China Dolls

There is a charity to help paedophiles, called STOPSO, designed to stop sexual offences. It seems to me it is designed to stop paedophilia being an offence. Great idea, a simple way to stop sexual offences is to make sex legal, all sex, rape, paedophilia, the lot. Like most charities, STOPSO seems to help cause the very cause it claims to fix. STOPSO needs a steady supply of paedophiles to stay in business, and a growing supply in order to grow the business. They need to train more paedophiles in order to expand their work.

Here is a good method to increase paedophilia…

STOPSO says that child sex dolls are the way forward. STOPSO says that eventually we will have a more modern situation whereby a teenage boy says to his mum he is a paedophile, and the mother’s correct response and responsibility as a parent is to buy him appropriate equipment to satisfy his sexual desires. That’s part of the Good Parenting program, coming soon.

Can you see that paedophilia is being turned into just another “sexual preference” ? A consumer choice.

Possibly the child sex dolls will be available at the pharmacist on prescription. They cost thousands of pounds, but it’s cheaper for the state than keeping a paedophile in prison. Child sex dolls makes good economic business sense however you look at it.

Sex sells. Sex is always big business.

Child sex dolls are already available on the “free” market that we know as the internet. The free market is vital for the Western economy.

The child sex dolls are mostly MADE IN CHINA, sometimes another Asian country. Asian countries are already well known for their child sex trade, but I will focus on China because the population of China is huge. China has a huge supply of live child dolls, potentially very profitable exported or for home trade. China also has a huge supply of factories and factory workers ready to mass produce child sex dolls.

The explosion in demand for child sex dolls is fuelled by an explosion in supply, and vice versa. And it matches the explosion of China onto the free market.

You can buy your very own Chinese child sex doll, a real live doll or a plastic version, a doll for life… “A doll is for life, not just for Christmas”. Or there is always the PAY AS YOU GO option.

Child sex dolls come with school uniform options. Probably lots of other things too, but I do not want to look them up.

David Bowie helped things along with his song “Little China Girl”, and he is now a respected eatablishment figure, endorsed by Royalty, the Vatican, and politicians. (Please see Black Star of David). Check out the lyrics. Bowie is going to “ruin” his China Girl if she messes with him. Sounds like he owns her.

Cliff Richard helped things along with his song “Living Doll”… “I’ve got myself a crying talking, sleeping walking living doll”. Check out the lyrics, Cliff locks his Living Doll in a trunk. Sounds like he owns her.

Men in UK are currently being arrested for importing child sex dolls. Though I am not sure whether their very weak sentences are due to this, or to the discovery of child abuse images in their possession. There is no law against rape or possession of a child sex doll, or any doll, as far as I can see. The law cannot keep up with the speed of change of society. Presumably if the doll was not imported, there would be no sexual offence committed. Whatever the law currently is, our culture still holds a horror of paedophilia…..

…..But times are changing, and there are too many signs that we are being herded towards an acceptance of paedophilia as simply another sexual preference, a sexual desire that is a basic human need, a human right that must be satisfied, otherwise it is not fair on the paedophile.

These signs are all on the increase, and as always the age of exposure is getting younger. We are all participating in some way, and I include myself in the herded masses…

Cervical cancer…
Schoolgirls, age 12, are given the HPV vaccine, a little prick so that they are protected against cervical cancer caused by too much of a much bigger prick. All girls are given the vaccine regardless of their sexual activity or sexual plans. But now that girls are “protected”, they can of course indulge safely in liberated woman sex, worry free. Women are advised to have a cervical smear test every few years, an invasive cold metal object stuck up the vagina by a stranger. It is not classified as rape because of consent. You can see that as the age of consent lowers, and the age of sexual experience lowers, so will the age of the HPV vaccine and the age of cervical smears. Before long, young girls will lose their virginity to a metal cervical smear instrument in a clinical environment. This sounds like a Satanic ritual to me. Cervical smears keep you safe girls, and it is a mother’s responsibility to get her daughter vaccinated just like a mother should get her son a child sex doll. Otherwise you are a bad parent.

Breast Cancer…
The “mam” test is available to maul the breasts of women to prevent breast cancer. The real purpose it seems is to dehumanise touch, to get us all used to unpleasant prodding and meddling on our sensitive sexual parts. It’s worth it, for our own good, to keep us safe, to protect us. And eventually, as the age of breast cancer lowers, so will the age of the mam test, so that young girls have their breasts mauled routinely, donated by their own mother.

Bowel cancer…
This seems relatively new in the cancer fashion world, but it is in the Top 5 cancers. If you want to find a way to get parents to willingly and responsibly hand over their young kids for anal rape by metal instrument, well what about a routine bowel smear test, similar to the cervical smear Pap test ? It will keep us all safe. A quick internet search shows me that there is indeed a procedure already available for this, called a “colonoscopy” which goes up the rectum. Princess Diana helped things along with her much publicised Colonic Irrigation therapy. It’s healthy !

Sex education…
The age of sex education in schools is getting lower, now age 4 in the UK (Please see Capture The Kids). Sex education teaches children about paedophiles, and about the sexual choices available in our society, under the same subject heading. There is no choice to SAY NO. The child must choose at least one option. You can see that before too long paedophilia will become a sexual preference that children have rammed and prog-rammed into their brains so heavily so young, that they cannot work it out for themselves. Instead they try to do as the adults tell them to do. To please, to fit in with the society around them.

Sex toys…
Surely a child sex doll is just another form of sex toy? harmless really, doesn’t matter what people get up to in their own homes in private. Let’s compare it to the “rabbit” sex toy that liberated women use to get their fix. Is it any different ? There are loads of other sex toys that are freely available to buy on the free market. It’s just a matter of consumer choice, sexual preference, human rights, personal taste, fairness. Practising paedophiles are psychopathic treating the source of their satisfaction and gratification as an object, a toy to be played with. Toys are for kids to play with, have fun. There’s no harm in having fun, is there ? In fact, isn’t having fun the main goal of modern life ? Family fun, kids have fun. Kids play with toys, kids are the toys, sex is fun, playing with toys, child’s play. Children should have fun. Can you see how we are participating ? The chief toy bringer of the world is Satanic Santa. The toys are Made in China by Santa’s slaves, Santa’s elves.

People are queuing up for vaccines, old and young. It is like a conveyor belt. We are all so frightened of the future, of what might happen, that we participate in something far worse. It is only a matter of time before the queues for little pricks turn into queues for big pricks, i.e. rape by a metal object wielded by a health professional. And then we can simply join up the two converging paths…. employ paedophiles usefully in society as smear test health professionals, allowing them to fulfil their desires whilst helping care for children.

Sex trade…
The sex trade seems to be predominantly in Asia. They have different rules there, and they need the money. We can help them out by giving them jobs, and buying things from them. China sex dolls for sale. Real ones, live ones. Because once you get hooked on the slightly fake ones, you might want something better, an upgrade. Dating agencies are part of the sex trade too, they make money by selling sex. Different sorts of dating agencies for young people, old people, gay people, disabled people, paedophiles, which group are you in ? See how easily the everyday person is sucked into participating ? Famous people like Angelina and Princess Kate, have playdates for their children, so there will soon be dating agencies for children to meet up for fun and play and toys, with maybe some government sex ed too.

Our world is becoming untouchable. Hospitals use rubber gloves, rubber mats. Condoms rubberise the most sensitive contact point of the body. Babies are strapped in to things and looked at, given plastic toys to play with, and rarely touched. The internet gets us used to touching plastic and glass as our way to Keep In Touch. You can practise mouth to mouth resuscitaion, a kiss, on a full size doll, maybe they have some child size ones available too. This is done by training paramedics, people who save lives, you can see how acceptable it all is, already.

Buying babies…
It is now acceptable to buy babies from other countries to rear as your own. Lots of famous people do it. Only one more step and we will think it acceptable to buy a baby for sex, either baby sex or to rear fit for purpose, it helps out poor countries by giving them much needed money. The babies usually come from Asia or Eastern Europe. Dogs and other pets have been bought and sold acceptably for a long time. A Child Sex Doll is a sort of pet, isn’t it? Just a pet, cared for by its owner.

An finally, where do all these converging paths lead us to ?….
…I think we are being herded towards Rome and the Vatican which is somehow at the centre of the murky web of paedophilia. The Roman Catholic centre. The internet hub of free trade means free market sex. The ultimate Roman practise is paedophilia. A quick internet search shows me that “The Pope loves China and loves the people of China”. (see link below). The cervical smear test is a “Pap” test. Vatican Nation looks like vaccination to me.

All roads lead to Rome, the Roman way of life. Therefore, you can leave Rome by taking any of these roads and going the opposite way.

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Links: (Pope with a live Asian doll who looks unwilling).

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17 Responses to China Dolls

  1. Noo says:

    A young member of my family was gobsmacked recently when on a student website, having followed a link on the side of the page leading to recent posts on the ‘problems’ forum. Someone was anxious because her boyfriend wanted anal sex but she wasn’t happy with the idea and was scared it would hurt. The reply she’d had encouraged her to give it a try, gave advice on how to ensure it didn’t hurt too much, and assured her that it might feel strange at first but she’d get used to it and end up enjoying it. She was advised to ‘clean herself out’ beforehand and that porn stars prepare by not eating for 24 hours. She was obviously not happy about the prospect and didn’t want to be persuaded, but nobody pointed out that she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to do, and that if she was under pressure then it wasn’t consensual. Young people are becoming increasingly convinced that there are some things they have no choice but to do, regardless of how they feel about it.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thankyou for your contribution Noo.
      I frequently think that there is something wrong with me for not being liberated and modern. Or that the things I write of are happening only rarely. Your comment sets me right, seeing that there is a huge hidden undercurrent of sexual coercion amongst us, things happening behind closed doors, that people feel too frightened to speak about.
      Once someone succumbs to this coerced invasion, they become almost “possessed”, taken over (sex is described as a man “possessing” a woman, i.e. invades her space), and thereby unable to escape from the situation they are in.
      At least we can also see that there are some young people who are “gobsmacked” by this sort of stuff.

  2. Leo says:

    Parade of dirtbags: Ben Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel, Harvey Weinstein all exposed as liberal Hollywood elitists who abuse women?

  3. Leo says:

    Hollywood’s Other ‘Open Secret’ Besides Harvey Weinstein: Preying on Young Boys 😮

    • suliwebster says:

      Thankyou Leo, I will check out the link.
      I think the big stars are the tip of the iceberg of our whole society. It shows how people can go about living normal lives, revered and respected, yet behind the scenes be up to something else really horrific.

    • suliwebster says:

      The Hollywood scene described in the article reminds me of my post “Move The Spotlight” about McAlpine in the UK. The child victim who dares to turn accuser, becomes labelled the abuser. And the real abuser becomes the victim. Hence noone speaks out.

  4. Claire says:

    The child sex dolls are weird and horrific. They are packed in boxes with their heads detached and have to be assembled. Their fingers and toes are crooked and some of them have creepy red eyes.

    One man who was trying to smuggle one into Britain and was caught. He had 600 child porn pictures but he only got a 10 month suspended sentence. I think that using child sex dolls does desensitize a person and they pass on to a real child with, no problem.

    Wasn’t Cliff Richards supposedly mixed up with the Elm Guest House child abuse? He allegedly visited it using the name Kitty. Loads of boys were abused there.

    There have been many stories fo police in America cuffing naughty children. There was a story of one in my Facebook feed, with a film of it. The boy, who was 10 and got behavourial problems was cuffed with his arms behind his back. Now because he was too small for the cuffs to go round his wrists, they were put to just above his elbows and it was horrible, his arms were flapping about and it was obvious he was in great distress.

    Now imagine if a pervert saw this, he would get warped pleasure out of it. Stories like this also desensitize people to child distress. I shudder to think what’s going to happen when sex robots get going.

    It’s not surpising these dolls are made in China as there are hardly any women there as they are nearly all aborted because boys are thought of as superior to girls. China is nearly all male and it’s not helped by women commiting suicide more than men there, so horrible is life for them.

    There was a place in China where men could pay to use sex dolls but the government shut it down because it was too bizarre.

    All vaccines are some population control measures either by killing people outright or rendering them to ill to function or sterilising them. So are the hurricanes population control, I reckon Harvey Weinstein, vile as he is, is just a distraction from what’s happening to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and the California fires where direct energy weapons have probably been used to destroy peoples homes.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, the courts are very lenient on child abuse. I think it demonstrates how many upper echelon people like judges are involved, so many of whom have been trained into child abuse as normal at their private boarding schools.

      I did not realise there are so few women in China. Maybe there is some sort of Stepford wife social experiment going on there to replace all females with life-like robots. The Chinese footbinding mentality must have been affecting Chinese women for centuries, also the concubines. This is part of the sexual attraction of the stereotype Asian woman, the trained subservience and imprisonment, and inability to run away. It is the same attraction that draws paedophiles to children.

      When researching the Pope’s involvement with China, I found that the Vatican has given approval for Catholics to use vaccinations that contain aborted foetuses (i.e. most of them). Maybe the Chinese abortion industry sells aborted foetuses (huge numbers because its China) to Big Pharma. Oh how knotted up and interwoven it all is !

      I feel the attack on China people is an attack on world Chi energy. The Chinese are perhaps the most skilled in understanding Chi.

      • Claire says:

        Life is very strict in China. There are Chinese people here and they have sons and daughters, no problem. They do work hard.

        I think Chinese women marry foreigners just to get out of China. Despite there being few women in China, few Chinese men marry foreigners. I think it’s because foreign women won’t put up being treated like that.

        Male/female demographics are fascinating. In some countries, like Russia, there’s more women than men, but the women are mostly older because the men have died mainly from alcoholism. Russian women supply the mail order bride industry.

        Nothing about the pope surprises me as the church and most religion is horribly corrupt and just a nasty control system.

  5. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Welcome to the new masonic world, completing what God left unfinished. Only the new man will enter the new world. We’re rapidly heading into this insanity. I think Rome is another version of Babylon. It’s a cancer and money is the vector or the actual disease itself. The only reason that China is the new world workshop is that the finance has gone there,just like it went to Greece then Rome, then I’ m not sure. Next it turned up in Portugal,then Spain,the Netherlands and then Britain and last in the USA. They all had empires that raped the world. They all carried symbols that came from Babylon. Funnily enough I’ve only heard of one man who drove the disease out of the temple and his name is being dragged through the mud these days.

    • Nixon Scraypes says:

      I meant to start off by saying that these dolls are bought like children can be and all sex objects. The idea is that everything is bought and thus the creators of the currency rule the world. Children, toys,cars, shoelaces, it’s all the same to them.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I too think there are many different names for Rome, it is like a corporation being rebranded.
      I too think money is the control mechanism (magnetism) to remotely control at high speed. (as in Magnetic Money).
      Interesting what you say that only new man ( new roman, neuro man) will enter the new world. It shows me that there is a choice.
      Unfortunately, like jesus, I think you have to renounce things like money and internet and cappucino to avoid entering the new world with the herd. I am closer to doing this than almost everyone around me, yet I am still firmly attached to the modern Roman world. Any attachment to the Roman way gives it fuel to exist, plays a part in propping it up, and thus we all play our own small part in the show that leads to the grand finale of paedophilia.

  6. Sick remedies for sick minds.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes , and eventually the sick remedy becomes a real child helping to cure a sick adult. And then we come to a belief system of paedophilia being a good thing. (See the Inheritance of Paedophilia).

  7. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I’m not too sure there’s a choice,in the new world you’re either compliant or dead. I know this sounds utterly paranoid and conspiracious but study of the elite’s own publications and the tens of millions of deaths in wars and revolutions started by them furnishes alarming evidence of it’s probable truth.

    • suliwebster says:

      I agree, but why do we not choose death ? Why do we prefer compliancy ?
      Though if I actually dropped out completely, and refused anything to do with the system, slowly declining to NOTHING, and the DEATH that goes with it… then before long, someone would rescue me.
      So all I can do, is to drop out slightly, live on the edges.
      Plus I am reluctant to abandon the ones I love.
      My dad recently died, and part of me felt : How did he do it ? Can I come too ? It’s as if he was released from prison, or he escaped.
      Yet I seem to have work to do here, looking after those of us that are left behind.

  8. Nixon Scraypes says:

    My feelings exactly,rather similar things occurring in my life. Add bloody minded obstinacy to my drive to keep on living to spite the soul corroding powers!

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