New Moon Musings

Sometimes I see what appears to be a full moon rising in broad daylight. And then I remind myself that the Full Moon only appears in the night sky, and is NEVER seen in the day. The “moon” that I see is actually the Sun, veiled in cloud.

The Sun and The Moon are not as different as we are led to believe. We are told the Sun is the centre of everything, monstrously huge and powerful, a bright yellow burning hot ball of fire, the source of all our energy, centre of our world and indeed the whole galaxy !

But when I see the Sun shrouded in cloud, it is a perfect disc, just like the Full Moon. Identical. It is exactly the same size as the Moon. It is pearly white, just like the Moon, and I can look at it directly with the naked eye. There is no sign of anything flaming hot or yellow.

It is as if there are two moons, a WHITE moon for the night time, and a faster brighter YELLOW moon for the day time.

The Moon is full size only once a month, unlike the Sun which is always full size. The Full Moon and the Sun are NEVER seen in the sky together. There seems to be a rule about that, only one sphere visible at a time.

At the time known as New Moon, the Moon vanishes. As if it has gone off stage. We are only ever aware of the Moon at New Moon if it eclipses the Sun. And even then, we do not “see” the Moon, we just see a black disc cover the Sun. As if there is a third celestial object of equal size to the Sun and The Moon. A BLACK Moon. Though we do not normally see the Black Moon. It only appears at a solar eclipse.

When the Moon is approaching New Moon, we see a slither of a crescent. But when the Moon is aligned with The Sun at New Moon, we see nothing of it, even though The Moon must normally pass either below or above the Sun in its orbit. You would expect to see a crescent slither just above or just below the Sun, looking either like a smile or a downturned mouth.

Similarly, we never see a crescent moon right next to The Sun, there is always a distance between them. When the Moon is in the vague vicinity of the Sun, it completely vanishes.

It is as if there is a an area in the sky surrounding the Sun which the Moon hides behind as the Sun overtakes it at New Moon. It is as if the Moon is behind the Sun. It is as if the Sun has replaced the Moon.

The expression “New Moon” has always puzzled me, surely it should it be “No Moon” ?

Or are they renewing the Moon every month, replacing it, chucking out the old one, and sending out a brand new one ? A bit like a woman’s womb lining is renewed monthly.

Or is the New Moon really The Sun ? Is the old Moon being phased out, and we are all being upgraded to the higher speed time control of the Sun ? And eventually when the old Moon is gone, a Brand New Sun can be launched, faster and brighter than our current Sun. The old Sun then becomes the New Moon, just throw a permanent veil of cloud over it, and it will seem quite dull and dim and slow compared with the New Sun. And before long, we will all adapt to the new go-faster, brighter world.

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2 Responses to New Moon Musings

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I don’t understand this one at all! It has reminded me of a conversation I once had about the moon with someone who said that the new moon follows the full moon! He said it with such authority and conviction that I considered it while walking away. Of course it was rubbish but it made me wonder how much received wisdom I carry around that is equally spurious.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes ! If the New Moon is actually The Sun, then it indeed follows the Old Moon (Old Mother) about, lapping her from time to time, because the New Moon is faster.
      People speak out the truth without realising, If these messages are oassed ariund and around, eventually someone receives it who makes sense of it, who has the correct “decoder” for it.
      I am sure we all carry the whole simple truth within us, it is just that we are taught to misinterpret it, and defer to experts because it is so complex !

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