Future Casting

I was convinced it was going to rain today, so I had all my waterproofs with me ready. Though when I awoke, the sky was clearing and it looked like it would be a clear day. But still I thought it would rain. Because yesterday, someone I don’t know had told me so. It was a passing comment… “It’s going to rain like this all week”. We British talk about the weather all the time, it is part of polite conversation, and it is a daily part of how our lives are centrally controlled from the sky.

Then I spent the next hour cycling and walking to the bus stop to get to my parent’s house. I noticed that it was a windy day, and we hadn’t had many windy days or even storms this winter. I quite like the wind. Anyway, I got to the bus stop, and it was really quite a nice refreshing day, hadn’t even started raining yet.

As I checked the time on my phone, I noticed a missed call from my mother. My first reaction was alarm, that one of them had been taken ill and gone to hospital (as is a common activity amongst the elderly). The voice message was difficult to hear over the sound of the endless cars on the tarmac, but I caught her offering to come and fetch me in the car. That was strange, maybe there was a bus strike on today that I didn’t know about ?

I nearly missed stopping the bus as I replayed the message.

Apparently the weather today is “dangerous”. My mother was worried about whether or not I would manage the journey safely without a car. I had no idea the weather was dangerous today, even though I had been out in it for an hour.

I had no idea of the danger, because noone had told me until now.

Stupidly, I had not read any papers, nor watched the TV, nor listened to the radio, nor checked my weather app. I don’t even have any of these helpful danger warning facilities.

So I got on the bus, and made it safely to my parents. Miraculously I was unscathed, and the journey was surprisingly straightforward, considering the danger I had stupidly put myself in. I was lucky !

When I arrived, I found that the source of the danger was the TV. On the previous night, the TV news had announced a major storm, with 100 mile per hour winds, sweeping over Britain. The storm is so major that it has a name, Storm Doris.

And so everyone was programmed to see a dangerous storm, even when it was just a “windy” day.

Coincidentally, the names of storms are planned in advance every year. Almost as if the storms themselves are planned in advance every year.

I spent two hours gardening, because the promised rain I had been programmed with had still not arrived. The wind was blowing my gardening stuff around from time to time, but overall, it was easier gardening weather than say, a very wet day, or an icy day. At no time did I feel I was in any danger.

By the time I got home again, the major storm had blown over, and there was still no rain.

Yet all over Britain, people were acting according to what they had been TOLD to expect. We are TOLD what we will experience. The entire media world, including the internet, is designed to TELL us what to expect and how to behave. Mobile phones help people spread the programming information across world wide networks.

The future is written by the media, and so is the past. We follow the script more than we follow our own senses.

I have got rid of nearly all these helpful danger warning facilities in my life, but I like to talk to other people.

And everyone keeps telling me, very authoratively, what the weather will be tomorrow. Sometimes they shove an iphone in my face with numbers and pictures of clouds on it. And once that information is planted in my mind, even though I know it is spell casting, I can’t shake it off. I get caught in the net that was cast.

It is sometimes known these days as “predictive programming”. It is also “addictive programming”. The net is huge, it’s cast all over the world, and we kindly send mobile phones and radios to Africa to help them. It is the biggest addiction of the world, and it’s a big habit to shake off.

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9 Responses to Future Casting

  1. Claire says:

    The weather is one of the safest subjects of conversation, and one which everybody agrees on. Unless chemtrails are mentioned, in which case a lot of people will think you’re mad for believing in such things.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Yes,you have to be careful about mentioning those things that don’t exist but can be clearly seen! Yesterday there were three in the sky I’ve not seen before like an A with the lines at the apex extended forming an X and the crossbar extended at both sides. They were like crooked stars,an unpleasant sigil or something. The met.office online forecast is always showing WARNINGS with a ! in a triangle to re-enforce the dangerous climate change mantra they are pushing. I hadn’t thought about it being a spell, though I’m sure it is as well. We are such naughty boys and girls breathing out that dreadful carbon dioxide and deserve the punishment of hellish weather and carbon taxes for our sins. I’m sure that only a big world government can keep us in check and stop us destroying ourselves like the sillybillys we are!

    • suliwebster says:

      Maybe it is just a distraction from the stuff on the ground, things like paedophilia. Try talking about that, kills the conversation dead, and everyone suddenly has to rush off for more important things elsewhere.

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Ooh yes, that is a hot potato. You have to quickly make a point and continue on another tack, hoping your message has got through. It is a revolting thing to contemplate, especially in company. The feeling of it is somehow manifested,like smutty talk about normal sex.

    • suliwebster says:

      It is like the Frauduan Slip I wrote about way back when. Our entire society would have to collapse in order to deal with the root cause of paedophilia, Freud and his cronies realised that, hence the change in his conclusions. People can’t deal with the potential chaos and loss of comfort and security that would happen if we really paid attention to getting rid of paedophilia. As long as the majority has a certain degree of comfort, this will continue.
      I find it harder and harder to spend any length of time with others, though I do like people, it becomes quite a strain to bow to the lowest common denominator of polite safe conversation, and you have to Be Positive. Talking about paedophilia is too negative, and therefore unwanted. You can ruin people’s nice day.

  4. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I just looked up prurient and it means talking up sex,an excessive interest in it. What I’m trying to express is that,not only is there a denial aspect to not talking about paedophilia, but also there is a positive wish not to encourage prurience about it. Talking conjures up an atmosphere of the subject of the conversation and paedos are going to enjoy it. I think you could talk about it in a lecture hall or write about it carefully but talking in company will always cause a bad smell. I mean ,you don’t fart on the first date,do you? ho ho.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, I agree, paedos are going to enjoy the detail of it, feed off it. That is why children have to give evidence in Court, preferably video’d so that it can be replayed over and over again.
      I have a feeling that it will start appearing in Hollywood films soon.
      Did I understand you right ?

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