The Moon Clock

The traditional clock face is big, white and round. It is like the moon face. It is mounted high up above our heads to look down upon us, God like, telling us what to do. These sort of clocks still exist at railway stations, town halls, church towers, and some are illuminated from behind like the one on Bath Abbey, so it really does look like a bright white full moon.

Well that’s odd, because the traditional Clock is measuring Sun time. The Clock that we are familiar with divides a Sun cycle into 24 equal hours. The Sun runs on a very different time cycle to the Moon. Very strange…

We look at the clock to give us an accurate measure of the stage of the Sun time.

Except the Clock is not accurate by the Sun, because it has been standardised.

People used to read The Sun itself to determine the time of day. Then clocks came along, and people stopped reading the Sun, because it was more convenient to look at the clock, (or indeed hear its hourly bell chiming loudly throughout the region). And nowadays you can just stay indoors and not even know the Sun exists, so convenient. But at least, way back when, the clock was vaguely accurate, so that 12 noon by the clock matched the Sun being overhead.

With all this advance in technology, you may be surprised to know we have less accuracy now, because when the trains came in, 12 ‘o’ clock Noon was standardised to fit with train timetables. For example, if you live in Bath, the Sun will be directly overhead at about 12.10pm. That’s a great level of accuracy isn’t it ? (Though strictly speaking the Sun is never overhead in England, we are too far North).

An accurate clock these days means it is well adjusted to universal central control time, not well adjusted to the Sun.

So we got used to using the Clock instead of The Sun, and if you run your life by the clock as school children do, you will nearly always be slightly off-time, with your body senses and the clock always in slight disagreement about the truth. Ouch ! Is there a battle going on somewhere ?

Now back to the Moon Clock…

Could it be that the Moon is a sort of clock ? It looks like one. Big, bright, round, white, mounted above our heads.

Could it be that the Moon is man-made and put in the sky above our heads so that we can look at The Moon and read off exactly where we are in our Moon cycle, just as we look at a Church Clock or school classroom clock to read where we are in the Sun Cycle ?

You see the phases of the Moon seem to be set out rather neatly, rather clock like. There are exactly 28 unique symbols that the Moon can display. Ranging from Full Moon to New Moon, and the 13 waxing or waning (wayning) symbols inbetween. When you look at a Moon Chart, it is really quite easy to decipher it.

The Moon is universal, everyone in the world gets synchronised to it. (Please see Sky Television).

But suppose the Moon was first erected to clock something that already existed, just like the clock on the church tower clocks the Sun. Supposing The Moon was put there to clock women…

Supposing it clocked a female 28 phase cycle of waxing and waning. Supposing it was put there so everyone would know exactly where women were on their moody cycle. Supposing the moody female phases came BEFORE The Moon ?

The Moon Clock follows the fertility cycle of Mother Earth and all women. It waxes up to full fertility, and wanes to nothing, then is renewed.

High Moon is Full Moon, when the womb is full (sounds like a Full Monty), when the womb is ready and ripe for being seeded. New Moon is when it is emptied out and needs renewing.

The Moon Clock can be used as a timing device for conception or avoiding conception, providing all women are synchronised to it. No need to ask the women, just look at the clock ! Bloody brilliant, blood being the big word here, you can see the blood drain away in the phases of the moon, and you can see it build up again too.

If you are a woman you will know what your body is doing (as long as you have not been programmed out of your senses), but if you are a man, how will you know what a woman’s body is doing, and you want to reproduce yourself as a boy ?

I suppose it helped men to make and take the decisions about family planning, instead of relying on their women telling them the truth. And this seems to suggest that the goal of woman was the very opposite of the goal of men, a bit like two opposite teams in a football match.

Football matches are now frequently played at night by bright white floodlight mounted up above our heads, in order to transmit the TV footage round the world (by Sky TV) at a convenient universal standardised time.

The Moon is a fertility symbol.

I would say it was originally put there to direct and control fertility rituals. And it was so dominant that all women everywhere eventually became synchronised sin-chronised to The Moon by being programmed out of their senses. Regional and cultural differences were ironed out, just as this is being done today by programming everyone to standard Sun Clock time across the world.

The Moon Clock took over women (and men too) and became a universal standard once it was raised (as standards are raised) into the universal sky of God. Our convenient devices always control us back eventually.

Some gardeners plant their crops in Mother Earth’s fertile soil, by watching the phases of the Moon, just like a man might have once planted his human seed by watching the Moon. And maybe if you are clever, you can use the Moon Clock to determine whether you get a boy or a girl.

To get a boy, I would go for just past Full Moon, full womb, just as The Sun, The Son is rising, the crowing cock rising heralding the peak of rising male fertility. The exact time of Easter (high oestrogen) is decreed by some peculiar calculation of Sun and Moon, that seems to match this plan. The sort of plan that might result in a birth about 25th December.

I am looking at the word WAX and WAYNE, and I can see X and Y. The waXing before Full Moon will give a baby girl, an XX. And the waYning after Full Moon gives an XY, a boy.

The Sun Clock has 24 divisions, probably representing the daily peaks and troughs of male virility. The Moon Clock has 28 divisions. They are not so dissimilar. We carry mini sun clocks around in our pockets these days, in the form of phones, or on our wrists as watches. It has all gone miniature, pocket size. And maybe women’s cycles are becoming less synchronised to The Moon as other types of clocking devices gain more influence in our daily control, or women simply opt out of clocking altogether (that is what I am working on myself).

Nowadays, we have a new clocking device to control women’s fertility, or more accurately, INFERTILITY. A mini Moon Clock to carry in your pocket, called a contraceptive pill, THE pill, as if there is only one. It comes in pocket size packs of 28, each little pill looks like a mini moon, to be taken daily, to be taken exactly once for each revolution of The Sun. Each pill is numbered and labelled in groups of 7, just like the Moon phases. Follow instructions accurately to achieve full infertility.

This time round, it seems to be more about controlling and creating infertility. Modern women desire to be barren, yet still constantly available for sex service, so liberating. There is no fertile time any more. The man-made moon pill is devised to control infertility of women, just as The Moon was man-made to control the fertility of women, and perhaps more importantly the fertility success of man.

I suppose that if we continue this path, eventually all women will be synchronised to the moon pill, just as they were once synchronised to the Moon.

If the Moon began as a Clock, then it seems that is how each of the planets were devised. Planets are very computerised, robotic, machine like. Each one clocked a different cycle of the human condition, a way of monitoring what was going on by scientific measurements, and displaying it in the sky. The further away the planet is from the Sun, the longer the time cycle. Eventually each one of these planetary devices becomes more than a clock or a measure, it bites back and takes us over and tells us what to do.

Fertility rituals are performed to create new human life, in a family planning sort of way, a plan to create a new birth. A planetary plan. No danger of any accidents of birth if men and women obey the Moon ! So maybe that explains how much our birth “chart” influences who we are, eh ?

Charts and readings sounds like the stuff of academics and scientists, universal university type people, trained in universe cities, and Freemasons.

Birth charts are read by looking at the planets as if they are a technical instrument, a dial to be read off. So are daily “Sun” horoscopes, and you can see the word “horo”, meaning clock. The daily dial position of the planets is a giant multi-clock, a set of dials like the flight deck in an aeroplane, that tells us where we are at in all our different cycles. Birth charts are read and produced by experts, experts who have mysterious talents and training.

Methinks that if you pay too much attention to the planets, it is the equivalent of following the inaccuracy of clock, or God in the sky, following the Universal programming that attempts to pull us all into line. It knocks the senses out of you, as you give greater weight to something mounted high above your head, and you disable, override or ignore your own senses and inner voice.

I think the planets are all slightly off time, just like our phones and watches no longer match the Sun time they once set out to measure… Because there is this very strange anomaly between Esrth and Heaven, for which I now offer an explanation… The planetary equinoxes and solstices that are announced by astronomers who observe the planetary dials are always about a day or two AFTER the Earth Energy lines come into harmony. Everyone tunes in on the wrong day, we are all slightly off tune. It is just like the clock time in Bath saying 12 noon before the Sun is overhead. Ouch, a clash of information, a clash between God’s higher plan, higher planets, and our our own senses.

I don’t think full universal control was ever achieved with The Moon, and you can almost see the problems with the fact that the Moon cycle is never exactly 28 days. Just like they have to add a day to the year every 4 years, and other such corrections. Ultimately nature resists being measured, it is inherently unmeasurable.

To me, we are relying too much on devices, and not enough on the intuition (in tune) that we all have within us. Feeling our way along is more harmonious than referring outside ourselves to standardised universal devices, either those above our heads or those inside our pockets.

And whatever gets measured or monitored or watched, eventually the measuring device takes over control.

I am left asking the question as to the nature of the Battle of the Sexes. Could it be as simple as a fight over whether to conceive a boy or a girl ? The answer is surely in The Moon somewhere.

The French word “mondial” looks like Moon Dial to me. It means global, or world, or worldwide. It seems to imply that the Moon is a dial, or world clock.

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2 Responses to The Moon Clock

  1. Mick says:

    A slight aside. The moon certainly controls the sexual ‘must’ of both male elephants and humpback whales. So, it is also linked to male sexual aggression.

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