The Paper Person

I write this post in honour of my father who died some months ago.

In the process of accompanying him to death’s door, and laying him to rest, I have found that there are three parts to a British person…

There is the spirit, that leaves the body in the moment of death. Body and spirit are separated like a divorce.

Then there is the body that is left behind. The corpse. Those relatives that are left behind dispose of the corpse via the public ceremony of the funeral, complete with its fixed time and date. That takes a few weeks. The coffin is usually made of wood, dead wood.

And thirdly, there is the Paper Person, which drags on and on and on for months, sometimes years, before it is finally killed off.

For some time after you die, your Paper Person continues to exist, even carrying out paper transactions in your name. Letters arrive addressed to the Paper Person long after you are dead.

An executor, or executioner, is appointed at your death, their task is to slowly kill off the paper person. This involves a huge mountain of paperwork.

I have been gravely buried under this paperwork for several months, and I am starting to feel quite corpse like myself, trapped in a paper coffin. I struggle to remember who my dad really was, his true spirit or nature is disguised by the larger-than-life Paper Person. I go out in the garden or look at a picture of him to bring back memories of his spirit.

Paper is cut into straight lines, using a GUILLOTINE, the same device that once executed real people, guilty ones, by chopping off their heads. OFF WITH HER HEAD !

I have come to wonder if my Dad’s life, as well as his death, was buried under his Paper Person, and how much the Paper Person crushed his spirit whilst he was alive, as it crushes my spirit now.

My father spent his whole life taking care of all the paperwork for the family, so the rest of us didn’t have to, and could live without worry, shored up, insured, by paper. If anything went wrong, there was a piece of paper to take care of it, the Paper Person comes to the rescue. But what was the price to pay for all this payper ? Pay per person….

My mother is left a widow, shored up by paper, secure in her home, but a future ahead alone, wondering why her marriage was not happier than it was. Could paper be to blame ?

Everything is future proofed by paper !!! Everything. We need paper to make sure we have a future, we have pieces of paper for peace of mind, pieces of paper that claim to allay our fears of what is to come. Paper to prove we own things and have rights ro them, property rights, proprietary rights, all Right and Peoper.

It’s all foolproof.

Paper fools us and makes fools of us.

A paper life is a life of mind over spirit, mind over matter.

I have almost rebuilt a new paper person from the guillotined pieces of my dad’s paper person. It has been rebuilt in the name of my Mother, who now has a much bigger and more powerful Paper Person than the one she had before.

It has made me more determined than ever to reduce my own Paper Person. Not just to save my children from the task of executing it, but also to save myself from living under it’s ruled lines while I am alive.

The Paper Person is our script that we follow, our instructions, our boss. It weighs us down like a paper weight. How could paper be so heavy ?

We all have a Paper Person, brought to life by the Birth Certificate. As a newborn baby, you are signed over to the State, so that you can receive the benefits of the club, free hospital care, free schooling, somewhere to live, food etc, etc, none of which is possible in England without a Paper Person. Even gypsies and homeless get allocated paper personas, if they do not have one.

One day not far off, the entire paper person will be converted to electronic form, and the job of executor or executioner will be much quicker. We will be promised a much simpler and better system for executing the Paper Person. No more form filling, just a click of a button by an authority, such as a Judge, or a Doctor, and that will be it, probate done at electronic high speed. An electronic execution, more modern than the guillotine, it will be more like the electric chair.

They can test this new method of Paper Person electronic execution on criminals who need new identities.

Or on criminals who are not allowed any identity.

You see, if someone is a guilty one, a criminal, if they have not behaved correctly, they can be humanely killed off simply by executing their Paper Person electronically. No need to use nasty head chopping devices in our advanced humane society, and no more need for prisons ! Punishment can simply be EXCLUSION from the Paper Club. You could even execute large numbers all at once with just one click, a modern electronic massacre, maybe a whole race, electronic eugenics online. People will simply be disappeared from the Paper World. You will be excluded from everything because you do not exist on paper, therefore no access allowed.

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT means your CAPITAL LETTER Paper Person will be deleted. Off with her head ! The head is the mind, or the head office, HQ of a corporation corpse. Our heads are stuffed with Paper. No wonder they are cut off with a guillotine.

The paper person is replacing our spirit in every way. Like spirit, it is one big thing that is shared amongst us all, and connects us. We all deal with each other through paper or its electronic equivalent, by screens, by internet, by money, by letters. (as I am doing now on this blog). The one big communal Paper Person is the internet, which is a giant high speed filing cabinet. A giant office, a giant mind.

The Paper Person is controlled by Corporations, corpses, the dead. Each corporation is inhabited by real live people executing the will of the corpse, just as I am executing the will of my father after his death. The head of each corporation is the Chief Executioner, The CEO. The CEO of the world is The Papal Person, The Pope. All corpses must be disposed of on consecrated land, owned land, whose paper trail of ownership leads back to The Pope. It seems to me, The Pope must own all the Corpoarations too.

The time delay between the real person dying and the Paper Person dying leaves a very strange window of opportunity for fraud and manipulation, whereby anything can happen, and the scheming scam vultures hover overhead to try and cash in on the TIME GAP in the market. MIND THE GAP. The mined mind IS the Gap, and it is infilled with paper. Methinks that this is how corporations work too, they are somehow in the inbetween state (the E-state) whereby there is no person alive that is paired with the Paper corporation, and the corporation is in a constant state of executing the will of someone long ago buried.

I do not think we need this third person made of paper. Why can’t carry out our will whilst we are alive ? Why can’t we share out what we have whilst we are alive ? Why are we are so frightened of the future ? How were we persuaded to join the Paper Club? Who persuaded us that we need to chop down trees for our false paper security ?

Trees are alive, paper is dead. Paper is made from the corpses of slaughtered trees. Nature is our future provider, but we kill her off to make paper for peace of mind. And in the paper making process, we crush our shared spirit too.

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5 Responses to The Paper Person

  1. veritopian says:

    The whole process of giving voice to the dead/paper-person, the corpse-oration, is necromancy.
    The living-dead are always traditionally hard to kill…

    The state is a paper-person. It’s the ultimate work of origami – a machine to enslave the whole world – made merely of paper. That’s some pretty accomplished dark-magic…

    We live in a world where entire countries and all their people are owned by fictions written on pieces of paper. But this is the best civilisation that has ever existed, they tell us…

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, necromancy, good point.
      Necromancy sneaked into the public domain wity Jimmy Saville, I seem to remember, to be normalised like paedophilia, I suppose.
      Nec, neck, off with her head ! Chop it at the neck.
      I always assume that China was the original EMPIRE, what with its ancient emperors, and claim to have been the first to invent paper. They are as you say PAPER MASTERS.

    • suliwebster says:

      Also… neckROMANCE. Sounds like dracula ? And obviously ROMAN ( i.e. the Pope).

  2. I was suddenly left alone as an alien in a foreign country when my husband died in Cyprus in 1989 – just one year after we had arrived to enjoy the rest of our lives in retirement. I have never felt so isolated in my life – yes I was surrounded by new friends, but that the paperwork and officialdom were unrelenting in their pressure upon me.

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