J.C. and The Suffragettes

Door-to-door callers are very invasive and annoying. There are the salesmen trying to convert you to a product you don’t want. There are the religious campaigners trying to convert you to a cause you don’t believe in. And there are the political campaigners trying to convert you to a cause you don’t believe in.

They all sound quite similar.

I am told I must vote because the suffragettes died to save me. I am told I must vote because I am a woman, and especially I must vote for J.C. (Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party). People are getting angry with me. There is an election war on. Yet again. It is breaking up families and friendships in its never ending religious fervour.

It’s going to be different this time round. It really is, really. I know we said that last time, but this time it’s true. Live in perpetual hope ! Be Positive ! J.C. will save us, save the whole country and the whole world, all we have to do is vote for him and then the world will be a beautiful place. And we can all carry on shopping in peace, while J.C. takes care of everything, and suffers to save us.

So many people are repeating the same mantra at me, it’s making me think they have all been brainwashed with it through some sort of Church.

A church where they worship J.C and the suffering of Suffragettes. Maybe you can get a suffragette crucifix to wear round your neck depicting a dead suffragette mashed up under the Kings Horse.

Politics is like a religion. You know the one where someone special called JC (Jesus Christ) comes to save us because we can’t do anything ourselves.

It used to be compulsory to go to Church on Sunday. It was a sin, a crime, not to go. There are moves afoot to make voting compulsory, it already is in some countries. The same people that despise “religion” want to force the voting religion upon others. And you can see that the new religion is State Worship. You must partake !

“Look at The State you’re in !” is what someone says when you are battered and bruised and damaged. Being in The State is not that great, is it ?

Schools began with Sunday school, Church School, just on Sundays. For little kids. To be brainwashed with religion. To learn about J.C. our saviour. Nowadays, we have State School, compulsory, five days a week and increasing. Attendance is vital to the success of the State School, which starts the day with some sort of assembly, like Church. State School trains you to worship the State.

I find myself keeping quiet about the fact I don’t vote, wondering if I will get my windows smashed in, or receive hate mail. It’s a sin !

You must attend the polling station. Coincidentally, it is usually schools and churches that get taken over to be polling stations. The frequency of elections these days means that soon they will be building dedicated buildings for delivering election services. And the day of worship will be Thursday. Compulsory. An election every week. Has anything changed ?

The State Church sends out newsletters in the form of daily newspapers. We have State run TV services, and there is the one world state that runs the internet as a Service Provider, A Church vicar delivers services to those that attend.

In some countries, say Tibet (which no longer reallye exists), the State and Church are the same thing. Of course in our advanced intelligent Western Countries, we do not get Church knotted up in the State, do we ? We are secular. The Queen is head of both State and Church, but everyone seems to conveniently forget this, not to mention that JC has already sworn allegiance to the Queen.

I am told I must vote because…

…The State controls our lives, don’t you want a say in it ? (why does the state control our lives?)

…JC is so amazing that half his own party are plotting to get him out, (sounds like a great unified group of people to run the country). He is going to make a better State for everyone, just like God !

…The Welfare state (farewell) is collapsing and we must keep propping it up (hospitals that kill our bodies, and schools that brainwash our minds). Worship the State !

…I must be counted. (I don’t want to be counted).

People are angry with me for not voting, and sad that I don’t care, I am so lazy, and stupid. And above all else I am not honouring the dead suffragettes, that died so that JC could save us.

It seems that the Labour Party rose to power alongside the rise in “suffrage”, i.e. the Women’s vote. (see links below). Was the Slave Labour Party begun to soak up the votes of women, to make them feel they had their say. To dumb them down ? And to create a war between the male and the female, the reds and the blues, a polarisation of the population in a perpetual Orwellian war. We must have a perpetual war to control the people !

And when JC doesn’t come for the second time, It will be because some women didn’t vote, even though the suffragettes died to get us the vote (which makes it almost compulsory). It will be as if JC was crucified, either by his own team, or by the Roman style Tory party. The blame will be cast to those who were too lazy, stupid, or uncaring to cast their vote for him, those who did not want to be saved or to save the world. To NOT VOTE will become the biggest sin of all, and steps will be taking to witch hunt those who sinned, particularly the witchy women. And to cast them out, or force them to repent and change their non-voting ways.

A vote is carried out by marking a cross in a box. The mark of the cross is the sign of JC. It is a mark of a gruesome death.

The second coming of JC is a sexual phrase, but that’s another story. A story to do with our new non-religious worship, in our secular secsular sexular society, the one where we are liberated, especially liberated women, we have free speech and can make our own voting choices in life.

http://www.parliament.uk/about/living-heritage/transformingsociety/electionsvoting/womenvote/overview/thevote/ http://www.labour.org.uk/pages/history-of-the-labour-party

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5 Responses to J.C. and The Suffragettes

  1. Like you I’m sick of being bombarded with political views from all sides, while those who presume to tell me what will happen if I fail to vote for one or the other continue to threaten me that whatever does happen will be my own fault for not supporting the one who loses.

    Of the two I prefer the moderate tones of the man with a beard rather than the belligerent snarlings of the female harridan promising more of the same.

    Never having belonged to any political party or persuasion, I still think it better to put my mark opposite the name of someone who has looked me straight in the eye and answered my questions rather than answer with another question or string of invective.

    Mind you, as campaigns now take place from party-political battle buses, there’s little or no chance of putting straight questions or getting even convoluted answers.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, I can see that the blame is cast around even if you are a voter. You have somehow let the side down, betrayed your friends and family and indeed the whole world by voting wrongly. No wonder ballots became “secret”.
      You are right, it does seem like the politicians are more and more removed, hiding behind the glass screens of battle (that war like word again) buses and TV debates. Their appearances seem to be increasingly scripted and rehearsed.
      I am quite curious as to why the two most powerful figureheads (The monarch and the PM) are both women, yet the female suffragette vote seems to reside with the anti-Royalist male leader of the Labour party. You would think that suffragettists would be pleased with the current set-up of female power !

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    By Gad Suli, you’re magnificent when you’re nettled! Seriously, or perhaps not,you make too much sense to be understood.

  3. suliwebster says:

    I am increasingly curious about the sex differences in this election. It follows on from the Dirty Dancing style of the US election with Trump partnering Clinton on stage (see toolonginthisplace blog for a write up on that).
    In the UK, it seems that the man leads the women and the woman leads the men. JC’s party have a slogan about “the MANy not the FEw”. MAN vs FE female. Many sounds like MENNY.
    Are they telling us to vote for the MAN not the woman ?
    Every media comment against the woman seems to mention that she is a woman.

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