Premier Babies

I remember being in the US at the time of the “Preemie” craze. Girls were collecting a new type of doll called “Preemie”. I WANT ONE !!! These dolls were modelled on premature babies, babies born well before their due time and IN NEED of serious medical intervention to keep them alive.

They’re so cute, premie babies.

Luckily medical science comes to the rescue. Luckily we live in modern times with medical science to help us out when we are in need.

Or is it medical science that is IN NEED ?

Medical science needs premie babies to experiment upon.

You can see that back in the Preemie craze of 1985, dolls were used to program girls were to adore helpless premature babies that needed lots of plastic tubes and medical attention. And to want their very own PREEMIE. A fashion for premie babies was created, and now those girls are maybe aged 30 or so, the boom in premie babies coinciding with the fashion for preemie dolls.

The premie baby is the desirable one, the premier league, the one that gets the most attention. The one that is the most cute. A bit like the fashion for premie baby size dogs that female pop stars carry around.

In my home town of Bath, there is a premie unit at the Royal United Hospital (RUH).

The Premie unit is funded by charity, the Forever Friends Appeal, and in particular the “space to grow” campaign. Space to grow sounds like a womb. Lots of good people are raising and donating money to help the cause, help cause it. To help a problem that should not even exist. A problem that has been created in order to supply medical science with babies to experiment on. The challenge for medics is how many they can “save”, and more importantly from how early on in the pregnancy. The most heroic medic will be the one that saved the most premier premie of all, the one born the earliest.
The website says that 1 in 10 babies born at the RUH are “premie”, I had to read that 3 times to make sure I had read it correctly. That is 10% of hospital births, this is Big Business indeed.

Premie Babies are kept 4-5 babies per room. A bit like a dormitory or factory. Mothers are kept out, they get in the way.

Babies are kept in square boxes, called inCUBEators. They are plugged in and strapped in and monitored by medical science which is substitute for all the things a womans’s womb would provide. Food is piped in through plastic. No human touching. There is no space for mums to sleep, so they have to go home.

Surely it is a shock to both mother and baby. Trauma splits the personality, separation at this age and stage is trauma. Splitting mother and baby is splitting the personality. Dividing. Dividing and conquering. Mothers are being phased out and replaced by medical science.

These babies are pioneer babies grown in square boxes like horticulture. That is why they are premier league, they are pioneers ! Advance ! Progress ! The baby unit is sponsored by Dyson, the pioneering engineer who invented the bagless vacuum cleaner for housewives. Babies are aborted by vacuum cleaner technology, sucked out of the womb prematurely. A bagless woman would probably be a wombless one, one with no growbag inside her. A vacuous woman would be one like a Stepford wife, that behaves robotically, as if medical science had created her.

When the premie baby is past its danger point, stabilised (like jesus was born in a stable), then the mother is allowed to stay with the baby in a specially built appartment. The appartment has a TV, closed doors and windows, and sounds like a prison, or a hotel room. One of the rules is that neither of them are allowed out. They must not leave this SQUARE ROOM.

Not until the DUE DATE.

Yes that’s right, the baby must stay in the SQUARE ROOM square womb until the exact scheduled date. They are replicating the womb but with new improved efficiency that outdoes the unpredictable untimely womanly womb. The baby leaves the hospital womb room on its due date. Perfectly trained from birth to stick to timetables.

So they just have to deliver babies earlier and earlier, smaller and smaller, cuter and cuter, so cute they attracts lots of funding.

At the other end of the medical science pregnancy, we have IVF which starts the pregnancy off in a square lab, or a penis shaped test tube. And you can see that if they keep the IVF embryos out of the womb for longer and longer before implanting, eventually the entire pregnancy can be done in a lab, a square room womb. One day the IVF embryo will be big enough to go straight into the premie baby unit, bypassing the womanly womb altogether. It will be as simple and normal as going up a class at school.

IVF babies are usually produced several at a time, and luckily the Premie Unit is set up for that with its dormitory style accommodation. 4 or 5 identical siblings can be kept together in the same square room womb.

Cutting edge stuff eh ? Isn’t the human race great ?

There are so many advantages to doll-like premie babies. They are labour saving devices to help women, just like washing machines, and bagless vacuum cleaners. A shorter pregnancy, easier to push out due to its small size. Soon everyone will want one, just like washing machines.

The premie baby is programmed from birth to bond with squares and pipe feeds and scanning devices, plastic coffins, plastic tubes, LED lights, uniforms are its norm, its love of familiarity. And severed from human touch, and the regulation of its mother’s heartbeat.

So much easier to control.

The baby will be good, trained to be good from premier birth.

Why are there so many premie babies ?

Is it Anti-D injections ? endless Scans ? folic acid diets, blood letting, or just modern living with endless ipads and phones. Or perhaps it is the new advice to couples that sex during pregnancy is healthy for your baby, so women can no longer say NO without being accused of premature bad parenting before the baby is even born. (See Cervical Sex)

An image of a baby in a plastic cot with tubes is normal, everywhere. It is an image that shows how much we care. It is an image that raises money for good causes.

Eventually you will be able to order a real live baby off the internet for just $60, or a bit more for a custom made one, just like you can now order a preemie doll. And it will be DELIVERED to you on its due date, just like babies are delivered, and books from Amazon are delivered. And just like you can already buy baby animals for dollars, and noone blinks an eyelid.

Preemie baby dolls come with adoption papers. Just to make sure it’s all authorised and legal and allowed and acceptable.

How many charities are devoted to the cause of medical science ? And why are they all growing and breeding even faster than premie babies ? You might expect that a premie baby charity would want to reduce the number of premie births, but methinks they are helping increasing them, devoted to medical science.

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7 Responses to Premier Babies

    • suliwebster says:

      The most horrible thing to me about that article is that it is not deemed criminal.
      It is deemed to be clever, caring, progress, advance, and achievement.
      I see the image of that lamb, and it haunts me and hurts me, it is all so WRONG to me, Yet to so many others, it is the very opposite.

  1. Claire says:

    This really does open a big can of worms. Ever since finding out about artificial wombs I have been thinking about its implications.

    People, in the comments section, seem to think that artificial wombs are a good thing because it will help save premature babies. Also it will free up women for work instead of them taking time off for being pregnant.

    Also transgender people will be able to have babies, especially when babies can be grown from conception to birth in these artificial wombs. I think this can already be done, but the public aren’t ready for that yet.

    The article does touch on the thorny problem of abortion. With this artificial womb the fetus can be got out of the women and popped into the bag (artificial womb) and later on join the many others awaiting adoption.

    But what if the abortion is being done because the baby is defective? About 90% of Down syndrome babies are aborted and so are many other defective babies. Do these unfortunates get put in a bag? Here is the spectre of eugenics looming over the artificial womb thing, especially when coupled with the advances in genetic engineering.

    The real elephant in the room (womb) is can women be eliminated from the human race? In some parts of the world baby girls are aborted in vast numbers. I have read comments from men where women are described as parasites and some men say they would never employ women because they find women stupid. Some men would happily wave females goodbye forever.

    Honestly, men have never liked the idea of women being in charge of their bodies and over history have kept women down through religion mainly and by limiting their access to contraception.

    Now sex robots can supply men with their sexual needs. These robots will always look good and always be agreeable and never want expensive stuff. At the moment sex robots are seen as something suitable only for social misfits, but this will change over time. A Chinese man has built a robot and married it so eventually robots will be accepted.

    As for the human touch these babies are lacking, again enter the robots. In Japan there are cute little robots that help out in Care Homes and are programmed to do emotions. Their elderly charges love them.

    Most medical stuff now is just checking levels of fluids and keeping everything clean and keeping an eye on various machines, activities easily that can easily be done by a robot as can supplying love to the fetuses in artifical wombs.

    It really is a ‘Brave New World’/’1984’/’Animal Farm’ type of world the human race is heading for, well, men anyway.

    • Nixon Scraypes says:

      Honestly,this man just adores women who are in charge of their own bodies,one in particular. I’ve been aware of this brave new world,1984 stuff most of my life, trying to analyze where it’s coming from. We’ve all been beaten into our minds until we can’t tell the difference between words and images and life itself. We’re slaves chained inside our egos by a tribe of ruthless psychopaths. Now we’re looking to a future under a scientific dictatorship designed to last for thousands of years and all we do is fight among ourselves. It’s not men,dear, it’s YOU! And I don’t mean just you it’s me and the whole of humanity that’s got to wake up damned fast or it’s all over for sentient life. I know it.

    • suliwebster says:

      I think many women would like a world without men too. But surely the challenge for us all is to value the differences of everyone that has arrived in this world, and love all.
      Women replace husbands with State dependence, corporations, and machines. Everyone is being replaced by machine.
      Luckily (in my view) there are plenty of people recoiling against this, and leading the way down a different path. Part of the reason I write is to alert myself and others to the direction of the path we are being herded down. The internet is an equally dangerous machine in my view.

      I am personally anti-contraception. (I am with the Pope on that one). I think this is another big con trick for both sexes, maybe I will publish that post one day… There are plenty of ways to not get pregnant and get pregnant that we are not told about. Contraception is putting the pharmaceutical industry in control of women, again replacing husbands with State and corporate control. I even know of a woman whose periods are regulated by close companionship with another woman on the pill. The pill that one woman takes controls both women’s periods. The pill looks like a little moon and comes in moon cycle length packs of 28 days.

      Scandinavia is already well ahead of the game in the Western world with their equality regime. And they live in more solitary units (especially Sweden, the world leader in alone living).

      I agree with you Claire, this is about the next version of the human race, which is planned to evolve out women as we know it. Then men will become the “original” species, and a new species “YY” will be lined up for the next upgrade. I am not sure what happens to the huge numbers (more than we are led to believe) of people who do not go along (consent) with the upgrade, and if there will be some splitting off into two worlds that are invisble to each other, yet coexist. There is probably a previous splitting off, when XX was the new species, and there was an older more original species WW, and an inbetween species WX, see what I mean ? Women have not always been the original species, and once upon a time, we did not have a womb. At one point in time, the internal womb came in as a new invention, and maybe there was an outcry about that ?

      Just keep following your own true path by your actions. We can discuss it loudly with words forever, but it is how people quietly lead their daily lives that makes the difference.

  2. CrissCross says:

    Condom Failure in South Carolina đŸ˜®

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks, interesting website, focussed on this one very vital issue, and I am very glad I am not the only one that has spotted what is going on. Though it feels like it sometimes talking to liberated sex-equality British adults. (That is what drives us to the internet isn’t it, the hope that there is someone else somewhere that can see the horror of what is being done to us).

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