Mrs Warren’s Profession

“Mrs. Warren’s Profession” is a well known stage play by George Bernard Shaw. The story is about the oldest profession in the world, prostitution, selling HOLES. The name “Mrs Warren” is apt because bunny rabbits live in warrens. A WARREN is a big underground network of HOLES. Rabbits have a reputation for constantly breeding, we jokingly say “at it like rabbits” or “breeding like rabbits”.

The symbology of rabbits is all about sex and holes and selling them.

Rabbits for Sale…
Rabbits are sold as pets for kids, as if they are toys to play with. Only one more step and we have rabbits linked to sex toys. When you grow up, you can buy a different sort of rabbit to play with. “Petting” is what adults do leading up to sex. There are signs at the swimming pool where the kids go to play : “No petting” is written on the same sign as the messages aimed at kids “No jumping”, “No running” etc etc.

Holes for Sale…
Wholesale is selling wombholes, w.holes, the original trade. Wholesale trade means selling in bulk. It’s funny how selling empty holes is selling in bulk. Bulk buy of holes eh ? Who would want to buy empty holes ? Holes are nothingness. Is it some sort of marketing trick? There are lots of rabbits in England, and ever since rabbits were introduced to Australia by English immigrants, there are lots of them there too. Maybe the hole-sale trade began in rabbit country ? Maybe England exported its wholesome wholesale trade to Australia along with the rabbits.

Whores for Sale…
WARREN looks like WAR, and WARE. A war is an invasion, like whore, wor, whoring, invading a cunt or cuntry. A ware is something for sale. A whore is for sale, selling her wares, though really it is her wombhole, hole, her warren that is for sale. The price to pay is the entrance fee. Entering the whore is entering a hole. Entering a rabbit warren is entering a hole. The hole is entrancing, an entrance.

Bunnies for Sale…
Playboy bunnies are branded women, an international brand with a magazine, clothing and all sorts of other things I don’t really want to look up. Playboy bunnies are women who are there to trade their sex for men’s pleasure. For play time. Foreplay time. Play time reminds me of kid’s toys. Toy time. The fluffy females wear fluffy cotton wool tails to advertise their ware with their wear. It draws attention towards the hidden hole. Lots of young girls seem to like going around with Playboy branded clothes and accessories, they want to be cute bunnies, they want to be wanted, they want to be sold, they want attention.

Tails for Sale…
And so you can see that the re.tail trade is about selling fluffy bunny tails. The tail advertises the womb hole for sale, one hole at a time, retail style. I suppose a playboy magnate can buy a big batch of holes at discount wholesale warehouse whorehouse price, and then sell them retail, individually, one at a time, one play at a time, at a great profit.

Sex for Sale…
Whores and Playboy bunnies sell their sex in two ways. Firstly they sell the act of sex by selling admission to their hole. Secondly they risk their female sex for a 50/50 gamble on converting to a male sex because by allowing access to the hole, there is access to the egg, and the egg could potentially be converted to a boy. A play boy. Look what Kate did…

Playboy Prince…
Prince George has already been branded as the “Playboy Prince” (when he was only just walking). A boy or man who is a playboy is one that buys playboy bunny women for self gratification, women are for play and toys. George is also compared to Prince Harry, whose playboy style sexploits are frequently published, as if to show us he is “at it like rabbits”. I am waiting to hear that Prince George owns a pet rabbit.

In Bread…
A “bun in the oven” is an expression used for a baby in a womb, which is doubling in size just like bread does. A bun is a small round bread, or bred, and the woman is breeding just like a bunny.

Fore Sail…
Perhaps the oldest profession went international with shipping. You can see that when the ship’s fore sail appeared on the horizon, the people on land knew that the holes were coming in for sale. The foresail sign means For Sale. Holes for sale.

Homes for Sale…
Homes these days are sold by erecting a “For Sale” sign outside, coincidentally usually making a big HOLE in the ground to hold the sign in place. Rabbits do not buy and sell their holy homes, only humans. Human homes are considered “property” or “housing” to be owned and traded. Human holes are considered “property” to be owned, either wholesale life-member, through marriage, or retail PayAsYouGo, through prostitution. Rabbits do not buy or sell their holes either.

And perhaps the first warship was a whoreship, a ship full of whores for sale. The trade wars, the trade in whores, the trade hips. The hips of the whore are traded and invaded. Ships of hips, And I cannot help but notice that hips and haws are berries you pick in the autumn to make jelly with… And that is why the haw tree is known as the Holy Thorn, because the holy whore has a hole.

Sugar for Sale…
The trade in sugar goes back to slave trade days, and trading whores is as much a part of the slave trade as trading sugar, which we still do today. (please see Silver Spoon). You need sugar to make jelly and jam, and I am wondering about this whole jam making business…

Jam Maker…
Every good housewife, when they are not whoring, will be at it making home made jam. It’ll go nicely with the bun in the oven, a little bit of jam and bread with your quintessentially English tea. You see, it could be that the the sugar that came on the whoreships, haws hips, came from the sugar plantations of that old colonial English outpost called “Jamaica”. It’s now a tourist destination, that’s nice.

Down The Rabbit Hole…
I am going further and further down the rabbit hole in true conspiracy theory style. Alice in Wonderland went down the rabbit hole to another world where everything was too small for her. It seems to me she was going back to the womb, following the white rabbit into the whore hole, into the rabbit warren that is the way to the womb, from whence we came. We came from a smaller world.

The Whole Way…
These days, sex is not just reserved for breeding, it has been rebranded a wholesome sort of activity, a sport, a leisure activity. “Did you go the whole way ?” The whole way means right up the whole hole, into the womb. Like rabbits. At it all the time. Though strangely, I must have seen a million wild rabbits in my life in England, but I have never seen them “at it”.

Chocolate For Sale…
Easter is the time of year for Easter bunnies, reminding us to breed like rabbits. It always seems like a time of year to sell chocolate. Chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies, yum yum. Full of slave trade sugar and cocoa, brought in on the whoreships. Chocolate is one of those gifts that men buy women to woo them. Did I say “buy women” ? Is it a sort of trade ?

French Rabbits for Sale …
LAPIN is French for rabbit. A modern version of Playboy Bunnies is LAP dancing clubs, and all of this is totally acceptable and above board in England, advertised in public spaces. A lap dancing night out is the sort of thing that someone might buy for a man on his stag night. Or they might buy him a playboy bunny, a prostitute. A bit of PayAsYouGo PlayAsYouGo before he settles down for his lifetime contract. That’s acceptable too.

Plastic Rabbits For Sale…
A “rabbit” is a an adult toy for women, it’s only fair that modern day liberated women can have rabbit sex toys as well as men. A “rabbit” is a machine device that women can insert into their own hole when they are playing by themselves. The “rabbit” is a product for sale, of course, a toy for a playgirl. And you can see that women as well as men are being accustomed to intimacy with plastic and rubber and machines, things without soul, but things they can control themselves. And can you see that one day, someone will invent a plastic “rabbit” that can breed. For Sale of course. The “rabbit” only needs a simple upgrade to squirt out some DNA coded fluid. Maybe we can call it a BRED Maker ? To go with the Jam Maker.

The Oldest Rabbits…
The Jews are the world’s oldest race, which sounds rather neatly matching the oldest profession. Maybe the Jewesses were the very first holes for sale ? The Jewish community have priests called “rabbis”. The rabbi presides over marriage counselling, weddings, bar mitzvah, growth, unity, a list of things that seem to be directly related to breeding. The word “rabbi” literally means “teacher”. The symbolism of the rabbit and the rabbi is teaching us sex and reproduction, and selling it.

The Oldest Confession…
You can carry out your sinful profession, and then go to the catholic priest for sinful confession. The classic confession is original sin, the one to do with sex and holes. Jewish rabbis hear confessions too.

Bright Eyes…
Myxamytosis killed off the rabbits. They went blind. “How could the eyes that burned so brightly suddenly turn so pale ?” goes the song. They say that too much sex makes you blind. I see a person with bright eyes as someone who has a spark, a vitality, someone alive, someone who has a strong spirit at one with their body, and when that spark goes, it is as if their soul has been lost or sold. Rabbits are caught in the headlights of a car, the bright lights. Myabe they were blinded by the slave driving cars. They don’t like the bright lights, and neither do I. Myxamatosis was deliberately introduced in Australia to kill off rabbits. Because the population was too big. (sound familiar ?).

Watership Down For Sale…
The song “Bright Eyes” was written to accompany the film of the book Watership Down. Which looks like Warship Down. Watership Down is a book about rabbits, and how their home, their warren was destroyed by human invasion, bulldozered. Probably to build homes for humans. Homes For Sale of course.

Internetional Rabbits…
We now have the internet to speed up the oldest profession, the sex trade itself is speeding up to match the breeding speed of rabbits. It seems to me that the world’s newest profession of “IT”, is rapidly becoming the world’s oldest profession of holes for sale. The internet is an international shop, a new world trade centre. It’s virtual. It’s a giant hole. A giant hole for sale. The internet is an international sex shop. Do you ever feel like you are going into a big hole, albeit a square hole, when you hook up with the internet ? Is it enticing, is it addictive, is it entrancing, is it seductive ? The internet is not our home, it’s going the wrong way. It has no soul because the soul has been sold.

The World for Sale…
There are so-called Missing Kids websites, there are dating mating websites, there are sperm packs (DNA) for sale, human eggs for sale, there are Malaysian girls for sale. And of course rabbits for sale. Almost everything else that is for sale will have some sexual suggestion draped all over it. In amongst it all, there are paedophile rings, like PIE, waiting to come out of the closet. The internet is one very big whole sale site. We are returning to, or maybe arriving at, Original Sin, OS. OS is Operating System. The Operating System is Original Sin, eating the Apple. Buying and selling holes, wholesale is profitable, big business. The internet is the IT industry, at IT like rabbits. The IT industry is the Sex industry.

The Story of Mrs Warren…
It is a very sad and sorry story. Mrs Warren sold her hole to make money so she could bring her daughter up well, out of poverty. This is often why women are driven to prostitution. The daughter eventually learnt what her mother did for a living, because her mother confessed. To start with, the daughter was ok about it, until she realised, Mrs Warren was still at it. Mrs Warren got greedy, she didn’t just want to lift her daughter out of poverty, she wanted her to have a good education…. and believe it or not, she wanted to “trade” (nice word for this is “marry”) her daughter to a suitably rich husband, there is so much more to offer with a well educated hole. Presumably if you marry a rich husband, you will not be driven to prostitution, the irony of it ! Mrs Warren could not see that she was selling her daughter wholesale, for life, selling the very same wholesome goods that she had sold herself PayAsYouGo. Selling the most desirable des-res home of all…. The WHOLE. And the brilliant thing about the modern day profession of prostitution is that women are selling themselves and their daughters, willingly. How does that compare with female genital mutilation in Africa ?

Souls for Sale…
You can see that Mrs Warren sold her soul and did her best (albeit unwittingly) to sell her daughter’s soul too. All in the name of “bettering” herself and her daughter. (Please see Place Your Bets and Good Offers). It seems to me that women and girls want to be sold this way when they have lost their soul. But what they are really looking for is to be re-souled. To find their lost soul. And now we have a new type of For Sale game to fill that gap (or is it hole) in the market… Seeking your soulmate, go dating and mating, be at it like playful rabbits, for a fee to join and enter this website, click here.

Womb Home…
The womb is the home we once came from, and is what we seek. We live in a bigger version called Mother Earth. The Whole Earth is our home. Methinks that wombholes should not be traded, be-trayed, bought and sold, nor women, nor rabbits, nor the Earth, nor homes.

In praise of rabbits…
Wild rabbits seem to me to be very humble creatures that do not harm. They are considered a damaging pest, but the biggest pest to Mother Earth is surely the Human Race. Rabbits eat grass and meadow flowers, they live in Earthly burrows. They have simple lives playing outside on the grass, and are very Earthed. They snuggle up together to sleep inside Mother Earth. Maybe we could have a different sort of rabbit symbology that teaches us how to live more in harmony with Mother Earth and each other.

(See also earlier posts: Centre for Exploiting Missing Children, The Last Taboo, Book of The Hole, Silver Spoon, Bridal and Groom, Just a Game, I Want One, White Goods, Good Offers, Place Your Bets, Sex Therapy Trade, Scrambled Eggs, Cracking The Egg Code, Puppies for Sale, Babies For Sale, Male Reproductive System, Custom of Excision, Quintessentially English, Don’t Pick The Berries, Through The Wombhole, Square Eyes, Blinded By The Light, William’s Slave Pen)


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16 Responses to Mrs Warren’s Profession

  1. Claire says:

    This is a good article because I like rabbits.

    Rabbits were introduced to the UK by the Romans. Men can buy Playboy clothes such as boxer shorts and t-shirts.

    I think you are thinking of the Rampant Rabbit vibrator, which pleasures a lot of women.

    In Spain a rabbit is a conejo, pronounced con-airho. It’s the name of a brand of bleach.

    Maybe you can remember the singers Echo and the Bunnymen?

    I thought the oldest race was either from Africa or the Australian Aborigines. I have heard the Aborigines referred to as ‘the crespuscular remains of the Lemurian race’, which would make them very ancient.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Claire,
      Almost everything in the Uk seems to have been introduced by Romans. Maybe it was Romans that introduced the playboy bunny concept.
      I remember Echo and the Bunnymen. I think they had hairstyles that stick up, maybe like bunny ears. I like their music a lot but was too young at the time to notice any meaning in the lyrics. They have a song called The Killing Moon ! The truth is written in code everywhere.
      A spanish rabbit sounds like “aircon”. Bleach is a whitener. I think of stories of bleach being thrown at people’s faces and blinding them like myxamatosis. “Rabbit” seems like a strange name for a bleach, unless it is going to bleach out the womb.
      I would say that the Aborigines are the oldest race too. Maybe I am thinking of something else with the Jews, not quite sure.

      • Claire says:

        The Romans certainly went in for a lot of orgies and stuff like that, so maybe they could have started it all.

        Hugh Hefner started ‘Playboy’ and the Bunnygirl idea. He’s now 91 and lives in the Playboy mansion. There’s ‘Playgirl’ for women, it’s full of very beefy men naked and smiling.

        I use ‘Conejo’ bleach for cleaning, it’s very good. I think the idea is it makes everything clean and pure like a fluffy white bunny.

        I watched ‘Killing Moon’ by Echo and the Bunnymen. It’s a very strange video that goes with it, full of odd symbolism. It’s the music for a film called ‘Donnie Darko’ which featues a giant rabbit, but I’ve only seen excerpts from the film so I can’t really say what it’s all about.

        Talking of films ‘Conair’, which reminds you of Spanish rabbit (conejo), is a 20 year old film with Nicholas Cage in it. It’s about convicts on a plane and they take over the plane to escape from prison. Nicholas Cage plays a prisoner who has finished his sentence and wants to go home to his wife and daughter. It has a lot of fighting in it and I got lost watching it as to who was good or bad.

        Conair is also a make of hairdryer. Everything does all link up in a mysterious manner. Hope this helps.

      • suliwebster says:

        Thanks Claire. Yes you are right, clean white cotton wool bunny tail symbolises cleanliness. Playgirls sound as vile as playboys. The “smile” is a symbol that you are consenting, opening your mouth wide and offering it, open for business and offering good service.
        The rabbit theme seems to be bigger than I first thought, with this giant rabbit film, and the Nick Cage film too. Nick Cage lived in Bath for some time, he owned Midford Castle, I was walking over there only a few days ago, and I was enjoying watching the rabbits at play ! He also owned a house in The Circus, which by my reckoning is The Moon, the handle of the Queen key of Bath, and where many famous people have lived and indeed government cabinet meetings have been held there (cabinet meaning circle). Domestic rabbits are caged. And so are live girls who are toys.
        There is also a very personal coincidence in your comment, too personal to publish, but it made me jump with the incredible magic of it, something you could not possibly “know” about me. This has happened before, especially when I am writing about things connected to Bath. It makes me see that everything “Out There” is some sort of mirror of what is in me. And everything I write is some sort of encoded encryption of what is within me. The subconscious communication flows through us all in many different ways, ways that we are not usually consciously aware of. The truth is just floating around everywhere always, we just can’t decode it because we are educated to misinterpret it.

        I just checked Nick Cage’s house number in The Circus, it is EXACTLY the same house once owned by Prime Minister William Pitt the Elder. It gets weirder. The article that I found about him says he starred in a movie Moonstruck, and also mentions his love of tea and jam, and Alice in Wonderland, both mentioned in this rabbit post. Midford Castle is shaped like the Ace of Clubs, which I suppose goes with the Queen of Hearts in Alice, playing cards. The article is from “The Mirror”. I have written about The Circus a few times !

      • suliwebster says:

        This is getting crazy ! I just looked up the film Donnie Darko, and the first thing I see is the featured music is “Mad World”, by Tears For Fears, a great song I think. They are from Bath, and I have personal connections with them too. They recorded at Crescent Studios in Bath, just like The Killing Moon was recorded there. Kurt Smith of Tears for Fears lived in Rainbow Wood House, and that alone sets off four very close personal connections to me, I have been inside it several times. It is very close to Prior Park, the Vatican Roman Catholic College that “sees” over Bath, and it still has Prior Park’s original “Gothic Temple” rebuilt in its grounds. There must be a bigger connection between the two places than I originally thought. There are many bunnies on that hillside too, and I just walked there yesterday. The word “rainbow” is to do with the sun and the rain. Or the Reign of The Son, perhaps ?

      • suliwebster says:

        Donnie Darko released on 1/19/2001. (19 is a special code house number on The Circus). It is a very 911 sort of date, preceding or perhaps heralding 911. The US release date was after the 911 attack. The film features a crashing plane, it seems to have the same sort of plane theme as “Conair”. There is a 28 day time theme, which is how long the film took to film, i.e. Moon cycles. It sounds like the sort of film that has as much code embedded in it as Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” (more references to blind eyes). You seem to have stumbled upon something. My own personal coincidences with this are getting bigger, and I had never even heard of the film til you mentioned it.

      • suliwebster says:

        The giant rabbit (or man dressed as a rabbit) in the film is called Frank (French rabbits again), and apparently inspired by Watership Down.
        The expression Bunny Man comes from a man dressed in a rabbit costume that threatened people with an axe in County Virginia, you can see that many of the Bunny Man facts are echoed (Echo) in the Donnie Darko film.

        Donnie is short for the Scottish name of Donald, and do you think it sounds like Donald Ducko, Donnie Ducko ?
        How did this rabbit symbology get to be so dark ? (being kept in the dark is another way of saying you can’t see, blind, eyes wide shut).

      • suliwebster says:

        Sorry to go on, that last one was going to be my last comment on the matter, but I just read that “generous” Cage has “supported” the Forever Friends appeal, the one that funds the premie baby unit at Bath’s Royal United Hospital, babies in cages like rabbits.

    • suliwebster says:

      The Killing Moon was recorded in my home town of Bath (watery female Goddess place, like the Moon). At “Crescent Studios” ! Who makes this stuff up ? It sometimes seems as if all the labels are magnetically drawn to each other so that they fit.
      The song lyrics sound like an irresistable urge to do something you are unwilling to do. As if you are addicted or programmed. In this case, it seems like falling into love, or sex. A magnetic attraction to another through the coercion of the Moon. Something like that. It’s a very interesting concept, and perhaps it is responsible for the perpetual confusion and conflict that seems to underly the human race.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I think the perpetual confusion is deliberately caused to keep us constantly distracted. Basically we are all walking backwards, doing everything the wrong way,the most difficult way, it’s so stupid. Half the time I can’t even remember the real way round. That couldn’t happen must be fixed. Love, sex and the moon are inevitable, they’ve been diverted through the red light district with hypnotic hooks in the automatic mind. It’s good for business.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, it gets vey difficult at times to find the “real way”. It is usually easier to follow everyone else the “difficult way”. But you sort of know when you do find the real way for a moment, it feels so different !

  3. Claire says:

    There’s a lot going on with rabbits! And what a lot of singers record in Bath. I’ve only seen the hot springs on the telly, I’ve never been there.

    I like Nicolas Cage (I spelt his name wrong with an ‘h’ in my 1st comment.) the best in the remake of ‘The Wicker Man’, he gets burnt alive. He also does a film where he’s a burning skeleton on a motorbike called ‘Ghost Rider’.

    Cage isn’t his real name, his real name is Coppola as Francis Ford and Sophia Coppola who make films. Coppola sounds like cupola or coupling like you say in a previous article. It reminds me of cop hold, like grab this.

    I think rabbits are dark because they live underground. I know there is a superstion that sailors don’t like rabbits on ships because they burrow and that is fatal for ships.

    Here’s something about number 19. Otzi the Iceman was found on 19 09 1991! I think Otzi is as fake as £3 note. There’s more than a touch of the Piltdown Man about him. He’s on display in something that looks like a cube-shaped oven.

    There certainly are many rabbit holes to explore, which is like Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit clutching his watch and your previous article about Moon watches.

    I will try and watch ‘Donnie Darko’ because what you have said about it is very interesting. I don’t know if I can because I get very interrupted all the time, usually because I have to watch somebody do something, so by now I have the attention span of an MTV video.

    Glad to be of help and thanks for all the information about Donnie Darko.

    • suliwebster says:

      Coppola sounds like copulate, and Francis is the same name as the Pope, very Frankish like Frank the giant rabbit. The couple article was Popule Copule about the Pope presiding over copulation. Pope Francis copulation, sounds like Francis Coppola.

      The sailor thing interests me because so much goes back to sailors and the sea and ships, and I have more to write on that one day.

  4. Nixon Scraypes says:

    What do you know? That bunny, a buny in the oveny perhaps, has turned up again. At the latest big show terror performance. Featured on the fan club sweatshirts of the singer

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