King Henry the Ninth

Prince Harry (real name Henry) has always been after the “top job”, according to a recent national news headline about Harry’s true feelings. Harry says that noone else in the family really wants the top job. Coincidentally, a news report that caught my attention some years back quotes William saying “Harry will succeed”. Success in the Royal family means succeeding to the throne.

King Henry The Eighth…
Harry has always played a King Henry VIIIth sort of role, it seems to me, and I am going to compare the two Henries and show how the spirit of Henry VIII is still very much alive today. Although Harry is only 5th in line to the throne, there are ways to ensure success and succession, and if he gets there, he will be Henry IX.

The Show Must Go On…
On the same day as Harry’s carefully scripted true feelings came to light (22/6/17), another newspaper headlined with the Queen carrying on her duties despite her husband being ill. The Palace Press Office is pressing and imprinting our minds again. The Show Must Go On is the message. Since then, there has been another Harry headline about how he nearly quit the Royal family, but his LOYALTY to The Queen has kept him going. Loyalty is the message. Loyalty to the Hive. Duty to Queen, Cunt and Country must come before all else, we are told. Copy the Royals.

Child Protection…
We are told that it was cruel that Harry age 12 was made to march in public behind his mother’s coffin. (Reminds me of Peaches Geldof being forced to school the day after her mother died). I agree, and the mood of the nation these days will agree it is cruel too. It is paving the way for sheltering under age royals from adult style public duties (but not private ones). Maybe George and Charlotte will be deemed too young to be King or Queen. Charles is already brushed aside as not popular enough, so we only need William out of the way for popular Harry to succeed.

Modernising the Monarchy…
We are told that the Royals are modernising for the good of the Nation, and the Queen has said to Harry “Take your time”. It all sounds so nice and family like, the sort of thoughtful caring family friendly people we would like to run the country eh ? They sound a lot nicer than any of the crazy angry politicians, don’t they ?

The Two Henries
But anyway, rewind back through history to the Middle Ages and Henry VIII, who had a red beard. Like Harry has a red beard. Henry VIII is best known for the tale of his six successive wives, although only one wife was successful. And Harry is known for his playboy antics. Methinks the similarities will be even more. Could it be that the tale of Henry VIII creates a setting for Henry IX ? Have we been pre-programmed to accept a new King Henry and like him ? Was Henry VIII popular in his time, despite his bad behaviour ?

Bad King Henry…
In England, Henry VIII is rammed down our necks at school and TV and elsewhere. He is idolised and approved of, patronised as a loveable charming rogue, even though divorcing and slaughtering everyone around him should earn him the name Bad King Henry.

Ann and Cath and Jane…
Henry’s wives were all called CATHerine or ANN, apart from Jane Seymour, the only successful one. The curious thing about ANN and CATH is the electronics.

Annode and Cathode…
ANode and CATHode are the two electrodes in electrolysis, positive and negative polarities. ANion and CATion are the – and + ions that flow from one polarity to the other. It’s like the polarities of polling in an election, or the polarities of heterosexual attraction and repulsion. positive and negative, male and female, blue and red. Five of Henry VIII’s wives seem to be electronic, and maybe the polarity of the country was flip flopped with change of Queen, rather than alternating between red and blue political parties. Anode is colour coded as red, and cathode as blue. All modern elections are votes for the popularity of the Queen, and maybe they are votes for the polarity of the Queen. (See Polling Nation). The Queen is the currency, the value of the cunt and the country. Do you have bits of paper in your pocket with her dead head stamped on it ? Are they of value to you ?

Catherine of Aragon (1)…
Catherine of Aragon, wife No 1, was first married to Henry VIII’s older brother, Arthur, the heir to the throne. Just as modern day Catherine is married to Harry’s older brother William. But Prince Arthur died before he succeeded, and then Henry somehow inhenrited Catherine as well as the job of heir to the throne. His whole life seems to be about inheriting things from others, and creating inheritance. Modern media stories have already planted the idea that there is a threesome going on with Kate, Wills and Harry, and I find that William has a middle name of Arthur to help the repeating story along. Catherine of Aragon was eventually divorced by Henry, for failing to produce an heir… her two sons failed to live, and there was one girl, Mary. No good for inheritance ! Henry went to extreme lengths to get rid of Catherine, he began a brand new church, a new brand Church… and you could call that Modernising the Monarchy.

Anne Boleyn (2)…
Now we have flipped to ANNode for wife number 2, and in modern times, we just have an election and switch to Labour party being in power. Change of current polarity, change of Queenly cunt current. Current affairs are the affairs of Monarchy. Anne Boleyn was beheaded for producing a girl Elizabeth, but no boy. No good for inheritance ! Coincidentally Prince Harry kills for a living, claiming that the murders he carried out whilst in the army were just doing his job. It seems that killing for a job is what Henry VIII did too, his job was to ensure a male heir.

Jane Seymour (3)…
Jane Seymour is a modern day actress who starred in a James Bond movie, and lived at St CATHerine’s Court on the ouskirts of Bath until recently, it is a grand mansion with a Royal sounding name, it is 15th century, built during the time of Henry VIII. Jane Seymour is a carefully chosen stage name to ensure greater theatrical success, Jane Seymour was the most “successful” of the 6 wives. Modern day Jane is a glamourous actress leading the way in how modern women should behave, as glamourous alluring liberated Bond girls. So far, she has 4 husbands and 4 divorces, quite similar to her theatrical co-star Henry VIII. Olden days Jane produced a baby boy, Edward, Henry’s one and only son and heir to the throne, and so it is not surprising that the modern Jane Seymour has an Order of the British Empire (OBE) for successful services or cervices to the Queen. Loyalty to the Queen. Jane Seymour of olden days died shortly after childbirth, her duty done. And it seems that middle ages Jane led the way in how women should behave too.

Anne of Cleves (4)…
I am not sure what polarity Jane was, maybe a coalition of red and blue, a blurred blu-red ? But now we are clearly on ANNode again. No children here, and it shortly ended in divorce, which was now legal under Henry’s New Church.

Catherine Howard (5)…
Back to CATHode again. She was beheaded after a short marriage, presumeably this was legal under the New Church rules too.

Catherine Parr (6)…
…outlived Henry, and went onto marry Thomas Seymour, brother of Jane Seymour. Catherine Parr is the most married Queen in history, marrying four times like modern day Jane Seymour. It seems that Henry had met his perfect match. During her reign, Catherine modernised the monarchy, which allowed Mary and Elizabeth to succeed to the throne despite the alienation of their mothers. It is similar to recent Royal modifications that allow girls and Catholics new rights to succeed to the throne. Is the Middle Ages repeating itself, but maybe with a few differences, a few upgrades ?

You can see that the Catholic Church is a CATH too. Henry divorced CATHerine, and he divorced his country from the CATHolic Church. Henry was Anti Cath. Until he became pro-Cath again. Can you see the similarity with modern day Brexit ? The UK is currently divorcing Europe. Henry VIII has shown us that the purpose of divorce is to get rid of one alliance so you can have another one, a better one, an upgrade. It is not the UK that is at fault, oh no, all problems are caused by the EU ! Maybe Harry’s job of Modernising the Monarchy is to find a new “wife” for his Country, to join up to a new alliance, I would say the the CATHolic EU POPE is a good bet, reuniting the Church of England with Catholicism, in a new united church. So that once again we are ruled by Rome, and Roman ways, not that Romans ever went away (See Romans Remain).

The Queen’s Head…
…is a common name for an English pub. Two of Henry’s Queens were beheaded. Although the value of the hidden cunt is the currency and cause of the current, the public face that we see is the Queen’s head. It is only the head that you see on postage stamps and pubs and money.

James Bond..
The advisor to middle ages Elizabeth I (Henry VIII’s daughter) was John Dee, known as 007. The modern day version is James Bond, who has been pictured theatrically walking alongside Elizabeth II in Buckinghame Palace. I don’t know how James Bond got into this post, and it increasingly feels like a Shakespearian play. The Bond film that Jane Seymour starred in is “Live and Let Die”. It is the opposite to my life motto of “Live and Let Live”. The world’s richest live a life of wealth and protection at the expense of any others that get in the way, or might get in the way, and the motto of the Royal Family (and indeed the Pope) must logically be Live and Let Die, in order that the Royal Family lives on, in order that the currency lives on.

Dissolving the Monastries…
It’s a new start, a modernisation, an advance ! Henry VIII could do what he liked with his New Church, and he did. Dissolving Monastries sounds like dissolving menstrues, and I am reminded of the cycles of birth and renewal, and fertility, and the importance of preparing a new womb for a brand new baby to grow in. For inheritance to continue. Coincidentally, the process of electrolysis requires a solution of a dissolved substance, and then the polarised electrodes (ANN and CATH) act to extract the dissolved substance out of the solution.

Dissolution of Parliament…
Every time a UK election is called, the Queen “dissolves” parliament. The old parliament must go in order to make way for the new, same as getting rid of an old failed wife, or an old failed womb lining, or an old failed marriage with Europe. After the election or electrolysis, parliament is reformed. In Henry VIII’s time, the modernisation program was known as “Reformation”.

Good King Henry…
…is an edible wild plant, also known as wild spinach. (It’s Bonus Henricus in the Pope’s Latin language, who makes this up?). You can eat the leaves like spinach. A variation is known as Fat Hen. Like FATher HENry, I suppose, who fathers children and gets angry when he fails to. Or maybe like fatten hens (women) by fertilising their eggs and getting them fat with child. The plant is used to fatten actual hens. And you could say that King Henry was used to fatten his wives, his overriding purpose in life, and his overwhelming loyalty to the Royal line is INHERITANCE. Hen, Henry, inhenrytance.

Loyalty Royalty…
All army, police etc, and Members of Parliament swear allegiance to the Queen. All the Queen’s protective circle, her COURT. They are duty bound to be loyal. If the Queen collapses, the currency collapses. Because the value of the currency is held in the Queen or indeed any accompanying courtly queens-to-be such as Diana or Kate. The GBP (£) is a high value, because the Royal family is cleverly marketed as a product at home and abroad. It is why we can buy cheap stuff from lower value countries, but they cannot afford to buy stuff from us.

Henry’s Heir…
The story of Henry VIIIth reveals the programming of the Monarchy. An heir must be produced AT ALL COSTS, including killing people. An heir is for inheiritance, each heir inheriting the loyal royal duty to keep producing another heir, ad nauseum. The Show Must Go On. A Queen is essential to produce an heir (Please see Male Reproductive System). Henry VIII was just doing his job, scripted to do his duty like Harry.

The next monarch…
I have written other pieces pondering the next monarch. The value of the Queen is linked to the value of the currency. Imagine how unstable the GB currency will become when the Queen dies. Far more unstable than a change of Prime Minister or a divorce from Europe. We have had the same Queen for about 65 years, stabilising the GB monetary currency, whilst wars and slavery and instability are perpetuated elsewhere to pay the price. AT ALL COSTS. No price is too high to protect the Royal line. Methinks the Royal controllers are preparing for the next monarch, testing the water with their press releases. They are testing us to see how popular Harry will be as King, and they are manipulating us to like him, despite his bad boy history. Maybe they are manipulating us to think beheading, playboy antics, and polygamous wife sharing is all ok, to be admired. It is global theatre and the Royals are all media actors. They carry on acting loyally and royally because they have an audience (including me, sucked in yet again by passing newspaper headlines) that still watches the show, and continues to value the currency that goes with it.

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26 Responses to King Henry the Ninth

  1. suliwebster says:

    A new comment on my earlier post “His Seminal Work” points to the vitamin B9 being used to breed a baby boy, and breed aggression. B9 is Folic Acid, recommended intake for all pregnant women. A natural source of B9 is in spinach, usd to fatten hens. The cartoon character POP EYE (Pope, Poppy fields) is famed for eating spinach to make him strong for fighting, popping people’s eyes out. His aggressive sidekick is Desperate Dan, or is it Disparate DNA ? (disparate meaning “poles apart”).

    Maybe Henry and his wives did not eat enough spinach, maybe the PopEye Pope told him he should ?

    Modern Jane Seymour says she eats green leafy vegetables like spinach. She has twin baby boys.

    Search the internet for Princess Kate’s diet, she has lots of spinach. For breakfast.

    Folic acid is now in packet breakfast cereals to fortify them (fought, fort, battles). The most famous cereal killer brand is Kelloggs, whose logo is the Crowing Cock. There are campaigns in the UK to add folic acid to flour, and therefore bread, to save birth defects (“defects” are girls). Bread is about bred and breeds.

    Has anyone else noticed a recent return to the male hairstyle fashion of crowing cock, punk rock, punk cock ? It looks cocky and aggressive to me.

    I am now thinking that there is even more to the HEIR story… The heir to the whole Earth is being set up to be aggressive and male. The Y chromosome is being set up to succeed and inherit the Earth. Aggression and slaughter and violence is justified in order for the plan to succeed. The Roman way is that the aggressive bully (Bull Y) will inherit the Earth by violent violating force.

    • Mick says:

      According to orthodox history, HVIII had a jousting accident while in his 20s, and suffered a traumatic head injury. This apparently turned him psychotic, ever afterwards.

      The dates of his reign are at the turning point from the Old Empire to the New.

      • suliwebster says:

        Thanks Mick…
        HVIII looks like HIV.
        Harry has recently followed in Diana’s footsteps visiting HIV branded places.
        HIV is about sex and injections. Makes me wonder what Henry IV did.
        William had a serious head injury when young from a golf club, hit by a friend. Golf (clubbing, knight clubbing) must be the modern equivalent of jousting. Apparently William has a HARRY potter scar, which implies his mother died (Di) to save him. More repeating patterns.
        Are we in the Middle Ages ? Or is this just the pattern that you notice everywhere when you become middle aged (as I am), or when you reach your own personal turning point in life ?

  2. suliwebster says:

    Spinach is part of the “beet” family. The same plant family as sugar beet. (See Silver Spoon). Sugar is added to breakfast cereals. Chard and beetroot are also in this family.
    The Latin name for the Beet family is “Beta” which is “B”. The B vitamins look like breeding Boy vitamins.
    Rabbits love beet and they breed a lot. (See Mrs Warren’s Profession).
    Follicles grow hair. Folic acid grows heir. There are ovarian follicles that grow eggs. Henry is hairy. Harry is Hairy. Hens lay eggs. Men have more hair and heir. It is the same story everywhere, and it gets more surreal by the minute.

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Yes we are in the middle ages, somewhat and the intention is to be morewhat! The Normans have been the dominant minority since then with their financiers feeding on the taxes they impose and the usual usury. All the stuff about Anglo Saxon culture is just brainwashing to keep your eyes off the ball. They breed eugenically for maximum psychopathy,it causes lots of duds but being incapable of empathy it doesn’t bother them. The Scientific Dictatorship is their goal and they are almost there. It will all blow up in their faces but they are too arrogant to admit the possibility of failure. Meanwhile we have to put up with the fallout.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Nixon, I see Saxon as SexOn, and Anglo as Angles (SQUARES), and Norman is another version of Roman (Romanised Norsemen). All different brand names for the same thing. It seems we are in the Middle Ages, as you say, and I also think we are in WW3, and many other co incident ages. We are told we never had it so good and given lots of toys to distract us and persuade us of our good luck to live in current times. And told that MiddleAges was ANOTHER TIME, not this time. Told over and over again, you are imagining it, the Middle Ages was somewhere else in history, it cannot possibly be NOW.
      I am finding it more and more impossible to stay out of it all, the best I seem to be able to do is to live on the fringe and keep to my soul values as much as I can. I would sometimes like to just say “If you can’t beat them, join them”, it seems the easier option, to destroy my own soul, but creates too much inner conflict and pain inside me.

  4. Claire says:

    Henry VIII had a leg ulcer that smelt bad. He was probably swapped for a look alike or a clone. Lots of people who are supposed rulers are cloned and have look alikes. These are swapped about all the time, the most famous one being Vladimir Putin. His ears are different and sometimes his face looks older.

    The queen is also supposedly swapped about, but I haven’t really looked into it. There’s also evidence that Princess Di never existed. When all her photos are put together it does look like different people. Some of them look like men. It probably fits in with the transgender agenda.

    That Kate Middleton (Prince William’s wife) is odd. She always reminds me of Wallace Simpson who was a sexless wonder. Also Kate Middleton appears to be older than she says. Lots of people think she’s 45+. Also lots of people think she never had a baby. George sometimes goes younger in his photos.

    I reckon the royals and politicians and actors are created in a lab somewhere underground and are transgendered to stop them from breeding with humans. Who controls them, I don’t know.

    This comment is a weird, I know, but this is what I have dicovered on the internet. Some of the evidence is convincing.

    • suliwebster says:

      I am pretty sure the top people have doubles, in the same way that top theatre actors have understudies. The show must go on, even if someone is sick, even if someone dies. The show goes on as long as there is an audience demanding it.
      I once researched the Queen being in two places at once. She was opening Parliament in all her finery and regalia, leaving by horse drawn coach in full view. Within an hour she was watching Zara at Windsor horse show, dressed in horsey gear and headscarf. Two separate news reports on the same day, two different actors. The Queen is a stage character, and as long as we all believe in the character, anyone can play the part.
      Another occasion, a Queen look-a-like toured China, and the newspapers reported that the Chinese really believed it was The Queen, and worshipped her !!! Stupid Chinese ! The English would know that it was just a look-a-like, wouldn’t they ?
      In the stage version of Warhorse, human actors played horses. I am told by people who saw it that after a while you actually saw real horses. If humans act with the characteristics of horses, they are seen as horses by an audience that is ameniable to being programmed or hypnotised. It is easy to trick an audience that wants to believe and wants to be swept along with the show, really join in, non resistant, unsuspicious, trusting.

      If I was going to write a post about cloning and doubles, it would have to include Madame Tussauds, which holds records of all the minute details of all famous people, so much detail that they can be convincingly reproduced. I seem to remember that this is an underground place.
      I am pretty sure I have seen more than one Kate Middleton in photos. I agree with you, her character would fit well in “Brave New World”, for example, and that leads the way for many young girls.
      I suspect that all “heirs” are bred very carefully. Whether or not the likes of Kate Middleton has been bred, or whether she has been carefully selected, is another matter. Being bred for purpose reminds me of “Never Let Me Go”. These people are worse off than us, even more imprisoned by their palatial life and the demand to act to scripted character. The more I write about them, the more I feel sorry for them, and want to set them free.
      The bronze head sculpture of Sulis Minerva, Roman goddess of Bath, looks very male to me.
      The famous sheep clone was called “Dolly”, like doll, or dollar. Dolls make big money. Madame Tussauds is effectively a doll collection.

  5. Claire says:

    This is very interesting. I never thought of Madame Tussauds, but it is underground and it advertises itself as where wax works and it does do replicas of famous people.

    You mention the statue of Sulis Minerva, one of the Princess Dianas looked like the statue of Liberty.

    I have read ‘Never Let Me Go’ because I like the author’s work, (My favourite is ‘The Unconsoled’, it’s like reading a dream.) It’s a scary book that coud easily become true. I read that people like the royal family are capable of manipulating their reincarnation so they are always wealthy and powerful.

    Lambs are always having things done to them like gettin cloned or testing artificial wombs. Maybe it’s because they’re a scarificial animal. Islam has some festival where a lamb gets killed because that’s what Allah likes.

    Talking of Islam I notice Madame Tussauds ends in saud which reminds me of house of Saud that rules Saudi Arabia. Maybe they are also cloned and look alikes.

    There was a 3 episodes long tv series called ‘Henry IX’. It was about the king of the UK having a mid-life crisis. Appropriately it was on the Gold channel. I didn’t see it so I don’t know if it was any good.

    • suliwebster says:

      Islam = Is lamb
      Interesting about Madam Tussaudi. I see Two Swords in the name too.
      And that Henry IX series !!! Do all Prince Henries become King ?

    • suliwebster says:

      Henry IXths wife is called Katarina !
      Maybe this is predictive programming, past present and future all merged as one repeating pattern. Noone knows the difference between real and fiction any more. They have merged too.

  6. Claire says:

    Very interesting that you see Two Swords in Madame Tussaud, the Saudi coat of arms (Not the flag, that only has one sword.) features a palm tree with 2 crossed swords under it.

    For Islam I see it as Is-slam, a religion that slams about the place.

    I watched a trailer for ‘Henry IX’. It was supposed to be a comedy, but I couldn’t see how it was funny. It just looked very tame, something about the king wanting to assert himself after 25 years on the throne. Maybe the actual program was better.

    Apparently the sub-conscious cannot tell fact from fiction, it’s the conscious that does all that. Maybe the conscious is breaking down.

    • suliwebster says:

      Henry and his six wives are set in wax images in Madame Tussauds. History is unalterable when you have fixtures like this.

    • suliwebster says:

      I have an unfinished post about the saudi princes, this is getting very interesting ! It may get published one day, but I am still struggling with the amount of unpublished material I still have to sort through, like an attic full of hoarded junk.
      Fact is just what we are told is fact. Facts are always being updated or corrected with new information ! Fact creates false assumptions, the biggest one is THE Facts of life, i.e. sex. Arty facts…

  7. Claire says:

    Henry VIII’s wives also get a lot of films made about them, especially Anne Boelyn.

    I was trying to fit Mme Tussaud in with Arabia, but I couldn’t. As a woman she would be forbidden from doing anything there. Also Islam forbids representations of humans and animals, so she would be prevented from making her wax works. Arabia is hot so they would have all melted anyway.

    Mme Tussaud was pretty gory. She lived during the French revolution and made death masks of the beheaded people. Her death masks were good and got paraded in the streets.

    Facts are facts until science discovers something new and then the opposite becomes a fact. It’s all done to confuse people. The only fact, I think, is that people are here to learn to be loving and kind, but it’s sometimes very difficult to do.

    • suliwebster says:

      “to learn to be loving and kind”. I agree, Claire, it seems to be our purpose.

    • suliwebster says:

      For the Beatles Sergeant Pepper album, they used the waxworks for the cover photo. Maybe they do that for Royalty when just photos are required. Sergeant Pepper was the new version of Paul McCartney (I have researched this, and I am convinced). Eventually, the human has to copy the waxwork, the waxwork becomes the master copy.

  8. Claire says:

    There’s a lot of contorversy surrounding Paul McCarney. The original was left-handed, shorter and all that. The Sergeant Pepper album cover also gets mentioned a lot, it has Alistair Crowley on it, amongst others.

    I think the idea that the Beatles are a psy-op is right, as they get mentioned in sites that talk about things like that. They were the ones that started the screaming girls thing by having some girls bussed in from a school when they went to New York. The girls were told to scream at the appearance of the Beatles.

    The Rolling Stones are also sinister with their ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ and ‘Jumping Jack Flash’.

    Humans just get further and further away from nature. Already they are placing chips inside their hands to make paying easier. Sex with robots (mainly for men) is becoming popular, much employment is lost to mechanisation. People are now told to suck it up and retrain in something that isn’t mechanised. Sympathy appears to be dying, though I believe there’s more of it about, it just is not mentioned.

    Now the Olympic Association will no longer do gender tests so trans women can compete in natural women’s events. Natural women eventually be a thing of the past. The transgender agenda isn’t about helping people who feel they were born in the wrong body (How is that possible?), it’s really about controlling reproduction.

    Just out of curiosity, what do you make of this new idea that forests aren’t real? There’s a video out about it, but it’s over an hour long and I lack time so I haven’t seen it, but I have looked into that some mountains are really the stumps of old trees, and oddly, it does seem plausible. I found that Rossette Delacroix’s explanation of it all very interesting and there’s some good comments on her site that tie in with what you say about rain. Maybe you’ve already seen it.

    • suliwebster says:

      On the subject of transgender olympics, I have noticd that the cadeuceus symbol is being altered on ambulances, and there is only one snake now, not two. It looks like a code for removing genders and merging into one neu neutral gender.

      Not seen any new ideas about the forests, to me a forest is more real than a video about forests. Whatever “real” means ! I spend more time with trees than the internet. Trees are permanently earthed, conjoined with Mother Earth, unlike animals especially us humans, who can be easily separated from the Earth as we have no roots. We are liberated from that attachment but our mobility has become our downfall. Maybe when people are buried in a grave in a wooden coffin, they become more tree like, more Earthed. I am surrounded by trees at the moment, and I feel beautifully bathed in the colour green. Anything is possible, quite possible that some mountains are old tree stumps, not something that has really crossed my mind, but it is strange how my views can morph once I get used to a new idea.

      • Claire says:

        I hadn’t noticed the snake thing on the ambulances, but I stay in a lot, so it’s hardly surprising. I have heard it said that a lot of things that were 2 have become 1, like the twin towers are one now, so there’s definately something going on.

        I only mentioned the trees because it does have resonance with what you say. These trees were really big a long time ago, like about 60 miles high and could go to other realms, but something, giants maybe, turned up and chopped them down and used the Earth for all it’s resources, a bit like corporations still do now.

        The best known tree stump is Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. It was in ‘Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind’, if you saw that film. There are others dotted about the world, some are trees that got knocked down and are all jagged.

        Because in one of your previous posts you said that you thought rain didn’t always exist on Earth. I did imagine a world where it was only rivers supplying water and everything in-between was desert, because it was the only way I could think it could work.

        But somebody made a comment that before, the giant trees got all their moisture from mist and their nutrients was salty. The giants (or whoever) made it rain which washed all the nutrients into the ocean, which is why oceans and seas are salty. This fits in more with what you said.

        Also you said that people are always encouraged to look up and out and now at screens, when really all is within. All this looking up and out and away from the Earth is just to get people turned away from where the answers are and towards enslavement.

        I hope I am making sense, if that is possible with such a subject. The trees near me are cut 2 or 3 times a year. The other day a tree branch gently fell into the road. A bloke moved it out of the traffic. It’s been hot, dry winds here, so maybe it got too dry and broke. The council cleared the branch away.

        Me too, I am dry and broke. Sorry for being so off topic, I don’t know what Henry IX would make of all this. Exploit it for his own ends, I imagine.

      • suliwebster says:

        There is a lot of tree surgery going on here too, as if trees need hospital treatment treetment like humans do. It feels like big old wise trees are no longer allowed. It feels like the churches and the masonic buildings must be the tallest and the most ancient things we look up to, and shelter within.
        I have noticed a lot of dry dead broken trees this year, often falling and causing problems for modern life.
        What you say about the giant trees reminds me of the idea of scale, and the stuff I have written about living in the giant womb of Mother Earth. If the entire Earth shrunk or expanded synchronously, we would not be any the wiser, because our size is only relevant to what is around us. I do have more to write about this idea, but it is difficult to explain in words. Words are very limiting, I find.
        The dinosaurs are presented to our minds as scary giants, allegedly the first controllers of the Earth. To me this is symbolically something to do with the first invasion of the womb, ruining the natural fertility.
        There is also the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, a sort of giant tree, the story has a golden egg in it, that gets laid, and a laying hen, …so you are not “off topic”, Claire, here we are back to HENry again, ordering his wives to lay a golden egg ! Gold is male, and God, i.e. a boy.

      • suliwebster says:

        This conversation about trees has been very inspiring… I am seeing all sorts of new possibilities ! As humans get taller over eons of time, trees get shorter.

  9. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Those waxwork beatles! They might as well be beatwork weasles. If they are lifemasks or carefully measured it must mean that we don’t look like what we actually are! They’re almost but not completely unlike the Beatles (like the tea on the heart of gold’s machine). Perhaps life transforms everything into something far more wonderful than it’s physically made of. On second thought,there’s no perhaps,it so obviously does.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I agree, the physical particles (female) are dead, nothing, without the life force (male) to animate us. The Bible and other religions say we are made of “clay”, which is earth, made from Mother Earth. Apparently, scientists now agree !

  10. suliwebster says:

    Since I wrote this post, Harry has become engaged… to a divorcee ! True to the script.
    The wedding will be at St George’s Chapel, Windsor castle, where Henry VIII is buried.
    It is also the “home” of The Order of The Garter, the most prestigious Order. A garter is what brides wear on their hidden thigh, bridle wear.

  11. suliwebster says:

    The engagement ring is designed by Harry, and is a Diamond.
    Diamonds are red in playing cards, red like Harry’s hair, and methinks Harry is therefore King of Diamonds.
    This corresponds to Donald Trump being “Hearts are Trumps”.

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