Magnetic Money

Some say that money is ENERGY, something natural that we continuously spend or expend, then top up again, just carry on it helps the world ! I say otherwise, I say that money is a manipulator of energy, set up to direct the energy of others and thus the whole world.

These days spending money in leisure pleasure time (DOWN time) seems to expend as much energy as earning money in work time (top UP time). Whenever money changes hands, or changes smartphones, an agreement is made to divert energy somewhere new.

The energy is diverted against the true desire of everyone involved. If people truly desired to put their energy towards something, they would not need money to attract them into doing it. You have to use money to draw people in to get them to do something they don’t really want to do. Money is a magnet.

If you have lots of money, you are a money MAGNATE. Sounds magnetic to me.

A magnate is a “wealthy and influential businessman”, a financier, baron, tycoon, merchant prince, captain of industry, etc etc. Magnate means someone with lots of money. Lots of magnetism, lots of power to buy others, to “influence” the flow of energy. The more money you have, the more you can divert the energy of the world to fulfil your own plans. This seems a bit greedy to me.

Money comes in different forms, all electromagnetic….

…coins are made of metal, originally gold, the most electromagnetic metal of all.
…paper money has a magnetic strip, a fine piece of metal embedded into the paper. …old fashioned credit cards have a magnetic strip.
…modern plastic cards have an electronic chip.

…and the smartest money of all is the Smart Phone, highly electronic, that you can just swipe across a reader device, and money just moves magically magnetically out of the phone into the reader receiver. Have you noticed how people are magnetically attracted to their smart phones ?

Before long, you won’t need a reader to read a smartphone, you will just be able to put two smart phones together to transfer money, to make an exchange, to make an agreement, or contract. It will be like two phones kissing (Please see Smart Phoney People), in the same way that a magnetic human kiss seems to make a contract, a deal, a diversion of energy. A spark of magnetism flashes from one to another.

All currencies and currents are electromagnetic. Electricity and water are electromagnetic. They have storage banks, electric battery banks, or river banks, just like money does. Humans are electromagnetic too, we are made up of mostly water.

The most magnetic part of humans is the sexual energy. And that is why Smart Money is getting sexual and starting to kiss each other. Money buys sex. Sex is a best seller. And I think that Mary Magdalene is thus named because she is MAGnetic. The female body is a magnetic attraction.

A strip tease is a magnetic strip, just like money. It attracts in money, good money. Do women really want to put their energy into a strip tease in front of paying strangers, or are they magnetically attracted to the money ?

If we have money, then we can buy the energy of others when we find that our own energy is not enough to meet our own desires and demands for keeping up with modern lifestyles. That is the whole point of money, to buy others. To order others around, place orders online, place orders in a restaurant, click online, click your fingers and get people to do your bidding, because you have successfully bid for them with magnetic money.

It’s a feeling of power. Power is a bank of energy.

A money magnate has more power in the world than his fair share. Money is a way of making slaves appear willing, giving an illusion of fair exchange, and fair trade.

The money earn and spend cycle is set up to appear fair but it is not. It creates a middleman media that interferes with our natural human desire to exchange energies with each other, to interact, to help each other along on our journeys through life.

Money is of no use or power by itself, it is only of any value when exchanged. But when it is banked up, it has enormous potential power, just like a dam of water. And can you see that money is set up to have us always thinking ahead to the future ? There is a powerful magnetic pull into the future, because you work first, then a little later you receive money. Then your money is stored, maybe for weeks, or minutes, or years, until you spend it. No matter how small, there is always a time gap between the exchanges. So we are always looking ahead, looking forward to receiving or spending money, or to receiving things that we have already paid for. The magnetism of money creates a desire to keep going ahead along the time line. Forward thinking. Advance !

Banks and employers may give out an “advance” to people, money ahead of time.

Banks give out loans too. Loan sharks, or is it lone sharks ?

It seems to me that loneliness is created by a lack of real human daily exchanges with other humans and the Earth too. Genuine kindness of kindred spirits. We need to feel our true electromagnetics. Money rich people, such as money magnates, are known for being lonely, maybe because the magnetism they attract in is false, and their exchanges are never genuine, always tainted by money, a false God.

The Earth and humans are filled with natural harmonious electromagnetics that give us our reason and our joy to live and to love, to belong, and to share in the moment. We are diverted by the false magneticism of money.

Magnets can repel as well as attract, and I find money increasingly repulsive, especially money magnates.

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21 Responses to Magnetic Money

  1. Claire says:

    Money is getting more and more insubstantial. Now it’s little more than numbers on a screen. It has a huge influence on life as it’s impossible to live without it. People are given little chance of managing without. Like growing their own food and producing their own stuff. This is because it might be discovered that these things are better when done by yourself than by corporations who produce nearly everything now.

    Soon there will be universal basic income (ubi), which will be paid to everyone, I think because most employment is being mechanised. People think it’s great because it will free them up to do what they like, but really it’s a form of enslavement like a feudal system. This is because they will have to meet certain requirements and do certain things to get it. Also they will have to live where they are told to, like serfs in feudal times. The new lords of the manor will be the government and corporations. These are the same thing because the corporations lobbied the governments to get their way.

    Look at the Trump government, it’s all billionaires and look at what they do. Trump says he doesn’t agree with Paris climate deal. This isn’t because he cares about the environment, all what he cares about is profit for him and his corporate buddies. He also has done a non-compete law that prevents employees from leaving their job and going to work for a rival employer. This guy is bringing back slavery and people applaud him.

    Money in its self isn’t evil, but the things people do for it is. I think money was better when it was shells or white stones and used solely to make up for the shortfalls in the barter system.

    • suliwebster says:

      I remember reading about a woman who lived in the woods in Wales, in her self built hut completely self sufficient, harming noone, no money !!!! Then the council said she had to pay council tax. So then she had to make things to sell, and her daily life started to revolve around making ends meet. Even if you own (and build) your own home and grow all your own food etc etc, they only have to levy one tax upon you in order to drag you into the monetary system. (This seems to be the principle of Georgism). Same thing applies when the corps invade other countries, steal the land and charge rent. Then they have you.
      A similar things happens on the canal where I live, and they are constantly inventing more taxes to price everyone out of a simple low-money life. The amount of effort that goes into stamping out simple living people is HUGE.
      I think any centrally controlled money system inherently creates evil. The only form of exchange that doesn’t is when things of real value are exchanged, and there is no official keeping any count. The value of something is then whatever value it is to that person at that moment. A bunch of carrots for a woolly hat, for example. There is no gambling on the future, with its inflation and negative equity.
      For future exchanges, I prefer the “I owe you a favour” whereby people honour their word. But even better, is no owing at all…
      Just give things away that someone needs and you don’t (or you do, but you can share it). Then we get joined in human kindness instead, and we do not need so much need consumption to make us feel better.

      On another topic, Claire, news headline today announces that designer human babies are here. It is incredible how fast this is all rolling out.

      • Claire says:

        It’s been going on for a long time, this stamping out of people being self-sufficient. I remember seeing in the news years ago, a man was making his own electricity with lots of windmills in his garden, even those plastic windmills for children. The electricity board went to court and the bloke had to connect to mains electric.

        Like the Welsh woman you mention, people end up having to make money to satisfy outsiders that are nothing to do with them. What good do taxes do? Who benefits? Not the nhs, not people on benefits, who are vilified at every opportunity, certainly not the country, which is turned over to corporate interests at the exchange of a few £££s.

        Money is the controlling mechanism of the central power. Already there are shops where people go in and adjust their mobile phone and pick up what they want and leave. There are no tills, readers do all the work and a receipt appears on the mobile phone. Think of the power this gives banks and corporations. Soon people will be able to do this with an implanted chip.

        The designer babies from what I’ve read, are all about gene editing for genetic diseases. Of course, once it gets going it will be used to ‘improve’ the human race.

        More worrying is the man who made and married a female robot in China. Japanese men are starting to prefer sex dolls to real women. They find real women to complicated, they just want something that says nothing while they moan about their day at work. Of course there’s usually a real woman about to get the food because the doll is unable to do that.

        More worrying are the child sex dolls. The police kept a record of who bought one, and discovered a lot of them to be paedophiles.

        But some people say that child sex dolls let paedophiles act out their (sick) fantasies without harming a child as a doll has no feelings. But some say that paedophiles might want to switch to the real thing. Others want them all locked-up regardless of if they have harmed a child or not in the name of prevention. Paedophile acceptance creeps ever nearer.

      • suliwebster says:

        There is also a cultural change with women’s sexual behaviour, whereby women are treating men as sex toys, hence “toyboy”. This is deemed acceptable, and presumably the boy toys will get younger and younger.

      • suliwebster says:

        I think the child sex dolls will just fuel paedophilia, and maybe the gene editing will produce more sexually available children, ones that have the NO gene edited out.
        I often think that the attraction of children for paedophiles is their innocence and compliance and obedience. The paedophile wants a sex slave, a TOY to play with. This is the danger when sex becomes “recreational” activity, free for all, with sex toys for adults too. Eventually humans become the toy. A toy is designed for the amusement and satisfaction of its owner, even young babies know that.
        Doll and dollar are similar words, money and cunt are the underlying value system of our culture.
        Paedophilia will always thrive in a culture that is so sexed up, I do not see how it can be otherwise. The children inevitably get sucked into whatever the adults are doing, just as young kids want their own phones to copy the adults around them, that is all they know. Our sex culture breeds paedophiles and we are all part of building and growing that culture. Locking up paedophiles won’t change the sex culture.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    In South Africa, Cecil Rhodes solved the problem of the natives not wanting to work for peanuts by introducing a land tax– pay up or get ye hence. So money is the threat of violence, really. Certain groups of people have the right to create money out of nothing and loan it at interest,the payment of which necessitates borrowing more. You’ve got to have a lot of muscle to get away with that. Years ago a currency trader told me that money didn’t exist. I knew he was serious and it prompted me to find out what it was and like you say, it’s just a sort of magnetism around nothing. Black magic you could say,which again is a threat of violence.

    • suliwebster says:

      It all starts with the land grab “We own the land”. Pay up or else…
      If money is violence, then it is violation of our natural law.
      We do not realise we are living under threat of violence because we are so well trained to behave within the boundaries. It is only when you go near the edge, or put your toe over the line (toe the line) that you realise why you stay in the correct behaviour space.
      There are so many forms of currency… the currency of the cu(rre)nt maybe equally black magic… a magnetism around nothing, around a hole. Maybe this was “witchcraft” of old ? Black holes, black magic, madge is short for Madonna. Black is the negative and the female.

  3. paul says:

    designer human babies – its not the genes but the environment see epigenetics – it won’t stop people paying for designer babies though

    • suliwebster says:

      Have you noticed how everyone these days keeps saying that everything is down to DNA, and genetics ? Verry authoratively, as if it is well known fact, As if all the TV programs and newspapers are promoting this viewpoint ? That in itself makes me think otherwise !
      It has always seemed to me that environment influences everything about us, especially when young and more malleable, impressionable, printable. Perhaps the environment is editing the genes/DNA.
      Yes, babies is now another form of shopping, acceptable. Dogs and other pets too.

    • suliwebster says:

      The definition of epigenetics reminds me of how we “read” the newspapers and other coded symbols around us. We are taught to interpret them a certain way, but once you shake that interpretation off, you can see a whole other meaning from exactly the same underlying symbols and words.

  4. Claire says:

    Women now behave like blokes sexually. They ask for what they like. Many women have dildos and vibrators and many prefer them to blokes.

    Paedophiles definately find children attractive for their innocence and compliance. Also I think paedophiles are under-developed in some way and are unable to cope with an adult.

    The more I think about it men are not as sexually active as is believed. I reckon most of their sexual stuff is made-up and exaggerated. I think the whole human sex scene has been engineered to get to this stage so that people are led to unreproductive sex.

    How to put it right is beyond me. I’ve seen comments where people favor treating women like they are in Saudia Arabia, which is horrible.

    There are some very strange things on internet. On my facebook there was a post about that a women keeps the dna of every man she has slept with. This means that if she has a baby it will look a bit like her ex(s). It said it was like this for pigs so it was comparing women to pigs and using dodgy science to control women. It sounded like utter nonsense written by a chauvinist, but with things like that about it’s easy to see how things could end up horrible for women.

    • suliwebster says:

      I have no magic solution either. We can only live out our own truth, easier said than done !
      I think women are complicit in their own demise, and I am part of that. But we can also step out of that complicity if we choose. To me, the Power of No is important, but I have found it frightening to say NO at times, because of the potential backlash against me. Saying NO upsets the “apple cart” of society (Christian and Muslim and lots of others too), in a similar way to Freud not being allowed to say that women’s hysteria was due to sexual abuse (See Fraudian Slip).

      Sex seems to get increasingly robotic and clinical and prescriptive, as do intimate relationships, including mother/baby. I think it is because we are using more robots and clinics in our culture, and so we become what we create. (See Program Me). Using the internet is part of that cultural shift.
      I agree Claire, I think that deep down, everyone is very depressed and angry about the way things are, but we are led to believe the majority want it. (See Majority Rule).
      The woman that keeps DNA that you speak of, is typical of conversations I hear from people I know for real, some good friends. Going to sperm clinics is acceptable. Aborting foetuses that are diagnosed with a disease is acceptable. IVF is acceptable. Going to the gynae clinic to get your VD treated is acceptable. Gratuitous grabby sex is acceptable, I hear women talking and it sounds Satanic and bestial and hard the way they talk. Where has the softness and sensuality gone ? Where is the love and intimacy? It is all very clinical. We do not need to worry about robots walking amongst us, we are becoming more robotic ourselves by the way we live our life. The Roman robot takeover is within.

      • Anonymous says:

        Life’s getting more and more robotic. I suppose it’s to prepare people for the transhumans. Not only will people be transgendered, but they will also have implanted chips and have like mechanical limbs. All this with the ability to be controlled remotely by some far away entity.

        You’re right, there’s no easy answer. Saying ‘No’ can have drastic results, some of them unpleasant.

        People do the things you describe because they feel pressurized to. If they don’t have grabby, grubby sex they are seen as a prude and boring.

        If they don’t go to the clap clinic they get accused of spreading stds. Look at what’s happening to Usher the singer. He’s accused of spreading herpes to both women and men.

        If a woman keeps a challenged baby, she’s accused of draining precious resources (money) from the state. 90% of Down syndrome babies are aborted.

        I think people have forgotten how to be sensual. Now it’s about how big are her tits, how massive is his dick.

        TBH, I think people would be alarmed by a deep and sensual relationship. It would frighten them and they would find it an infringement on their freedom.

        As for ivf, soon it will be the only way to have a baby. Sperm rates are plummeting, the hpv vaccine is sterilizing girls all over the world, severely injuring, if not outright killing them.

        Ivf will ensure that only suitable people (e.g. Trannies) will be able have a baby in an artificial womb. Also it will be much easier to weed out the unfit fetuses. They will be quietly disposed of in a lab.

        With this rather gloomy view, I do my utmost to be cheerful and kind. I don’t always manage it, but it I hope it helps to get people to think about where its all heading.

      • Claire says:

        It’s difficult to live your own truth, but it must get easier with practise. Some days are much more challenging than others.

        Saying ‘No’ does take courage. Saying ‘No’ to grabby, grubby sex means that somebody can earn a reputation as a prude and boring, so there’s pressure to say ‘Yes’. Obviously it’s not a reason to accept it, but it’s there.

        Everybody is being robotized. They are being chipped (Beware, 2 chipped cats got cancer and the vet said the chip was right in the middle of the cancer lump. A dog also got cancer of the chip.) and soon humans will have robot limbs all controlled remotely by a far away entity. It’s all leading up to transhumans like the transgender agenda.

        Sperm rates are plummeting and girls are given the hpv vaccines which renders them sterile, sometimes injuring or even killing tham in the process. This means more people have recourse to ivf, and the ones deemed unsuitable to breed will be weeded out, just like the sickly fetuses who are aborted. 90% of Down syndrome fetuses are aborted. Also, challenged babies use up precious resources (money) so are viewed negatively. Hence the sister programme to abortion, euthanasia for those who have also become a drain on society such as the elderly and the sick and injured. After all, they have ceased to be productively useful so best get rid of them. I am not in favour of eugenics or euthanasia, just pointing out how it is.

        People have to go to the clap clinic, otherwise they get accused of spreading stds. Look at what’s happening to the singer Usher, he’s accused of giving herpes to women and a man and there might be more. Sex doesn’t have to get that grubby.

        Women and men have forgotten how to be soft and sensuous. I think most of them would be alarmed by it. Sex is now athletic and robotic. It’s about how big are her tits and how massive is his dick. It’s rarely about love and intimacy.

        Because of economic pressure women have to go to work, so babies are left in nurseries. Well, if she couldn’t afford the baby, she shouldn’t have had it in the 1st place, that’s the attitude now. People have to be careful with babies now as Social Services (SS) snatch them left, right and centre for Tony Blair’s adoption racket.

        I like to think that people are getting wise to all this, but daily life is such a grind that I doubt they have much time to find out and understand it all.

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes, the daily small kindnesses is what keeps me going too, the value of kindness has no money attached.

        I agree a truly joining sensual relationship is quite frightening to most people, I tried to explain some of that in Joined at The Hyp, difficult to put into words.

        The word “prude” is interesting, it has cropped up before in a comment… I feel more prudish and puritan the longer I go on with this, but I find myself reluctant to voice my opinion for fear of a backlash against me. I remember when younger knowing that I didn’t want to be labelled “prudish”. “Prudential” is a large banking corporation, back to magnetic money again, and I suspect that the prudish Victorians who were prudent with their money, abstained from invasive war whore sex in order to save producing another mouth to feed. Hence the word “prude” coming to mean abstinence.

        Where I live, lots of people, usually young men, cycle around with big cubes on their back labelled “Deliveroo”. It seems like the very opposite of round pregnant tummies on a walking woman’s front. I wonder if this is heralding square wombs. Babies are “delivered” like Deliveroo.

      • suliwebster says:

        Thanks Claire, I am mixed up in the old people Euthanasia pressure, as my increasingly sick father keeps mentioning how he is draining resources. EU then Asia. There is also a desire to die to escape all the medical meddling. I have cried a lot at what thy are doing to him, almost nothing as yet to help his health and well being, everything so far has made him sicker, I cannot believe what they drag an old frail man through in their torture chambers and deathly waiting rooms. This is human beings doing it to other human beings believing it to be good, when everything inside is screaming out to them NO.
        It is getting rid of them, but also using them for live experiments on the way. I keep praying that the individual humans involved will act with human kindness and honour their true humanity, thus overriding their professional indoctrination.
        Even the days we are not in a hospital, there is the daily pill diet, the daily waiting for letters or phone calls, as if their home has been turned into a waiting room or pharmacy. They don’t like going out in case they miss a call, or they are told to come in for an appointment. The hospital remote control system pervades the air, no microchip has been implanted. We already have chips inside, they just need to be programmed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I saw a newspaper headline the other day , something like midwives questioning natural birth! It’s so insane that the actual words are beyond my memory. Perhaps opticians will question seeing next, doctors question breathing, therapists question healing? Maybe a philosopher will question questions one day and we will be able to start living again.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for your comment Anon, I saw that one too ! It is all changing very fast. Midwives that do believe in natural birth will leave the profession. Many women do not want natural birth, and they just sit there not trying until the time limit is up at which point the midwife is obliged, professionally, to call a caesarian. This is a common occurrence. The vagina is thus preserved for the use of men.
      As well as opticians and dentists and other high street body part specialists, we now have hearing on the high street, and I notice the Leg Club creeping in. As you say, their main remit seems to be to replace the natural with the fake, making it desirable and trendy. There is also a lung hotline, and I suppose that is creeping along towards replacement body parts, just go shopping to reconstruct yourself. (See “Smile!” about dentists). It all costs money.

  6. Claire says:

    What a terrible ordeal you are going through with your father. Your father is not draining resources, the resources are there for people like him. I am sorry to hear that the resources are being missused and making your poor father suffer.

    My mother went to hospital but she was never washed, so when I washed her the dirt was so caked on that it hurt her when I removed it. She is just in bed all day now at home and has been for a while now. My mother can’t walk and gets confused, but she joins in family life and will do so until the day she departs from this Earth. She takes no medicine apart from the occasional paracetamol or a Rennie.

    I am against euthanasia because humans are unable to handle it. At first, in countries where it’s allowed, it was only really old people who were in a bad way or really sick people got it. Now children can get it and parents are forbidden from interfering, an anorexic was euthanized, so was a person who didn’t like the results of their sex change operation. A 84 year old woman got euthanized because she was afraid of technology, so did a young girl who had always wanted to die. I am not making light of these peoples conditions, but I do think these people could be helped without killing them off. Euthanasia is turning into little more than doctor-assisted suicide.

    The way of going about euthanizing people is horrific. Remeber the Lcp fiasco? Absolutely outrageous that a country that calls itself civilized has that sort of a thing going on.

    Btw, most of the people getting euthanasia are female.

    Maybe your father could be encouraged to try natural medicines and treatments? I realise it might be difficult to persuade him, though. I hope you find the help needed to get your father better.

    Deliveroo is a food delivery sevice and it has a picture of a kangaroo on it, maybe it’s Australian. The kanagaroo has a funny pregnancy, it’s little more than an embryo when it crawls out and into the pouch. Soon, as you say, vaginas will be solely for sex. Women will be phased out (Have you read some of the things men are saying about women?) and men will also disappear as men need women to make them men, as in they won’t be able to say fight like a girl because there will be no girls. The world will be full of sexless wonders and far fom wonderful.

    All the best for your father.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Claire,
      I much admire the way you look after your mother, something that has been lost, especially in England. I intend to look after my parents in their own home for as long as I can manage to do so.
      I am against Euthanasia too. There was a big push a while back when a lady doctor from my village in Bath was on the front page of all the newspapers, she had left press releases before the event. I knew her and her story. I have a post queued up on planned death.
      I don’t read what is said about women by men, but I know from the way I get treated at times, particularly by groups of male youth. I trust that there are many men that do not think like this, including male readers of this blog. Women are equally awful in what they say about men, talking about them as objects, slaves, eye candy, sexual gratification generators to be used, etc etc, it makes me ashamed to be a woman at times.

    • suliwebster says:

      The kangeroo Deliveroo thing has me thinking. Maybe premie babies can be compared to kangeroo babies ? Except premie babies are delivered into something much more square and man made. If Deliveroo is about food, then will these foetuses or premies become fashionable food deliveries ? Just as road kill food is fashionable, well-its-dead-anyway,-shame-to-waste-it sort of attitude.
      The lowering of age of euthanasia just joins it up to abortion, so that any age from conception onwards is acceptable for a medically assisted “termination”.

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