Free Energy !

Tired ? Exhausted ? Drained ? Need an energy boost ? Can’t keep up with modern life energy demands ? Demands on your energy bill for more money ? Demands to use less energy, to save energy, at the same time as being told to go faster to grow the economy ? It’s all Go Go Go !!!

Everyone wants an energy boost, it seems, and luckily lots of stuff is available on the market to help us get more energy than our fair share. It is a way of stealing energy from elsewhere, but it is considered fair trade because we buy it with money. People want energy boosts for their home and for their own bodies. Although we are constantly consuming more and more energy, we never seem to have enough.

You can buy protein energy drinks, lucozade, stimulant drinks, energy food. You can buy pills and potions and vitamin fixes and drugs. You can use a car to get somewhere you cannot get to fast enough with only your own woefully inadequate body that is perpetually below energy requirements. You can let the train take the strain. And for some decades now, we have had energy piped into our homes from central resource control centres.

All this extra energy costs money, and saps energy from elsewhere. As the economy grows ever faster, and we have to keep up, we must spend more and more money on harnessing extra energy from others.

It is a conundrum, and people are constantly stressed by paying the energy bills. Bills on their home, on their car, on their food and drugs.

Of course, there is a choice and we could cut down on how much energy we decide to use. We could do less, slow down, reduce our individual energy empire to something that we have enough energy to maintain without the need for stealing extra resources from elsewhere.

But we have got used to using slaves to provide extras for us. We have got used to extracting resources from Mother Earth in a greedy and damaging way. We have got used to being on a fun and exhausting and dizzy merry-go-round, and it is easier to stay on it if only there is a way to keep going….

There is a gap in the market…

What we need is FREE ENERGY, energy that can be extracted WITHOUT HARM to meet our need to feel no guilt, and energy that costs us no money. That way we can carry on with ever increasing energy sucking devices, faster and faster, FREELY. Free from money, free from guilt. Free, Free, Free. Everyone wants stuff for free !!!

The marketplace always comes up with an answer to our prayers…

The answer is AIR. Free energy from the air to heat our homes. It is like mining the Air, instead of the Earth. Brilliant ! Seems too good to be true !

The new heat exchanger system works like a reverse fridge. That should ring alarm bells, given that the fridge is held responsible for global warming. But you can see the logic… a fridge is designed to chill, but it is simultaneously causing an equal amount of warming elsewhere. The new reverse fridge device sucks warmth from the outside to feed the inside sealed unit. The inside sealed unit is your house, with you inside. And just like fridges belch out warm air whilst chilling your food inside, the new heat exchanger will warm up the people inside the sealed unit, whilst chilling the air outside.

For free !!!!

Of course there is the cost of ripping out all the out-of-date dirty unECO gas central heating systems and chucking them in landfill, and the cost of buying the new device, but once installed, providing you keep your home sealed in all windows closed so as not to let the heat out, you will save money on your energy bill ! And your home will get a good ECO energy rating, which will increase the value of your house on the market. There are new energy ratings on houses, which makes buying a house a bit like buying a fridge. Houses are starting to look and sound like reverse fridges. With packets of warm supermarket people stored on shelves inside.

There is also the small cost of running the electric powered heat exchanger, which is always ON, just like a fridge, permanently consuming, permanently being noisy. But that’s a really small cost, honestly.

ECO means the illusion of saving money whilst growing the ECOnomy. Like the fridges, houses that no longer pass ECO laws are being dumped on landfill and replaced with modern versions made in slave factories by materials mined from the Earth, and transported in carbon belching container ships.

The male elements of Air and Fire (Fire is warmth and energy) are being mined. We have already caused mass destruction mining Mother Earth and Water, the female elements. This is a different sort of attack, one to deplete and unbalance male energy.

Before long, we will find our Air and Warmth as messed up as our Earth and Water, and maybe the strange hot cold patchy weather that we have experienced in England for the last few years is a sign that this is already happening.

The “Energy Saving Trust” is named to sound trustworthy, charitable, good, and vaguely environmentally friendly. This is the kind of branding that is now in demand, that sells well, that is profitable, that meets the new Eco laws. Profit is prophet, based on future promises of a better world for everyone. Energy Saving Trust has a trusty board of trustees that sound like they know what they are doing corporatively, experienced in selling, branding, profiteering. Experienced in telling people they need something they don’t.

In the UK, Government grants are available to install the new gadget, so that tax payers money can be invisibly laundered into the pockets of corporations like Energy Saving Trust. All good and well behaved people these days will be “saving” energy, (and saving money), whilst actually spending more energy and spending more money. You will be criminalised if you do not. The ECONOMY must be saved.

Any existing devices that use the unECO disapproved of fuels, such as old oil, petrol, diesel, gas, will become illegal to grow the new ECO market. Your existing devices will be OUT OF DATE. Keep up, Keep Up To Date, or you too will be deemed illegal and out of date and disapproved of, and disposed of. All unECO devices will be dumped on landfill, and the economy can be rapidly grown as everyone works faster and faster towards replacing their old devices with new ECO ones, so ECOnomical.

Tyred and Exhausted ? I am, just thinking about it. Tyres and Exhausts are components that are made in slave factories, and eventually dumped in landfill, just like the cars that they belong to. Coincidentally, an exhaust is an air pipe just like the new air pipe being introduced on our homes. There are ECO cars available with energy ratings, which save you money on your license, and on your fuel, and are approved of. And you can see that all everyone is driven to care about is saving money, to make ends meet, whilst avoiding disapproval, and also saving their existing high energy lifestyle. The same Roman lifestyle, but cheaper.

The free air energy will not be free for long. The “free” water piped into our homes was not free for long, was it ? Sooner or later, we will realise the destruction caused by mining the Air, and then our guilt will belatedly kick in. And sooner or later, once every house has an air sucking input pipe installed, it will be a very simple step to make a new law that monitors, meters, and charges, for the Air and Warmth that we take in. That’s only fair, isn’t it ? Fair Trade. A new utility bill is due, this time for Air.

And then, in order to save money from the comfort of your own sealed unit, you will have to breathe less. I personally find it hard to breathe in sealed indoor places, perhaps an instinctive reaction to the limited air available.

I think we would be a lot less tired and exhausted if we had undamaged AIR, and if we stopped using up so much energy damaging it. We are all participating in air destruction… the internet and transport systems are both part of this. If you really don’t like the way things are going, it seems to me that the only correct action is to participate less.

The Eco Air Con is well under way. We are losing our connection to our natural air, our Father Nature.


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2 Responses to Free Energy !

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I liked the sound of Eco Air Con so much I couldn’t help playing with it. It could be an alien’s name,maybe his rank – the Eeko Airkon, tremble ye minions. Eek,O Airkon, don’t punish me! Maybe the Canary Co. who import unfortunate small yellow birds. Yet again, eek, oh, air con, have carbon taxes fooled me into paying a tax for breathing? Which leads me back to where we started,eek!

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks! I like the sound of it too, like an ECHO.
      Air Con, E Con, A Con, Adam and Eve Con. And I can see the druidic Acorn in there too !
      Maybe we will be told to grow the Aconomy next, starting with an Acorn.
      Airy Canary Con, very good, canaries were used by miners to test the Air Con-dition.
      Then there is Canary Wharf Air Warfare.
      Having recently spent much time in A and E War(d), Air Wars, and other hospital war(d)s, I can say that the air con in these places is very very bad, and would probably kill any canary that was sneaked in (against regulations, even oxygen producing healing plants are banned).
      Come to think of it, maybe canaries have been replaced with humans ?
      The Aconomy must be very profitable for the companies that supply oxygen cylinders. Soon every home will have them.

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