Lending Library

Jesus tipped over the tables in the Temple of the Money Lenders. It must have upset things a bit, having all those neat piles of weighed out gold spilt all over the floor, along with the accounting books that keep records of who owes who, how much and when.

All that neat Roman order gone.

ORDER, we must have ORDER !

Ordering orders everyone about and tells everyone what to do.

Jesus lived in Roman Times, much like we do today, and the Romans count money in L.S.D. That’s Libra, Shilling, Dinari. LSD was the British currency until decimalisation in 1971, and the Great British pound still continues, with the ‘£’ symbol being a fancy version of the letter ‘L’. L is for Libra, the pound.

People in Britain still like to weigh things in good old fashioned pounds, a pound weight is abbreviated to “lb” or “Lb”, short for “Libra”.

Are you getting the general picture here? The picture that a library is something to do with lending money, just like a bank.

Hush, hush, keep quiet when you go into a library, just like when you go into a Church, or a Temple, or maybe even a Bank.

The Royal residences and other stately homes all have a large room reserved for the library, holding vast numbers of books. That should warn us.

Public Lending libraries are set up to make sure The Public can play this game too. It’s a mind game. On the surface, it appears that the public get something for free! Free books to borrow. Subsidised by the taxpayer, because we pay taxes to provide public services, like libraries, for free.

Loaning and borrowing are words used by bankers. In fact this is what the banking system is entirely made out of… DEBT.

If you borrow a library book, you now owe a library book to the library. You are in debt. A library book is a stack of paper, just like a stack of one pound “Libra” notes. You have to return the library book by the agreed date on your loan. If you are OVERDUE, then a “fine” is charged, the fine increasing for each day that passes. This is just like paying interest on a monetary loan. OVERDUE reminds me of the penalty inflicted on OVERDUE pregnant women, a Roman Caesarian.

If you lose or damage the book, you will get charged for the value of the whole book. And then they can re-loan the same book, now renewed, over and over again. That sounds very similar to the housing stock and mortgage system to me.

Thus all libraries, though they appear to lend things for free, will have some means to collect and count and bank money.

There is a “counter” in a library, where you do your transaction of borrowing and returning and paying. A counter for accounting. There is a friendly librarian who takes down your data details, and stamps things, and sets a return date for the loan. Nowadays there are self serve machines where you can do your transactions including paying money, they remind me of the machines in banks, the ones that sometimes say “FREE CASH”.

Usually, you will need a plastic library card to use the library, it looks like a credit or debit card. In return for the card, you will have supplied some data, such as address and date of birth, just like you do to open a bank account.

You can manage your library account online these days, incluing paying any money that is DUE, or OVERDUE.

So you can see how much money transactions are involved in this free lending system. It all needs accounting. Someone has to keep the books !

A “bookkeeper” sounds like a librarian, a keeper of books, but it is another name for an accountant. And I wonder if the very first book was actually a double entry bookkeeping system for the money lenders. The money lenders were the ones that needed to kep records, and thus they invented a method of doing so.

You see, a loan system is not an instant transaction or exchange, all done in the moment. A loan system requires a time line, a time delay, a guaranteed future. Records must be kept, and then referred back to. Otherwise we will not know who owes who what and when, will we ?

The profit is in the future, always. The profit requires a prophet and a prophesy. And the prophesy is a sort of forecasting that tells us what to do. Just like the weather forecasters cast the weather fore us. There are lots of prophets in the Bible.

The word Bible is like the French word Bibliotheque, meaning library. Bible tech, maybe. Maybe the Bible is actually a technical instrument with all the instructions for bookkeeping. Coincidentally, the Bible is laid out in DOUBLE columns, with carefully numbered ENTRIES, which reminds me of bookkeeping.

The King is in his Counting House
Counting Out His Money

The Queen is in her parlour
Eating Bread and Honey.

You can see that the King is an accountant and a Bookkeeper, and thus every Royal Palace or Temple must have a library to keep the books. The King is the chief Money Lender.

Bookkeeping is like Beekeeping, keeping the Queen Bee, and this is another profit making con… the Beekeeper STEALS the honey from the bees, just as our “honey”, or life, is stolen from us by deceit and trickery. The honey is not FREE, that is why beekeeper wears protective clothing. Honey is kept in pots of gold, just like gold. Honey comes in jars weighing 1lb. One golden pound.

The star sign of LIBRA (a Roman pound) depicts balance, usually drawn as a weighing scales. And that is because the books must be balanced. Banks have weighing scales to weigh money. The double entry system is designed to look like it is BALANCED, and therefore JUST and FAIR.

The JUSTice and Jewdiciary system is run by the same people, the Ju’s, or Jews, that run the banking, God’s chosen ones.

FAIR means FARE, like a train fare, or bus fare. Or a trade FAIR. It means trade, money, profit.

The Statue of LIBERTY represents being FREE. Just like the library lends books for FREE, just like the bank machines offer “FREE CASH” , free pounds, free £, free “libra”.

The ins and outs of Bookkeeping is an art form full of trickery.

The double entry system was created by the Medici family who ruled the city of Florence, Italy. The Medici family were a very powerful banking family, who funded Leonardi da Vinci and many other prominent artists. They supplied several Popes, and it seems they also gave their name to MEDICINE.

Schools and Universities have libraries, both are places where the young are trained to revere books, and book keeping. Children from age 4, can borrow a book from the school library, for free, in our free education system, and carry the book home every day in a little book folder (which is not free, and has to be paid for as part of the school uniform). They are not simply “allowed” to borrow a book, they have to. The training includes looking after the book, and returning it by the agreed date. It is good training for debt mentality. If you fail to return the book by the agreed date, you will be told off by the teacher as if you have committed a crime.

The Vatican has a library, and a bank. Not much jesus spirit in the Vatican, is there ? It is much more of a ROMAN CHRIST sort of place.

Ultimately, the real hidden agenda, of what is being counted and owned and loaned, is women, or to be precise, women’s holes. (Please see King Cnut). The “double entry” system starts to look like a “double entendre” for the hole. And hence the Bible is The Holy Book, complete with double entries and double entendres. (Please see Book of The Hole). It seems appropriate that Great Britain has recently put Jane Austen, a woman, on the reverse of the new ten pound (ten libra) note. Jane Austen writes BOOKS about rich people (who have libraries in their houses) and marriage (a bind, a contract, a future promise, just like money). Wikipedia notes how she links money and marriage. LIBERATED women are pleased there is finally a woman on the reverse of the money, though the Queen has been on the front for decades, and surely a woman as the Monarch is a triumph for feminism ?

I no longer borrow books from libraries. I have found it gets very stressful for several reasons. I have to take good care of the book and not lose it, or else I have to pay up. I have to SAVE THE DATE, or else I have to pay up. (I easily forget dates these days). I have to get back to the library with the book before the agreed date, or else I pay up. Thus I am tied to being in a certain place at a certain day (it is like trying to catch a plane or a bus). I have to sign up to get a plastic library ID card, which I must keep safe and produce when required.

A debt creates a relationship, a contract, a bond, a bind. Books are bound or binded to hold them together. Do you really want to be bound to these people and these ways ? The State ? The council ? The Money Lenders ? The Bookkeepers ? It’s FREE !!!!

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3 Responses to Lending Library

  1. Claire says:

    Surely the feminists liked it when it was Florence Nightingale on the £10 note? Maybe they felt she should have been a doctor.

    I am surprised there are any libraries left as people can read free books on line. I think it’s funny that there are cook books and that books can be cooked.

    The double entry systems sounds like a woman who’s getting both vaginal and anal sex at the same time.

    I don’t know why Jane Austen was on the £10 notes, Enid Blyton would have been better.

    • suliwebster says:

      I never noticed Florence Nightingale! …even though I handle the damn things every day, sick of seeing the Queens head looking at me.

      Yes, I agree, that is exactly what double entry sounds like. Or possibly the spit roast method, head and tail simultaneously. (When I worked in schools, I remember teenagers, about 14 or 15 years old, coming in Monday morning talking about the weekends drunken debauchery, including spit roasting, and laughing it all off, a great tale to retell, FUN FUN FUN funeral).

      Jane Austen is related to Bath and Ralph Allen, who I have written a lot about, it is probably linked to the Order of the Bath rituals, and the Roman Catholic College of Prior Park, where Allen lived.

      • Claire says:

        Florence Nightingale is The Lady With The Lamp. There are other ladies with lamps such as the Statue of Liberty and the Columbia Pictures lady. I think there’s some significance to this, maybe lighting the way or showing what’s hidden, but I haven’t been able to find out what.

        I remember at school the tales of drunken/high debauchery and the ensuing pregnancy scares. With hindsight, I think a lot of them were exgaerrated and people where just trying to prove they weren’t prudes, though some might have been coerced into doing stuff they were uncomfortable with.

        Double entry goes on a lot in porno films.

        Jane Austen is an author I find difficult to read. I could never keep track with who was who in her books and I found them extremely boring. Saying Jane Austen is boring gets a person a lot of hate, though I get the impression more people do find her works boring but they don’t admit it because then they would be seen as unitellectual.

        I like to imagine a more exciting life for Jane Austen, who I imagine spent a lot of time inside, looking out of the window. I imagine that she saw the gardener and fancied him and that he told her funny jokes and she had some tattoos. I also imagine she wrote some more interesting books under a male name and she was happier than she looks in her pictures. Daft, I know, but I do feel sorry for Jane Austen.

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