Prudential Prude

A “prude” is someone who is sexually shy or afraid, a “killjoy” a “prig”, a “puritan”, “not forthcoming romantically” etc etc. It is a derogatory word usually applied to a woman who is in some way saying NO to playing the Sex Game, not joining in, or offended or shocked by it. A “prude” is deemed to have a “problem” in our Sex Cult. I am becoming more prudish all the time.

A prostitute is the very opposite of prude.

A liberated woman is a prostitute that is free, costs no money. Liberated means free, in the same way that libraries are liberated because they lend books for free, and thus the books can be used over and over again by many people, getting more worn and tatty all the time.

To be “prudential” is to be careful with money, modest with money, a money prude. As always, money and sex are horribly intertwined.

The word “prude” comes from the Old French word meaning proud. A proud woman holds her head up high and is proud to preserve her inner sanctuary, her womb and its sacred passageway, and to not let any old Tom Dick or Harry into it. Coincidentally, gay men and women are “proud” too. There is a movement labelled “Gay Pride”, as if they are collectively proud that the sacred female womb space is always preserved, protected from invasion.

Victorian women are considered prudish, but there was no contraception available in those days, other than abstinence or “the withdrawal method”. “Withdrawal from sex” describes a prude. Victorian women could Say NO to sex on financial grounds, because they could not afford another mouth to feed. It was prudential to not have sex, it saved money. “I am not a prude, I am just being prudential”. Being prudential is acceptable, being prudish is unacceptable. Saying No to Sex due to financial reasons is not quite the same as being a “proud” woman, you can see that money was already the main influence over whether or not a woman said No, or was allowed to say No, and the proud protectiveness had probably already gone out the window, even back then.

Of course, the Victorian man could overide his chattel of a wife, the wife that he owned, that he had bought with money as his free wife to use forever like free wifi. So the woman could be fat with child, fearing how to make ends meet, with another mouth to feed on the way.

However, there are many different ways to be prudential. Aborting the baby is prudential. It saves money.

When “prude” becomes replaced by its money counterpart “prudential”, anything can happen. Our original morals and values go out the window, and money starts to make the decisions.

To “tighten your belt” is an expression for being careful with money, prudential. It is something we are all instructed to do in an economic recession. I am looking at the words, and they are looking back at me and clearly saying that belt tightening is an abortion method.

The Masonic Belt is my own terminology for the Belt I see everywhere. Look at the Coat of Arms for England, and there it is, forming a CAPITAL “Q” shape around the central shield. Q is for “Queen” and Qunt. A belt was once a tool for whipping, especially whipping children. A belt holds up the trousers of the one in charge, the person who “wears the trousers”. A belt is fastened in place by a hard metal spike that penetrates a soft skin hole in the leather, mimicing the sexual act. To “belt” someone is to beat them. “Belt up” means “Shut up”. Belt up your wife, and that should shut up the baby. To “belt up” in modern day life, means to strap babies into chairs, cars, etc etc, or to belt up adults in cars, a nice waist strap across that pregnant womb should do the trick.

Belting up keeps us “safe and secure” we are told. If you want to be prudential, you keep your money secure in a “safe” or in “securities”. Shut up keep safe.

A proud prude woman will shut up her access to her womb, keep it safe.

A man in times gone by, might put a chastity belt on his wife to lock her up safe and secure. The chastity belt has the added advantage of aborting any unwanted babies by tightening round an expanding waist. They were made of metal. A chastity belt was therefore a good financial investment as it would save mouths to feed. A chaste woman is a prudish woman.

Women used to faint from overly tight corsetry, corsetry designed to create small waists, waists that a baby could not possibly survive in. Nowadays, we have lycra and moulded underwear, tight bras, and flat pack tummies as desirable. That is because we must enter into the Sex Game and not be a prude. Show everyone how willing you are to tighten your belt and be prudential.

I remember David Cameron going on about “Less Waist” before he was elected Prime Minister. It was a time of recession when the country or cuntry was called upon to be prudential, tighten belts. This has gone hand in hand with the rise to fame of a very flat tummied Queen to Be, Princess Kate. It has also gone hand in hand with an attitude towards babies that says women should not have children unless they can afford them. An attitude that says babies are not welcome in the world. An attitude that is creeping towards a One Child Family policy, and then if you only have one child, you will want to get the design absolutely right. Designer babies will be in demand. And abortion will be in demand too.

You can see that Too Much Waste is something that we don’t want, a problem to get rid of, and so is Too Much Waist, which is a woman fat with child. It is quite normal in our times for men to insist on abortions, and for women to want abortions so their life is not ruined by another mouth to feed, and therefore more money to find to pay for it.

Of course, prostitution is a good option for women who want to get money to pay for their extra mouths to feed, either by selling yourself on the High Street, or selling yourself to marriage.

You can see that the rise in consumerism and its attendant waste has gone hand in hand with the rise in free sex, sexual freedom, the waste of life in abortion, and the corresponding demise of the prude.

The modern day media attack on fat people, or obesity, is another version of prudence, and tightening of belts. Mass consumerism, mass sex, leads to unwanted waist and unwanted waste. The evidence is clear before us, hanging at the waist.

The Prudential is a large financial services corporation that specialises in life insurance policies. Which fits in neatly with how being a prude is about being careful about creating new life. Prudential Insurance is about swapping money for life. And that is what we have done over the years. We have swapped our life for money. We have swapped prude for prudential. It is considered prudential to have life insurance. But to be a prude is to protect the sanctity of life, and to keep the creation of life something special.

You can also swap life for money by selling your unwanted baby, as Asian babies are bought, “adopted”, by rich Westerners. Or by breeding a baby deliberately for someone else, as in surrogacy, or in “donating” eggs or sperm, in exchange for some monetary “expenses”.

But back to the “prude” with which I began. There is no place for a prude in a Sex Cult. The very fact that “prude” is a derogatory word shows how Sex Cultish our world is. Noone wants to be labelled a “prude”. But it seems to me that a simpler and much kinder way of life is for both men and women to abstain from invasive sex, with the possible exception of The Act of Creation itself. Surely the act of creation of a new life deserves to be more sacred ?

“Prudential” means being responsible with money, tightening belts when necessary. In the process of becoming “prudential”, we have lost our responsibility towards the health of the womb, and the creation of new life. To me, freedom always comes loaded with its heavy counterpart of “responsibility”. Thus sexual “freedom” must come with “responsibility” too. Sexual responsibility is in the word “prude”, something for both men and women to be proud of.

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Magnetic Money

Some say that money is ENERGY, something natural that we continuously spend or expend, then top up again, just carry on it helps the world ! I say otherwise, I say that money is a manipulator of energy, set up to direct the energy of others and thus the whole world.

These days spending money in leisure pleasure time (DOWN time) seems to expend as much energy as earning money in work time (top UP time). Whenever money changes hands, or changes smartphones, an agreement is made to divert energy somewhere new.

The energy is diverted against the true desire of everyone involved. If people truly desired to put their energy towards something, they would not need money to attract them into doing it. You have to use money to draw people in to get them to do something they don’t really want to do. Money is a magnet.

If you have lots of money, you are a money MAGNATE. Sounds magnetic to me.

A magnate is a “wealthy and influential businessman”, a financier, baron, tycoon, merchant prince, captain of industry, etc etc. Magnate means someone with lots of money. Lots of magnetism, lots of power to buy others, to “influence” the flow of energy. The more money you have, the more you can divert the energy of the world to fulfil your own plans. This seems a bit greedy to me.

Money comes in different forms, all electromagnetic….

…coins are made of metal, originally gold, the most electromagnetic metal of all.
…paper money has a magnetic strip, a fine piece of metal embedded into the paper. …old fashioned credit cards have a magnetic strip.
…modern plastic cards have an electronic chip.

…and the smartest money of all is the Smart Phone, highly electronic, that you can just swipe across a reader device, and money just moves magically magnetically out of the phone into the reader receiver. Have you noticed how people are magnetically attracted to their smart phones ?

Before long, you won’t need a reader to read a smartphone, you will just be able to put two smart phones together to transfer money, to make an exchange, to make an agreement, or contract. It will be like two phones kissing (Please see Smart Phoney People), in the same way that a magnetic human kiss seems to make a contract, a deal, a diversion of energy. A spark of magnetism flashes from one to another.

All currencies and currents are electromagnetic. Electricity and water are electromagnetic. They have storage banks, electric battery banks, or river banks, just like money does. Humans are electromagnetic too, we are made up of mostly water.

The most magnetic part of humans is the sexual energy. And that is why Smart Money is getting sexual and starting to kiss each other. Money buys sex. Sex is a best seller. And I think that Mary Magdalene is thus named because she is MAGnetic. The female body is a magnetic attraction.

A strip tease is a magnetic strip, just like money. It attracts in money, good money. Do women really want to put their energy into a strip tease in front of paying strangers, or are they magnetically attracted to the money ?

If we have money, then we can buy the energy of others when we find that our own energy is not enough to meet our own desires and demands for keeping up with modern lifestyles. That is the whole point of money, to buy others. To order others around, place orders online, place orders in a restaurant, click online, click your fingers and get people to do your bidding, because you have successfully bid for them with magnetic money.

It’s a feeling of power. Power is a bank of energy.

A money magnate has more power in the world than his fair share. Money is a way of making slaves appear willing, giving an illusion of fair exchange, and fair trade.

The money earn and spend cycle is set up to appear fair but it is not. It creates a middleman media that interferes with our natural human desire to exchange energies with each other, to interact, to help each other along on our journeys through life.

Money is of no use or power by itself, it is only of any value when exchanged. But when it is banked up, it has enormous potential power, just like a dam of water. And can you see that money is set up to have us always thinking ahead to the future ? There is a powerful magnetic pull into the future, because you work first, then a little later you receive money. Then your money is stored, maybe for weeks, or minutes, or years, until you spend it. No matter how small, there is always a time gap between the exchanges. So we are always looking ahead, looking forward to receiving or spending money, or to receiving things that we have already paid for. The magnetism of money creates a desire to keep going ahead along the time line. Forward thinking. Advance !

Banks and employers may give out an “advance” to people, money ahead of time.

Banks give out loans too. Loan sharks, or is it lone sharks ?

It seems to me that loneliness is created by a lack of real human daily exchanges with other humans and the Earth too. Genuine kindness of kindred spirits. We need to feel our true electromagnetics. Money rich people, such as money magnates, are known for being lonely, maybe because the magnetism they attract in is false, and their exchanges are never genuine, always tainted by money, a false God.

The Earth and humans are filled with natural harmonious electromagnetics that give us our reason and our joy to live and to love, to belong, and to share in the moment. We are diverted by the false magneticism of money.

Magnets can repel as well as attract, and I find money increasingly repulsive, especially money magnates.

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Drunk Fruit Flies

There are two interesting things about fruit flies. Firstly, they get drunk, just like humans. Secondly, they are perfect for genetic experiments, just like humans.

I am going to explore the idea that alcohol fuels sex, and has been deliberately introduced into our culture so we can be genetically experimented upon.

Fruit flies are not so dissimilar from humans as you might think. They share with humans 75% of the genes that cause disease… maybe all these diseases are alcohol related. Fruit flies drink alcohol and breed. They have distinctive genetic markers that are easy to observe scientifically, such as different coloured eyes. They are kept in captivity, their breeding controlled, data constantly collected, preferably when they are under general anaesthetic. They are counted, their numbers recorded and analysed. They are fed “a pastey substance called media”, who makes this stuff up ?

I know that fruit flies get drunk because it happens right under my nose. Fruit flies are the flies that you have to keep out of your home made fruit wine by some elaborate equipment, that allows air out of your brew, but stops the fruit fly getting in. Fruit flies are the ones that turn up in their thousands in your compost bin when it is full of fermenting fruit.

So let’s go back in time a little way to an industrial past in England to examine Drunk English men. I am going to take the example of the stone miners of Combe Down in Bath, because that is what I am familiar with, but the same pattern repeats everywhere….

The male industrial workforce is always set up next to a bank and a pub. The bank pays the men, then they get the money all back again at the pub. The remaining time in the man’s 24 hour day is spent in domestic harmony, fucking or hitting the wife and kids, fuelled by alcohol, then into a drunken anaesthetised sleep before work calls again. That’s the industrial tradition. The mines in Combe Down were helpfully connected to the pub cellars so the miners did not need to come up for air inbetween work time and alcohol time. The exhaustion of a day’s work is enough to drive the men to the relaxing temptation of alcohol. Relax ! And once you have had one drink, you want more. Drink and blot it all out. Meanwhile, women had to take in sewing and laundry etc etc, to get money to pay for food for the family, because they got nowt from their men.

You can see that the men were anaesthetised or fired up by alcohol whilst having sex. You can see that the industrial lifestyle of the men made them driven to let out all their PENT up frustration on PENETRATing the wife. And repeating the pattern over and over again… pent up, drink, penetrate, repenetrate, repent, repenter, rape enter. Ad nauseum…

Our modern day TV and internet screens, newspapers and shop windows display the horrors of endless sex and violence. Sex and violence come as a pair. It is well known that violence is often fuelled by alcohol. But the fuelling of a “normal healthy active” sex life with alcohol is a bit more hidden.

I think SEX IS VIOLENCE. Penetration violates some sort of sacred law of nature. And that is why it needs some sort of artificial fuel to drive it, or some sort of numbing of the senses, in order for men and women to go ahead with it.

Penetration provides release from being pent up. It allows a man to let off his industrial steam.

Alcohol is good for letting down your social inhibitions. And nowadays, girls get drunk too. They have to, in order to go ahead with the socially accepted norm of a healthy active sex life. In times gone by, girls were obliged to go ahead without complaint because they had signed up for the marriage deal. Nowadays, alcohol is the method to break down the barrier, and bypass the sacred law.

Alcohol relaxes you, liberates you from pesky social inhibitions. But supposing these social inhibitions are actually our natural defence system against doing something we don’t really want to do ? Something that deep down offends and destroys our soul.

Date rape usually involves alcohol. Here we have sex and alcohol paired up again. Drinks get “spiked” in nightclubs, usually by a man wanting to rape or “spike” the target woman. This is so common, it barely gets reported to police, nor announced by media, yet I know of cases myself. Once the woman is drugged or drunk, she is unable to resist. The man becomes irresistable.

You don’t need to spike the drink though. Alcohol itself is enough to knock down any walls of resistance, and is the most common substance used to spike drinks. Alcohol encourages consent, fuels consent. This is the liberation of women, aided by alcohol.

Roman Tic dinners include alcohol. It doesn’t matter what social strata you belong to, there is pre-sex alcohol available for all. It gets you in the mood, it fires you up, it numbs you, it makes it easy to go ahead with sex.

It is as if alcohol triggers or creates a desire, a mood, a sex drive. A driving force, an industrial work force. The biggest industry on Earth is the Sex industry. To get us all breeding like fruit flies in genetic experiments.

I remember when I was young and away from home, I would get overly drunk to survive social situations, something I deeply regret, and something I talk about to young people today. I hardly touch alcohol now, and my sex life seems to have dropped away with the alcohol, almost like a straight line graph.

At the same time of my life, I briefly studied genetics. And guess what… we used to breed fruit flies all the time. Count them, analyse their eye colours etc, leave them for a few days to breed in an enclosed place, then anaesthetise them so they could be analysed and counted again. And then we could do lots of statistical analysis on the results. Thus you could observe how genetic markers carried through the fruit fly population.

Nearly every Western person seems to have been fed on a “pastey substance called media”, just like the fruit flies. The media that we are fed says that War is violence, but sex is love. The “swinging sixties” says Make Love Not War.

“Swing” parties are sex parties where everyone wife swaps. An orgy in other words. Roman. It’s swinging, it’s free, it’s sexy. It’s hedonsitic. Fuelled by alcohol. I am not sure how anyone could partake without alcohol to aid and abet the industrial scale of sexual activity with any body that’s going free. Get off your head, lose your inhibitions, have fun. It’s not war, is it ? It’s not harmful, is it ?

Maybe fruit flies are the testing ground for genetically engineering humans so that human sexual behaviour and breeding can be controlled.

Like most people, I found alcohol horrible to drink when I first tried it. It’s an acquired taste, and you keep practising so that you can join in socially. After a while, you get to enjoy it, because you are joyning in. You get to crave it. You are told off for spoiling the party if you don’t drink alcohol. You are told off for spoiling the party if you refuse sex. You are told off for being negative, for saying NO.

Alcohol is used in hospital environments to sterilise and anaesthetise. The date rape drug rohypnol is described as an anaesthetic, or hyonotic. Hospitals themselves are sterile and numb and clinical. Sterility is the opposite of fertility. A sterile environment kills off life. Anaesthetic is used to stop us feeling pain, to stop us SENSING. If we agree to a hospital operation in theatre, we sign up for pain, theatrical pain. If we agree to sex, we need anaesthetic to go through with it. I think that penetrative sex is purposeful for creating counting and numbing numbers, but our Sex and Vioence and Alcohol Cult is killing off our soul and spirit. Sex is ironically killing our true life force whilst we are told that sex is essential to create life.

Fruit flies are constantly numbed and sterilised, their breeding controlled via a sterile numbers game called the Sex Game. In genetic experiments, numbers are numbly collected. The fruit flies get categorised and counted for data.

Numbers mean divide and multiply. “Go forth and multiply” is what geneticists tell the fruit flies to do. It is an arithmetic operation, a clinical operation, just like in hospital.

These days, there are lots of things for sale or even given out for free, to enable more free sex and sexual freedom. More swinging sexties ! Viagra is one such product to improve male sex drive. The existence of Viagra tells me that men have as much inhibitions with going ahead with sex as women do, and they need help to joyn in. Viagra acts on “NO” pathways, NO is Nitric Oxide, an “important biological signalling mechanism”. Perhaps Viagra is trying to change the NO signal to a YES signal, by acting on it. Apparently lots of extra NO artificially relaxes you, and is also good for athletes to artificially build up their bodies. But too much becomes an overdose, overdoes it.

If you are a frigid female, (unwilling to let anyone in), or an impotent man, (unwilling to enter in), then you are saying “NO”. You are deemed to have a problem. You are socially inhibited, you are negative. You must be corrected to say “YES”.

Nitrous Oxide, N2O, (NNO) is known as “laughing gas”, and is used for dental and medical operations to numb pain. Relax, laugh, say YES !

We are being fed sex fuel in our daily diets, in the media diet, and in our food. What’s in bread, inbred ? Bread is a pastey pastry substance, Bread and alcohol are both fermented substances. We are high on ferment, in the “firmament on high”. All white flour that is sold in the UK, including organic, contains compulsory additives by law. One such additive is Nicotinic Acid, (otherwise known as “niacin” or vitamin B3). Nicotinic Acid contains N and O. “Feed us this day our daily bread” says The Lord’s Prayer.

Humans are being counted, and observed, our breeding monitored and controlled, as if we are in fruit fly labs. The genes for different colour eyes can be traced using methods such as passport control. Entering and leaving the country is equivalent of transferring a fruit fly from one breeding enclosure to another.

Schools are another data collecting centre, where everyone is counted and observed. In England, an official up-to-date portrait photo is taken of every child every year, supposedly so that parents can buy them and display them on their mantlepiece. Parents are sent home a copy of the photo, labelled “SAMPLE” as if it is hospital data. They are very expensive and even if you don’t buy one, you know someone official has a copy of it somewhere.

Schools are responsible for sex education, it is the best place to train children into the cultural norm and what is expected of them. You can teach them that sex is essential for breeding. You can teach them that this is what they must do to when adult. Schools dumb and numb, and program and train. Schools are enclosed places where kids are counted in and counted out, and a register is taken every hour.

The birth and death register counts people in and counts people out, monitoring the effects of breeding control, and keeping the numbers in each breeding cage up-to-date.

There are many numbing things in our culture. The entire internet digital world is numbers, hence the word “digit”. Digital music is numbing, or painful. It doesn’t have to be alcohol that sterilises and anaesthetises and temporarily relieves our pain, there are plenty of other options and operations available through the pastey substance of media.

So it seems that GOD is a geneticist eugenicist, as well as a Time Lord.

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King Henry the Ninth

Prince Harry (real name Henry) has always been after the “top job”, according to a recent national news headline about Harry’s true feelings. Harry says that noone else in the family really wants the top job. Coincidentally, a news report that caught my attention some years back quotes William saying “Harry will succeed”. Success in the Royal family means succeeding to the throne.

King Henry The Eighth…
Harry has always played a King Henry VIIIth sort of role, it seems to me, and I am going to compare the two Henries and show how the spirit of Henry VIII is still very much alive today. Although Harry is only 5th in line to the throne, there are ways to ensure success and succession, and if he gets there, he will be Henry IX.

The Show Must Go On…
On the same day as Harry’s carefully scripted true feelings came to light (22/6/17), another newspaper headlined with the Queen carrying on her duties despite her husband being ill. The Palace Press Office is pressing and imprinting our minds again. The Show Must Go On is the message. Since then, there has been another Harry headline about how he nearly quit the Royal family, but his LOYALTY to The Queen has kept him going. Loyalty is the message. Loyalty to the Hive. Duty to Queen, Cunt and Country must come before all else, we are told. Copy the Royals.

Child Protection…
We are told that it was cruel that Harry age 12 was made to march in public behind his mother’s coffin. (Reminds me of Peaches Geldof being forced to school the day after her mother died). I agree, and the mood of the nation these days will agree it is cruel too. It is paving the way for sheltering under age royals from adult style public duties (but not private ones). Maybe George and Charlotte will be deemed too young to be King or Queen. Charles is already brushed aside as not popular enough, so we only need William out of the way for popular Harry to succeed.

Modernising the Monarchy…
We are told that the Royals are modernising for the good of the Nation, and the Queen has said to Harry “Take your time”. It all sounds so nice and family like, the sort of thoughtful caring family friendly people we would like to run the country eh ? They sound a lot nicer than any of the crazy angry politicians, don’t they ?

The Two Henries
But anyway, rewind back through history to the Middle Ages and Henry VIII, who had a red beard. Like Harry has a red beard. Henry VIII is best known for the tale of his six successive wives, although only one wife was successful. And Harry is known for his playboy antics. Methinks the similarities will be even more. Could it be that the tale of Henry VIII creates a setting for Henry IX ? Have we been pre-programmed to accept a new King Henry and like him ? Was Henry VIII popular in his time, despite his bad behaviour ?

Bad King Henry…
In England, Henry VIII is rammed down our necks at school and TV and elsewhere. He is idolised and approved of, patronised as a loveable charming rogue, even though divorcing and slaughtering everyone around him should earn him the name Bad King Henry.

Ann and Cath and Jane…
Henry’s wives were all called CATHerine or ANN, apart from Jane Seymour, the only successful one. The curious thing about ANN and CATH is the electronics.

Annode and Cathode…
ANode and CATHode are the two electrodes in electrolysis, positive and negative polarities. ANion and CATion are the – and + ions that flow from one polarity to the other. It’s like the polarities of polling in an election, or the polarities of heterosexual attraction and repulsion. positive and negative, male and female, blue and red. Five of Henry VIII’s wives seem to be electronic, and maybe the polarity of the country was flip flopped with change of Queen, rather than alternating between red and blue political parties. Anode is colour coded as red, and cathode as blue. All modern elections are votes for the popularity of the Queen, and maybe they are votes for the polarity of the Queen. (See Polling Nation). The Queen is the currency, the value of the cunt and the country. Do you have bits of paper in your pocket with her dead head stamped on it ? Are they of value to you ?

Catherine of Aragon (1)…
Catherine of Aragon, wife No 1, was first married to Henry VIII’s older brother, Arthur, the heir to the throne. Just as modern day Catherine is married to Harry’s older brother William. But Prince Arthur died before he succeeded, and then Henry somehow inhenrited Catherine as well as the job of heir to the throne. His whole life seems to be about inheriting things from others, and creating inheritance. Modern media stories have already planted the idea that there is a threesome going on with Kate, Wills and Harry, and I find that William has a middle name of Arthur to help the repeating story along. Catherine of Aragon was eventually divorced by Henry, for failing to produce an heir… her two sons failed to live, and there was one girl, Mary. No good for inheritance ! Henry went to extreme lengths to get rid of Catherine, he began a brand new church, a new brand Church… and you could call that Modernising the Monarchy.

Anne Boleyn (2)…
Now we have flipped to ANNode for wife number 2, and in modern times, we just have an election and switch to Labour party being in power. Change of current polarity, change of Queenly cunt current. Current affairs are the affairs of Monarchy. Anne Boleyn was beheaded for producing a girl Elizabeth, but no boy. No good for inheritance ! Coincidentally Prince Harry kills for a living, claiming that the murders he carried out whilst in the army were just doing his job. It seems that killing for a job is what Henry VIII did too, his job was to ensure a male heir.

Jane Seymour (3)…
Jane Seymour is a modern day actress who starred in a James Bond movie, and lived at St CATHerine’s Court on the ouskirts of Bath until recently, it is a grand mansion with a Royal sounding name, it is 15th century, built during the time of Henry VIII. Jane Seymour is a carefully chosen stage name to ensure greater theatrical success, Jane Seymour was the most “successful” of the 6 wives. Modern day Jane is a glamourous actress leading the way in how modern women should behave, as glamourous alluring liberated Bond girls. So far, she has 4 husbands and 4 divorces, quite similar to her theatrical co-star Henry VIII. Olden days Jane produced a baby boy, Edward, Henry’s one and only son and heir to the throne, and so it is not surprising that the modern Jane Seymour has an Order of the British Empire (OBE) for successful services or cervices to the Queen. Loyalty to the Queen. Jane Seymour of olden days died shortly after childbirth, her duty done. And it seems that middle ages Jane led the way in how women should behave too.

Anne of Cleves (4)…
I am not sure what polarity Jane was, maybe a coalition of red and blue, a blurred blu-red ? But now we are clearly on ANNode again. No children here, and it shortly ended in divorce, which was now legal under Henry’s New Church.

Catherine Howard (5)…
Back to CATHode again. She was beheaded after a short marriage, presumeably this was legal under the New Church rules too.

Catherine Parr (6)…
…outlived Henry, and went onto marry Thomas Seymour, brother of Jane Seymour. Catherine Parr is the most married Queen in history, marrying four times like modern day Jane Seymour. It seems that Henry had met his perfect match. During her reign, Catherine modernised the monarchy, which allowed Mary and Elizabeth to succeed to the throne despite the alienation of their mothers. It is similar to recent Royal modifications that allow girls and Catholics new rights to succeed to the throne. Is the Middle Ages repeating itself, but maybe with a few differences, a few upgrades ?

You can see that the Catholic Church is a CATH too. Henry divorced CATHerine, and he divorced his country from the CATHolic Church. Henry was Anti Cath. Until he became pro-Cath again. Can you see the similarity with modern day Brexit ? The UK is currently divorcing Europe. Henry VIII has shown us that the purpose of divorce is to get rid of one alliance so you can have another one, a better one, an upgrade. It is not the UK that is at fault, oh no, all problems are caused by the EU ! Maybe Harry’s job of Modernising the Monarchy is to find a new “wife” for his Country, to join up to a new alliance, I would say the the CATHolic EU POPE is a good bet, reuniting the Church of England with Catholicism, in a new united church. So that once again we are ruled by Rome, and Roman ways, not that Romans ever went away (See Romans Remain).

The Queen’s Head…
…is a common name for an English pub. Two of Henry’s Queens were beheaded. Although the value of the hidden cunt is the currency and cause of the current, the public face that we see is the Queen’s head. It is only the head that you see on postage stamps and pubs and money.

James Bond..
The advisor to middle ages Elizabeth I (Henry VIII’s daughter) was John Dee, known as 007. The modern day version is James Bond, who has been pictured theatrically walking alongside Elizabeth II in Buckinghame Palace. I don’t know how James Bond got into this post, and it increasingly feels like a Shakespearian play. The Bond film that Jane Seymour starred in is “Live and Let Die”. It is the opposite to my life motto of “Live and Let Live”. The world’s richest live a life of wealth and protection at the expense of any others that get in the way, or might get in the way, and the motto of the Royal Family (and indeed the Pope) must logically be Live and Let Die, in order that the Royal Family lives on, in order that the currency lives on.

Dissolving the Monastries…
It’s a new start, a modernisation, an advance ! Henry VIII could do what he liked with his New Church, and he did. Dissolving Monastries sounds like dissolving menstrues, and I am reminded of the cycles of birth and renewal, and fertility, and the importance of preparing a new womb for a brand new baby to grow in. For inheritance to continue. Coincidentally, the process of electrolysis requires a solution of a dissolved substance, and then the polarised electrodes (ANN and CATH) act to extract the dissolved substance out of the solution.

Dissolution of Parliament…
Every time a UK election is called, the Queen “dissolves” parliament. The old parliament must go in order to make way for the new, same as getting rid of an old failed wife, or an old failed womb lining, or an old failed marriage with Europe. After the election or electrolysis, parliament is reformed. In Henry VIII’s time, the modernisation program was known as “Reformation”.

Good King Henry…
…is an edible wild plant, also known as wild spinach. (It’s Bonus Henricus in the Pope’s Latin language, who makes this up?). You can eat the leaves like spinach. A variation is known as Fat Hen. Like FATher HENry, I suppose, who fathers children and gets angry when he fails to. Or maybe like fatten hens (women) by fertilising their eggs and getting them fat with child. The plant is used to fatten actual hens. And you could say that King Henry was used to fatten his wives, his overriding purpose in life, and his overwhelming loyalty to the Royal line is INHERITANCE. Hen, Henry, inhenrytance.

Loyalty Royalty…
All army, police etc, and Members of Parliament swear allegiance to the Queen. All the Queen’s protective circle, her COURT. They are duty bound to be loyal. If the Queen collapses, the currency collapses. Because the value of the currency is held in the Queen or indeed any accompanying courtly queens-to-be such as Diana or Kate. The GBP (£) is a high value, because the Royal family is cleverly marketed as a product at home and abroad. It is why we can buy cheap stuff from lower value countries, but they cannot afford to buy stuff from us.

Henry’s Heir…
The story of Henry VIIIth reveals the programming of the Monarchy. An heir must be produced AT ALL COSTS, including killing people. An heir is for inheiritance, each heir inheriting the loyal royal duty to keep producing another heir, ad nauseum. The Show Must Go On. A Queen is essential to produce an heir (Please see Male Reproductive System). Henry VIII was just doing his job, scripted to do his duty like Harry.

The next monarch…
I have written other pieces pondering the next monarch. The value of the Queen is linked to the value of the currency. Imagine how unstable the GB currency will become when the Queen dies. Far more unstable than a change of Prime Minister or a divorce from Europe. We have had the same Queen for about 65 years, stabilising the GB monetary currency, whilst wars and slavery and instability are perpetuated elsewhere to pay the price. AT ALL COSTS. No price is too high to protect the Royal line. Methinks the Royal controllers are preparing for the next monarch, testing the water with their press releases. They are testing us to see how popular Harry will be as King, and they are manipulating us to like him, despite his bad boy history. Maybe they are manipulating us to think beheading, playboy antics, and polygamous wife sharing is all ok, to be admired. It is global theatre and the Royals are all media actors. They carry on acting loyally and royally because they have an audience (including me, sucked in yet again by passing newspaper headlines) that still watches the show, and continues to value the currency that goes with it.

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Get Fit

“Why don’t they connect up the treadmills in the gym to the solar panels ?”

This was part of a conversation I overheard in the ladies toilets, between two lycra dressed Get Fit running ladies. It tells me a lot about how the current media programming is affecting people’s thinking, and programming masses of minds.

Coincidentally, “FIT” is the name of FEED IN TARIFF, a UK government scheme to encourage people to make their own electricity at home, more than they actually need, and feed it in back to the National Grid.

Far too much of a coincidence that this should run alongside the media programming that tells us to Get Fit. Get Fit for 21st century purpose !!!! Get FITs and be green and eco.

The UK government pays FITs people rewards for turning their own homes into mini power stations, usually through investing huge sums up front into solar panels on the roof. Within several years, in theory, they can make a huge profit ! Another one of those Get Rich Quick schemes that are so tempting as a way out of life’s treadmill !

FITs are promoted in the name of a new ECO world, whereby people can profit from ECO whilst simultaneously believing they are saving the world with their green activities.

But back to the ladies in the Ladies… because they caught my attention due to a very big Freudian slip. It seemed they did not actually understand how solar panels work, they have just been programmed with “solar panel = free energy = eco = doing good”. Something like that. The lady should have said to connect up the treadmill to the battery, or to feed it into the national grid. Because the gym treadmill, in theory, could perform the same job as the solar panel by supplying “free” energy. (Don’t you just love anything that is “free”‘ or “cheap” ?)

However, solar panels can work in reverse and suck energy from the battery to power the Sun. (See Tree Fi and Solar Saviour). So it is a great idea to connect the treadmill to the solar panel that feeds the Sun, totally in keeping with our Sun worship culture. The lady may have accidentally been speaking more truth than she realised. The Sun is a sort of National Grid or battery, an energy store in the sky. We power the Sun, and it gives us a little bit of power back sometimes.

Treadmills that exist in gyms are machines that humans run on indoors whilst going nowhere. Humans can measure their distance and speed and all sorts of other things about their fitness achievement. It would be no great difficulty to connect a gym treadmill to feed the Grid and then you could measure your Feed In Tariff, your FITness level, and even get paid for it ! Sometimes there are lots of treadmills lined up all in rows and rows, so lots of people could feed in all at once.

A new type of treadmill is for office workers. It is well known that sitting at a desk and screen all day is bad for your fitness level. Which is why office workers go running and go to the gym. But now, employers that want to be nice can provide treadmills for workers at their desk !!! So workers can keep fit whilst working at desks. The desks just have to be a bit higher, to accommodate the treadmill underneath. They can have rows and rows of them too. And maybe office workers can take home extra pay if they had their treadmill hooked up to the National Grid.

It’s brilliant isn’t it ? Get fit and get money from FITs, whilst being ECO. ECO means powering the ECOnomy, and no longer has anything to do with ecology and looking after the Earth.

I think we are all going to be having FITs soon, epileptic fits, epilectric fits, what with all this electricity flying around, far far more than we actually need. Where is it all going, if everyone starts to generate far far more than they need ?

Can you see the story so far ? People in offices and gyms can be linked up to the National Grid via treadmills. And then people in their own homes can have treadmills too, much cheaper than solar panels, and more reliable than sunshine, especially in England. And whether you are at home, or in the gym, or at work, you can get fit and get FITS.

Being fit is considered being good, the same as being ECO is good. Before long, people that take too much from the national grid without feeding in will be ostracised as being unFIT. Not fitting in like Muslims don’t fit in. Or being “obese”, the sign of people that are super unfit, and feed themselves too much.

Green, ECO, caring people FEED IN. They FIT. They feed the world through the FIT scheme. If you want your brownie points in the new religion, this is what you have to do.

Feed The World says Bob Geldof, at Christmas, at any time. But all we are doing is feeding the National Grid. Anything “National” means State central control. “Grid” is rows and columns set out in squares and straight lines, very Roman like.

Sooner or later, the FIT tariff will stop, and caring people will donate their fitness to the good cause of feeding the world, especially at Christmas time, and more importantly SAVING THE PLANET, as it is now known.

Line up, line up, get into lines, and rows, and columns, feed the Grid. Get on your treadmill to keep fit, rows and rows of us in offices, and homes, and gyms and prisons and schools. And maybe one day down the line of time, it will be the ONLY way left to pay for food and bills. You can pay in fits.

Get Fit for 21st century purpose ! Get FITs.

There are other sorts of treadmills as well as running machines, that you find in gyms and in homes. There are cycling machines, and there are rowing machines. Both would work equally well at feeding the National Grid.

Let me draw your attention to the rowing machine. And then cast your mind back to what you believe to be past times when Romans were in charge. And notice how we have been taught over and over again how great and admirable Roman Times were. With their Empire, and their STRAIGHT LINES, their big buildings, and TALL COLUMNS. Their road building, their SQUARES, their sporting STADIUMS, their super FIT sporty heroes. And their wars and invasion, sexual orgies (no doubt including paedophilia), gluttony, murder of jesus, and slavery.

Think of how Romans travelled and invaded on their ships, and think of how they were powered by galley slaves down below, rowing in rows and rows, like machines in a gym.

Coincidentally, Britain excels at rowing sports, and the Oxford and Cambridge boat race is a rowing race, for which you have to be fit.

So it seems to me that all the Get Fit programming, combined with Save The Planet programming, and all of it carefully equated to Doing Good, Doing the Right Thing, Doing God, all of this is leading to making us willing treadmill slaves, powering the Roman Ship.

Disabled and kids can join in too, that’s the beauty of indoor machines, we can adapt them for different users ! And that is why we have Paralympics, Special Olympics, and Youth Olympics, to show us how heroic it all is.

And when there are enough people rowing/cycling/running on treadmills, powering the National Grid, the new Roman ship will be launched, maybe it already is.

The National Grid in Britain sprawls out an intricate network over the entire country, much of it lying underneath those Roman roads. It is a huge amount of electricity, a huge amount of stored energy, HUGE. Enough to launch a spaceship.

We are being led to the 21st century purpose, and it is to power the New Roman ship, by neuro man, who is wired up, hooked up to the grid. Willingly.

See all those wires hanging out of Get Fit people, people out running or cycling in lycra, with wires stapped to arms, wires inside ears running down to chests and hearts.

Of course we can still have all our Roman luxuries and culture, like cappucino, and cinemas, and TV, and internet, hot showers, and Led lights. Just as long as your feed in amount exceeds your feedout amount, all strictly measured of course. We must have a fair treadmill.

The Space that the Roman space ship is launched into is the space in our head. Our headspace is being filled with FITS and fitness.

And finally, back to the Freudian slip in the Ladies… For a long time we have been told that the National Grid supplies us, the people. It feeds us, powers us. The State feeds us and powers us, that’s why we have to vote… to keep the whole thing RUNNING. It is why we have to contribute and pay tax. We have willingly and cooperatively set up the monstrous machine. And just as solar panels can work in reverse to power the Sun from the battery, so can the National Grid be used as one huge single power source to power something very very big, something as big and super powerful as The Sun. And we, the fit galley slaves on our treadmills are hooked up to feed into it.

I think our minds are being gridlocked.

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New Moon Musings

Sometimes I see what appears to be a full moon rising in broad daylight. And then I remind myself that the Full Moon only appears in the night sky, and is NEVER seen in the day. The “moon” that I see is actually the Sun, veiled in cloud.

The Sun and The Moon are not as different as we are led to believe. We are told the Sun is the centre of everything, monstrously huge and powerful, a bright yellow burning hot ball of fire, the source of all our energy, centre of our world and indeed the whole galaxy !

But when I see the Sun shrouded in cloud, it is a perfect disc, just like the Full Moon. Identical. It is exactly the same size as the Moon. It is pearly white, just like the Moon, and I can look at it directly with the naked eye. There is no sign of anything flaming hot or yellow.

It is as if there are two moons, a WHITE moon for the night time, and a faster brighter YELLOW moon for the day time.

The Moon is full size only once a month, unlike the Sun which is always full size. The Full Moon and the Sun are NEVER seen in the sky together. There seems to be a rule about that, only one sphere visible at a time.

At the time known as New Moon, the Moon vanishes. As if it has gone off stage. We are only ever aware of the Moon at New Moon if it eclipses the Sun. And even then, we do not “see” the Moon, we just see a black disc cover the Sun. As if there is a third celestial object of equal size to the Sun and The Moon. A BLACK Moon. Though we do not normally see the Black Moon. It only appears at a solar eclipse.

When the Moon is approaching New Moon, we see a slither of a crescent. But when the Moon is aligned with The Sun at New Moon, we see nothing of it, even though The Moon must normally pass either below or above the Sun in its orbit. You would expect to see a crescent slither just above or just below the Sun, looking either like a smile or a downturned mouth.

Similarly, we never see a crescent moon right next to The Sun, there is always a distance between them. When the Moon is in the vague vicinity of the Sun, it completely vanishes.

It is as if there is a an area in the sky surrounding the Sun which the Moon hides behind as the Sun overtakes it at New Moon. It is as if the Moon is behind the Sun. It is as if the Sun has replaced the Moon.

The expression “New Moon” has always puzzled me, surely it should it be “No Moon” ?

Or are they renewing the Moon every month, replacing it, chucking out the old one, and sending out a brand new one ? A bit like a woman’s womb lining is renewed monthly.

Or is the New Moon really The Sun ? Is the old Moon being phased out, and we are all being upgraded to the higher speed time control of the Sun ? And eventually when the old Moon is gone, a Brand New Sun can be launched, faster and brighter than our current Sun. The old Sun then becomes the New Moon, just throw a permanent veil of cloud over it, and it will seem quite dull and dim and slow compared with the New Sun. And before long, we will all adapt to the new go-faster, brighter world.

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Joined at The Hyp

Two people that are very deeply in love are called “joined at the hip”, because they seem to be INSEPARABLE. Identical twins can be born joined at the hip, physically conjoined. There is a third way to be joined at the hip… by hypnosis. I have a hypothesis about hypnosis, and it seems that HYP or HIP is a joining word and a joining place, where two worlds meet as one.

The opposite of “join” is “separate”. In our Western world, we are taught from birth how to be separate independent beings that do not really share anything except by strictly accountable mechanisms, processed via central control, internet, governments, media and welfare state. We are carefully programmed to unjoin from each other and join to the State instead.

One or many…
It seems to me that we have two states of being, and both are valid. The state of matter is symbolically female, we exist in separate bodies, that can physically touch at the skin. The state of matter is MANY of us. The state of spirit (or chi, or god) is symbolically male, we exist as one spirit, the same one and only spirit inhabiting all of our separate bodies, flowing in and out like air or water, joining us as ONE. These two aspects should not be in competition, nor at war, but in harmony.

Mutual hypnosis…
There is an experiment I have read of, whereby two people simultaneously hypnotise each other and go into the hypnotic trance state together, as if joined. And it was this experiment that got me started on my hyp hypotheses. The two participants both reported afterwards that they felt they had been to “another place” together, and that the “desire to merge” was very powerful. To begin with, this was deemed to be a good thing, but in time, both participants found that they felt threatened by this past closeness. It threatened their individuality and autonomy. Well that reminds me of something….

Falling in Love…
…is a very strange thing that happens to us all, but is difficult to explain or understand in any modern day way. I have come to think that it is like going into a hypnotic trance state, almost drug like, whereby the entire world is perceived differently, giving rise to the expression “Love is blind”. Nothing much seems to matter when you are in love, time and money go out the window, fear goes, and a wonderful trust in the world takes its place. It feels like you are in “another place” together, sharing an unbelievable closeness not normally experienced, and that you have surrendered to the very powerful “desire to merge”. You have joined to another, and in doing so arrived at another place, a place of conjoining conjunction. You are in a lover’s tryst and trust.

Mother and baby…
Each and every one of us has a past life, a memory, where we were joined at the hip, joined to our mother held inside her hips. This is “another place”, a past life that was very different from the world we now live in. A place of joining and sharing, not separation. A place where you were merged with your mother, inseparable. (Please see Soular Plexus). It’s a feeling of being home, joined to another kindred spirit, nurtured. It seems to me that we are always seeking to find our way back home to experience this “other place”.

Open Heart…
When you are in love, your defences fall away, and love flows freely without the usual blockages. Love is healing, love is vitality, love is powerful. Your heart is open in total trust and surrender, and it is open to being healed. You relinquish your autonomy and hand over control to some greater force, the force of conjoining. But the power can also be abused, misused, and while your heart is open, someone can damage it. Hence the problems that arise when the “in love” part comes to an end, or the mutual hypnosis comes to an end, and the two participants struggle to regain their autonomy, their separateness, after so much has been shared. It may also explain why so many people have issues with their mother, it was the umbilical cord that joined you to your mother and fed into your open heart.

Open Heart Surgery…
If you go into hospital for an operation, you are opened up. You have handed over all your power and trust to the medical staff. This trust can be used to heal or to abuse, just like being in love. It would be easy to harm someone who had their heart opened “under the knife” in open heart surgery, wouldn’t it ? All defences are down when your chest is opened up, your heart naked and exposed, and you have been drugged unconscious by General Anaesthetic.

Hypnotic anaesthetic…
Hypnosis has been used successfully instead of chemical anaesthetic during major surgery. In the hypnotic state, you can be pain free. You can be so open to joining, that the surgery is not painful and has almost no after effects. I think this is because you put up no resistance, no tension, and you are open in love. I am going to suggest (as hypnotists do) that love takes you to the same place as hypnosis. Love can take you somewhere where you are not only pain free, but where you can be healed.

Broken Hearts…
Our modern world is full of broken hearts that need mending. This may explain the surge in heart surgery to match the scale of heartbreak. Heartbreak is caused by the unjoining, and breaking apart of love, the pain of separation. (See Soular Plexus). When two people fall in love and go to “another place” they are going to a place of healing, joy, joining. I think this is the feeling of being inside the womb, where two hearts beat as one, in time, in tune, sharing, joined, open.

There are healers in the world that have astounding results that defy medical science. Some can work remotely on their patient, and some use their healing hands, the power of touch. The one thing that they have in common is an intensity that takes the healer and the patient (who must be open hearted and trusting) into another place, another state. The healer and patient become intensely JOINED for the duration of the healing power… in a TRANCE like state. Just like love or hypnosis. They are temporarily conjoined, inseparable, for the healing power to work its magic. Successful healers have methods to detach themselves after the healing work is done, unlike lovers.

Sexual healing…
The sensuousness of sexual intimacy sets off a hypnotic trance like state. Our original sexual intimacy is with our mother, from our womb experience and then our birth (if it was vaginal), and then breastfeeding. Any sexual intimacy will trigger earlier sexual memories (both good and bad), the body remembers everything. In a sexual state, you are naked, exposed, open, nothing is hidden, you trust and join.

Pandora’s Box…
Everyone has a Pandora’s box, skeletons in the cupboard, locked up. Bad memories of earlier damage are hidden away but still there. Bad memories and damage are caused by powerful intimate intense connections in the past, ones where intimacy and trust were betrayed. The memories can be awakened by going into the hypnotic state and seeing the truth. This can be scary, but it is the path to heal. The Western world teaches us to bury our emotions and our pain and carry on holding ourselves stoically together, but all we do is shove more and more into the Pandora’s Box, and do our best to keep the lid on it. Over time, the buried grief and pain mounts up. I think this is why two people who unjoin can feel threatened by each other. The intimacy of being joined brings about an intensity of knowledge of the other and of yourself, where everything becomes naked truth, exposed. It digs up all the past pain in an attempt to heal it.

Broken Hips…
If the number of hip hop hospital hip ops is anything to go by, then it seems that broken hips are as common as broken hearts. A broken hip is one that is disJOINted, no longer joined at the hip joint. Could the increase of disjointed hips arise from a lack of joining and sharing in our society ?

Hospital Intimacy…
Why are so many people in hospital all the time, are they deep down simply in need of care and love and being joined up again ? Are hospital operations a modern form of intimacy, the ony one available to many people ? It gives an opportunity to opt out of work and routine soul destroying life, and go to “another place” where someone (the surgeon) intensely joins to you. But the thing is with hospital operations, they are physically invasive into the body. This is in stark contrast to healers that work remotely or by using the power of touch, and in stark contrast to hypnosis. You are much more than naked in a hospital op, you are physically entered.

Is it love when the body is invaded ?…
The operation known as The Sex Act is starting to look like a surgical survical cervical operation. Surgical intervention. The surgeon, let’s call him Sir John, a Knight, enters the receptive female body with his surgical tool. He pumps in a surge of chemical fluid which alters the nature of the womb and everything in it. The operation is helped along if everyone takes some anaesthetising drugs or alcohol, especially the female, and especially first time.

Keyhole Surgery…
It is keyhole surgery, through the key hole, the womb hole. It is the hole that was once kept under lock and key in the form of a chastity belt. It is the key to who we are and where we came from. The key to life is the hole.

The first Hip Op…
Perhaps the Sex Act as we now know it, (i.e. the physical invasion of penetrative sex), was the original surgical hip op. The Sex Act targets the hip chakra of the female patient. The Sex Act targets the egg inside the hips, not only that, it is targeting the hips of the egg. It seems to be a double hip op. If successful, the hip chakra of the female egg is replaced with a new improved version, the resultant boy egg has no hip chakra, no womb, but instead will be born with a useful surgical tool, ready to perform hip ops on any distressed damsels who cry out. (Please see Just a Little Prick).

Home Hip Ops…
Hip ops are getting so common that before long you will be able to buy a hip op kit from the pharmacist, and do the whole thing at home. So maybe the original Sex Act was an operation once performed in hospitals, medically, surgically, and then it became something you could practise in the comfort of your own home. The Sex Act traditionally takes place on a bed, just like hospital operations take place on beds too. And nowadays the Sex Act is going surgical again with IVF treatment, egg and sperm donation happening in clinics. Hip Hop.

Theatre Acts…
The Hip Op takes place in Theatre, an Operating Theatre, Opera Theatre maybe. The Sex Act is an Act being played out, part of a much bigger play. Parliament is theatre too. Parliament rules over us and tells us what to do. Parliament is there to control the population, and that means controlling the Sex Act that creates the population.

Sex Acts of Parliament…
I have found two types of Sex Act in the UK. The Sex Discrimination Act, and the Sex Offences Act. Sex Discrimination sounds like it is de-criminalising sex. Sex Offences sounds like sex is offensive, just like a war is an “offensive”. So it seems that only some sort of sex acts are criminal and offensive, and other sorts are not, parliament says so.

Sooner or later the pressure to be separate and individual and unjoined gets too much for everyone. People find different ways of escaping to “another place”, or at least something that gives a vague feeling of being joined to love. You can drink yourself into oblivion recreating drinking from the breast, you can watch films or read books that take your mind elsewhere, you can get obsessively fit, you can take illegal drugs, you can take prescription drugs, go on the internet. And I would say you can be a sex addict too. I would say that the modern day Sex Act is intervention, invasion, war, surgical, and does not give the pure “joining at the hip” that is required for healing. But this post, like all my others on sex and love, is very much a work in progress towards finding the truth.

Joining Words…
A joining word is called a “conjunction”. “And” is a joining word. To join two separate things together. Even our language is set up to separate and join. And you must never put “And” at the beginning of a sentence. Because joining words must join two things that are in the same prison sentence together. (Please see Sent Down, we are all in prison for a life sentence). A hyphen is hyp-hen, a good way to join two words or two worlds by the female hyp and the female hen. And can you see the DNA in the joining word AND ?

Conjugal rights are embedded into The Act of Marriage, the right for one party to enforce invasive hip joning upon the other, due to a previous signing of a consent form known as the Marriage Certificate. It doesn’t sound very healing, does it ? It sounds damaging, forceful, offensive, criminal. Similarly, before a hospital hip op, you sign away your rights in advance, by signing a consent form. Once that is signed and you are drugged, the surgeon has some sort of conjugal rights on your body.

A congenital abnormality is one you are born with, such as being conjoined at the hip. It is not called a deformity, just abnormal, different to the norm.

Conjoined twins…
…is a congenital abnormality, sometimes known as Siamese twins, though Siam is now renamed Thailand. Thailand is known these days for its sex tourism, the hip joining gone wrong, since there is no love and trust in it, only exploitation and trade.

Hyp Not In Use…
Not enough joining ! A definition of hypotenuse is that two “legs” of a right angle triangle are joined at the hypotenuse, which is the diagonal side. Two legs joined at the hyp. I always think that hip problems are aggravated by too much driving cars (separation from others big time), and sitting in chairs. Maybe enforced conjugal rights aggravates hip disjoints too.

Hippocratic Oath…
…is taken by doctors, and essentially says DO NO HARM. And you can see that surgeons have immense trust placed in them, as if in a deeply loving relationship or tryst. The relationship between patient and surgeon is very intimate. I am coming to think that the success of a hospital operation depends on the intensity of conjoining going on. And that if everyone had more faith in the hypnotic healing, the surgeon could heal and alter without any surgical tools. The Hippocratic Oath can be applied to the Sex Act, and it is interesting to find that many men when embarking on their early sex lives, find they do not want to penetrate the woman as they are supposed to, and spoil the more “innocent” sensual love they share.

The Baby Maker…
This is a good one, as it adds weight to my theory of immaculate conception (though obviously I was not the first one to come up with the idea). Carol Everett is a healer who has been filmed healing a cancer tumour remotely in just minutes. Her website mainly focuses on treatment for infertility. She claims that women conceive within 2 or 3 months after her treatment. I would say this is a better success rate than a man physically surgically entering the womb ! Carol enables conception by going into a hypnotic trance and conjoining with her receptive female, no physical invasion necessary! I would like to know how many of the babies she helps conceive take on the characteristics of Carol Everett. (please see link below).

Gnosis, Diagnosis, Hypnosis…
Gnosis means the divine spark, or knowledge, to know. To really really know someone is to love them in a purely joined state, where all is naked bare exposed truth, and all the superficiality and falseness fall away in a mutual surrender to merging and joining. You have to FALL to do this, and this is probably where the FALL in the garden of Eden comes from. However, Gnostics apparently do not like matter and believe that only spirit is relevant. Christianity, on the other hand, teaches you to believe that spirit or god or chi (the hypnotic hyp state) is not something you personally have access to, and the Church controls any joining and unity. Christianity and Gnosticism are at loggerheads, impasse. To me, we need BOTH (Please see The Lion and The Unicorn).

Healing Prayer…
Prayer can be used for healing and is another version of hypnotic trance healing. Many people congregating to pray and focus on the same thing can cause a powerful effect (healing or damaging) on the object of the thought.

Miles away…
Sometimes people apologise for being miles away. They have gone to “another place” temporarily. By themself. You can enter this other place on your own. And that shows that we can all self-hypnotise and be in another place without even trying.

Sleep together…
Sleep is a wonderful healer, and maybe the true power of sleep is to take us to “another place”. Sometimes alone, sometimes to meet others there. Sometimes you can go together with the person you are sleeping next to, holding hands, joined where the hands fall next to your hips. And there you can see how “to sleep with someone” has been distorted into the modern day Sex Act. To sleep together these days means adult style sex, and therefore sleeping with your baby is not allowed. People are only supposed to bed share with a Sex Act partner. But to me there is nothing more beautiful than sleeping innocently with someone you love. When you “fall” asleep, you put trust in your surroundings, trust that you are safe to leave your body in rest while you go to “another place”.

Hippy Sisters…
The “Biddenden maids” from Kent, England were born joined at the hip circa 1100. They were also joined at the shoulder. To be joined at the chest, where the heart is, is another variation of conjoined twins. And maybe the joining at the shoulder was actually a very big version of holding hands, their entire arms merged from hand up to shoulder.

Holding Hands…
I sometimes think a simple bit of holding hands would go a long way to healing. It’s not the done thing any more, parents seem to strap in their kids to vehicles like prams and car seats, and bikes, and high chairs, or put them on leads like dogs, whilst joining to their phones instead. Sleeping with your baby is forbidden, they must be caged in a separate nursery in a cot. Holding hands is a joining at hip level. It joins up the centre of the palms, a chi energy point. The palm centre is the point where nails were put through jesus’ hands, his holed hands, when (s)he hung separately from the cross, unable to join with anyone. The palm of the hand has a healing power, no surgical tools or theatre required.

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Links: (a scientifically tested healer, I have chosen this example because a trusted friend of mine directiy knows her and can vouch for her work).

Book :
Seven States of Consciousness by Anthony Campbell

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