The very word DONATE fills me with horror. It seems to be an instruction, not a choice, an order. We are told what to do. DONATE HERE. If you do not donate, you are socially unacceptable, unkind, uncaring, disobedient.

DONATE is usually written in CAPITAL letters, coloured RED. It demands and commands.

How has DO NOT been carefully altered to DO ?

How has DONATE become compulsory ?


Donate to good causes, donate to charities. Donate all your unwanted goods for recycling. Are you a tax payer ? yes then you can donate more by signing here and the government will donate some for you too ! And then your donation gets accounted for, counted, assessed, recorded. We must keep track of who has donated, and how much.
Donate your sperm, donate your eggs. Donate your breast milk. Sperm is accounted and recorded in sperm BANKS.

Donate your blood to blood BANKS, all accounted and recorded.

Don’t you feel GOOD when you DONATE ? Donate GOODS to GOOD causes. Feel good, Do Good.

Donate your teeth to medical science, Donate your body to medical science. Donate your organs to medical science.

And now things are really ramping up in the DONATION Game…

Up til now, the official ruling in England is that body organs are donated after your death, and only if you opt-in and consent to the DONATION SCHEME, or is it SCAM ? But now the ruling has been reversed…

Theresa May, Prime Minister of the UK, recently announced that organs will automatically be taken from every dead body, UNLESS YOU SAY NO. It’s difficult to say NO in a Be Positive society. We are already used to automatic autospy whereby organs are taken out of dead bodies and then replaced. This is the next step. Theresa May announced the new rule at Harvest time, and this is all about harvesting human beings.

On the 6th October, 2 days after May’s Harvest speech, we had the blood red Harvest Moon. The speech was overshadowed in the media by the nasty black cloudy virus that she was suffering from, coughing and spluttering, she nobly self sacrificed her health for the cause and soldiered on, setting a fine leadership example of what it is to be a good self-sacrificing human being.

The new style organ donation scheme is universally welcomed as good news, because it will provide more products to consume. Our world works on shopping mentality. The law of supply and demand states that supply must meet demand for economic success. There is huge DEMAND for DONATIONS. So many people, sick people, very sick people, sick and needy people, are queuing up for new organs, but the shelves are empty and they can’t get what they want, sometimes they die before much needed help arrives. There is a product shortage in the medical industry, akin to a famine in Africa. And of course its ethically wrong to pay money for organs, so we have to rely on donations.

And now Theresa May has solved it. About time ! The British Medical Association have been DEMANDing these donations for decades !

But can you see that the new rule requires you to opt-in so that you can opt-out ? You have to join in the system in order to state that you don’t want to join in the system. You have to sign up to say that you want to drop out. Neat eh ?

You can see that our shopping habits and our bodily needs are subtly changing from food to body parts, human body parts. We already consume animal parts that are harvested, why not human parts ? Especially baby animals like lambs, and calves that are taken from their mothers and kept indoors. We don’t have to eat the body parts through our mouths to consume the products, we can consume body parts by having them placed directly inside our body through an incision made by a surgeon.

And consumption of human body parts is on the increase.

Are we turning into cannibals, or Satanists ? Whatever it is, it seems that we must stay alive at all costs, even if that cost means consuming dead people, preferably someone in your family for the best tissue match. The media like to promote a good story of survival heroes, survivors of plane crashes that eat their fellow passengers, dead or alive.

Countries that already practise compulsory organ donation find that there is a good increase in the organ harvest, which shows how many organs are stolen against people’s wishes. Personally I find this practise another one of Medical Science’s Frankenstein horror stories, a crime against natural law.

Human body organs are stolen in “other” countries, sold for profit, poor desperate people will sell their spare kidney for a fee. After all, we do have plenty of duplicate spare parts in our bodies, and it seems a bit greedy to have two when someone else has none.

Singapore and Israel (please see link below) lead the way in compulsory donation, and the whole thing came to my own attention due to someone I know that died in Greece, and the body was subsequently returned to England with all the organs missing, i.e. stolen, as is the law in Greece. It is happening already.

Donations are supposedly done for no reward. Yet there always is a reward. The reward is to be a good person, to get “brownie points” when you go to heaven, or a more “caring” label for yourself. Maybe a certificate. Sometimes you get paid expenses. Body organs have a value on the free market, that is why they get stolen.

“Reward : WANTED Dead or Alive”.

There are already BIG RED BLOOD adverts demanding that you DONATE Blood. Soon there will be matching ones for body organs. All for a good cause.

See how much programming there is… you are rewarded, the donation is demanded. The choice is being slowly eliminated. And if I were the government, I would name and shame those that REFUSE to DONATE.

Here is an existing reward mechanism for the donor scheme that I came across whilst writing this post…

If you are registered as an organ donor (donations only taken after your death of course!), you will get priority treatment if you need an organ donation when you are alive !!!! Brilliant, they have created a points system for their treatment schemes. You get a sort of Gold membership of the DONATE scheme by being good. Good as Gold. Join in the scheme and the scheme will take care of you in return. Join the Club, be a member. The scheme allows you to “buy” organs in advance by offering to “sell” your own organs after death and thereby pay off your debt at death. Though of course, we don’t really buy and sell organs, it’s unethical. This new incentive offer greatly increases the organ harvest, so it will be copied, one country and a time.

The inevitable extension of this scheme is so obvious. People will get Platinum or even Diamond membership if they donate organs while they are still alive !!!! Everyone will accumulate some
points based on the generosity levels and self-sacrifice of their DONATIONS, which are recorded on internet registers managed by governments, maybe even managed centrally by one world government, how about the World Health Organisation.

Country by country, the world is moving over to compulsory organ donation. Normal. Acceptable. You probably know someone who is grateful to a hospital and a doctor and a donor for saving their life. It’s already ingrained in our culture. It’s progress. It’s advancing the Human Race. We’re racing along, faster and faster into Organic Satanic ways.

Sacrificing a life for the cause is known as the ULTIMATE sacrifice, as soldiers nobly do in war. Double reward points!!! An even greater ultimate sacrifice will be for a mother to sacrifice the life of her own child. Triple reward points !!! We can all outdo each other and join in the competitive race spirit that is so important for the economy and the Human Race we are in. DONATE your own child, how generous and noble is that ? But it is already happening… mothers send their own sons to war, donating their live young bodies to serve the government as the government sees fit, to advance the Nation, to advance the DoNation. Mothers submit their own live children for vaccinations. The list goes on.

Another way to DONATE to the sick and needy, coming soon, probably already here somehwere in the world, will be to DONATE to the good cause of curing paedophilia. (see China Dolls). Quadruple points !!!! Donate your child, alive or dead to a paedophile. A noble donation indeed, sacrifice your child now to save some children in the future. You see there is an increasing demand here too, an increasing sickness, and a shortage of supply, empty shelves. The paedophiles are sick and needy too.

Children are already being bred for organ donation. If parents are told by a good doctor that a child needs a unique organ or tissue from a relative, there is a way to do it. You breed another child, then give parental consent for the harvesting of the second child’s organs to help out the sick elder sibling. The bred-for-purpose child is told they are being noble and good, sacrificing themselves for a good cause.

Children are trained to donate teeth to the tooth fairy, who comes into their bedroom at night whilst they sleep, like Santa Nic, the fairy takes a body part (the tooth) and leaves a coin as payment.

For extra points, why not breed a second child to help cure your older child of paedophilia ? (Please see China Dolls). Donate the whole child, the hole of the child. It is the hole that Santa Nic comes to collect at night, we are training our children through Santa symbolism with what they are expected to donate in return for toys. Be good for Santa, DONATE.

You can see how all this is another version of the Gates of Heaven scam scheme. If you get enough points, then St Peter (on behalf of God and the Pope) lets you through into heaven. It’s an incentive scheme to control people. To get them to be good and godly. To get them spending their whole life narrow mindedly obssessed with points, whilst missing the real point, which is to let go of the points, and stop racing against each other. The human race races to get points.

Children are trained from young to operate their whole world around a points system, with reward points at school. 10/10 well done ! A* grades, great that’s your admission through the pearly gates of the University, and your future rewards assured. Points are now given out at schools for behaviour as part of behaviourial control schemes. Children can spend their behaviour points at corporate shops like Argos. The points scores are kept online, to keep us in line, on track, straight lines made from joining up lots of points. Children are encouraged to save the planet and do good in the world.

Everyone is going around collecting and spending points. It is part of the permanent background conversation around me. How many conversations do you have with people about collecting and spending points. Money is just another points system, a reward system. Loyalty cards, Calorie counters, water meters, air miles, phone minutes, blood sugar levels, time appointments, The Olympic Games, the Eurovision Song Contest, Points points points. How much do you care about points. How much do you think about points ?

The book “Never Let Me Go”, is about humans purpose bred for organ donation. The author has been awarded, rewarded, a Nobel noble prize, on the 5th October 2017, the day after Theresa May’s Harvest organ speech.

The Harvest festival is celebrated in Church, people make food donations for the cause, which are sent to solve famines in Africa. The playing of an ORGAN accompanies the HYMNs. The Church ORGAN has a set of pipes which are erect phallic pointy objects, pointing to heaven. The hymn is the HYMEN, and the favourite harvest hymn is “We plough the fields and scatter”. (Please see Long To Rain Over Us).

What’s the point of life, some people ask ? Is it collecting points ?

It seems that the ultimate POINT is the pointy phallic ORGAN that accompanies the HYMEN that is broken. The point seems to be to break the hymen. And maybe the ultimate sacrifice for maximum points, is to donate your daughters to open up and be broken into, and donate your sons to commit the break in. That’s when you score the most points, boys and girls.

DONATE A KIDNEY, you only need one.
DONATE A KID, you only need one. You can always make or buy another one.

In some countries, people are so desperate that they are indeed selling their children in exchange for points known as money. It is a calculation to sacrifice one thing in the present for the promise of something better in the future.

It is already an opt-in option in the UK to donate YOUR WHOLE BODY, in advance, (advance being what we do in war) to the government after your death for the good cause of medical science. Your body is unwanted goods after death, that can be recycled for a good cause. DONATE.

So why not donate a WHOLE BODY whilst alive ? Children will nobly offer themselves up for sacrifice, donating their whole live body towards the good cause, whatever medical science thinks is most useful to make advances that will benefit the whole of humanity. These sacrifices will be broadcast around the world in such a way that the noble and suffering child will be admired and approved of.

The best and most convenient place for you to die is a hospital, with all the equipment and surgeons on standby like vultures circling overhead, ready to R.I.P. out your organs for the harvest. The best and most convenient place for you to donate a live organ is a hospital. But maybe they will send out fully equiped donor collection vans to load up bags of bodies and body parts in labelled body bags.

Assumed consent for body parts is leading us, step by step, to assumed consent for everything. Everything is up for grabs as a donation. All your body parts, dead or alive. All your body parts, including the holes.

A donation should be something freely given, it has been turned into something freely taken. Taken for granted. Granted a license, granted a license to take.

I could go on, the subject seems endless, and I haven’t even mentioned the sick and needy necrophiles. But I will stop for now.

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Links: Magen David Adom, the Israeli Red Star of David blood donation service.

Books :
Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro
My Sister’s Keeper, Jody Picoult

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30 Responses to DONATE

  1. Rob says:

    speaking of harvests… this year we had
    Hurricane HARVey
    Harvest Festival Massacre (vegas),
    HARVey Weinstein sacrifice.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Rob, it is more widespread than I thought.
      Just looked up the harvest massacre in vegas, and found it to be on the 1st October, what a harvesting week that was. My own personal circumstances of that week run with the same theme.
      The same internet search gave me a WW2 massacre on 3/11/1943, known as Operation Harvest Festival, where 43 000 Polish jews were murdered. Described as a “mass shooting”. More points scoring, counting how many were dead… the higher the number, the greater the achievement. These days, we measure the achievement more by viewing figure numbers.

    • suliwebster says:

      Hurricane Harvey is measured in points. How many lives taken, or lost, measured in human body units. And the financial cost of the damage, measured in dollars. The larger these numbers are, the greater the achievement, you can almost hear the gloating triumphant tone of the media as they announce the numbers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is weird about organ donations is who needs them. I have never known anybody who needed one or anybody that was related or knew anybody who did. Just where do all the donated organs go?

    The thought of going around with a dead person’s organ in me is just revolting. The thought of a bit of me living on in somebody else when I’m dead is equally revolting.

    I have moved so that is why I didn’t reply. There’s no internet connection here, because the landlady doesn’t want her garden dug up. My boyfriend and me and my son are trying to persuade her to do as nobody will rent it. It’s more expensive here but nicer, but without internet it’s worthless. It’s only in the same town as before, so it’s not remote or anything.

    Sorry to hear about your Father dying, I hope it wasn’t too traumatic.

    My Mother moved with us. She was put in the back of the van in her wheelchair along with Fatty Catty and the goldfish. All things considered, she’s taken it very well. She wants internet because she likes Netflix and Amazon tv.

    I am writing this on my little iPhone with 4g.

  3. Claire says:

    Just who gets all the organ donations?

    This is just a quick comment as I have moved and have no internet and I already wrote a nice comment but my iPhone didn’t send it.

    • suliwebster says:

      That is a really good point Claire, now I come to think of it, I am not sure I know anyone with a live human organ transplant. People commonly have blood transplants during operations, thus acquiring the DNA of another. People I know have new fake faktory body parts transplanted, things like new retinas, plastic hip joints are very common, fake legs, electronic pacemakers, fake teeth, filled teeth. But no living parts from other humans except blood.

      Not yet anyway.

      Is your new garden nice ? Maybe you will all get used to not having instant wifi on tap. I prefer gardens to wifi. Or maybe you will have to move again to get your wifi.

      My dad’s death was traumatic, no chance of a natural peaceful death if you are imprisoned in hospital, you just get medicalised to death. It’s not a nice way to go, nor a nice place to go from.

      • Claire says:

        Sorry to hear that your Dad’s death was traumatic.My son got my Mother a telly and she likes shouting at it.

        It’s not my garden, I live on the top floor of a house that is split into three. The garden is the landlady’s and there’s a way to get Internet without digging up the garden, only a couple of stones need moving and then the fibre optic can be run through with the electric wires rather than making a separate trench.

        I have a fantastic view of the sea and my son is in the loft and has his own bathroom. The black cat has already spent the night under the neighbours air conditioning unit and the white cat got stuck on a roof but he fell off but is OK.

        People also loose points for driving offenses and i’ve read that the homeless are killed off and put in the food chain but i’m not sure that’s true.

      • suliwebster says:

        You GAIN points on your license for driving offences in the UK. To me driving is an offence, all a form of slave driving which is the Western culture. People are applauded for driving, gaining goody points for passing their driving test, owning a car, and worshipping of Formula 1 as a sport. Though I now find myself driving again, aaaagh. It is hard to escape.
        I think that the food chain is riddled with the products of all sorts of horrors in the world, slavery, war, paedophilia, so that we condone it by eating it, a form of laundering, washing through the blood sweat and tears of the world. Again it is hard to escape what is all around you, unless you get all your food from local known sources, best of all wild foraging.

        View of the sea sounds lovely, hope it all works out for you.

  4. Aeon says:

    Hi Suli

    The original donation of a person to save others was of course the donation of Jesus by his ‘father’.

    I look at my son and think would I do the same – would I allow my child to die horrifically on the cross for days in order to save humanity? The answer is most definitely not. Anyone who could contemplate such an act either has no children or is no parent.

    Indeed if anyone did anything to my child I would hunt them down wherever they were and rip them apart with my bare hands.

    IMHO Lucifer being chucked out of heaven by god is the same story but with different spin.

    Ploughing, farming and harvesting relates to Inanna – who said ‘who will plough my vulva’. She was the original sex goddess but she’s been sanitised over time and turned into the virgin – the virgin or virgo is the sign for September and autumn of course.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for your comment Aeon. There is no way I would sacrifice my child to save humanity either, though I have unwittingly donated them for things like vaccinations, before I got wise to it.

      Maybe jesus was conceived with the purpose to be donated, same as child organ donors are conceived for purpose, “fit for 21st century purpose” is the current catch phrase. Maybe jesus is just an idea, a conceived conception concept, that has been manifested into reality by programming us to act out donation of our own children, just like God.

      Jesus was also recycled in some way, as he died and then got resurrected. Or maybe he was resurrected in a new body via means of organ donation. Live on after your death via organ donation.

      Your comment brings to mind the man who invented vaccinations, which he tested on a child (i thought it was his own son, but the internet says it is a local 8 year old boy). I always felt that he had his priorities mixed up.

      Come to think of it, maybe whoever invented the penis tested it out on his own child too. (That might explain a lot about the origins of paedophilia, Please see The Inheritance of Paedophilia and Just a Little Prick).

      One of the motivating factors these days for submitting your own child for a vaccine is to save everyone else, to do your bit to stop the spread of an epidemic. Be good.

  5. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    This echoes my thoughts exactly.

    • suliwebster says:

      Maybe that is because this post was partly triggered by your brief but significant comment on China Dolls. Amazing how all our minds overlap and message each other without us knowing !

  6. Noo says:

    I find organ donation very creepy. There is some disturbing information out there regarding the conditions under which it happens. We are told that organs are donated after death but this is impossible … once the donor has died, their organs cannot be used. The donor needs to be alive or so-called “brain dead” at the point where organs are removed, but the concept of brain death is not as definite and scientific as we are led to believe.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Noo, I was wondering about this very aspect as I was writing the post…
      I suppose if they are taking organs slightly before death, then why not take them even earlier ? Just keep moving the boundary little by little. A sort of pre-death legal Age of Consent. All we need to know is the EXACT DATE of DEATH in advance, which doctors will soon be qualified to forecast, and then everything can be neatly planned around it ! You can even send out invites to your own funeral, so much more convenient.

      Do you think “dot org” looks like “donate organ”, as some websites are “.org” ?
      Maybe there is a website “” ?

      • Claire says:

        Soon everybody’s date of death will be known because once people get to a certain age they’ll be packed off to a euthansia unit and harvested and then killed off. Or maybe, like computers and other electronic products, people will have an obscelence switch and that’s when they’ll be sent to be euthanised.

        I typed in ‘’ and I got World Vision and I could help children in far away places, the starting amount appeared to be $50. I could choose to help a boy or a girl and I could decide on what continent they live. I didn’t stay too long as I’ve heard that Wold Vision is dodgy and something to do with the CIA, but maybe the CIA likes donations as well.

      • suliwebster says:

        Hi Claire, Maybe your 50 dollars would pay the parents off for donating their child’s organ (or body) to good causes (rich western people probably). Age, sex, location are the three key attributes for dating agency sites, also for missing kids websites.

        The word VISION is another one that gives me the creeps.

        I have some posts about the OFF switch for killing humans, there is a way to do it almost in place…. maybe coming soon….

  7. Aeon says:

    Hi again

    On the same subject as jesus – there is a huge amount of art depicting the Madonna and child. A lovely image of a woman cradling her beloved baby. Or is it?

    Why does the Madonna seem so sad in many of the pictures?

    If you read Madonna as Ma donor – the images take on a horrifying new meaning. In some she is also carrying a lamb. Like a lamb to the slaughter/the silence of the lambs.

    Is lamb actually to be read as ma lb – or the pound of flesh demanded as a right but also considered to be inhumane? Is the pound of flesh given up by the ma her baby? Is the pound of flesh given up symbolically as the diamond shaped fontanelle which is missing with the birth of all children – is this the coin in payment? Is this also why children are baptised on the head at a font? Is this this font of all knowledge of good and evil?

    Baptised comes from John the Baptist – or John who seems to be partial to baps and tits (I know you did a whole – quite brilliant – post on the hidden in plain sight sexual imagery of christian religion).

    In a painting by Botticelli called ‘The Virgin and Child with Two Angels and the Young St John’ – you can see this very clearly the Madonna is downcast but nevertheless letting her child be taken – the baby has its arms out to her but to no avail.

    However, is the sting in the tail that this is a willing sacrifice? Has she given up her baby for something she was told is more precious – a real precious diamond given up for one you can wear on your finger? At the last moment has she realised her appalling mistake …..? Nothing is more precious than a baby.

    In the paintings with the lamb though – she is either clutching both to her in her arms or going to grab them both to her. In this case the depiction of the lamb gives it away – she is fully aware of the intended fate for her child and is never going to let her precious child go; will never give him up to any supposed ‘angels’ – not for anything/no material possession comes close to your own flesh and blood.

    Equally though in this paradigm that we live in an eye for an eye is required – that is how karmic debt works – if not her child then another must be sacrificed in its place. However, by clutching the lamb to her as tightly as her own child – lamb being a metaphor for a child to be sacrificed – she is showing that no other child should be sacrificed in its place either.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Aeon, very interesting stuff, I had not seen the donor in Madonna before, this idea that we are all breeding to donate is becoming horribly clear.
      I think you have hit on something with the link of donation to diamonds. Diamonds are a girls best friend, and a multi million pound industry, pounds of flesh industry.
      I often wonder if the diamonds in the sky (stars) each represent a human life. Mothers sell their children to be stars of stage and screen. Lucy in the Sky with Duamonds is LSD, which is also Libra Shilling DInari, the Roman Britush money system. LB and £ are both Libra, the pound. Libra, the star sign, is a weighing scales to balance pound of flesh for pound of money.
      “Me donner” is French for Give Me. As in “Give Me a Diamond” I suppose. I Want One !
      I have long wondered about how much women have traded over time, tempted by material goods in exchange for something worth far more.
      The Lucy in the sky is the Lucifer, the Lunar Moon, monetary control centre.
      Donner kebab comes to mind. Donor Key Baby perhaps? The kebab can be made of lamb.
      I wrote about the fontanelle and the lambda joint (joint of lamb?) in “The Bath Skull”.
      Diamonds are part of the pack of cards, hearts and diamonds are red and stalkless. Maybe they symbolise the body sacrifices. The donations.
      A heart can be donated to another too, and when it is tempted out of its safe rib cage, it can be smashed up and broken, or stolen, but, as you say, this is often a willing sacrifice.( See Hearts are Trumps).
      Coin is like the French quoin, or corner.
      Maybe women donate when they are cornered, coerced into Maybe women give in and give up (“give”) when confronted with stark choices. The book Sophie’s Choice will haunt me forever, as Sophie was presented with a stark choice, which of her two children did she choose to sacrifice, she could only keep one.
      But now I know how these things work, I can see that the choice was given to Sophie to ensure that she carried the guilt, not the executioner. It is a trick of karma. Because effectively Sophie chose to have one of her children executed. Now I know better, I would urge Sophie to not make that choice, and say she chooses both to live, even if that means risking both the lives of both her children and herself.
      The Frankish Knights are part of the lamb symbology, hence the importance of the French language (See Agnes Day). And so is George, and the George Cross (a cross roads being a choice). (See Georgian Empire).
      When Prince George was born, I was communicating with someone who had analysed the existence of a sacrificial twin baby girl, called Georgia, and I wonder if there is always a twin that is sacrificed. Why do women have two breasts ?
      Islam is is lamb. I slam.
      Women will trade their children to save other children, or trade foreign children ( who test medicines) to save their own, or trade to save their own luxurious lives.
      Diamonds are made of carbon, and surely carbon credits must feature in the diamond exchange. They are mined in Africa, where the West is rampaging its destruction through generous donation activity (you can now donate bras and other underwear to poor african women).
      There is also the diamond needle that plays on vaginyl vinyl. (See Vinyl Revolution). What is Cleopatra’s needle?

      • Claire says:

        Lab grown diamonds are gaining in popularity. They are barely distinguishable from natural diamonds and are considered to be more ethical. They can be bought online from Brilliant Earth. And diamonds are a girl’s best friend. A dog is a man’s best friend.

        Islam has a festival called Eid where a lamb gets sacrificed.

        I don’t know about old paintings, but there are people who have a child just so it can be an exact match for a child that needs organ (kidney) or blood and marrow donations. I think there was a film about it, but I didn’t see it.

        Didn’t Africa stop 2nd hand underwear being used? Maybe it was only some countries in Africa. Anyway, used women’s undies are quite a thing in Japan and people pay quite a lot for dirty women’s underwear. I would be wary of sending anything from my body as bodily fluids are used a lot in witchcraft.

        The vaginyl vinyl with the needle reminds me of Madonna singing ‘Into the Groove’ because the needle goes into the groove of the record.

      • suliwebster says:

        aaaagh, sounds like ECO diamonds.

        The Dalai Lama makes me think there is a lamb in Buddhism. The Dalai Lama probably is the sacrificial lamb, taken away from his mother age 4, and trained in a sort of palatial prison for the rest of his life. I would imagine the mother willingly gave her child away to a good cause. And then everyone worships the sacrificial Dalai Lama.

  8. suliwebster says:

    I have just found that someone I know died recently, and there was no funeral because the deceased had donated his body to medical science. In advance. It’s happening, willingly. It seems there is now a third option for burials, choose from Creme or Cement or Medici (See Creme or Cement).

    • suliwebster says:

      He was quite young, 58, and I wonder if being a registered donor affects what treatment programs you are given, should you ever cross the hospital threshold.

  9. suliwebster says:
    The NHS “choices” website for lung cancer openly talks about living donors. They clearly state that the demand outstrips the supply. We just need more donors !
    The transplants are performed by bypassing the normal organs for several hours. This means that they have factory made equipment that can temporarily sustain human life in place of “vital” organs. You can see that eventually this temporary equipment can be improved so that it lasts for longer and longer, so that the temporary equipment becomes as good as, maybe better than, the original design, and lasts for life. And eventually, step by step, they will rebuild the human being. Eventually, none of our vital organs will be vital, we will buy them from the state, and lose our vitality. And our natural native mother and mother earth will be replaced by the nation native state as our Neu new mother. The destruction of natural motherhood will be complete.

  10. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Dia…mond…Dea…monde. Goddess of the world. Do nate..give birth. I done ate the donation yum yum. A friend of mine’s daughter said she had respect for her body and didn’t want children. He didn’t seem to find that strange. It sounds like the end of life to me. The agenda 21 death squad mantra. If only we got rid of the child sacrificing elite and their scientific priests this world would be great.

    • suliwebster says:

      I wonder if that’s a common theme ? I wonder if your friend’s daughter finds contraceptives (rubber and chemicals) respectful to her body, or will she choose abstinence ? Will she reserve her barren body for the use of men ?
      Ever since becoming a mother, I have had this conflict with my body about who it belongs to… my baby, or my husband (or another man), or myself. Who do I serve first when all are screaming out for me ? I find that most women will serve the men first, subliminally.

  11. Nixon Scraypes says:

    The mention of the dalai lama reminded me of seven years in Tibet, a book that I thought was wonderful when I was about twenty. The author, a German soldier escaped from an English prison camp in India and crossed the Himalayas to Tibet and got friendly with the young dalai lama. A few years ago I read that the author was not just a soldier but SS,a real believer in the Nazi cause, a death head battalion man! Tibetan Buddhism is real dark magic stuff,the tantric lover is a real
    sex vampire stealing the female essence and giving nothing. The production of inequality by illusions of equality is a post on which echoes what we said about women’s suffrage,wow that word says it all- suffering of the ages!

    • suliwebster says:

      Buddhism is taking over amongst the young. Very few people are devout atheists, most are looking for a trustworthy religion, a set of rules to believe in and follow without question.
      The SS theme is a common one, everywhere in the world, there are people obeying orders without question, believing passionately in the cause that is stated on the label. Hitler didn’t kill anyone, the Royals never use money, they all just have obedient followers doing the dirty work of killing and laundering.
      Not familiar with tantric lovers, will look it up, though vaguely remember Sting going on about it.
      The Dalai Lama being severed from his mother mirrors the English practice of sending the Royals etc off to nannies and boarding schools.

    • suliwebster says:
      Thanks for the pointer to the website, it looks very interesting, I am shocked by the picture in this article as it seems to match what I wrote about in Quintessentially English, this harvesting of the female, possibly the Rh negative female in particular. It also explains why I have had difficulty with this my whole life, and far from there being something wrong with me that needs correcting, it seems that I am actually reacting against an affront to my spirit (and thereby all spirit).
      On the other hand, there is something that is spiritual and vital about sensuality.
      I think the confusion is that I desire to serve and obey the male part of me, which is the one and only spirit that runs through all of us. But this gets confused with the male human being that is no more to be obeyed than any other human being. (See Match Made In Heaven).

      • Nixon Scraypes says:

        All those pictures are revolting! The European ones and the Indian/Tibetan ones. A friend lent me a Manly P Hall book -religious secrets of the ages or something like that and I found the illustrations so repulsive, I gave it back thinking I’ll never make it on the spiritual scene if I have to study that stuff! I was glad to see the alchemical ones were similar and it confirmed my feeling that they are all slimy fakes. I felt a bit left out when I disliked Blake’s paintings that are so admired and thought I’d never understand spirituality. NOT SO, it’s all just masonic trickery, damn their eyes. All those types are terrified of dying because they identify with their egos, that’s why they want to be immortal,not that I’m not scared too! Also they’re terrified of women, that’s why they hate them so much.

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes, agree.
        I am even starting to find meditation very clinical, egotistical, hedonistic. Though there is something about being focused meditatively on humble work, or being in nature.
        It is when people have a goal of eternal life, or “bliss” that it gets mixed up, because then they will seek to use anyone and anything to gain their pleasure or their goal.
        All these weird tests they are supposed to do, like eating faeces, torturing people, raping kids, which supposedly makes then spiritually advanced, it is really to test how far they will go against their inner self, for the sake of the good cause. How obedient have they become, how trained, how much like the German SS, what will they do for the cause ? That just shows me how unspiritual they have become, overriding their spirit with mind control, they have become numbed. This so called “spirituality” is really a 100% immersion into mind, mind over matter. Matter Under Mind. It is the supreme OVERRIDE.

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