

    • suliwebster says:

      It has been written, and tomorrow’s future is being programmed into us today. It is the weather forecasting that gets me…, everyone keeps telling me, very authoratively, what the weather will be tomorrow. And once that information is planted, even though I know it is spell casting, I can’t shake it off, and I have been caught in the net that was cast. The future does not have to go according to central control scripting, but we are all trained to obey, and also to watch. It’s a big big habit to shake off.

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