The Olympic Showcase

There are now three categories of Olympic Games. The original one (sounds like a flavour of crisps), the Paralympics, and newest of all, the Special Olympics.

The Olympics are there to show off the greatest achievements of man.

The Special Olympics is for people with “special” needs, MENTAL health problems, and it’s nice to include them in the Olympics, it’s only fair that less able people get included in a show that is supposedly there to show off the most able. “Special” looks like “species”.

The Paralympics is for people with PHYSICAL problems, things like missing legs. It was set up to showcase the achievements of medical science. The Paralympics was the idea of an ex-Nazi neurosurgeon who came to work in Britain re-engineering damaged bodies. The war provided a steady supply of damaged bodies for hospitals to experiment on. These days, car accidents provide the supply as well as wars. And coincidentally, so do sporting activities.

Maybe the purpose of all the Olympics is to showcase the achievements of medical science ?

Not just any medical science, this is re-engineering the human race.

Did I say Human Race ?

The Olympics is the biggest measure in the world for the Human Race. The star event of the Olympic Games is the 100m Human Race, supposedly to determine the fastest man on Earth. Though it is not the fastest man on Earth that is relevant, it is the achievement of ever increasing speeds that they are really showing off. Remember the big media excitement about the 4 minute mile ? There will be another big media excitement when medical science breaks the 3 minute mile barrier.

The Olympics measure achievements very scientifically. The highest achiever is the one that can run the fastest, or throw the furthest, or jump the highest. It is time and distance that are measured. And therefore SPEED. The fastest man on Earth is deemed to be the one that can run a short straight line as fast as possible. STRAIGHT LINES are very Roman, and maybe they are Greek too.

An example of scientific accuracy in Olympic measuring is the rebuilding of Bath University Olympic Pool a few years ago. It was less than 1cm too short for Olympic requirements, due to a miscalculation on the thickness of the tiles. It took 6 months to rebuild.

The original Olympics was men only. To showcase the achievements of MEN. Or perhaps to showcase the achievements of medical science in creating a new advanced species known as men. The Olympiads are the very best specimens from the medical labs. Special men, species of men.

Nowadays, to be fair, women are allowed to enter the Olympics too, just like women are now allowed to vote. You can see that eventually if we watch too many of these shows, we all want to be just like them.

But women do not compete in the same races as men, because that wouldn’t be fair, would it ? The women would always lose, wouldn’t they ?

Men perform better at all original Olympic events, the ones that scientifically measure distance, time, and speed.

Why were they showcasing men ? What exactly had medical science achieved ? Could it be that the performing men on Olympic display had been re-engineered from damaged bodies ? Had they been re-engineered from a steady supply of war damaged women ?

War on women means wor (whore) on wombs. A damaged womb justifies a bit of re-engineering treatment, an opportunity for medical science to create something better than the original. (The modern day routine of hysterectomy is history repeating itself). Man is created from re-engineering the womb. A baby boy is produced by removing the womb from the female egg, before the embryo even develops. (Please see I Want One).

Boys always grow taller than their mothers. It seems that the energy that goes into growing a womb has been diverted by medical science into growing higher, and into physical strength. Plus you can run faster and straighter with a more square-shaped wombless body.

There are plans that one day the three Olympics will merge into a sort of league table, and athletes that excel in the Paralympics will be promoted to the Original Olympics. You can see the medical science specialists rising to the challenge of getting their most promising specimens into the Paralympics and ultimately rising into the top level Olympics. Eventually the new-build athletes with replacement limbs, or new hearts, will out-perform the existing human species. Headline news.

The athletes think they are there to win for their own glory, or for the glory of their beloved nation. “How many Gold medals did Great Britain win”, people ask, as if Great Britain is a person who runs races. But the real glory is behind the scenes. It is the gory glory of engineering and achieving another upgrade to the Human Race.


A new species maybe !

The Special new species Olympics is going to be about mental re-engineering, just as Paralympics re-engineers the body. The Original Olympics merges it all into acceptable normality, and one or two generations down the line, we will all want new hearts and legs and minds, so that we can GO FASTER, GO LONGER distances, grow to greater heights, achieve greater heights, grow longer, live longer. MORE MORE MORE. Advance !

If an Olympic athlete uses certain drugs to boost his performance, it is considered against the rules. But the Paralympics is getting us used to the idea that a new leg or a new heart is within the rules. The Special Olympics is poised to introduce microchipped humans as acceptable ways to win races. Strict diet, and rigorous training (trains go fast in straight lines), and special shoes are all acceptable in the rules of the game. I would say these ARE the rules of the game, it is not the human that wins, it is medical science.

Darwin’s Origin of Species is about the origin of MAN, the special species, not woman. We have been programmed Darwin for many years now. It is about the Survival of the Fittest. The fittest is the fastest. Athletes are the fittest. The new fit species will be re-engineered, made to fit the scientific measuring requirements of the Olympics. The Olympic Show is a measure of our progress, a measure of the Human Race.

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8 Responses to The Olympic Showcase

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Special Olympics! I’ve heard it all now. Like the Paralympics it inspires dreadful, frightfully politically incorrect visions in my mind. Replacing the carnage of blind javelin throwers, I now see endless possibilities of deranged runners taking off in all directions, running backwards, crawling, tripping rivals. Hang on, I see an opening for you- Olympic Blogging, it’s a must! My great aunt was an Olympian in the twenties or thirties and I looked up the results on line- nothing. Even when they let the girls in they didn’t bother to record the achievements! Wonderfully English; it was never spoken about. I never knew about it until I found an old case full of medals in her cellar one day and she was embarrassed about it. Needless to say I didn’t inherit any of her talents.

    • suliwebster says:

      …maybe the deranged runners could be fenced in to their lane, and have starting boxes like neurotic racehorses?. That would make sure they had to go forwards, and could not veer off to the sides. Eventually the physical fencing could be replaced by a microchip implant linked to GPS, that would have an electric fence sort of effect. It would be better for spectators to not know the fences were there and to get a better view.
      I think our world already has invisible fences that we would rather not know about. Because you don’t actually need to install a microchip, you just have to program the one that is already in all our heads.
      Maybe your great aunt saw the truth in hindsight, hence her unwillingness to take any glory in it ?

    • suliwebster says:

      I notice they mention mattress sensors, which fits with these new “memory foam” mattresses that everyone seems to be buying, voluntarily.
      It seems that Google is on target to create the world’s health and diseases, directing the show from their sky satellites.
      My parents are in hospitals a lot these days, I have a very clear view of what is actually happening to ordinary people, and it is very distressing at times… The vast majority of people go along with it as willing volunteers. In my first hand observation, it is the stress of being in the hospital system, constantly being prodded and tested and drugged and awaiting results, and receiving incomprehensible letters casting God like judgements, this is the thing that makes them really really sick.

  2. Claire says:

    The human race is racing ahead with artificial wombs. Some lambs were got out of their mothers and put in articicial wombs and they developed normally. You can see it by typing in ‘artificial wombs’.

    Humans are next, because it will be used to help with premature babies. Why do I feel this can already be done but is being kept secret? Maybe I’m just paranoid.

    Think about sex robots, artificial wombs (that look like thick plastic bags) and the transgender agenda. Remember that trans women will be allowed to participate in events alongside natural women. I think natural women will be phased out.

    There’s also mention of women keeping their figures by having babies in plastic bags and many girls have been damaged by the hpv vaccines. So, to me, the situation is looking grim for women.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Claire, as always I find you are very knowledgeable and observant about the advances in transhumanism.
      It was Dolly The Sheep that was the first announced clone, announced as a great achievement. It seems the lambs and the flocks of sheep (EWE) are the sacrifice that leads the way in terms of female reproduction.
      I know from talking to mainstream media lovers that plastic shopping bags are a huge part of the media agenda at the moment. Possibly this is media code for the new plastic bag style wombs.
      Yes, trans women will have equality and fairness too. (very scandinavian, scanned in avian, equality and fairness).
      I have a post half-done on premie babies, (been queued for about 3 years, aaagh), maybe I will write that next since you mentioned it, and I have ever worsening writers block on another one.
      I don’t think you are paranoid Claire, I reckon hidden science is about 40 years ahead of announced science.

      • Claire says:

        Cheers for saying that I am knowledgeable about transhumanism, I’ll get a big head. This one was actually hidden on my Facebook amongst all the terrible stories of suffering dogs and other animals that appear on my Facebook.

        I thought it was a story about the piglets that are eaten here at Christmas because the photo looked like a piglet when it is wrapped in plastic and in the freezer.

        Then I found out it was a lamb and alive. In the video it moves. And, yes, it did make me think of Dolly, the cloned sheep.

        All this tans-gender, transhumans is being rammed down people’s throats.

      • suliwebster says:

        Maybe the dead-meat-wrapped-in-plastic in supermarkets is getting us used to the idea of growing embryos in plastic too. Things like chicken BREASTS and THIGHS as well as Spanish piglets. How about premie piglets? The younger the better. Dead meat is literally rammed down people’s throats.

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