Sometimes I think I might write a book. Partly because I think I could write quite a good book. But also because at the back of my mind, I can see Royalties, pound signs pinging up in my eyes. Royalties is money for nothing. Royalties is named after the Royal family, as you will see.

Once the hard slog of writing the original book is done, and people are persuaded to buy it, then each copy sold rakes in a bit of cash. It’s like winning at the casino.

The keyword here is COPY. Coincidentally, a bit like COPULATE, but please read on.

If I just made ONE book, and it took me a year, then I would have to sell the one book I made for a very large sum to be rewarded for my labours. However, if I can make many identical copies very cheaply from the one original book, and then persuade people to buy something they don’t really need, the sums change quite radically…

I just sit back in my writer’s armchair and rake in Royalties. No more need to struggle to make ends meet, I can live like a Queen ! The law of copyright will make sure of that !

The customer is persuaded they are getting a good deal because the cheap copy is cheaper than buying an original that they cannot afford. It’s a cheap deal, and customers like cheap deals.

It looks like one of those modern win-win situations !

But it’s not. This is yet another scam scheme for some people to feed off the back of others and be protected and admired for it. These people are so admired, that others want to copy them, and sometimes want to copulate with them too.

Copyright law gives the rights of Royalties for any subsequent copies made. It is important that copyright is embedded in law and in our psyche, as you will see. It is important that we all understand that celebrities that sell us cheap copies of things are entitled to take a cut and live like Royalty. It is fundamental to the perpetuation of the monarchy and the hierarchy that we currently live under.

Even after the death of the original copyright owner or “creator”, the heirs can continue to receive Royalties. That’s inherited Royalties. The Royal family are big on inheritance. Of course you need heirs to carry on the inherited Royalties, and that is why copulating is essential.

It is not just writers and books that can get Royalties. Anything that you can make cheap copies of from the single original will do.

For example… music records, pharmaceutical drugs, films, paintings, photos, Microsoft Office software, “apps”, and probably apples too.

Royalties are a form of tax, whereby the creator of the original takes a cut, or tax, on all subsequent copies. Just like the Royal Family take taxes from the rest of us.,

You can see that with all this potential free money available, protected by copyright laws, there is a huge incentive to build machines that make cheap copies of things. It doesn’t really matter what you make, a clever bit of marketing will persuade a few key people to buy it, and before long everyone will want one.

Another way of saying “cheap copies” is “mass production”. Or “mass reproduction” perhaps, since we are reproducing a copy from the original creation.

The Printing Press was an invention that allowed people to make cheap copies of books and newspapers, especially the Bible, which everyone was persuaded they wanted.

Building a copying device requires investment up front, then an essential time delay before the rewards are reaped. Copying and Royalties is not an instant win, it is a long term gamble based on forecasting and controlling the future.

A factory is another copying device. The incentive for building a factory is to make Royalties. I quote from the reverse of the British Twenty Pound Note which features a picture of the admired Adam Smith who made it in life by cleverly making cheap copies of PINS :

“The division of labour in pin manufacturing: (and the great increase in the quantity of work that results)”.

It was a LABOUR government that put Adam Smith on the money, an appropriate place to put someone who rakes in Royalties.

A factory is FACTOR Y. It goes very neatly with X FACTOR, a British TV program which costs some investment up front to produce, but is then very cheaply copied to millions of homes around the world.

The X factor is the female X chromosome, the original X. Women have two copies of X. The Y factor is the male chromosome, men have one copy of Y.

Man is made in God’s image, or imagination, so the original Y is created by God, as an investment to eventually pay him back Royalties, protected by copyright law. Since God’s original creation of man, lots of copies of Y have been made very cheaply, using the cheap labour factory of woman’s womb. Women are always cheaper labour than men. You make copies by copulating.

The facts of life are X and Y.

To copy the Y factor, you need a wife. You need a Factor XX machine to cheaply mass reproduce the original Y copy. It sounds like a FAX machine, which makes copies, photocopies, of an original. Or a FACTS machine which copies FACTS, facts of life. FACTS are copied over and over again, until they become accepted FACT.

If you own lots of factories, you can make even more cheap copies of Y, and more Royalties to rake in. That’s what FatCats do.

It seems to me that for every Y copy made, a price is somehow paid up through the hierarchical system, each middleman taking his cut, and eventually the final cut wends its way back to God, the creator. God can rake in the Royalties and sit back in his armchair in the sky, and be admired for being so clever at dividing the labour in this way, and having made it in life.

There is a pyramid scheme going on here, a modern day scam that is not as modern as we think it is. There was only one original Printing Press to make copies, and then the Printing Press itself was copied over and over again, to multiply up the total copies, and increase Royalties. Go Forth and Multiply, says The Bible, and it might as well have said “Make More Copies”.

So it seems that the first copy of man was made through copulating to create Royalty. And Royalty has subsequently spread and colonised the world by its reproduction factory hierarchy, so that Y is now reproduced everwhere. Gosh, there are even two Y’s in Royalty, as if to show us where we are heading.

The human Printing Press prints princes and impresses empresses. The Royal Roman Empire serves God.

I am going to suggest that the original blueprint for the Y chromosome is known as the Blue Prince, the Royal boy, who was once called Adam. Blue is for boys.

There are plenty of examples of get-rich-quick pyramid schemes today. The originator gets the most profit, and then each new person that joins in the scheme feeds the one above, and takes from those below. The one at the top gets a cut from everyone in the hierarchy, every time there is a copy made. The cut is small, but if you have millions of them, it all adds up ! At each level down the hierarchy, the profit is less, but nevertheless the scheme member will continue to persuade those below to join in to make his own Royalties work.

A famous original book is Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” about the origin of the man species, and therefore the Origin of the “Y” factor. The book is about inheritance, and how species evolve through copulation and reproduction. Many copies were made, and still are, so someone somewhere is getting Royalties.

DNA is a code system that is reprinted and reproduced, copied by copulation. This is how reproduction of humans works. By COPYING.

Copy Right seems to be associated with the Y male chromosome, and I suggest that a left (or wrong) copy is a copy of the XX. The man is labelled XY, the Y is “dominant” and sits on the right.

A copywriter is someone who writes copy, writes something to be copied over and over again. You can see how right it is to write, and why we must write with our right hand. Reading and writing is what computers do well at high speed. Reading and writing is what schools train us to do. Reading and writing is turning us into machines, copying machines. To replicate and reproduce, you read in, then write out, or “print” like a computer prints prince.

For each copy that we make, we will get a cut, and those higher up the pyramid will each get a cut from our labour, because they claim copyright law. We are copying devices to reproduce cheap copies of the original, over and over again. The Royalty are the heirs that rake in the Royalties on behalf of the original Creator, God. It is why the Queen is head of the Church of England, she is the rightful inheritor of God’s Royalties.

It is the phrase on the twenty pound note that sums it up for me…

A man named Adam, named after the original man, his surname Smith, a Smithy being a forger, has created a “DIVISION OF LABOUR”. He has split us into X and Y, divided us. Divide and conquer. A brilliant creation, he is very clever, as he rakes in all his Royalties.

You can see that the word PINS or PIN IS like the male PENIS, designed for copulation and copying. (please see Just a little Prick). A pin pricks and draws blood in the same sort of way. A PEN IS designed for writing and copying, and is the main tool in a school. We are all taught how to use a pen, from very very young. COPY COPY COPY COPULATE. Reproduce Royalties. Copy the Royals.

So I probably won’t write a book, I am trying to cut down on this reading and writing thing, but find it is very ingrained in me.

(See also earlier related posts: Cheap Deals, Taxing, Jesus and The Taxes, The Queen’s Debt, Bits of Paper, Follow Instructions, Face The Front, Growing Money, I Want One, Just a Little Prick, Vinyl Revolution, Male Reproductive System, Family Farming, Popule Copule, Devices, Blue Genes, His Seminal Work, Time Tunnel, Mrs Warren’s Profession, Henry the Ninth)

Book: About A Boy (about a man who lives off inherited Royalties).

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27 Responses to Royalties

  1. veritopian says:

    Great post.
    Adam Smith, the man-maker, dividing Heaven from Earth for increased production, prince penises which copulate with cups to self-copy. Copiously.
    Maybe he gets the souls after death, and that’s the royalty payment.
    Maybe Adam Smith IS the Devil!
    If you did write a book, it’d probably be very good… 🙂
    Bit stalled on mine ATM, too many distractions, and work. Arnie’ll have to wait.

    • suliwebster says:

      I hope this doesn’t put you off writing a book. It is not a judgement on book writers! I am still drinking cappucino, using solar panels, on the internet, using momey, and doing all sorts of other things that I believe are fundamentally wrong. Going take centuries to unpick it all

      • veritopian says:

        Au contraire.
        There was I, planning to write a book for ideological reasons.
        But, tell me more about these “royalties” you speak of…
        Are they related to this “momey” you mention?
        Is this a form of goddess worship? Mummy, Mammon, Momey, Mammary…
        Chuckle…. 😉

  2. Claire says:

    In 2020 the old £20 notes will be phased out and replaced by new £20 notes made of polymer. The new notes will feel crisp, be more difficult to forge and ‘be fit for purpose’ as the Bank of England puts it.

    People in the UK were asked to vote for a visual artist to be on the new £20, and Turner won. Only one side of the new note was shown, maybe because the queen might be dead by then. Some people voted for Charlie Chaplin and Alfred Hitchcock to be on it.

    I want to write a book about going to Mars. I saw a series on Netflix about going to Mars, it was very informative, but lacking in the human element.

    • suliwebster says:

      Looks like Adam is being replaced then ! He has not been on it very long.
      aaagh, the GET FIT FOR PURPOSE mantra again.

      Maybe everyone wants to write a book, Claire.
      Maybe we all have too much unsaid stuff inside our heads.
      Maybe our heads have been so stuffed with stuff, we need to get rid of some of it into a book.

      • Claire says:

        Planning a book helps me to see things clearly. I started to write my going to Mars book and I realised the main character was just too unrealistic, so that helped me to build a realistic character.

        Then I realised it just wasn’t my main character who was unrealistic, but the whole going to Mars business is unfeasable and unrealistic. I still want to write a going to Mars book, but realistic.

        I had a look at YY chromosomes. There’s some blokes that are XYY and that makes them tall and have acne. They are also slow at learning, but not always.

        There was also something about fish breeders who were breeding some fish called tilapia (never heard of it before) and they like to use YY male fish. These fish get bred with ordinary female fish, but all the babies are male. This is wanted because male fish grow bigger faster so are more profitable.

        The new YY human will probably grow bigger faster and be profitable, but I don’t know, things like that can go horribly wrong. It’s the unpredictable element that I like and that’s what I want to put in my Mars story.

    • suliwebster says:

      I wonder if Brexit is part of the breakdown of the system to precede the Queen’s death?

      • Claire says:

        Brexit certainly is causing problems for Britain. I reckon the queen died a long time ago and has been replaced 3 maybe 4 times. This is done because the people who run the world from behind the scenes like to do things ritually and the queen has to die when it suits their ritual. That way a new era can be ushered in.

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes, quite likely, Claire. Did you notice how the new paper money has the same old Queen’s head on it ? From when she was about age 20 !!!! A missed opportunity to update the image ? Or maybe it is important to stick to the same brand icon that is so well recognised the world over ?

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    This reading and writing thing is very mysterious. I think we remember it. I can’t recall learning to read but I did it at a very early age. It takes me a long time to learn most things but some I can do in a flash. I sometimes think that I don’t know how to learn! I always got those , “could do better if he tried” comments in school reports, and I wished I could try but I didn’t know how! I think teachers should help you to remember not try to push things into you that don’t fit. Wow, that sounds like sexual abuse, maybe they do actually fuck with your head! I do remember my daughter gradually becoming aware of reading with my assistance or, more like- encouragement but it did seem more like a miracle than something I did.

    • suliwebster says:

      Schools talk proudly about how they “push” your child. It makes me feel sick.
      Schools make you feel like a failure.
      I think kids naturally pick up the skills of adults around them without much assistance. My kids learnt how to read bikes without being taught, for example. They were determined to, and they hung out with other kids on bikes, some older ones who they could copy.
      Kids will also pick up the horrible things adults do.

      If we weren’t being force fed reading and writing, then our minds would be inscribed by government music programming instead. (Pope music).

  4. Noo says:

    The pyramid scheme thing reminds me of multi level marketing schemes or “MLM”. A company makes products that they sell at very high prices but instead of selling them through shops or online, they recruit people to be both customers and salespeople all at the same time. They buy and use the products and are asked to tell their friends and colleagues and everyone they meet how good the products are so that they will buy and use the products too. Every time they sign up a new person they get their own products at a cheaper price. It’s like a family tree and the more people they have attached directly or indirectly to their name, the less they pay for their products. Eventually their products don’t cost them anything, in fact they are being paid to use the products because the money comes from everyone else. The last person in the family tree who signed up is the one paying the most exorbitant price. I’ve found that if a person who is in a multi level marketing business seems to be befriending me, it’s only in the hope that I’ll buy the products so that they become cheaper and cheaper for the new friend. The products only seem to be expensive when you haven’t yet signed anyone else up, is what the new friend tells you when you are reluctant to buy the products because of the high prices. As soon as you recruit someone and they recruit someone and so on, your products get cheaper. It’s like passing the buck or kicking the can down the line so that it’s always someone else paying the high price. All their friendships and relationships tend to be with people who are in the MLM scheme so it seems that they have an ulterior motive for talking to every new person they talk to, and they talk to people a lot, not because they are really interested in them and want to befriend them, but to increase their number of people buying products – they call it networking. When you resist getting drawn into the scheme, the new friendship quickly collapses and they move on to someone else.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, thankyou Noo, I had this in mind too.
      And, as you say, we all know quite ordinary people who are in it, showing how rampant it has become.
      People are tempted by the “free money” thing. (See Growing Money). And they lose their soul in the process.
      I have also noticed that many people will buy products off their “friends”, products they don’t want, to “support” their friends. It is a sort of coercion. Maybe the buyers are worried about losing their friends too. I don’t care anymore, I long ago stopped bothering about losing friends.

      I remember my mum going to “Tupperware parties” when I was a kid. She still has mountains of tupperware.

  5. Noo says:

    So, thinking about it a bit more, I guess being in multi level marketing (not just products but people being utilised as copies of copies of copies) is a bit like living off royalties … after you’ve got a certain number of recruits who in turn have more recruits that all trace back to you, you can stop recruiting if you want to and live off the work that your recruits and their recruits are doing to make your network bigger. I have always been terribly uncomfortable around people involved in this sort of thing, although to start with I wasn’t clear about why, but I understand now why it all feels so predatory and all association with them feels so hollow and insincere.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, I agree Noo.
      I prefer being around people who have a means of earning money that I can see with my own eyes, physical work in return for a days pay. Or running a small family business, with no bank loans involved. People who live humbly. I would prefer a world of NO MONEY, but we are stuck with it for the time being.

      There are many people who seem to have vast incomes and massive wealth, yet simply sit smugly in their armchairs, not working, just spending. They have made it in life and are envied. I cannot spend much time with anyone who lives like this, no matter how kind and nice they are, as I know there is something else going on behind the scenes, whereby there are hidden others that have been exploited in order for a clever winning few to “make it”.
      This is what tempts people in, the prospect of an easy life. They sell their soul in exchange.

      To a certain extent, I am doing this too, I do not think the amount I have contributed in my life equates to what I have taken out of the pyramid. I think most Westerners are well above the bottom level of the Pyramid. Just because we are not near the top does not mean we have not been sucked in. (think I wrote a post once called Pyramid Game).

      I keep trying to get to the bottom or the side of the pyramid, and escape. But it seems a long way off.

      I think most internet based “work” and most paper work, is like this. Offices, desks, pens, screens. It is not real work.

    • suliwebster says:

      I have just remembered that my mobile phone “provider” keeps emailing me to sign up a friend and get some free minutes, or £10 credit, or something like that. It’s a scheme, and I hate schemes. I also remember my electricity provider doing something similar (when I lived in a flat). They make out it is a win win situation, but someone somewhere is losing.
      As you say, if you do enough of this, you not only get the product for free, you may even profit from it.
      (See my earlier post Get Fit… that is a similar sort of scheme whereby you somehow get free product and profit too).

      I find that there is something equally disturbing about pensions.

      • Noo says:

        Ah yes – refer-a-friend schemes – I keep seeing this too. Sign up a friend and get a £10 voucher or whatever. Do our marketing for us and get a paltry one-off reward for the profit we’ll make off your friend when they buy from us, hopefully for the next umpteen years.

        A while ago someone emailed me a link (interestingly enough the email was titled “Win-win”!) for a site to sign up to that apparently gives discounts from places like Marks & Spensive (as my daughter quite charmingly and innocently used to call it when she was little), Sainsburys and various high street shops. Presumably if I signed up, the emailer’s discount was going to increase. I always smell a rat with these things, so I had a look on the site. The prize, as I suspected, was data collection – absolutely mind-boggling amounts of data. It would have taken hours to fill in the whole form. Genders and dates of birth of everyone in the household, income of everyone in the household, educational level, type of work they do, or what level they’re studying at if under 18. Home owner or tenant, amount spent on mortgage or rent, amount spent on utilities, utility providers, amount spent on mobile phone service, mobile provider, amount spent on internet/wifi, internet service provider, how many cars in household, type of car make, model and year, amount spent on fuel, where fuel purchased and how often, details on all the appliances in the home – make, model, when purchased, where groceries purchased, how often, amount spent, where clothes purchased, how often, amount spent, amount spent on hobbies and entertainment, where purchased from and how often, health conditions affecting family members, whether family has health insurance. That’s just a very brief overview – the actual questions were exhaustive in their pursuit of every single minute detail of life. Filling it all in would have felt like being dissected and inspected, bit by bit, reducing the living flesh and energy of human life and needs to an endless list of digital tickboxes. How is it that the person who sent me that link wasn’t absolutely repelled by it, and actually thought that giving away information on every nuanced detail of their lives to a body of nameless strangers in this organisation was a fair exchange for a few pounds off purchases? It truly baffles me.

      • suliwebster says:

        Wow, That is a lot of data, valuable marketing data.

        I have been form filling a lot recently following my father’s death. To start with, I questioned why they needed so much data, but I have now become more numb, I just want it finished. So I just fill in the forms, follow instructions, and tell my mum to sign without reading it. I have taken to just filling it in best I can, and sending it off, and then getting it sent back if there are mistakes to be corrected, just like school really, this is easier than trying to read the accompanying “How to Fill In This Form” booklet.

        Above all else, it seems to create a robot mindset. I feel like I am going mad with it, sometimes I just scream.

        I think people see it like a sort of board game or computer game, that is what our lives are reduced to, a little game against the authorities to try and win a few pounds off them here and there and feel powerful, feel like you have some control, or maybe feel like you have some victory. It is like doing a sudoku or a crossword. Nearly everyone around me seems hooked in, and maybe I am too to a lesser extent.

        Much as I despise the internet, I do value the comments like yours that help me feel less alone in how I view the world around me. I feel increasingly remote and reclusive from my friends, much as I love them, they are making me feel more insane.

    • suliwebster says:

      Here is another Pyramid Game scheme :
      Small independent businesses are advised by accountants to build up a chain of 4 branded branches (i.e. copies) in order to be attractive for selling on. That means that there are bigger businesses going around buying up the chains-of-4 and maybe making even bigger chains to sell on upwards to these even higher up. Etc etc.
      Eventually, at the top of the Pyramid, the Pope or the Queen (Royalty) gobbles it all up into a global empire.
      You can see that the motivation for the small business is no longer to have a good service or product to make copies of to sell, but to make copies of the business itself to sell. The small business owner will have to invest and take risks to make his 4 copies, but he will get an eventual prize (a sort of Royalty) when he sells.
      Every business is in any case a tax point for collecting income tax on earnings and VAT (another Pyramid Game) on spendings. Tax is another name for Royalties for the Queen, no matter what the business actually trades in.

      I am pretty sure there is another Pyramid scheme going on with the air that we breath (ex-pyre, inspyre, respyre), though not quite worked it out yet. Maybe blood groups too, since O neg blood is stockpiled, banked, like money. Both are labelled OO, O2, which is “owe to”, to owe, i.e. debt.

  6. Claire says:

    I live in the € zone so I haven´t noticed the queen´s image on the money. The €s are also getting a makeover, they look strange and feel like plastic, more and more like toy money. I pay more by card as it´s difficult for me to get to a machine to get cash. The banks are all in town with no parking, so I go the way of plastic. I prefer cash, but I have been railroaded into using the card. I´ve used it so much that the plastic is peeling off it.

    You´re right about the brand icon, though. All the cards say Visa the same way and very wealthy people get Gold Cards. Some people pay using things like Fitbit, which is a sort of watch or Apple money can be used in certain places. There´s an Amazon supermarket in America where people just have adjust their mobile phones before entering and then they just walk out with their purchases. Some sensors or something reads what they´ve picked up and charges their account as they leave the supermarket.

    Supermarkets have tills where people do it all themselves, and pay with their card. Soon, as you say, people will be implanted with a chip and that will do all the purchasing for them. If they´re naughty, they´ll be unable to get anything.

    I have heard about people being self-sufficient and wanting for nothing and bothering nobody, but they´ve been forced to pay tax and so start earning money, so the world is really anti self-sufficiency.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, the wealthy are as branded as the poor, more so really.
      I have heard of something called bitcoin too.
      Incredible all this effort that goes into pricing and paying and keeping count. More effort than goes into making anything of any use.

    • suliwebster says:

      Maybe when people are implanted with chips they will be told what to buy by remote control access to their chip. They will be “prescribed” (pre-script-ion, scripted) what is good for them. In the same way that everyone seems to want fat people to be controlled and told what to eat by the government. And people go out and buy whatever they are told to buy by adverts and programs on the TV, and government health programs. Maybe we don’t even need the chip, everyone is programmed anyway.

  7. Nixon Scraypes says:

    It’s that scheming pyramid again and we’re in the middle of our funeral pyre. The carbon tax is a sneaky way of charging us for breathing. Self sufficient isn’t efficient for the parasites to get their slice. Cecil Rhodes solved the problem of getting the natives to work in the gold mines by introducing a hut tax, indirectly forcing them to earn money. Thinks bubble – Rhodes,the misogynist,self – sterilised uses the sterile medium of money to breed more money out of nothing but his fantasy of wealth. A hideous artificial child of masturbation eating up the living world.

    • suliwebster says:

      The “hut tax” sums it up, it is the classic strategic move the world over. To create a need for money. To make money magnetic.

      I remember arguing with my parents about slave labour in China, and they insisted that it was ok, because WE PAY THEM. Therefore its fair exchange, we kindly GIVE them jobs, like a charitable donation. In fact, buying things from abroad HELPS poor people. It seems that most Westerners agree with this idea, and of course why wouldnt you, it means you dont have to give up any of your wealthy slave driving lifestyle.

      Meanwhile, Westerners are simultaneously victims of the same scheme. As more and more people get to the point of paying off their mortgage and “owning” (Haha) their own home, the tax on homes (council tax) goes up and up, and eventually reaches the same scale as the rents and mortgage used to be. Georgism is the strategy for owning every square inch of land. Thus rent (hut tax) can always be charged. England is almost 100% covered by Georgism, not surprising George is the patron saint.

      How many people keep chanting at me “There is nothing wrong with Money”, I have lost count. Someone is spreading this mantra about. People want to believe it is good because we worship it daily.

      I wonder what would happen if I tried to give my money to the bank ? Like jesus said, give it all to Caesar (SeeJesus and The Taxes). It would be like a game of Monopoly whereby the winning monopolist feels that the game is nearly over because everyone is giving up and dropping out, his power kick about to end.

      I could write a whole post about hut tax, but I am about to give up my writing.

  8. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Don’t give it to them! They’d just be able to lend ten times the amount and trap more people in debt slavery. When the game is over the real thing will begin and the knives will come out. They’re not bored, they’re salivating in anticipation. Look what they got up to after the Russian Revolution.

    • suliwebster says:

      Why do we need the money though ? Is it to stay alive ? To stay in the game ?

      I am not sure they have facilities to accept money back unless it is into a specific account.
      I probably won’t give it to them, I am too hooked on money.

      When I gave up alcohol, I eventually found myself tipping a half drunk bottle down the sink that I didnt want to drink. Finally I had devalued the wine, and could throw it away. Previously I would have drank it up so as not to waste it.

  9. suliwebster says:

    The copyright for the King James Bible is owned by Royalty !
    Does Royalty get royalties for every copy sold ?
    When Cameron first came to power, he issued “free” copies to all schools, that’s 21,000 copies.

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