Seven Deities of The Week

The week is made up of seven days according to God’s plan. On the seventh day he rested, and marvelled at his creation. This post is an attempt to unscramble God’s creation and is very much a work in progress, just like God’s work.

God’s Planets…
The seven days are named after five of the “planets” in God’s sky, plus the Sun and the Moon. This seven day counting method seems to be universal (well it would be if it is to do with God and the Sky). The universal week begins on the female MoonDay and ends on the male SunDay. All the planets and the Sun and the Moon have been planted planeted in the sky for us to see and worship as if they are Gods.

God’s Deities…
The word Day is like Dei or Deity, meaning God. In French it is “di”, exactly like Princess Di. Every day we worship one of God’s seven sub-gods, though each sub-god has several different names according to whether you are Greek, Roman, Norse, etc, or an astrologer. It doesn’t matter which time or place you exist in, there is a God of the day for you to worship all day every day ad nauseum your whole life. No need to go to Church, it pops up on your phone or computer or diary or in polite conversation.

You can see that the word “seven” resembles “sever” or “severance”. A figure ‘7’ looks like an axe which severs things, things like trees that are vital for a healthy life on Earth. But we do not have a day for worshipping Mother Earth or trees, do we ? Danish for swan is Svane, similar to seven. The swan neck is a ‘7’ shape, (my boat tiller is called a “swan neck” for this reason) and the whole swan is a curvy figure 2 shape. Swans are known for getting into pairs, a group of 2. The story of creation starts with severance (7) and ends with getting into pairs (2). (See Get Into Pairs). Sevens crop up a lot in symbology and myths, including the Seven chakras, Seven hills of Rome (and indeed Bath), Seven Seas etc etc. You can probably map them all to God’s Seven deities.

In the Beginning…
God’s work begins on Monday (See I Don’t Like Mondays), does this sound familiar ? And the cycle repeats like a stuck record. Round and round we go, counting sevens. The whole world has been trained to count off days in batches of seven. It is like a mexican wave that starts each day on the international dateline, (date is another deity word), sweeps westerly through Australia Russia and Asia, peaks in London and Africa on the Greenwich meridian, and then tails off into America.

So here goes, my version of the seven day Story of Creation. I have included the names of the days in French and Danish because they have clues…

God started with a blank sky, a blank canvas, like all good creative artists do.

(French Mardi, Danish Mandag), Diana the Moon Goddess, Man in the Moon.
God’s first act was to create the Moon. Act 1, Scene 1, Day 1, set in Africa, coincidentally on the Greenwich meridian. Enter stage left The Moon. The Moon is a chip off the old block, a piece cut from Mother Earth (either symbolically or in reality, it doesn’t matter which, because it has the same effect on us). My earlier post “Customs and Excision” came to a conclusion that surprised me, the Moon is the severed clitoris obtained by female circumcision of Mother Earth. This is taken from the African Sahara, thereby making “Sarah” barren. Though she is not “barren” as we now know the meaning, it is just that she can no longer self-reproduce girls. The circumcised African woman is Afrique, a freak. But not to worry, God will sort that out later on in the week, promise ! You can see from the Danish name “Mandag” how the Man and his dagger got to takeover The Moon. The clitoris is the “male” part of the woman, and it is severed from her to make her weak or week. The Moon controls the fertility of woman, and now it is erected in God’s sky under his control. After a long hard day, God sleeps well on Monday night, he has severed the male part of woman according to plan.

(French Mardi, Danish tirsdag), Planet Mars.
Mars is the planet and God of war. God has now declared war on Mother Earth. This is the beginning of the endless Battle of the Sexes. Or do you think women should just take it lying down ? Lie back and think of England eh ? Marching Mars like as to war, God amasses his armies. Onward Christian Soldiers, in the name of God, in the name of the crucifixion. You can see the Choose in Tuesday, and the choice is which side are you are on ? There’s a battle, you must take sides. God tempts people to sign up for his army, women presumably, he is very persuasive, maybe he made some promises like the Queen does on her banknotes. Promises are the driving force of future time, God’s time. The red blooded male is here. on its way. Man is from Mars. A work in progress.

(French Mercredi, Danish onsdag). Planet Mercury, Nordic god Odin, sometimes Woden, Waden or Wands as in Wandsdyke named after Odin.
It’s Wedding Day ! Enter stage right The Groom. (See Bridle and Groom). When woman is made weak week, the Groom looks very tempting. He offers strength and support to the woman in return for access and ownership. He also offers his seed, because the weakened woman no longer has her own source. It appears that the Groom is a Knight in Shining White Armour, arriving very timely to rescue the damsel in distress. And so the pairing up begins. The planet Mercury is the closest to The Sun, it is like a small but very fast Moon that goes round the Sun, and I think it is God’s sports car version of fertility. The fertility is shifted to man, mercury and the mind. Go faster !! More more more, God wants big numbers, high production rates, high reproduction rates !!! Mercury is becoming more powerful methinks, and plans are for the Moon to eventually be phased out and not be renewed.

(French Jeudi, Danish torsdag). Planet Jupiter, God Thor.
This is a Ju day Jew day. Jupiter is considered the King of Planets, King of sub-gods, and you can also see that it is Jew Peter. St Peter is the Pope’s best man, and was the first pope. This day seems to be about creating the line of control from Heaven to Earth through the Pope. Thor is the God of Thunder, lightning, storms, reminding me of the lightning strike from God to the Vatican when Pope Francis was selected. The power of the heavens, what a great show. ELECTRIC, connecting male Heaven to female Earth. And so it seems that Jupiter was erected on Day Four to control The Pope and the Population. Like a sort of Dating Agency. The dating Game. The Game of deities. “Jeu” means game in French. Prostitution is known as The Game. It’s just a game, says God, no harm done.

(French Vendredi, Danish fredag ) Planet Venus, Goddess Venus, Goddess of Love.
Day Five or Day V in Roman. V for Vulva, V for Venus, V for Veins. God needs the love of Venus, he needs someone to do his cleaning, cooking, and other services, vices. This is a very female day, it is the most tiring day of the working week, we are all tired by Friday, and productivity slows down. The job of the female is to clean up all the mess, ready for the next war, or next working wor-ing week. A bit like the Red Cross clean up after wars. A bit like the invisible office cleaner comes in after the workers have gone home. Venus is the veins, the opposite to the male planet of Mars, the red blooded arteries. The veins go back towards the Heart, to recentre, recharge, restore. Ready for more war ! You can see VEND in Vendredi, and woman has sold her soul somewhere along the line. Sold it to God I think.

So there you have it, the working week, known as Monday to Friday, often abbreviated M – F. Male to Female. The female parts of The Moon and Venus are bookends to prop up God’s working week.

And now we are weakened by God’s working week, we have the have weekend to look forward to, coded SS, like the Nazis.

(French Samedi, Danish lordag) Planet Saturn, God Satan.
Saturday is party day, shopping day, nightclub Knightclub day, Family TV viewing day (Jimmy Saville etc), Sports day, Match of the Day. Alcohol day. Spending money day. You get the idea. It is the day of Vice. Day Six, Day Sex, parties. This is when we all get the chance to let our hair down and spend money, and escape from our selves (slaves) with drugs and alcohol, leaving the body unoccupied and out of control, ripe for occupation by alien forces. On Saturday, we are not the slaves earning it, we are the slave drivers spending it. Whoopeee, whippee !! And maybe we need more alcohol (or other get high fix) to be a slave driver than a slave. Saturday vice has been programmed into us. Saturday is Satan’s day, allocated the number 6. Santa arrives on Satan day, which is Christmas Eve, and the following day the Sun is born…

(French Dimanche, Danish sondag). The Sun. The Son God.
Day Seven and we have the Grand Finale. The biggest star of God’s show is the young Sun, Son, that is born. The Sun is by my reckoning newer than the other six. God can rest, because his product is finally made according to design. And now there are two main players in the sky, The Sun and The Moon. The Sun easily upstages the Moon. God doesn’t rest for long, because he is a creative force, constantly nagging to get things created and improved, never satisfied. He needs more and more slaves to carry out his grand designs. So the creation goes on, and each time round the seven day week, God improves upon his first prototype. God conceived an idea, and the idea was to create a man, a man that was bigger and stronger than woman, a working force that was not slowed down by childbearing, something faster, better, fitter, more productive, more reproductive, something that could achieve more, faster. And now God blames man for all the nasty side effects of his creation.

…is the Moon Goddess, a virgin goddess of women and childbirth, who swore never to marry. Princess Di is named after the French word “di” for day or deity. The Goddess Princess Diana was sacrificed once by marriage, twice by her death (in France). And we do not know what else happened to her behind the scenes, did she undergo ritual circumcision in keeping with her symbology ?

La semaine…
…is French for “the week”. You can see that the week is very much related to semen and God’s seminal work. Semen is good for you, it provides seed, it’s essential, just like the seven daze of the weak.

Save the Planet ! …
This is a call to us all to save the days deities of the week, maybe even save up to make a new planet, donate here. (See George Engineering). Save the Planet is starting to look like worship of The Time Lord. Save the Planet is the same old religion, now rebranded and dressed up in green.

Extra planets…
Uranus (formerly planet George, and now looking like anal sex promotion), Neptune, Pluto. All are further away from the Sun than the other five, but none of them yet have a day of worship. Maybe God needs to decimalise the weekly count to 10 days a week to include the 3 new ones. It would have to be a united global decision of course… Maybe a referendum for the whole planet !

Ten a day…
Since I started writing this post, several people have told me “It’s ten a day now”. Groan. All British people will instantly know that this means the government daily diety plan. Do As You Are Told. Now you must eat ten a day, gone up from five a day, previously three a day, just like the medicine dosages keep going up.

Daily deity planet plan…
So is the new decimal daily diet plan a code for the decimal daily deity plan to come ? Will they soon add three more days to our planetary consumption ? Daily control goes back to the regularity of The Sun, all timing tuned to the Sun, our day time is defined by The Sun. Daily control is controlling women through contraception pills, taken daily (keep counting in batches of seven) from packs of 21 or 28. The contraceptive pill is a little moon like pill, the chemical equivalent to female circumcision (because the physical version is not acceptable to liberated women). The contraceptive pill is a daily deity packet in your pocket, which synchronises you to an exact 28 day SUN cycle. Unlike the Moon which is slightly out from 28 days.

I have described Creation going clockwise, the one and only way that we are taught to follow. I think it is possible to go anti-clockwise, reverse out of things, if we choose. You just have to be anti clock. The planets and days of the week are a long term clock to enslave us to the time cycles of the Time Lord. God is The Time Lord.

Severed, dazed, weakened. Then paired up for sex, machines, and mass production. Well done God.

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Song: The Eighth Day by Hazel O Connor…
“Behold what I have done
I’ve made a better world for everyone
Nobody laughs Nobody cries,
World without end forever end ever Amen Amen”

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23 Responses to Seven Deities of The Week

  1. Mick says:

    10 planets, 10 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life; sun becomes centre of the solar system – both happened around the year 1600AD. In fact, a lot happened around then, but then a lot happens all the time.

    Thanks, Suli. More food for thought.

    • suliwebster says:

      That fits. When were The Dark Ages ? Before the Sun became the centre of things ?

    • suliwebster says:

      The Dark Ages were about 500 to 1500, then the Italian Renaissance came along to lighten things up, enlightenment eh?
      Hoho what have we here, Italian, Latin, Vatican, Rome, renaissance, renewal, re BIrth of The Sun. And then there was light. Maybe this was when the universal seven deity week came in… centrally controlled somewhere in Italy.

      • Mick says:

        Historically it is supposed to have begun with Sumeria, but ancient history is likely bunkum as there are no original texts in existence, only late medieval and early Renaissance copies (or forgeries).

  2. Mick says:

    Curiously, Mercury is androgynous; Odin was often found in Frigga’s dresses. He was feared because he was taught Seidr (woman’s witchery) by Freya. Most men used Galdr, incantation/chant Druid craft.

  3. Claire says:

    A most interesting article. Very inspiring and thought provoking.

    Here is a Spanish week for you, una semana espanol. The es days are pronounced eg Lunes Loo-nez. Here goes.

    Lunes A mad sort of lunar start to the week.

    Martes A martyr of a day. Martes are considered unlucky here, especially if it’s the 13th.

    Miercoles A bit of a mess, not sure what to make of this one.

    Jueves A play day because juegos, games, reminds me of Jueves.

    Viernes Pronounced Biernes, which makes me think of sauce bearnaise, which is a rich sauce, making Viernes a rich, saucy sort of a day.

    The weekend (weakened) days end in ‘o’.

    Sabado A sort of anything goes day, so long as you enjoy doing it.

    Domingo A day to relax and make the bad smells go away (do ming go). Also reminds me of the 3 tenors who were Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras (lots of r in that name) and Luciano Pavarotti.

    The most famous week in Spain is La Semana Santa, which is Easter and involves lots of parades of people carrying huge holy figures.

    Samedi in French always makes me think of Baron Samedi from Haitian voodoo, also Papa Doc and the Tonton Macoute, who were also from Haiti.

    Have you seen the Eye of the Sahara? It really fits in with what you say about excision in the Sahara, Check it out, if you haven’t already.

    Hope all this helps.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Claire, my knowledge of Spanish is about zero, and it shows that all the languages offer pieces and clues to the bigger picture if we put them together.
      Will check out The Eye of the Sahara (my conclusion about that was so way out even for me that I almost didn’t publish it, but there seem to be more and more bits of jigsaw that add weight to the theory).
      Santa Semen week eh ? I know that Greece also has Easter as the most important nationally dictated time of year, and the US has Thanksgiving. Each country or region “peaks” at a different time maybe creating another annual sort of Mexican wave across the world. “Holy figures” sound like figures to go in the hole.

      • Claire says:

        There’s something in your Mexican wave across the world. My partner told me that it’s always Muslim prayer time somewhere in the world, so Muslims are always being called to prayer and the name of Allah resonates across the globe.

        Semana Santa is quite something, people take huge figures of crucified Jesus and weeping Virgin Marys on big platforms hoisted by lots of men dressed up in oufits reminiscient of the kkk. Obviously it’s nothing to do with the kkk as not all oufits are white and Semana Santa is much older than the kkk.

        If it involved Holy Figures like sacred geometry and binary like computer code it would lose a lot of its impact.

        Spain isn’t really that religious anymore. A few years back the Atheists tried to burn the Christmas Creche in the town where I live. A sex shop owner put a display of sex toys with Mary and Joseph on them, baby Jesus was a butt plug. Somebody said it was offensive but 78% of people said he could leave the display, it was ok. That was up in Northern Spain.

        Hope this helps.

      • suliwebster says:

        Sounds like the new religion in Spain is Sex.
        And that underlies all religions by my reckoning.
        Crucified jesus and his weeping mother sounds like the snatching of children from their mothers for “operations” or for selling. Same old theme seems to go on throughout history and throughout the world.

  4. Mick says:

    Here are the Hindu days of the week:

    Sunday = ravivar (ravi = Sun, var = day)
    Monday = somvar (soma = Moon, var = day)
    Tuesday = mangalvar (mangal = Mars, var = day)
    Wednesday = budhvar (budh = Mercury, var = day)
    Thursday = brihaspativar (brihaspati = Jupiter, var = day)
    Friday = shukravar (Shukra = Venus, var = day)
    Saturday = shanivar (Shani = Saturn, var = day)

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Mick, it is incredible how universal this day labelling seems to be…
      Maybe there was an ancient international treaty to agree to it, way back when.
      I notice that “soma” (Moon) is the drug they take in Brave New World to stay happy, and override any doubtful negative thoughts creeping in.

    • suliwebster says:

      Also psych-soma-tic.

      • Mick says:

        Soma is akin to Ambrosia for the Greek gods, and the Apples of Idunn for the Norse. They gave the gods immortality, without which they would age and die.

        Curious how Wednesday, Woden is nearly Buddha.

        mind-energy-parasite, n’est-ce pas?

      • suliwebster says:

        maybe that neans the Moon (soma) is essential for the immortality of the gods, (i.e. those that live in the sky). In the same way that money, mooney, is essential for those at the top of the hierarchy. (the money gods, monarchy etc). ???

  5. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Another little fit here Tue..sday French for kill. Mardy, English dialect for bad tempered.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks, It seems that my vague analysis is more accurate than I originally thought.
      I am now wondering WHEN and HOW and WHY all the countries in the world adopted the universal seven day week. There must have been a previous historical time when the world was globalised, or is central control a permanent state of the world ?

  6. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Yes,to paraphrase Alan Watt re the empire state building– what empire? More like the vampire state,I think! It strikes me that inventions like the atomic bomb for instance,are reinventions. They must have had some idea what they were working towards. To me it’s just unimaginable. It must have existed in some past civilisation who’s citizens had different intelligence from ours, pretty scary intelligence. Some of their blueprints must have survived or maybe some of them, eek!

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