Get Fit

“Why don’t they connect up the treadmills in the gym to the solar panels ?”

This was part of a conversation I overheard in the ladies toilets, between two lycra dressed Get Fit running ladies. It tells me a lot about how the current media programming is affecting people’s thinking, and programming masses of minds.

Coincidentally, “FIT” is the name of FEED IN TARIFF, a UK government scheme to encourage people to make their own electricity at home, more than they actually need, and feed it in back to the National Grid.

Far too much of a coincidence that this should run alongside the media programming that tells us to Get Fit. Get Fit for 21st century purpose !!!! Get FITs and be green and eco.

The UK government pays FITs people rewards for turning their own homes into mini power stations, usually through investing huge sums up front into solar panels on the roof. Within several years, in theory, they can make a huge profit ! Another one of those Get Rich Quick schemes that are so tempting as a way out of life’s treadmill !

FITs are promoted in the name of a new ECO world, whereby people can profit from ECO whilst simultaneously believing they are saving the world with their green activities.

But back to the ladies in the Ladies… because they caught my attention due to a very big Freudian slip. It seemed they did not actually understand how solar panels work, they have just been programmed with “solar panel = free energy = eco = doing good”. Something like that. The lady should have said to connect up the treadmill to the battery, or to feed it into the national grid. Because the gym treadmill, in theory, could perform the same job as the solar panel by supplying “free” energy. (Don’t you just love anything that is “free”‘ or “cheap” ?)

However, solar panels can work in reverse and suck energy from the battery to power the Sun. (See Tree Fi and Solar Saviour). So it is a great idea to connect the treadmill to the solar panel that feeds the Sun, totally in keeping with our Sun worship culture. The lady may have accidentally been speaking more truth than she realised. The Sun is a sort of National Grid or battery, an energy store in the sky. We power the Sun, and it gives us a little bit of power back sometimes.

Treadmills that exist in gyms are machines that humans run on indoors whilst going nowhere. Humans can measure their distance and speed and all sorts of other things about their fitness achievement. It would be no great difficulty to connect a gym treadmill to feed the Grid and then you could measure your Feed In Tariff, your FITness level, and even get paid for it ! Sometimes there are lots of treadmills lined up all in rows and rows, so lots of people could feed in all at once.

A new type of treadmill is for office workers. It is well known that sitting at a desk and screen all day is bad for your fitness level. Which is why office workers go running and go to the gym. But now, employers that want to be nice can provide treadmills for workers at their desk !!! So workers can keep fit whilst working at desks. The desks just have to be a bit higher, to accommodate the treadmill underneath. They can have rows and rows of them too. And maybe office workers can take home extra pay if they had their treadmill hooked up to the National Grid.

It’s brilliant isn’t it ? Get fit and get money from FITs, whilst being ECO. ECO means powering the ECOnomy, and no longer has anything to do with ecology and looking after the Earth.

I think we are all going to be having FITs soon, epileptic fits, epilectric fits, what with all this electricity flying around, far far more than we actually need. Where is it all going, if everyone starts to generate far far more than they need ?

Can you see the story so far ? People in offices and gyms can be linked up to the National Grid via treadmills. And then people in their own homes can have treadmills too, much cheaper than solar panels, and more reliable than sunshine, especially in England. And whether you are at home, or in the gym, or at work, you can get fit and get FITS.

Being fit is considered being good, the same as being ECO is good. Before long, people that take too much from the national grid without feeding in will be ostracised as being unFIT. Not fitting in like Muslims don’t fit in. Or being “obese”, the sign of people that are super unfit, and feed themselves too much.

Green, ECO, caring people FEED IN. They FIT. They feed the world through the FIT scheme. If you want your brownie points in the new religion, this is what you have to do.

Feed The World says Bob Geldof, at Christmas, at any time. But all we are doing is feeding the National Grid. Anything “National” means State central control. “Grid” is rows and columns set out in squares and straight lines, very Roman like.

Sooner or later, the FIT tariff will stop, and caring people will donate their fitness to the good cause of feeding the world, especially at Christmas time, and more importantly SAVING THE PLANET, as it is now known.

Line up, line up, get into lines, and rows, and columns, feed the Grid. Get on your treadmill to keep fit, rows and rows of us in offices, and homes, and gyms and prisons and schools. And maybe one day down the line of time, it will be the ONLY way left to pay for food and bills. You can pay in fits.

Get Fit for 21st century purpose ! Get FITs.

There are other sorts of treadmills as well as running machines, that you find in gyms and in homes. There are cycling machines, and there are rowing machines. Both would work equally well at feeding the National Grid.

Let me draw your attention to the rowing machine. And then cast your mind back to what you believe to be past times when Romans were in charge. And notice how we have been taught over and over again how great and admirable Roman Times were. With their Empire, and their STRAIGHT LINES, their big buildings, and TALL COLUMNS. Their road building, their SQUARES, their sporting STADIUMS, their super FIT sporty heroes. And their wars and invasion, sexual orgies (no doubt including paedophilia), gluttony, murder of jesus, and slavery.

Think of how Romans travelled and invaded on their ships, and think of how they were powered by galley slaves down below, rowing in rows and rows, like machines in a gym.

Coincidentally, Britain excels at rowing sports, and the Oxford and Cambridge boat race is a rowing race, for which you have to be fit.

So it seems to me that all the Get Fit programming, combined with Save The Planet programming, and all of it carefully equated to Doing Good, Doing the Right Thing, Doing God, all of this is leading to making us willing treadmill slaves, powering the Roman Ship.

Disabled and kids can join in too, that’s the beauty of indoor machines, we can adapt them for different users ! And that is why we have Paralympics, Special Olympics, and Youth Olympics, to show us how heroic it all is.

And when there are enough people rowing/cycling/running on treadmills, powering the National Grid, the new Roman ship will be launched, maybe it already is.

The National Grid in Britain sprawls out an intricate network over the entire country, much of it lying underneath those Roman roads. It is a huge amount of electricity, a huge amount of stored energy, HUGE. Enough to launch a spaceship.

We are being led to the 21st century purpose, and it is to power the New Roman ship, by neuro man, who is wired up, hooked up to the grid. Willingly.

See all those wires hanging out of Get Fit people, people out running or cycling in lycra, with wires stapped to arms, wires inside ears running down to chests and hearts.

Of course we can still have all our Roman luxuries and culture, like cappucino, and cinemas, and TV, and internet, hot showers, and Led lights. Just as long as your feed in amount exceeds your feedout amount, all strictly measured of course. We must have a fair treadmill.

The Space that the Roman space ship is launched into is the space in our head. Our headspace is being filled with FITS and fitness.

And finally, back to the Freudian slip in the Ladies… For a long time we have been told that the National Grid supplies us, the people. It feeds us, powers us. The State feeds us and powers us, that’s why we have to vote… to keep the whole thing RUNNING. It is why we have to contribute and pay tax. We have willingly and cooperatively set up the monstrous machine. And just as solar panels can work in reverse to power the Sun from the battery, so can the National Grid be used as one huge single power source to power something very very big, something as big and super powerful as The Sun. And we, the fit galley slaves on our treadmills are hooked up to feed into it.

I think our minds are being gridlocked.

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15 Responses to Get Fit

  1. Claire says:

    This article really got me thinking about electricity. It’s so weird that people get paid for putting electricity that they made themselves back into the National Grid. Why don’t they just keep the electricity for themselves? But those running it just don’t want anybody to be independent.

    I was thinking of dirty electricity, which is electricity that makes a sort of white noise. It can be found using a deTekta (correct spelling) and then filters can be used to block it.

    Mind you, I think electricity is dirty because it has an electro-magnetic field that attracts all the dust. My flat is full of wires and they really attract the dust. Also I noticed that electric equipment is difficult to clean as it has a lot of hard to reach places and it can’t just be washed under the tap.

    As for keeping fit, people are encouraged to be healthy and excercise, but the shops are full of the most unhealthy addicitve food imaginable. I suppose it’s what people eat while watching the telly on their excercise bike and making electricty to power the National Grid and get some cash back.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Claire. I think in the early “eco” days, people went “off grid”. Now we have ECO, the manipulated CAPITALIST ECO movement, so off gridders are encouraged to connect back to the grid to donate. It is similar to the “Benefits Culture Club” I wrote about. We still have a relationship with the State, whichever way the flow of money or electricity goes. (Both are currents, currency). My goal is to have less relationship with the State, and more relationship with my neighbours and neighbourhood (by which I mean anyone and any nature that is around me at the time).
      The internet is another type of State controlled currency.
      I am slightly “off grid” on my boat. I would like to not have any electricity, I agree that all man made electricity is dirty, not to mention where and how all the component parts are made. It is why boaters are being hounded out and forced into fixed moorings where they can be permanently hooked up to electricity and hose pipes and a flow of utility bills, moor more taxes, and money.
      I have noticed since moving to a boat, that there is no need to “keep fit” if you are doing more to look after yourself, more free of state care and pipe feeds to your home. I am generally more active throughout the day, albeit at slower ploddy calmer speed, just doing daily tasks, like washing by hand, fetching water, doing my own repairs, walking greater distances to get somewhere.
      I think from your comment, I got that Why do people make more than they need ? Why not just make and do just enough for you and your family ? (and maybe a needy neighbour or passerby). Why be greedy ? Keep it simple, keep it small.

      • Claire says:

        It’s incredible just how much electricity is needed for one home. People have tellys, satellite boxes, wi-fi routers, computers and all manner of electrical equipment. I know that if even voiced the thought of giving up electricity my son would think me mad. He loves playing computer games with his friend in the UK and I have to get fibre optics because the current wi-fi keeps lagging out.

        You’re right about the internet being state controlled. The Chinese have some weird points system and they get better internet if they like the right things. It’s difficult for me to really get what is going on with it, I think it’s called Sesame Credit, but in the future it will be more than just the Chinese doing it.

        Sometimes I think the best thing would be for the Sun to do a huge emp (electro-magnetic pulse) and knock out electricty on Earth. Sure it would cause chaos at first, but people could go back to a more natural lifestyle.

      • suliwebster says:

        Interesting what you say about the AMOUNT of electricity…
        The attitude of the West is that we must save African people by installing electricity in their homes, because they are deprived without it. Deprived of being hooked up to the State, methinks.
        The ECO movement is about allowing people to carry on consuming at the same levels whilst justifying it.
        I know what you mean about wishing the Sun would explode everything. I sometimes wish the oil would run out so we could return to less consumerism, simpler lives. However, over time, I have realised that people will not change their desires if an outside event forces the change. Eventually, people will build a new way to over consume again, (say by extracting “free” energy from the atmosphere, the latest ECO thing), because their value system and desires have not changed. The only way that people will really change is by making their own decision within themselves to say NO to temptations around them. An example is a reformed alcoholic living in an alcohol ridden society.
        Our Western value system is to over consume and exploit and poison the Earth (and the atmosphere), and harness the slave labour of others, in our never ending Western greed. It is culturally condoned and admired to do so.

        Even on my relatively simple boat, I know I have too much complexity and consumerism for one person, and that I must therefore be sucking materials and labour from elsewhere to feed it. I would love to live with NO electricity one day, but it is a long weaning process as I have been brought up with it from birth, and I may never get there. And as you say, people think you are mad !

        Many old folk hark back to the days of the war as the best time of their lives, and I think it was due to a simpler more frugal way of life where everyone helped each other out in a common purpose, people had a lot less, and people shared. Though obviously the war itself was horrific. But then when the war ended everyone was tempted by modern luxuries.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We assume ECO in ECO-Friendly stands for Ecology. But maybe it’s ECOnomy-Friendly…

  3. Claire says:

    The state does want people to depend on it. Sometimes there are programmes, that when looked at properly, are really discouraging people to help each other. I suppose that’s why the state will pay for the extra electricity created, rather than let the person who made it give it to somebody in need. The state will help that person, or quietly dispose of them.

    Africa has to be like everywhere else, electrified and lots of people working in poorly paid jobs. It’s happening, China is allready outsourcing work to places like Ethiopia. Ivanka Trump’s shoes are going to be made there. I get the impression there’s something that feeds off human negative energy, that’s why the world is depressing and it’s important to keep yourself cheerful as I don’t think these creatures can feed off that.

    From what I see, I don’t think that people are wanting to return to nature. Quite the opposite, I think that a hand implant to pay for stuff will be readily accepted. Fake breasts, fake buttocks and plastic surgery are all accepted, so why not cyborgs and artificial wombs? Most people would love a domestic robot, and I reckon more people than you think are willing to have a sex robot as a partner. The human race gets further from nature every day.

    • suliwebster says:

      yes, even eco nature people live by their phones and wifi “needs”.
      Sex robots perfectly meet the “needs” and demands of the owner, no human emotion to get in the way of good service cervice. Our society is being set up so that everything is about meeting customer demand, and making us all stoop so low as to be demanding customer consumers, treating each other like chattel.
      As in “If I have the money, I can have whatever I want”. And it’s admired.

      • Claire says:

        You only have to look at Donald Trump to know what you say is true.

        Ironically, after having written here about electricity, the relay box in my flat exploded and I spent the day without electricity. I didn’t miss it too much because I have a gas cooker and gas water heating, which is rare. Electricity is much more common and most places are all electric.

        I was always told that the gas could blow but it was the electricity that did. You never hear of people making gas and being offered money for it by the gas board.

        I was going to mention all the artificial food that is about now. I suppose you’ve heard about fake rice from China. There’s also fake cabbage, fake eggs and fake watermelon. Most of it is made for display, but some has found its way into the food chain. Just more unnatural things for humans to consume.

      • suliwebster says:

        The latest British massacre story was the result of a faulty fridge, which is electric. Seems ironic that a machine designed to keep things cool causes a hot towering inferno. Our devices eventually bite us back. (But why are people imprisoned in high rise blocks anyway ?).
        I think it is the electricity that will spark the gas to blow. Like a bomb, with a “fuse”.
        I think electric failures are on the increase myself. My electrics on my boat are down to just the water pump, as I have broken the recharge sockets and I don’t need lights at this time of year (ironically just when the solar panel is generating at maximum !) It is all upside down and back to front and crazy. I never rush to fix anything any more. It is interesting to live without for a few weeks or months.
        Had not heard about fake food, but it doesn’t surprise me. Food and packaging are blurring into one, as are food and drugs. People’s taste and smell has become numb. I reckon all cans of alcohol are made from some chemical powder mix. Lots of food looks vaguely as it should, but tastes and smells all wrong, an imposter to decieive us by its glossy looks.

  4. Claire says:

    This is something I hadn’t thought about before until you mentioned fires and fridges. There does seem to be a fire and ice theme going on. There are lots of big fires going on in the world now, the one in South Africa, some in America, even here in Spain. There’s the tanker that flipped and caught fire in Pakistan, the fire in London.

    As for the ice, it’s melting, hardly surprising with all this fire about. I keep reading about how the Antartic ice is cracking and going to make huge iceburgs and up the sea levels. When I read more, the melting ice happened 2 years ago but is in the news now, presumably to fit in with the fire as everything is pre-planned to enslave and confuse the human race.

    The Artic is also melting and leaving behind lakes in holes made by trapped methane finally escaping the Earth, so there is gas involved. Siberia and Alaska are getting warmer as the ice retreats. Antartica is also heading for being green, so I imagine people will soon be going there to live and exploit it.

    The sea levels have definately risen as here the sea is higher on the beach, this year it’s higher than last year, Soon the beach goers will be sat on the promenade. This last winter the sea did go over the promenade in places.

    The electricity has been fixed in my place. As my boyfriend pointed out to the landlord, the relay looked like it was from the Franco era. Funnily enough, I need to get a new fridge as mine ices up all the time and the door doesn’t shut properly. At the moment it’s strapped shut.

    The electricity exploding was scary. I heard like spitting and at first I thought it was the cats playing, but then I saw an orange ball shoot out the fuse box followed by blue sparks. I got my boyfriend, he wanted to put water on it, but I stopped him. Fortunately it didn’t catch fire and now it’s fixed.

    Btw, having fibre optics fitted is very wasteful. A technician put in the fibre optics, but he’s left metres and metres of cabling outside the front door to be chucked away. Now I’m waiting for a technician from the internet provider company to fit in a new router. It’s a very slow process.

    Hope you enjoy your time without electricity. My flat felt more natural without it, but everybody likes computers and tv too much to give it up.

    • suliwebster says:

      If the ice is melting, it could be due to the opening up of frigid women.
      I notice a lot about Big Freeze, and everyone needing freezers and chillers and chilled foods.
      Chillax means relax.
      Supermarkets are like walking into a chiller, horrible.
      Everything that is chilled, must cause a corresponding heat elsewhere.
      Big Freeze is Big Frees.
      Lots of media stuff about “free”. Free deals, freezer deals.
      Fridges are often blamed for the HOLE… the one in the ozone layer. A fridge looks like Friday, which is Venus day (planet of women and love). Women are called frigid when their hole is frozen cold and not opened up, strapped shut like your fridge.
      A freezer where I work is labelled “NORFROST The New Ice Age”. The ice age is the age of freezers. All this effort to chill everything is causing fires and global warming, powering the Sun (glow ball).

  5. Mick says:

    Bloomberg’s building will itself be a completely integrated AI system that will watch the employees’ every move, even monitor their every heartbeat, supposedly to anticipate their needs for energy efficiency. But to my knowledge the closest thing to body energy harvesting there will be in the form of treadmills that are hooked up to generators.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Mick, had not heard of this extreme case, but the everyday folk I meet tell me (quite happily) of things like their nice employer getting them a treadmill. It filters down everywhere, and people are welcoming it into their life like a Trojan Horse.
      Also see Every Breath You Take, about monitoring people’s air usage. This is becoming an everyday reality as new build homes (millions of them) are built to ECO standards, which means AIRTIGHT. (I know this not from the media, but from builders who work on newbuild housing). ECO housing will sell at higher prices because people are persuaded they will save money on bills and they will get brownie points for being good. People are persuaded to want it and welcome it, to me that is the worst bit of all, that so many are so easily conned, as I once was and still am to some extent.
      You can see how we are all being herded to spaceship mentality.
      Keep your feet on the ground !

    • suliwebster says:

      I notice that the new Bloomberg building you mention is on the site of a Roman temple which means it is on a major Earth Energy node. (between the Bank of England and St Paul’s which is a Temple of Diana). Or maybe they are creating a new node. The building is “ground breaking”, like back breaking, or fracking Mother Earth. They have discovered Roman writing tablets there, writing tablets are modern day, known as “ipads”. They want to control the Earth Energy lines through these places. All churches are on such lines or nodes.
      It is all very Danish, Denmark work culture is set up like this, hardly anyone does any useful work, they all just push bits and bytes around, and push bikes around too. The Danish way is marketed as “happy”.
      I also found a “Bloomberg” Hospital for kids, equally high tech, equally spaceship culture, equally wondrous. Bringing up kids on high tech hospitals, hospitals are the “saviour”.
      And I am writing on a Roman tablet right now, playing my part in creating evil Roman history.

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