Drunk Fruit Flies

There are two interesting things about fruit flies. Firstly, they get drunk, just like humans. Secondly, they are perfect for genetic experiments, just like humans.

I am going to explore the idea that alcohol fuels sex, and has been deliberately introduced into our culture so we can be genetically experimented upon.

Fruit flies are not so dissimilar from humans as you might think. They share with humans 75% of the genes that cause disease… maybe all these diseases are alcohol related. Fruit flies drink alcohol and breed. They have distinctive genetic markers that are easy to observe scientifically, such as different coloured eyes. They are kept in captivity, their breeding controlled, data constantly collected, preferably when they are under general anaesthetic. They are counted, their numbers recorded and analysed. They are fed “a pastey substance called media”, who makes this stuff up ?

I know that fruit flies get drunk because it happens right under my nose. Fruit flies are the flies that you have to keep out of your home made fruit wine by some elaborate equipment, that allows air out of your brew, but stops the fruit fly getting in. Fruit flies are the ones that turn up in their thousands in your compost bin when it is full of fermenting fruit.

So let’s go back in time a little way to an industrial past in England to examine Drunk English men. I am going to take the example of the stone miners of Combe Down in Bath, because that is what I am familiar with, but the same pattern repeats everywhere….

The male industrial workforce is always set up next to a bank and a pub. The bank pays the men, then they get the money all back again at the pub. The remaining time in the man’s 24 hour day is spent in domestic harmony, fucking or hitting the wife and kids, fuelled by alcohol, then into a drunken anaesthetised sleep before work calls again. That’s the industrial tradition. The mines in Combe Down were helpfully connected to the pub cellars so the miners did not need to come up for air inbetween work time and alcohol time. The exhaustion of a day’s work is enough to drive the men to the relaxing temptation of alcohol. Relax ! And once you have had one drink, you want more. Drink and blot it all out. Meanwhile, women had to take in sewing and laundry etc etc, to get money to pay for food for the family, because they got nowt from their men.

You can see that the men were anaesthetised or fired up by alcohol whilst having sex. You can see that the industrial lifestyle of the men made them driven to let out all their PENT up frustration on PENETRATing the wife. And repeating the pattern over and over again… pent up, drink, penetrate, repenetrate, repent, repenter, rape enter. Ad nauseum…

Our modern day TV and internet screens, newspapers and shop windows display the horrors of endless sex and violence. Sex and violence come as a pair. It is well known that violence is often fuelled by alcohol. But the fuelling of a “normal healthy active” sex life with alcohol is a bit more hidden.

I think SEX IS VIOLENCE. Penetration violates some sort of sacred law of nature. And that is why it needs some sort of artificial fuel to drive it, or some sort of numbing of the senses, in order for men and women to go ahead with it.

Penetration provides release from being pent up. It allows a man to let off his industrial steam.

Alcohol is good for letting down your social inhibitions. And nowadays, girls get drunk too. They have to, in order to go ahead with the socially accepted norm of a healthy active sex life. In times gone by, girls were obliged to go ahead without complaint because they had signed up for the marriage deal. Nowadays, alcohol is the method to break down the barrier, and bypass the sacred law.

Alcohol relaxes you, liberates you from pesky social inhibitions. But supposing these social inhibitions are actually our natural defence system against doing something we don’t really want to do ? Something that deep down offends and destroys our soul.

Date rape usually involves alcohol. Here we have sex and alcohol paired up again. Drinks get “spiked” in nightclubs, usually by a man wanting to rape or “spike” the target woman. This is so common, it barely gets reported to police, nor announced by media, yet I know of cases myself. Once the woman is drugged or drunk, she is unable to resist. The man becomes irresistable.

You don’t need to spike the drink though. Alcohol itself is enough to knock down any walls of resistance, and is the most common substance used to spike drinks. Alcohol encourages consent, fuels consent. This is the liberation of women, aided by alcohol.

Roman Tic dinners include alcohol. It doesn’t matter what social strata you belong to, there is pre-sex alcohol available for all. It gets you in the mood, it fires you up, it numbs you, it makes it easy to go ahead with sex.

It is as if alcohol triggers or creates a desire, a mood, a sex drive. A driving force, an industrial work force. The biggest industry on Earth is the Sex industry. To get us all breeding like fruit flies in genetic experiments.

I remember when I was young and away from home, I would get overly drunk to survive social situations, something I deeply regret, and something I talk about to young people today. I hardly touch alcohol now, and my sex life seems to have dropped away with the alcohol, almost like a straight line graph.

At the same time of my life, I briefly studied genetics. And guess what… we used to breed fruit flies all the time. Count them, analyse their eye colours etc, leave them for a few days to breed in an enclosed place, then anaesthetise them so they could be analysed and counted again. And then we could do lots of statistical analysis on the results. Thus you could observe how genetic markers carried through the fruit fly population.

Nearly every Western person seems to have been fed on a “pastey substance called media”, just like the fruit flies. The media that we are fed says that War is violence, but sex is love. The “swinging sixties” says Make Love Not War.

“Swing” parties are sex parties where everyone wife swaps. An orgy in other words. Roman. It’s swinging, it’s free, it’s sexy. It’s hedonsitic. Fuelled by alcohol. I am not sure how anyone could partake without alcohol to aid and abet the industrial scale of sexual activity with any body that’s going free. Get off your head, lose your inhibitions, have fun. It’s not war, is it ? It’s not harmful, is it ?

Maybe fruit flies are the testing ground for genetically engineering humans so that human sexual behaviour and breeding can be controlled.

Like most people, I found alcohol horrible to drink when I first tried it. It’s an acquired taste, and you keep practising so that you can join in socially. After a while, you get to enjoy it, because you are joyning in. You get to crave it. You are told off for spoiling the party if you don’t drink alcohol. You are told off for spoiling the party if you refuse sex. You are told off for being negative, for saying NO.

Alcohol is used in hospital environments to sterilise and anaesthetise. The date rape drug rohypnol is described as an anaesthetic, or hyonotic. Hospitals themselves are sterile and numb and clinical. Sterility is the opposite of fertility. A sterile environment kills off life. Anaesthetic is used to stop us feeling pain, to stop us SENSING. If we agree to a hospital operation in theatre, we sign up for pain, theatrical pain. If we agree to sex, we need anaesthetic to go through with it. I think that penetrative sex is purposeful for creating counting and numbing numbers, but our Sex and Vioence and Alcohol Cult is killing off our soul and spirit. Sex is ironically killing our true life force whilst we are told that sex is essential to create life.

Fruit flies are constantly numbed and sterilised, their breeding controlled via a sterile numbers game called the Sex Game. In genetic experiments, numbers are numbly collected. The fruit flies get categorised and counted for data.

Numbers mean divide and multiply. “Go forth and multiply” is what geneticists tell the fruit flies to do. It is an arithmetic operation, a clinical operation, just like in hospital.

These days, there are lots of things for sale or even given out for free, to enable more free sex and sexual freedom. More swinging sexties ! Viagra is one such product to improve male sex drive. The existence of Viagra tells me that men have as much inhibitions with going ahead with sex as women do, and they need help to joyn in. Viagra acts on “NO” pathways, NO is Nitric Oxide, an “important biological signalling mechanism”. Perhaps Viagra is trying to change the NO signal to a YES signal, by acting on it. Apparently lots of extra NO artificially relaxes you, and is also good for athletes to artificially build up their bodies. But too much becomes an overdose, overdoes it.

If you are a frigid female, (unwilling to let anyone in), or an impotent man, (unwilling to enter in), then you are saying “NO”. You are deemed to have a problem. You are socially inhibited, you are negative. You must be corrected to say “YES”.

Nitrous Oxide, N2O, (NNO) is known as “laughing gas”, and is used for dental and medical operations to numb pain. Relax, laugh, say YES !

We are being fed sex fuel in our daily diets, in the media diet, and in our food. What’s in bread, inbred ? Bread is a pastey pastry substance, Bread and alcohol are both fermented substances. We are high on ferment, in the “firmament on high”. All white flour that is sold in the UK, including organic, contains compulsory additives by law. One such additive is Nicotinic Acid, (otherwise known as “niacin” or vitamin B3). Nicotinic Acid contains N and O. “Feed us this day our daily bread” says The Lord’s Prayer.

Humans are being counted, and observed, our breeding monitored and controlled, as if we are in fruit fly labs. The genes for different colour eyes can be traced using methods such as passport control. Entering and leaving the country is equivalent of transferring a fruit fly from one breeding enclosure to another.

Schools are another data collecting centre, where everyone is counted and observed. In England, an official up-to-date portrait photo is taken of every child every year, supposedly so that parents can buy them and display them on their mantlepiece. Parents are sent home a copy of the photo, labelled “SAMPLE” as if it is hospital data. They are very expensive and even if you don’t buy one, you know someone official has a copy of it somewhere.

Schools are responsible for sex education, it is the best place to train children into the cultural norm and what is expected of them. You can teach them that sex is essential for breeding. You can teach them that this is what they must do to when adult. Schools dumb and numb, and program and train. Schools are enclosed places where kids are counted in and counted out, and a register is taken every hour.

The birth and death register counts people in and counts people out, monitoring the effects of breeding control, and keeping the numbers in each breeding cage up-to-date.

There are many numbing things in our culture. The entire internet digital world is numbers, hence the word “digit”. Digital music is numbing, or painful. It doesn’t have to be alcohol that sterilises and anaesthetises and temporarily relieves our pain, there are plenty of other options and operations available through the pastey substance of media.

So it seems that GOD is a geneticist eugenicist, as well as a Time Lord.

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10 Responses to Drunk Fruit Flies

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    It’s just business as usual for the wrecking crew. It works every time,if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Money never fails to do the trick. The same families did all the empires,broke them and moved on. We’re living in the fall out of the British American Empire which must perish for the World Empire to rise. It’s the dreariest show on earth,but it’s the only one they know and they play it to death to a captive audience. They’ve done it so often they’ve got repetitive brain injury.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Much hospital (the palace of vast machines)visiting leaves little time but this post keeps inspiring a myriad of thoughts. The eugenic geneticists are men and women who may or may not be human. The concept of God is ,for me, entirety personal and is life itself, so I think I agree with what you mean in the last sentence but not what you say,if you know what I mean!

    • suliwebster says:

      Glad that the post inspires new thoughts.
      I see CAPITAL GOD as the evil Roman type force. And little “god” as the still small voice within that we can never hear because our world is so NOISY with BIG LOUD CAPITALS.
      The post is timely for your hospital visiting ! I have a stint of that coming up too, it seems to suck us all in through our family and loved ones.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Paul, will read it later.
      I thought of the sugar too. It was too much to put in this post, but it contains C, H and O. Which seem to be the three major cycles of our existence. It includes our Oxygen and CO2 breathing cycle, H2O for all our “reactions”, and Carbon for our carbon credits/debits of energy.
      Al.COHO.l contains CHO. ALCOHOL is also like COALHOLE. The energy feed. There are other CHO words too, like HOOCH. CatHOlic too.
      I find myself addicted to sugar intake, especially in the mornings, though I am almost teetotal. I expect it all mixes and ferments in my stomach, especially with some yeasty bread added. Aaaagh.

      • paul says:

        in the wild our bodies would switch between using our own stores of fat and sugar for fuel – not as good for the disease and diet industry and CONsumption if we did that though

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes… and in the wild, we would eat what is around us, …also unprofitable for the money makers.

    • suliwebster says:

      I notice in this article that cancer cells are addicted to food…. “feed continuously”,”addicted to nutrients” “stuffs itself with glucose”. It sounds like a Westernised human being ! Microcosm, macrocosm. If this is how cancer works, you can see how it has become big in the West.

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Oh boy, coming back from the next post; isn’t money just like cancer? One thing about sugar– you can store it indefinitely because there’s nothing,no bacteria,moulds or vile rots that consume it,well,err,apart from people or maybe ants I’m told.

    • suliwebster says:

      Money is good for storing too.
      This is our whole modern world, store and hoard, store and forward to the future. Shelf life. The more we do this, the more we become like packaged items on shelves. Even the mentality of eating the old stuff first before the fresh stuff, in strict Sell By date order ! Thus never eating the fresh stuff. (See Shelf Life). Money is not fresh, it is always old money, though one of the reasons given for new plastic money is its longer shelf life !!!

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