Capture the Kids

The age of Sex Education is about to be lowered to children age 4 (yes you did read that right, age FOUR), according to a recent news headline. For the good of their own SAFETY and PROTECTION, children will be trained about grooming for sex on the internet. The Sex Ed programming will be rolled out via the government school system where almost the entire nation’s children are now held as a captive audience for anything. Sexual participation is starting younger and younger as kids get more and more sexed up for greedy paedophiles. It is controlled by the government that you voted to be governed by, and funded by your taxes.

Safety and Protection reminds me of being locked in. Locked safely and securely in a safe place. Like a school. It’s good for you, God for you. For your own good, your own God. The God of Sex.

Schools didn’t begin with sex. But they did begin with force.

Victorian times…
It began in Victorian times, victoriously, with compulsory education for all. For our own good. Surely there was some resistance to kids being taken away from families for government training programmes ? Here is an example… In Massachusetts, compulsory schooling was resisted by an estimated 80% of the population. Finally the last outpost of resistance was seized by militia and children were marched to school under guard. It is as if children are criminals, and parents are harbouring them. Are you going to come quietly ? Or shall I fetch the armed guard ?

Educational Prison…
Schools and prisons are quite similar. Schools are becoming increasingly secure. Prisons are offering more education. Both take away liberty. School hours are set to increase, while prison reform shows the benefits for prisoners of having family support. Prisons and schools both invest huge amounts of time and effort into behavourial control and punishment systems.

Sent to prison…
You are sent to prison if you are convicted of a crime, sometimes that crime is to not send your child to school. You are sent to school by your parents, if you are age 4 to 18, and sometimes until older if you go to University too. You are let out of prison when you have served time. You are let out of school age 18, it is a standard sentence for school inmates, though you can extend it for a few more years at Uni by paying extra.

Schools and prisons are both overcrowded and understaffed and underfunded. Sickness, violence and sex all spread easily in these closed in, squashed up conditions.

Safe and Secure…
Schools have entryphone systems, CCTV cameras (57 of them at the last school I worked in), they have security fences and security gates. Children’s whereabouts are monitored electronically every hour, and parents can track their kids on the internet… which means that other people can too. A school in Bath fingerprints kids so they can use their finger ID for buying food and getting in and out of classrooms. The food that kids eat is monitored by computer which records exactly what they buy each day. Schools have exercise yards. Some schools frisk their pupils for knives and weapons on the way in. All visitors are checked in and given ID badges.

Correction Centre…
The pupils wear uniform like prison inmates to encourage the correct uniform behaviour.
Kids are rewarded for correct, “good”, god, behaviour, punished for incorrect. The marks in their books show how correct or incorrect they are. Constantly, all day, every day, until they fall into line.

The school has a governing body and a prison has a governor. Behind both of these lies the national government which rolls out the latest instructions from central office to each of its regional branches.

Locked in…
Children are held in square cells called classrooms, in groups of 30 or more, they have to ask to go to the toilet. A prisoner usually has a toilet in his cell. Children have to be in school all day every day, they are not allowed to leave unless very sick. They are force fed the government curriculum every day, no matter how much they dislike it, no matter how much it makes them ill.

Provided for…
Prisons and schools are funded by taxes, and despite the lack of freedom, everything is done for you and provided for you, there are caterers and cleaners and caretakers. You don’t even have to think what to do next, or what to wear, that’s all sorted for you. You simply do as you are told, follow instructions.

If you fail at school, you may become a criminal and end up in prison where you will be corrected. (all paid for). If you succeed at school, you may proceed to Uni (which you pay for). Many released prisoners revert back to prison because it’s all done for you, you don’t have to find money for food and rent, and although prison has hardships and lack of freedom, there is a community of sorts. Many school leavers cannot cope with finding money for rent and food, (not surprising, it is almost impossible), and so go onto Uni, to postpone reality for another 3 years.

Keeping undesirables locked up…
We do not want kids around in normal life, they get in the way, so they are isolated in schools. The holiday time or end of school day is a real pain when so many are let out all at once. Schools and prisons are both designed to keep undesirables off the streets, out of the way.

Prisoners and school pupils are fully supervised so they do not escape nor commit any wrong doings. Even at school break times, there are staff on patrol.

Everything is strictly timetabled and structured, including meals and exercise times. You must be in the right place at the right time. Know your times tables. Bells help with telling you when and what to do. There is little opportunity for pupils or prisoners to organise their own day or think for themselves except by breaking the rules.

Children are allowed home for weekends and holidays and overnight. Good prisoners sometimes get home leave. Kids still get to go home every day. And there they do their homework because school never stops. Family homes are basically a Dinner, Bed and Breakfast operation to support the school, fund books and uniforms, and provide nursing care for when the child is sick. But that is changing….

Boarding schools…
…are being introduced by the state, step by slow step. In my observation, paedophilia is more ingrained in Britain’s fee paying “public” boarding schools. (See Holy See Over Bath). I think it is because the children are more captive. And now they want everyone boarding. Harry Potter has been helpful at encouraging boarding schools for all.

Mother and father systems…
Schools are setting themselves up as family units. United units of unity. A letter from my child’s school used the phrase “academic mother and father system” to describe the new House system. What is a “mother and father system”? The college system at Oxford Uni uses this system, Oxford Uni being the breeding ground for Universal politicians. A Mother and Father system gives the captive kids a sense of family and belonging. That’s nice.

Family unit…
The school or college or “house” (or prison) starts to takeover the role of family. Everything the family does, they do better, or even replace. Every good parent’s main job is to prepare their their child for school, and then support them through it. The government has trained us to do this through the Parenting program that has its tentacles everywhere.

Care system…
Before long, the “care” system will extend to ALL children, as the real families and communities get increasingly replaced by state versions. Not only that, we will actually be persuaded to think this is good for our kids and want to pay for it. It’s already happening with after school care and breakfast clubs and government vouchers or benefits to fund it. Increasingly schools are offering food, counselling, pastoral care, sick care, and overnight facilities, which started with school overnight trips… school trips are now deemed essential for team bonding, and there is trouble if you or your child opts out.

By consent…
Parents these days condone school for their children. Good parents are approved of by the school, and it seems that parents need that approval as much as kids. Teachers are often quite nice these days and that disguises the horror of what the kids get taught. Parents need schools for baby sitting purposes, because they cannot afford to take care of their own kids. Modern day families need to work ten days work a week between them to fund everything. Parents sign a Home School agreement “contract” to say how they will support the school, and the child has to sign it too, from age 4 (well it was age 4 for my child many years ago, that’s a concidence, age 4).

Who owns your child…
We first sign our kids over to the State at birth, all subsequent contracts reinforce that first one. In the UK, you now have to pay to take your own child out of school for a holiday. You have to buy your own child back from the State.

School Worship…
Most schools were originally set up by Churches. That should warn us. Coincidentally The Church of England approves of the new Sex Ed program for 4 year olds. It’s ritual indoctrination, brainwash, spiritual takeover. All schools, whether religious or not, have assembly in a large hall, where kids file in, sit in line and face the front, worshipping the headteacher. Prisons always have a chaplain, so do universities. There is a new curriculum subject called PSHE, Personal Social, and Health Education, where anything can be slotted in sneakily. This is where Sex Ed has entered as a repeating and routine part of school life. This is where suicide has entered. I have sat through one of these government authored lessons with some 11 year olds, and I learnt how to hang myself from a rope. It is no surprise that some children go on to hang themselves, as they did at my school. They are told what to do.

Hitler Youth…
Kids are frequently more loyal to their school than their family. Teachers are deemed right and the teachers teach that they know more than the parents. Of course they do, that’s why kids are sent to school. Because the family and community is deemed to be inadequate to raise a child. it takes a government to raise a child, doesn’t it ? The government that everyone votes for, the democracy that everyone deems so precious. Our entire culture spells it out to the children, the school knows best. If your parent says something different to the school, then your parent needs correcting. Go home and correct them.

TV and internet…
The internet is the excuse used for sexing up children. But it is schools that introduced and condoned the internet to children. When my elderly neighbour was raising her kids, she chose to rent a TV so her children could do their homework as instructed, because the teachers based homework around TV programmes. When I was raising my kids, I eventually succumbed to get a computer inside my family home for the same reason.

Captured for healthcare…
Schools are now vaccinating kids without parental consent. The kids are held captive. In the US, it is compulsory for kids to have vaccines in order to be accepted into schools. Prisoners are a captive herd easily mass vaccinated. And coming soon, it will be a prison sentence if you refuse a vaccine, so either way you get vaccinated, see ? Step by step. From a little prick to a big prick… School healthcare includes the condom bus that tours around handing out free condoms to 14 year olds, and before long, will it be 4 year olds ? (oh they don’t need them, that’s handy no danger of pregnancy in 4 year olds).

Feeder schools…
Sometimes a primary school is known as a “feeder school” for a secondary school, because its children rise up the ranks from one to the other, like rising up the food chain. So what exactly is the “food” that the one school is feeding to the other? Oh, it seems like our children are the food and fodder. Schools feed off children. Nurseries feed off babies. Universities and prisons feed off secondary school leavers, and corporations greedily feed off the heavily processed products of endless schooling.

Corporations are greedy for profit, and they will do whatever it takes to maximise profit. So if the most profitable “food” is sexed up kids, then the curriculum needs adjusting to correct children to comply. Sexed up kids are profitable. You can sell them on the internet. (See Centre For Exploiting Missing Children). And sex drives sales of all other commodities, especially driving, just take a look at all the adverts.

Kids are “excluded” from school when they are badly behaved. So all good kids and good parents do their best to avoid exclusion. This makes it difficult to exclude your child from Sex Ed. When my kids were at school, they were first subjected to sex ed at the age of 10. Parents were shown a preview, which gives us the opportunity to exempt our kids I suppose. If you do not exempt your child, then parental consent is assumed. The video was disturbing to me, but I felt that noone else was bothered by it and I thought that there was something wrong with me. So I am ashamed to say that I did nothing. If you take your child out of it, and every other child is in it, you subject your child to being excluded. (My kids have experienced persecution as a result of being left out of the in-school vaccine program). In time, there will not be a consent option, or a preview, you will be deemed to have willingly put your child in the care of the school and consent to everything they do to your child.

Pro grooming…
The newly announced sex ed program for 4 year olds is to groom them, program them with sex, prepare 4 year olds for sex. Yes, schools are going to groom 4 year olds for internet sex. Paid for by taxes. Condoned by parents and teachers, government and Churches. How far does this have to go before we all stop participating ?

Generations of parents…
Today’s average parent of a 4 year old is maybe about 30 years old. That means they were raised from birth on Television, but not mobile phones nor internet. I first encountered television aged about 6, and a computer aged 16, I can remember a childhood without these things. Today’s 4 year olds have been raised from birth on internet and mobile phones. So when they become parents of 4 year olds, the invasion will be complete. Even if you exclude your child, they pick up on the behaviour of the masses around them if there is about 80 or 90% coverage, it is too powerful to avoid at this level. The invasion of telescreens has enabled this to happen, Orwellian style, and to me the only way out is to get these screens out of our lives (which I have still not yet managed to do).

Caring world…
Over a period of less than 200 years, the kids have been captured and locked up. At each stage, there is resistance, but then we get used to it, and then we come to believe it is beneficial. (The internet is great isn’t it?). Eventually the dissenters are considered weird or mad or bad parents… and mad or bad parents are liable to have their kids taken from them by the State and put into care. (I have been threatened with this myself). Either way, your kids go into care, see ? And children in care go missing at a very fast rate.

Caring, safe, secure… all nice words that make us feel that all is good, all will be taken care of, we will be provided for.


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Book : Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto

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16 Responses to Capture the Kids

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Gatto and Charlotte Iserbyt are absolutely brilliant. I recommended them to a friend who is a primary school teacher and never had her children vaccinated. Suddenly she was never at home when I called! I don’t call anymore. Country schools are being closed around here and education is being centralised,like you say, I see vast child warehouses for the future. Add schooling to the list of unmentionables like chemtrails,paedophilia and anything else that needs mentioning.

  2. Claire says:

    This is has been going on for a long time, the sexualisation of children. Fortunately my son avoided all this.

    I have noticed it more with the literature. My son was an advanced reader and at age 9 he was ready for teenage books. It was really difficult to find some that didn’t feature children finding out they were gay or transexual.

    I’ve got nothing against gays and transexuals, but this trans agenda is being pushed just to keep people confused, not because the govenment cares about such people.

    I remember one book was really awful, and it was for primary children. It was about a boy who ends up under the stairs clutching his dead baby sister’s body while bombs fall. The sister had died of neglect and she’d gone gray because she’d died a while ago. I can’t remember the name of the book, but I threw it in the bin.

    I don’t go much on book burning because of the Nazi overtones, but this book deserved burning.

    Now books for small children have gay and bi themes. It just is so wrong.

    Also I notice that children in the UK have problems getting breakfast so the school feeds them because the parents are so poor and badly paid. This is going to make children think more of the school than their parents.

    • suliwebster says:

      I just came across an old post called The Homosexual Agenda, where I linked the steady shift from hetero to homo to paedo sex. Also BBC Wildlife Programming where wild animals are used as actors to program how we should behave (kids watch these “Nature” programs), your story of the dead sister reminded me of the abandoned weak sibling that David Attenborough hones in on, menacingly.
      I am in the process of getting rid of nearly all my books, one by one, reading them first to remind myself of exactly why I have kept them. I am starting to see books as part of the “paperwork” regime, the computer is too, and I am slowly reducing that too. Our entire book world is being manipulated from central control. (What is the Kindle for ?).

    • Mick says:

      Thanks for that link, it goes hand in hand with pandemic paedophilia. They so want to make it acceptable and legal. If only people would wake up.

      Excellent article, Suli.

  3. It sounds a little like the story of the film ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ which was probably based on a true story; such things did, and do happen. The film was a sensitive highlighting of children who were abandoned by abusive parents; the London blitz was just one situation that afforded such parents a loophole.

    • suliwebster says:

      It seems that the war was another nail in the coffin for holding families together, another excuse to separate children from parents for their own good.
      Your comment also shows the flip side of the coin… i.e. sometimes children need to leave abusive parents. I have come to conclude that the ONLY valuable role of a school is as a haven for children that are abused at home, the school gives them some respite, (unless they are abused at school too). Unfortunately even though the adults at school are often aware of the child’s plight, they still helplessly send them home again.
      The excuse of child abuse is used to introduce rules that enable the state to take away kids, any kids, from their parents. But if we weren’t all so busy schooling and doing other busy things, the kids could probably get respite or escape another way, maybe we would all be watching out for the kids around us, the ones in our street.
      So why do we have so many dangerous inadequate abusive parents in our society? The abusing parents have all been to school, so overall school is not really working. There is nothing to show that child abuse has declined with compulsory schooling, possibly the reverse is true. The issue of abuse is far more vital than any literacy programs, and in my years working at school I got quite deprressed trying to encourage kids to add up or spell, knowing what was going on in their homes that was being blind eyed by us all.

      There is also the film Oranges and Sunshine, which I wrote about somewhere on my blog.
      It is really quite ingrained into our culture.

  4. Noo says:

    The issue of the content of kids’ books is very concerning. When my daughter was in primary school (10 plus years ago) practically the only author whose books were intended to appeal to girls that were available in the classrooms or in the library was Jacqueline Wilson. Every single book seemed to have an element of extreme trauma. Either it was children caught in the middle of a custody battle, or abusive step-parents, or parents with mental health issues, or extreme poverty, or the death of a friend, but there wasn’t one story I was aware of that didn’t involve depressing drama or trauma of some description; in fact the books with the most attempt at cheerfulness and “humour” was the series that glamourised and glorified life in a children’s home. It definitely affected my daughter’s mental health and outlook for a while. She had more balanced books at home but she couldn’t avoid the encouragement and influence from school (teachers and kids) to read the Jacqueline Wilson books and watch the TV programmes. They were poorly written and churned out like comics, the cover designs were almost identical and there was nothing in them that you could really say was interesting or exciting, but they were promoted to girls an overwhelming degree in the early to mid 2000s. Training them up for a lifetime of trashy fiction and reality TV programmes, I suspect, but the teachers didn’t seem to be aware of it or to want to be aware of it. When I spoke to one or two of the teachers about the lack of access at school to anything other than these books, they said “it doesn’t matter what they read as long as they read”.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thankyou Noonoo, very thought provoking for me.
      I have read most of the Jacqueline Wilson books as have my children, especially my daughter, I have also read her autobiography, she was separated at birth from her mother for a few days. She escaped into the world of books.
      Books, like the internet, offer escapism, but first a world has to be created that we want to escape from, one of no loving touch.
      When I was bringing my children up, the Jaqueline Wilson books made perfect sense because we were going through immense trauma as a family. I was brought up with books and education as high priority, and carried on the theme with my own kids. From your comment, I can now see that those books normalised the trauma, making it cool and glamourous. And reinforcing the message that noone is going to fix it, just accept what shit is being done to you and get on with it. I remember at the time being horrified to find out how many other families and children went through the same or worse traumas that we did. On the one hand it stopped me asking “Why Me?”, why have I been picked for this traumatic life. On the other hand, it shocked me to the core how common it was. Needless to say, the authorities were unable to take any action to help, other than offer books, and counselling, a chance to talk about your problems and learn to accept them. I distinctly remember the point at which we all gave up fighting it, and just accepted, completely worn out.
      Noone in authority is minded to stop the horrors, only provide ways of escape (drugs, internet, alcohol, books) or counselling, or donating money.
      Reading those books gave me some sort of comfort that I was not alone, that my experiences were normal, and there were people out there who would understand, as mostly I was unable to talk about it without people scooting off pretty quick.
      You can see how the internet provides the same, and why so many people are on it.

    • suliwebster says:

      Since writing this piece, people have given me some stories about children and books.
      1. The mother who is fed up with her young kids (age about 6 and 8) on the internet all the time, never reading books like she did when she was a child ! So the parents force the kids to read a book at bedtime, every night. To me the book is the precursor to the internet. Book reading in old fashioned childhood is the same escapism and gong into the screen world as the intenet and mobile phones now is.

      2. The mother who wonders why her 2 year old son always runs off exploring, whilst a friend’s 2 year old child just sits quietly and conveniently reading a book. She wonders what she has done wrong, or why her child has a different more difficult personality. I must tell her sometime that I think her child is far better adjusted to the world around him. 2 year olds are learning to read and write before they can talk face to face. The book is a sort of sugary dummy for the mind. The book world will lead them to be screen addicts.

      3. There is a children’s book fair coming up near me, and there will be fun events for kids, one of them is a game whereby children are going to dress up their dads in fancy clothes, clothes liek like big dresses.. pantomime cross dressing style. This is mainstream middle class stuff. It reminds me of when the council got fathers to go into schools (age 4 to 11) on Fathers Day, and some kids were frightened by armies of strange men everywhere, and the kids were given Fathers day party bags (council funded) which contained white blow up balloons looking like condoms.

  5. Nixon Scraypes says:

    All in accordance with the Frankfurt School of cultural marxism. May I suggest that you keep any books that you may have by these disgusting excuses for human beings as proof of their vile plans.

    • suliwebster says:

      I don’t have those sorts of books, I don’t want the bad energy existing in my home. Even looking at the bookshelf, (now only about 12 inches wide worth of books left and getting smaller), gives me the creeps, all those words, symbols, weird colours, rectangle shapes, branding, packaging, all in my face.
      Chucked out half my O/S maps yesterday !

  6. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I fully understand your feelings. I’ve only known about the Frankfurt School for a few years, having avoided that sort of stuff for years. The cold arrogant tone sets my teeth on edge immediately. The thing is, these people were charged with designing our culture! Ruining our lives! On purpose! I think it is a good thing to know your enemy.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I think my blog is mostly about Know Your Enemy.
      The biggest book fair in the publishing world is in Frankfurt, coincidentally. I remember that from when I worked in online publishing for…. the educational world.
      Not read about the Frankfurt School as yet…..

    • suliwebster says:

      It sounds a bit Frankish.

  7. Nixon Scraypes says:

    To be perfectly frank,you’re right. I know next to nothing about them except from an old penguin by Bishop ? of Tours – the history of the Franks, written in the seventh-ish century. It’s amusing in an ironic way- he’s very wonderful,God does lots of miracles and the Franks are very evil! Yes,you know the enemy and define it from a different direction which is rare and no less valid, in fact more so to me. To be even franker, I find all that intellectual stuff almost like a foreign language and difficult to understand. If I’m not making sense or being immoderate please moderate it to the dustbin.

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