The Olympic Showcase

There are now three categories of Olympic Games. The original one (sounds like a flavour of crisps), the Paralympics, and newest of all, the Special Olympics.

The Olympics are there to show off the greatest achievements of man.

The Special Olympics is for people with “special” needs, MENTAL health problems, and it’s nice to include them in the Olympics, it’s only fair that less able people get included in a show that is supposedly there to show off the most able. “Special” looks like “species”.

The Paralympics is for people with PHYSICAL problems, things like missing legs. It was set up to showcase the achievements of medical science. The Paralympics was the idea of an ex-Nazi neurosurgeon who came to work in Britain re-engineering damaged bodies. The war provided a steady supply of damaged bodies for hospitals to experiment on. These days, car accidents provide the supply as well as wars. And coincidentally, so do sporting activities.

Maybe the purpose of all the Olympics is to showcase the achievements of medical science ?

Not just any medical science, this is re-engineering the human race.

Did I say Human Race ?

The Olympics is the biggest measure in the world for the Human Race. The star event of the Olympic Games is the 100m Human Race, supposedly to determine the fastest man on Earth. Though it is not the fastest man on Earth that is relevant, it is the achievement of ever increasing speeds that they are really showing off. Remember the big media excitement about the 4 minute mile ? There will be another big media excitement when medical science breaks the 3 minute mile barrier.

The Olympics measure achievements very scientifically. The highest achiever is the one that can run the fastest, or throw the furthest, or jump the highest. It is time and distance that are measured. And therefore SPEED. The fastest man on Earth is deemed to be the one that can run a short straight line as fast as possible. STRAIGHT LINES are very Roman, and maybe they are Greek too.

An example of scientific accuracy in Olympic measuring is the rebuilding of Bath University Olympic Pool a few years ago. It was less than 1cm too short for Olympic requirements, due to a miscalculation on the thickness of the tiles. It took 6 months to rebuild.

The original Olympics was men only. To showcase the achievements of MEN. Or perhaps to showcase the achievements of medical science in creating a new advanced species known as men. The Olympiads are the very best specimens from the medical labs. Special men, species of men.

Nowadays, to be fair, women are allowed to enter the Olympics too, just like women are now allowed to vote. You can see that eventually if we watch too many of these shows, we all want to be just like them.

But women do not compete in the same races as men, because that wouldn’t be fair, would it ? The women would always lose, wouldn’t they ?

Men perform better at all original Olympic events, the ones that scientifically measure distance, time, and speed.

Why were they showcasing men ? What exactly had medical science achieved ? Could it be that the performing men on Olympic display had been re-engineered from damaged bodies ? Had they been re-engineered from a steady supply of war damaged women ?

War on women means wor (whore) on wombs. A damaged womb justifies a bit of re-engineering treatment, an opportunity for medical science to create something better than the original. (The modern day routine of hysterectomy is history repeating itself). Man is created from re-engineering the womb. A baby boy is produced by removing the womb from the female egg, before the embryo even develops. (Please see I Want One).

Boys always grow taller than their mothers. It seems that the energy that goes into growing a womb has been diverted by medical science into growing higher, and into physical strength. Plus you can run faster and straighter with a more square-shaped wombless body.

There are plans that one day the three Olympics will merge into a sort of league table, and athletes that excel in the Paralympics will be promoted to the Original Olympics. You can see the medical science specialists rising to the challenge of getting their most promising specimens into the Paralympics and ultimately rising into the top level Olympics. Eventually the new-build athletes with replacement limbs, or new hearts, will out-perform the existing human species. Headline news.

The athletes think they are there to win for their own glory, or for the glory of their beloved nation. “How many Gold medals did Great Britain win”, people ask, as if Great Britain is a person who runs races. But the real glory is behind the scenes. It is the gory glory of engineering and achieving another upgrade to the Human Race.


A new species maybe !

The Special new species Olympics is going to be about mental re-engineering, just as Paralympics re-engineers the body. The Original Olympics merges it all into acceptable normality, and one or two generations down the line, we will all want new hearts and legs and minds, so that we can GO FASTER, GO LONGER distances, grow to greater heights, achieve greater heights, grow longer, live longer. MORE MORE MORE. Advance !

If an Olympic athlete uses certain drugs to boost his performance, it is considered against the rules. But the Paralympics is getting us used to the idea that a new leg or a new heart is within the rules. The Special Olympics is poised to introduce microchipped humans as acceptable ways to win races. Strict diet, and rigorous training (trains go fast in straight lines), and special shoes are all acceptable in the rules of the game. I would say these ARE the rules of the game, it is not the human that wins, it is medical science.

Darwin’s Origin of Species is about the origin of MAN, the special species, not woman. We have been programmed Darwin for many years now. It is about the Survival of the Fittest. The fittest is the fastest. Athletes are the fittest. The new fit species will be re-engineered, made to fit the scientific measuring requirements of the Olympics. The Olympic Show is a measure of our progress, a measure of the Human Race.

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In Hospitable

How many people do you know that are “in hospital”? It is as common as going shopping these days. SHOP HOSP, not much difference, except we go shopping for new body parts. I don’t even react any more when someone says they are going to hospital, it has become a normal weekly activity for consumers, like the weekly shop. Maybe there will soon be hospital departments in supermarkets, and shops in the hospitals, so you can conveniently combine the whole lot in one all consuming trip.

War hospitals…
I always associate hospitals with war. The hospital emergency departments used to be called “Casualty”, treating casualties of war. Now they are called “Accident and Emergency”, as if all the casualties are caused by unfortunate accident. A war hospital was a welcome hospitable refuge from the ravages of war, and preferable to staying on the front line. The injured soldiers provided a willing army of damaged bodies to be experimented on.

War Surgery…
Back in the days of world wars, surgery meant amputating a limb. Nowadays tree surgeons are thus named because they amputate the limbs of trees, as part of the war on trees. The title of “surgeon” has advanced war-like to other things, but it always involves invasive acts upon the body, ones that would be considered criminal if you hadn’t agreed to it, and if it wasn’t sanctioned by doctoring certificates issued by the government. A bit like how it is ok to murder during a war, because it is sanctioned and sanctified, justified.

Crime War…
Crime is not a crime if we are playing by the rules of war, crime suddenly becomes noble and heroic. Just like surgeons. The most famous nurse is Florence Nightingale, who set up a war hospital in the Crimean War, in the 1850’s. They were fighting over control of the Middle East, has anything changed ? All war is a crime in my view, deliberately murdering and invading others. Maybe the same is true for hospital intervention. The war on human bodies seems to continue off the battlefield, within the hospitals.

Friendly Fire…
…is when armies shoot at the wrong team, maiming and killing people in their own team, not the enemy team. Hospitals are hospitable friendly places, run by your own team, phew that’s a relief to be off the front line and away from the enemy. No more stabbing, drugging, or being killed once you are in a friendly hospital run by your own team. You’re safe now ! In good hands, God hands, hands of medical science. Hospitals kill people, but it is friendly fire, an accident. Luckily hospitals are set up to deal with accidents and deaths.

Peace Hospitals…
If hospitals are for wartime, then why do we have so many casualties in our current “peacetime” ? Hospitals are overflowing, people are dumped on stretchers in corridors, staff are stretched to maximum capacity, some people die before they arrive. Ambulance sirens are a constant feature of daily life, like the noisy planes overhead. What is the modern day “frontline” that is creating so many casualties of war ?

World war three…
Here are some examples… road accidents kill about 2000 people a year in Britain, many more are injured and rushed to hospital for treatment. Alcohol causes hospital admissions. Sometimes alcohol and roads combined. Work related illness, injuries and stress. Domestic violence (domestic war), often combined with alcohol. Modern day diseases like cancer. Sports injuries. Chemtrails attacking from the air, drugs in the poisoned food. And of course war itself, the one with guns and soldiers. We are constantly under attack on our health and well being. It’s modern living, advanced living, you “advance” in war. “Advance !” is the battle cry. It’s progress, good progress, God’s progress.

Are you on a waiting list ? If you go to your doctor these days, chances are you will be told of some possible scary disease you may have, cancer maybe, or something with a fancy name. You need tests ! Medical tests. Tests taken by experts for experts. Prodding and probing your body. MRI scans, blood tests, blood pressure, biopsy, exploratory operations, cholestrol levels, data collecting, the list goes on. Sign here. See how we all agree to it, just as soldiers sign up for war. And all the testing and weighty waiting makes you ill.

Be patient…
Then there is the agonizing wait where you think you might have terminal cancer, but you have to wait in the queue, patiently, wait for the appointment for the test, wait for the test, wait for the test result, and then repeat all over again with some additional tests. Maybe you will get a false positive to create false alarm, like the false positive friendliness of the hospitals. Be positive, we are lucky to have all this care, people in other countries and past times didn’t get this treatment !

Consumer Choice…
There seem to be an endless list of possible hospital activities, and a huge array of hospitals to choose from, to give us consumer choice. You can SHOP around for the best HOSPital, the best surgeon, the best operation, the best price. There are supermarket style hospitals, and local type hospitals, just like going shopping. Some hospitals do better sandwiches, and have nicer reception areas, with friendly staff that Smile at you, they have car parks with spaces available and cheap parking. Some hospitals have a cafe. Some have en-suite facilities. Hospitals should be hospitable refuges, shouldn’t they ? Noone tells you there is a choice not to consume, not to sign here.

Medical Science…
Wars create a good supply of mutilated bodies to experiment with. Medical science cannot progress without people willing to donate their bodies for the cause. You do not need to be dead to donate your organs. You just need to SIGN HERE. And if you want a POSH HOSPital, then you have to pay for it too.

Over the years, hospitals have become increasingly centres of medical research. Sometimes hospitals are part of Universities, like the Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham. They need live humans to research on, just like animal testing, and Queen Elizabeth herself will be part of the research too. Whatever we do unto animals we do unto ourselves, but we fail to notice because we have been numbed and normalised, anaesthetised by what we do to animals.

Fix It…
Hospitals claim to fix you or cure you in return for experimenting on your body. But first they have to get you to SIGN UP, ENLIST. First you have to be convinced that you need fixing, that you have a problem. So problems have to be created.

Sometimes people find the only way out of their life is to be sick. It is like in the war, when most soldiers wanted to be declared unfit, and be sent back home to a welcoming hospital, where you are looked after, fed, clothed, bedded. Welcome Home ! When the frontline is that bad, hospitals are very hospitable looking places. If you are unlucky, you will be fixed up and sent back to the front line again. So you have to be really bad to completely escape.

Go to hospital…
Royals like The Queen or Kate go to hospital for tummy aches. Royals patronise hospitals, open hospitals, visit hospitals, have hospitals named after them. We are programmed into seeing hospitals as wonderful inventions that are essential for a healthy society. So why is everyone so sick ? Why is the hospital industry expanding and growing like a cancer ? Any little thing, go to hospital. Hospitals are the place to go to get your body fixed.

Operating Theatre…
Surgeons perform in theatres. The lights are trained on the stage, the hospital bed where the drugged body lies. The surgeon cuts with his knife, he sticks things in, pulls things out, alters things, have we been stitched up ? It sounds like some sort of Shakespearian evil, or an operatic tragedy. An operation requires your co-operation though, otherwise we would say it is a crime… It is the same sort of activity that a date rapist performs, drugs the victim at knifepoint, then invades. And sometimes the rapist leaves his victim for dead too…

Death by Hospital…
I only found out recently that a hospital operation killed my grandfather over 40 years ago. He had a heart attack on the operating table, and never came round again. He went into hospital with not much wrong with him, just routine getting older sort of stuff. He was drugged, and then sharp tools cut into him while he was out of it, triggering a fatal heart attack. How often does this happen, and what goes on the death certificate ? Did he die of a heart attack as I had always been told, or was he murdered by hospital ? Doctors write out the death certificate, and it seems that murder by hospital is as acceptable as murder during war, it’s part of the rules of engagement.

Hotels are hospitable places, a bit like hospitals. Sometimes they provide medical care too, if they have many elderly residents. Posh hospitals are like hotels, with your own room and TV, and en-suite bathroom. Complete with a call button for room service. A residents day lounge maybe. They even look quite similar from the outside with their rows and columns of rooms and beds. Hospitals and hotels are measured by the number of beds available and quality of service. Can you see how hotels prime us for hospital living ? Some people like going to hospital because it feels like going to a hotel where you get “looked after”, a little holiday.

Care Homes…
A care home is halfway between a hospital and a hotel. It is the best place for slow deaths. It is where old people go to die if they are not sick enough to die quickly in hospital, nor killed by the hospital, nor dead by the time they arrive at hospital. “I’ll take care of him” is a euphemism that a hitman says when referring to his target to be killed. You pay for care homes like you pay for hotels. The National Health Service (NHS) in Britain is now operating care homes, where they can scoop up all the slow dying elderly for a profit. Elderly people may have their own home or a stash of savings that is up for grabs before it is passed on to their family via inheritance. It makes good business sense to slowly drain them of money and life.

Pavlov’s elderly…
An example from a hospital near me… The hospital is full of old people, waiting for the doctor to say they are well enough to go home. (Fat chance, with LED lights, TVs blaring, and constant drip feed of drugs). Or waiting to be told they are not fit enough to go home, they have to go into a care home to wait for death. The elderly people sit in chairs, and when they get up from the chair an alarm goes off to alert staff. You can see that eventually they won’t bother getting up. And when they stop getting up, they start to become…

It is much easier for the staff to put them in nappies than to help them to the toilet. Inter-continental hotels, incontinent hospitals. All so hospitable. And once they become incontinent, they are even less fit to go home.

Waiting Room…
It is said that “life is a waiting room for death”. That seems to fit with the idea of hospitals as controlling all deaths. Waiting rooms are like hotel lobbies, with reception staff, magazines, potted plants. A hospital is somewhere that you may go into and never come out again, you can die there or stay there, or be moved sideways into a care home sort of waiting room. And I think that this is the general plan.

Corpse Hospitality…
We are all on our way to the morgue. Every hospital has a morgue, usually in the basement or cellar, where dead human bodies are kept chilled in plastic packets with number labels to identify them, a bit like the chilled meat section of the supermarket. It would be a major criminal offence if it wasn’t government sanctioned. Soon the hotels and care homes will have morgues too. It makes good business sense that the morgue is located where people actually die. Why not encourage people to die at the morgue ? You might as well turn up IN ADVANCE, before you are dead, then you are in the right place. Then it is much more convenient for everyone, and the whole process can be controlled and approved by the government sanctioned medics to make sure there is no crime involved.

Corporate Hospitality…
This is when big corporations spend a fortune entertaining clients at flashy events in order to win business. Usually sporting events, like horse racing or rugby. And there will be plenty of alcohol provided. Sports cause lots of interesting medical injuries for research, and so does alcohol. The corporates drip feed the clients on alcoholic drugs, whilst persuading them to SIGN HERE. Consent, say YES. It sounds like hospitals. It sounds like date rape.

Hospitality Suite…
Hotels often have a hospitality suite, that’s sweet. It is where corporations can host fancy events or functions, usually with alcohol. Or families can book the suite for events like weddings or funerals. Hotels are hospitable places.

Roman Medici…
The Medici family are an Italian dynasty, that look like they created the word Medicine. They pretty much owned Florence, the same name as Florence Nightingale. They were a banking family, the richest in Europe. Medicine and hospitals and doctors and surgery are looking distinctly ROMAN to me. Roman life is known for Universities (creating doctors who pay to be trained), War (creating patients who pay to be fixed), and money (profiting from the whole thing). All sourced from ITALY.

Or is it acamedic ? Medics are the most academic of academia, studying at University for 6 years instead of the usual three, heavily programmed. Medici, Academical, Medical, Decimal, all contain MDC Roman numerals. MDC adds up to 1600 in Roman, which is a nice Roman SQUARE number. The Medici family were Roman Catholics, no surprise there, and their domination covered the year 1600. Decimal means counting in tens, Roman style. Decimate means to kill us all off, though the original meaning is Roman and was to kill one in every ten of the enemy. What is the death rate in hospitals ? Schools in England are being renamed aCaDeMies, and they train people to want to be doctors, and they make us sick.

Medi Kate…
Medicate. Kate always goes to hospitals, once for morning sickness !!! And of course to collect her babies. Copy her. Medici sounds like middle C, the centre of the piano keyboard, or the mediterranean Sea. Or Middle Tone. Kate Middleton, Middle Kate, Medi Kate, Catherine Middleton, Catherine Medici… Is Kate the modern day Catherine de Medici ? Does she promote medical science ?

Building Robots…
The ultimate aim of medical science seems to be to rebuild human beings as a new advanced species, more suitable for New Roman Times (NeuroMan Times). They need to dissect and analyse our bodies so they can reconstruct us like reconstructive surgery. Each surgeon will have a specialist area of the species. And together a whole new human can be made. Advance ! Maybe humans can be made-to-order over the internet, and you can go and collect one from your local supermarket hospital shop. (Like Kate does, copy the Royals)

Vaginal Hysterectomy…
This particular medical co-operation is specially relevant because it is removing live wombs, our traditional source of life from whence we all came. I hear that women aged 80 are now deemed suitable candidates, perhaps they are more willling to donate their bodies as they near death’s doors? Where are the stolen wombs going ? To remove a womb, you make a cut through the abdomen to loosen the attachments, then you use a pliers type instrument to grip the cervix and yank it out through the vagina, after first drugging the victim and getting consent. Obviously this would be a seriously criminal sex offence if it was not sanctioned by government and agreed to by the victim. And could any surgeon actually perform this ritual if his patient was not drugged into a corpse-like state ? A surgeon’s training must be similar to a soldier’s training, convincing him he is performing for the greater good, greater God, and thus overriding any natural revulsion or squeamishness.

Memory problems…
After anesthetic, a patient has no memory of the operation. That’s the whole point of anaesthetic, to stop you feeling, stop you knowing. The entire medical co-operation is based in us all being numbed and dumbed. And probably numbered too. Patients awake to confusion and pain, and cuts and bruises on their body which give them some sort of clue what has been done to them. It sounds similar to being drugged and raped. And after a serious rape, many women are so permanently damaged they cannot have babies, just like a hysterectomy.

Birth by Hospital…
Most Western births are in hospital. You can see how few stages there are left to alter before we have live wombs provided for us by hospitals for our convenience. They can just keep the womb alive and ticking with various pipe feeds in some sort of Frankenstein laboratory cage. The womb does not need to be part of a woman, does it ? Let’s separate the two. Advance ! progress ! A new labour saving device, coming soon.

Coffin Birth…
This is another great advance from medical science. Live babies can be birthed through dead women, if the mother dies before giving birth, say in a car accident. They just somehow manage to keep the womb alive long enough to get the baby out through the vagina. Brilliant.

Birthing Unit…
… is a new name for the Maternity Ward ! Can you see how the mothering has been removed ? No more mention of “mater” for mother, or maternity. The emphasis has switched to “birthing”, whatever method is used to bring a new baby into the world, no mother required.

Host and Guest…and holy ghost…
A pregnancy is like a host and a guest. The woman hosts the developing gestating, guest-ating embryo. The woman’s womb is hospitable. It’s just like a hospital, isn’t it ? Food on tap, en-suite facilities, 24/7 care. The Holy Ghost is the spirit that inhabits us, makes us human, joins us as kindred spirits. You give up the ghost when you die, and you gain the ghost when you arrive. Is the hospital a central way of controlling the recycling of the Holy Ghost ?

Born there, die there…
Hospitals are being set up for all arrivals and departures, like airports. The Holy Ghost flies in and out of bodies as planes fly in and out of countries, and the baby is ported out into the world through the porthole of the vagina. Eventually it will be convenient to live near a hospital too, already is… Elderly people feel more secure living near a hospital, it is a selling point for housing. And living near an airport is handy for young people who fly a lot. Maybe airports are training our minds for hospital arrivals and departures.

Scanned In…
(Please see Scan Gate). Babies in the womb are scanned in. Elderly people are repeatedly subjected to MRI scans. Scanned out. Good for feeling secure, isn’t it ? Keeping terror and terrorists away. It’s worth it. Scanning everyone is collecting data, and policing the gates. Body scanning is like policing the gates for birth and death. It is like air traffic control for humans. I bet hospitals have arrivals boards (in the birthing unit) and departures boards.

De-earth via the womb…
In times gone by, women would be in charge of the death rituals, not men in black suits, nor men in white coats, nor funeral parlours, morgues of hospitals, Roman Medicine. The job of processing death was women’s work. Someone sat constantly with the body, as you would with a baby, until the time for departure. It was deemed a nurturing process like pregnancy and mothering. It seems to me that the natural way out of life is somehow the way you came in, through the wombhole (in spirit form). The Medicine industry gives us a little clue as they collect births and deaths together in the same place. The natural way is for births and deaths through the wombhole, and that is why the presence of women is required, else the soul or spirit or Holy Ghost is somehow trapped.


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Book: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

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Capture the Kids

The age of Sex Education is about to be lowered to children age 4 (yes you did read that right, age FOUR), according to a recent news headline. For the good of their own SAFETY and PROTECTION, children will be trained about grooming for sex on the internet. The Sex Ed programming will be rolled out via the government school system where almost the entire nation’s children are now held as a captive audience for anything. Sexual participation is starting younger and younger as kids get more and more sexed up for greedy paedophiles. It is controlled by the government that you voted to be governed by, and funded by your taxes.

Safety and Protection reminds me of being locked in. Locked safely and securely in a safe place. Like a school. It’s good for you, God for you. For your own good, your own God. The God of Sex.

Schools didn’t begin with sex. But they did begin with force.

Victorian times…
It began in Victorian times, victoriously, with compulsory education for all. For our own good. Surely there was some resistance to kids being taken away from families for government training programmes ? Here is an example… In Massachusetts, compulsory schooling was resisted by an estimated 80% of the population. Finally the last outpost of resistance was seized by militia and children were marched to school under guard. It is as if children are criminals, and parents are harbouring them. Are you going to come quietly ? Or shall I fetch the armed guard ?

Educational Prison…
Schools and prisons are quite similar. Schools are becoming increasingly secure. Prisons are offering more education. Both take away liberty. School hours are set to increase, while prison reform shows the benefits for prisoners of having family support. Prisons and schools both invest huge amounts of time and effort into behavourial control and punishment systems.

Sent to prison…
You are sent to prison if you are convicted of a crime, sometimes that crime is to not send your child to school. You are sent to school by your parents, if you are age 4 to 18, and sometimes until older if you go to University too. You are let out of prison when you have served time. You are let out of school age 18, it is a standard sentence for school inmates, though you can extend it for a few more years at Uni by paying extra.

Schools and prisons are both overcrowded and understaffed and underfunded. Sickness, violence and sex all spread easily in these closed in, squashed up conditions.

Safe and Secure…
Schools have entryphone systems, CCTV cameras (57 of them at the last school I worked in), they have security fences and security gates. Children’s whereabouts are monitored electronically every hour, and parents can track their kids on the internet… which means that other people can too. A school in Bath fingerprints kids so they can use their finger ID for buying food and getting in and out of classrooms. The food that kids eat is monitored by computer which records exactly what they buy each day. Schools have exercise yards. Some schools frisk their pupils for knives and weapons on the way in. All visitors are checked in and given ID badges.

Correction Centre…
The pupils wear uniform like prison inmates to encourage the correct uniform behaviour.
Kids are rewarded for correct, “good”, god, behaviour, punished for incorrect. The marks in their books show how correct or incorrect they are. Constantly, all day, every day, until they fall into line.

The school has a governing body and a prison has a governor. Behind both of these lies the national government which rolls out the latest instructions from central office to each of its regional branches.

Locked in…
Children are held in square cells called classrooms, in groups of 30 or more, they have to ask to go to the toilet. A prisoner usually has a toilet in his cell. Children have to be in school all day every day, they are not allowed to leave unless very sick. They are force fed the government curriculum every day, no matter how much they dislike it, no matter how much it makes them ill.

Provided for…
Prisons and schools are funded by taxes, and despite the lack of freedom, everything is done for you and provided for you, there are caterers and cleaners and caretakers. You don’t even have to think what to do next, or what to wear, that’s all sorted for you. You simply do as you are told, follow instructions.

If you fail at school, you may become a criminal and end up in prison where you will be corrected. (all paid for). If you succeed at school, you may proceed to Uni (which you pay for). Many released prisoners revert back to prison because it’s all done for you, you don’t have to find money for food and rent, and although prison has hardships and lack of freedom, there is a community of sorts. Many school leavers cannot cope with finding money for rent and food, (not surprising, it is almost impossible), and so go onto Uni, to postpone reality for another 3 years.

Keeping undesirables locked up…
We do not want kids around in normal life, they get in the way, so they are isolated in schools. The holiday time or end of school day is a real pain when so many are let out all at once. Schools and prisons are both designed to keep undesirables off the streets, out of the way.

Prisoners and school pupils are fully supervised so they do not escape nor commit any wrong doings. Even at school break times, there are staff on patrol.

Everything is strictly timetabled and structured, including meals and exercise times. You must be in the right place at the right time. Know your times tables. Bells help with telling you when and what to do. There is little opportunity for pupils or prisoners to organise their own day or think for themselves except by breaking the rules.

Children are allowed home for weekends and holidays and overnight. Good prisoners sometimes get home leave. Kids still get to go home every day. And there they do their homework because school never stops. Family homes are basically a Dinner, Bed and Breakfast operation to support the school, fund books and uniforms, and provide nursing care for when the child is sick. But that is changing….

Boarding schools…
…are being introduced by the state, step by slow step. In my observation, paedophilia is more ingrained in Britain’s fee paying “public” boarding schools. (See Holy See Over Bath). I think it is because the children are more captive. And now they want everyone boarding. Harry Potter has been helpful at encouraging boarding schools for all.

Mother and father systems…
Schools are setting themselves up as family units. United units of unity. A letter from my child’s school used the phrase “academic mother and father system” to describe the new House system. What is a “mother and father system”? The college system at Oxford Uni uses this system, Oxford Uni being the breeding ground for Universal politicians. A Mother and Father system gives the captive kids a sense of family and belonging. That’s nice.

Family unit…
The school or college or “house” (or prison) starts to takeover the role of family. Everything the family does, they do better, or even replace. Every good parent’s main job is to prepare their their child for school, and then support them through it. The government has trained us to do this through the Parenting program that has its tentacles everywhere.

Care system…
Before long, the “care” system will extend to ALL children, as the real families and communities get increasingly replaced by state versions. Not only that, we will actually be persuaded to think this is good for our kids and want to pay for it. It’s already happening with after school care and breakfast clubs and government vouchers or benefits to fund it. Increasingly schools are offering food, counselling, pastoral care, sick care, and overnight facilities, which started with school overnight trips… school trips are now deemed essential for team bonding, and there is trouble if you or your child opts out.

By consent…
Parents these days condone school for their children. Good parents are approved of by the school, and it seems that parents need that approval as much as kids. Teachers are often quite nice these days and that disguises the horror of what the kids get taught. Parents need schools for baby sitting purposes, because they cannot afford to take care of their own kids. Modern day families need to work ten days work a week between them to fund everything. Parents sign a Home School agreement “contract” to say how they will support the school, and the child has to sign it too, from age 4 (well it was age 4 for my child many years ago, that’s a concidence, age 4).

Who owns your child…
We first sign our kids over to the State at birth, all subsequent contracts reinforce that first one. In the UK, you now have to pay to take your own child out of school for a holiday. You have to buy your own child back from the State.

School Worship…
Most schools were originally set up by Churches. That should warn us. Coincidentally The Church of England approves of the new Sex Ed program for 4 year olds. It’s ritual indoctrination, brainwash, spiritual takeover. All schools, whether religious or not, have assembly in a large hall, where kids file in, sit in line and face the front, worshipping the headteacher. Prisons always have a chaplain, so do universities. There is a new curriculum subject called PSHE, Personal Social, and Health Education, where anything can be slotted in sneakily. This is where Sex Ed has entered as a repeating and routine part of school life. This is where suicide has entered. I have sat through one of these government authored lessons with some 11 year olds, and I learnt how to hang myself from a rope. It is no surprise that some children go on to hang themselves, as they did at my school. They are told what to do.

Hitler Youth…
Kids are frequently more loyal to their school than their family. Teachers are deemed right and the teachers teach that they know more than the parents. Of course they do, that’s why kids are sent to school. Because the family and community is deemed to be inadequate to raise a child. it takes a government to raise a child, doesn’t it ? The government that everyone votes for, the democracy that everyone deems so precious. Our entire culture spells it out to the children, the school knows best. If your parent says something different to the school, then your parent needs correcting. Go home and correct them.

TV and internet…
The internet is the excuse used for sexing up children. But it is schools that introduced and condoned the internet to children. When my elderly neighbour was raising her kids, she chose to rent a TV so her children could do their homework as instructed, because the teachers based homework around TV programmes. When I was raising my kids, I eventually succumbed to get a computer inside my family home for the same reason.

Captured for healthcare…
Schools are now vaccinating kids without parental consent. The kids are held captive. In the US, it is compulsory for kids to have vaccines in order to be accepted into schools. Prisoners are a captive herd easily mass vaccinated. And coming soon, it will be a prison sentence if you refuse a vaccine, so either way you get vaccinated, see ? Step by step. From a little prick to a big prick… School healthcare includes the condom bus that tours around handing out free condoms to 14 year olds, and before long, will it be 4 year olds ? (oh they don’t need them, that’s handy no danger of pregnancy in 4 year olds).

Feeder schools…
Sometimes a primary school is known as a “feeder school” for a secondary school, because its children rise up the ranks from one to the other, like rising up the food chain. So what exactly is the “food” that the one school is feeding to the other? Oh, it seems like our children are the food and fodder. Schools feed off children. Nurseries feed off babies. Universities and prisons feed off secondary school leavers, and corporations greedily feed off the heavily processed products of endless schooling.

Corporations are greedy for profit, and they will do whatever it takes to maximise profit. So if the most profitable “food” is sexed up kids, then the curriculum needs adjusting to correct children to comply. Sexed up kids are profitable. You can sell them on the internet. (See Centre For Exploiting Missing Children). And sex drives sales of all other commodities, especially driving, just take a look at all the adverts.

Kids are “excluded” from school when they are badly behaved. So all good kids and good parents do their best to avoid exclusion. This makes it difficult to exclude your child from Sex Ed. When my kids were at school, they were first subjected to sex ed at the age of 10. Parents were shown a preview, which gives us the opportunity to exempt our kids I suppose. If you do not exempt your child, then parental consent is assumed. The video was disturbing to me, but I felt that noone else was bothered by it and I thought that there was something wrong with me. So I am ashamed to say that I did nothing. If you take your child out of it, and every other child is in it, you subject your child to being excluded. (My kids have experienced persecution as a result of being left out of the in-school vaccine program). In time, there will not be a consent option, or a preview, you will be deemed to have willingly put your child in the care of the school and consent to everything they do to your child.

Pro grooming…
The newly announced sex ed program for 4 year olds is to groom them, program them with sex, prepare 4 year olds for sex. Yes, schools are going to groom 4 year olds for internet sex. Paid for by taxes. Condoned by parents and teachers, government and Churches. How far does this have to go before we all stop participating ?

Generations of parents…
Today’s average parent of a 4 year old is maybe about 30 years old. That means they were raised from birth on Television, but not mobile phones nor internet. I first encountered television aged about 6, and a computer aged 16, I can remember a childhood without these things. Today’s 4 year olds have been raised from birth on internet and mobile phones. So when they become parents of 4 year olds, the invasion will be complete. Even if you exclude your child, they pick up on the behaviour of the masses around them if there is about 80 or 90% coverage, it is too powerful to avoid at this level. The invasion of telescreens has enabled this to happen, Orwellian style, and to me the only way out is to get these screens out of our lives (which I have still not yet managed to do).

Caring world…
Over a period of less than 200 years, the kids have been captured and locked up. At each stage, there is resistance, but then we get used to it, and then we come to believe it is beneficial. (The internet is great isn’t it?). Eventually the dissenters are considered weird or mad or bad parents… and mad or bad parents are liable to have their kids taken from them by the State and put into care. (I have been threatened with this myself). Either way, your kids go into care, see ? And children in care go missing at a very fast rate.

Caring, safe, secure… all nice words that make us feel that all is good, all will be taken care of, we will be provided for.


(See also earlier posts: Age of Consent, Paedophile Agenda, Centre for Exploiting Missing Children, Face The Front, Follow Instructions, Sent Down, Holy See Over Bath, Benefits Culture Club, Invasion of the Telescreens, Why Don’t You, Inheritance of Paedophilia, Sent Down, Comfortable Prisons, Comfort of Your Own Home, Just a Little Prick).

Book : Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto

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Seven Deities of The Week

The week is made up of seven days according to God’s plan. On the seventh day he rested, and marvelled at his creation. This post is an attempt to unscramble God’s creation and is very much a work in progress, just like God’s work.

God’s Planets…
The seven days are named after five of the “planets” in God’s sky, plus the Sun and the Moon. This seven day counting method seems to be universal (well it would be if it is to do with God and the Sky). The universal week begins on the female MoonDay and ends on the male SunDay. All the planets and the Sun and the Moon have been planted planeted in the sky for us to see and worship as if they are Gods.

God’s Deities…
The word Day is like Dei or Deity, meaning God. In French it is “di”, exactly like Princess Di. Every day we worship one of God’s seven sub-gods, though each sub-god has several different names according to whether you are Greek, Roman, Norse, etc, or an astrologer. It doesn’t matter which time or place you exist in, there is a God of the day for you to worship all day every day ad nauseum your whole life. No need to go to Church, it pops up on your phone or computer or diary or in polite conversation.

You can see that the word “seven” resembles “sever” or “severance”. A figure ‘7’ looks like an axe which severs things, things like trees that are vital for a healthy life on Earth. But we do not have a day for worshipping Mother Earth or trees, do we ? Danish for swan is Svane, similar to seven. The swan neck is a ‘7’ shape, (my boat tiller is called a “swan neck” for this reason) and the whole swan is a curvy figure 2 shape. Swans are known for getting into pairs, a group of 2. The story of creation starts with severance (7) and ends with getting into pairs (2). (See Get Into Pairs). Sevens crop up a lot in symbology and myths, including the Seven chakras, Seven hills of Rome (and indeed Bath), Seven Seas etc etc. You can probably map them all to God’s Seven deities.

In the Beginning…
God’s work begins on Monday (See I Don’t Like Mondays), does this sound familiar ? And the cycle repeats like a stuck record. Round and round we go, counting sevens. The whole world has been trained to count off days in batches of seven. It is like a mexican wave that starts each day on the international dateline, (date is another deity word), sweeps westerly through Australia Russia and Asia, peaks in London and Africa on the Greenwich meridian, and then tails off into America.

So here goes, my version of the seven day Story of Creation. I have included the names of the days in French and Danish because they have clues…

God started with a blank sky, a blank canvas, like all good creative artists do.

(French Mardi, Danish Mandag), Diana the Moon Goddess, Man in the Moon.
God’s first act was to create the Moon. Act 1, Scene 1, Day 1, set in Africa, coincidentally on the Greenwich meridian. Enter stage left The Moon. The Moon is a chip off the old block, a piece cut from Mother Earth (either symbolically or in reality, it doesn’t matter which, because it has the same effect on us). My earlier post “Customs and Excision” came to a conclusion that surprised me, the Moon is the severed clitoris obtained by female circumcision of Mother Earth. This is taken from the African Sahara, thereby making “Sarah” barren. Though she is not “barren” as we now know the meaning, it is just that she can no longer self-reproduce girls. The circumcised African woman is Afrique, a freak. But not to worry, God will sort that out later on in the week, promise ! You can see from the Danish name “Mandag” how the Man and his dagger got to takeover The Moon. The clitoris is the “male” part of the woman, and it is severed from her to make her weak or week. The Moon controls the fertility of woman, and now it is erected in God’s sky under his control. After a long hard day, God sleeps well on Monday night, he has severed the male part of woman according to plan.

(French Mardi, Danish tirsdag), Planet Mars.
Mars is the planet and God of war. God has now declared war on Mother Earth. This is the beginning of the endless Battle of the Sexes. Or do you think women should just take it lying down ? Lie back and think of England eh ? Marching Mars like as to war, God amasses his armies. Onward Christian Soldiers, in the name of God, in the name of the crucifixion. You can see the Choose in Tuesday, and the choice is which side are you are on ? There’s a battle, you must take sides. God tempts people to sign up for his army, women presumably, he is very persuasive, maybe he made some promises like the Queen does on her banknotes. Promises are the driving force of future time, God’s time. The red blooded male is here. on its way. Man is from Mars. A work in progress.

(French Mercredi, Danish onsdag). Planet Mercury, Nordic god Odin, sometimes Woden, Waden or Wands as in Wandsdyke named after Odin.
It’s Wedding Day ! Enter stage right The Groom. (See Bridle and Groom). When woman is made weak week, the Groom looks very tempting. He offers strength and support to the woman in return for access and ownership. He also offers his seed, because the weakened woman no longer has her own source. It appears that the Groom is a Knight in Shining White Armour, arriving very timely to rescue the damsel in distress. And so the pairing up begins. The planet Mercury is the closest to The Sun, it is like a small but very fast Moon that goes round the Sun, and I think it is God’s sports car version of fertility. The fertility is shifted to man, mercury and the mind. Go faster !! More more more, God wants big numbers, high production rates, high reproduction rates !!! Mercury is becoming more powerful methinks, and plans are for the Moon to eventually be phased out and not be renewed.

(French Jeudi, Danish torsdag). Planet Jupiter, God Thor.
This is a Ju day Jew day. Jupiter is considered the King of Planets, King of sub-gods, and you can also see that it is Jew Peter. St Peter is the Pope’s best man, and was the first pope. This day seems to be about creating the line of control from Heaven to Earth through the Pope. Thor is the God of Thunder, lightning, storms, reminding me of the lightning strike from God to the Vatican when Pope Francis was selected. The power of the heavens, what a great show. ELECTRIC, connecting male Heaven to female Earth. And so it seems that Jupiter was erected on Day Four to control The Pope and the Population. Like a sort of Dating Agency. The dating Game. The Game of deities. “Jeu” means game in French. Prostitution is known as The Game. It’s just a game, says God, no harm done.

(French Vendredi, Danish fredag ) Planet Venus, Goddess Venus, Goddess of Love.
Day Five or Day V in Roman. V for Vulva, V for Venus, V for Veins. God needs the love of Venus, he needs someone to do his cleaning, cooking, and other services, vices. This is a very female day, it is the most tiring day of the working week, we are all tired by Friday, and productivity slows down. The job of the female is to clean up all the mess, ready for the next war, or next working wor-ing week. A bit like the Red Cross clean up after wars. A bit like the invisible office cleaner comes in after the workers have gone home. Venus is the veins, the opposite to the male planet of Mars, the red blooded arteries. The veins go back towards the Heart, to recentre, recharge, restore. Ready for more war ! You can see VEND in Vendredi, and woman has sold her soul somewhere along the line. Sold it to God I think.

So there you have it, the working week, known as Monday to Friday, often abbreviated M – F. Male to Female. The female parts of The Moon and Venus are bookends to prop up God’s working week.

And now we are weakened by God’s working week, we have the have weekend to look forward to, coded SS, like the Nazis.

(French Samedi, Danish lordag) Planet Saturn, God Satan.
Saturday is party day, shopping day, nightclub Knightclub day, Family TV viewing day (Jimmy Saville etc), Sports day, Match of the Day. Alcohol day. Spending money day. You get the idea. It is the day of Vice. Day Six, Day Sex, parties. This is when we all get the chance to let our hair down and spend money, and escape from our selves (slaves) with drugs and alcohol, leaving the body unoccupied and out of control, ripe for occupation by alien forces. On Saturday, we are not the slaves earning it, we are the slave drivers spending it. Whoopeee, whippee !! And maybe we need more alcohol (or other get high fix) to be a slave driver than a slave. Saturday vice has been programmed into us. Saturday is Satan’s day, allocated the number 6. Santa arrives on Satan day, which is Christmas Eve, and the following day the Sun is born…

(French Dimanche, Danish sondag). The Sun. The Son God.
Day Seven and we have the Grand Finale. The biggest star of God’s show is the young Sun, Son, that is born. The Sun is by my reckoning newer than the other six. God can rest, because his product is finally made according to design. And now there are two main players in the sky, The Sun and The Moon. The Sun easily upstages the Moon. God doesn’t rest for long, because he is a creative force, constantly nagging to get things created and improved, never satisfied. He needs more and more slaves to carry out his grand designs. So the creation goes on, and each time round the seven day week, God improves upon his first prototype. God conceived an idea, and the idea was to create a man, a man that was bigger and stronger than woman, a working force that was not slowed down by childbearing, something faster, better, fitter, more productive, more reproductive, something that could achieve more, faster. And now God blames man for all the nasty side effects of his creation.

…is the Moon Goddess, a virgin goddess of women and childbirth, who swore never to marry. Princess Di is named after the French word “di” for day or deity. The Goddess Princess Diana was sacrificed once by marriage, twice by her death (in France). And we do not know what else happened to her behind the scenes, did she undergo ritual circumcision in keeping with her symbology ?

La semaine…
…is French for “the week”. You can see that the week is very much related to semen and God’s seminal work. Semen is good for you, it provides seed, it’s essential, just like the seven daze of the weak.

Save the Planet ! …
This is a call to us all to save the days deities of the week, maybe even save up to make a new planet, donate here. (See George Engineering). Save the Planet is starting to look like worship of The Time Lord. Save the Planet is the same old religion, now rebranded and dressed up in green.

Extra planets…
Uranus (formerly planet George, and now looking like anal sex promotion), Neptune, Pluto. All are further away from the Sun than the other five, but none of them yet have a day of worship. Maybe God needs to decimalise the weekly count to 10 days a week to include the 3 new ones. It would have to be a united global decision of course… Maybe a referendum for the whole planet !

Ten a day…
Since I started writing this post, several people have told me “It’s ten a day now”. Groan. All British people will instantly know that this means the government daily diety plan. Do As You Are Told. Now you must eat ten a day, gone up from five a day, previously three a day, just like the medicine dosages keep going up.

Daily deity planet plan…
So is the new decimal daily diet plan a code for the decimal daily deity plan to come ? Will they soon add three more days to our planetary consumption ? Daily control goes back to the regularity of The Sun, all timing tuned to the Sun, our day time is defined by The Sun. Daily control is controlling women through contraception pills, taken daily (keep counting in batches of seven) from packs of 21 or 28. The contraceptive pill is a little moon like pill, the chemical equivalent to female circumcision (because the physical version is not acceptable to liberated women). The contraceptive pill is a daily deity packet in your pocket, which synchronises you to an exact 28 day SUN cycle. Unlike the Moon which is slightly out from 28 days.

I have described Creation going clockwise, the one and only way that we are taught to follow. I think it is possible to go anti-clockwise, reverse out of things, if we choose. You just have to be anti clock. The planets and days of the week are a long term clock to enslave us to the time cycles of the Time Lord. God is The Time Lord.

Severed, dazed, weakened. Then paired up for sex, machines, and mass production. Well done God.

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Song: The Eighth Day by Hazel O Connor…
“Behold what I have done
I’ve made a better world for everyone
Nobody laughs Nobody cries,
World without end forever end ever Amen Amen”

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Future Casting

I was convinced it was going to rain today, so I had all my waterproofs with me ready. Though when I awoke, the sky was clearing and it looked like it would be a clear day. But still I thought it would rain. Because yesterday, someone I don’t know had told me so. It was a passing comment… “It’s going to rain like this all week”. We British talk about the weather all the time, it is part of polite conversation, and it is a daily part of how our lives are centrally controlled from the sky.

Then I spent the next hour cycling and walking to the bus stop to get to my parent’s house. I noticed that it was a windy day, and we hadn’t had many windy days or even storms this winter. I quite like the wind. Anyway, I got to the bus stop, and it was really quite a nice refreshing day, hadn’t even started raining yet.

As I checked the time on my phone, I noticed a missed call from my mother. My first reaction was alarm, that one of them had been taken ill and gone to hospital (as is a common activity amongst the elderly). The voice message was difficult to hear over the sound of the endless cars on the tarmac, but I caught her offering to come and fetch me in the car. That was strange, maybe there was a bus strike on today that I didn’t know about ?

I nearly missed stopping the bus as I replayed the message.

Apparently the weather today is “dangerous”. My mother was worried about whether or not I would manage the journey safely without a car. I had no idea the weather was dangerous today, even though I had been out in it for an hour.

I had no idea of the danger, because noone had told me until now.

Stupidly, I had not read any papers, nor watched the TV, nor listened to the radio, nor checked my weather app. I don’t even have any of these helpful danger warning facilities.

So I got on the bus, and made it safely to my parents. Miraculously I was unscathed, and the journey was surprisingly straightforward, considering the danger I had stupidly put myself in. I was lucky !

When I arrived, I found that the source of the danger was the TV. On the previous night, the TV news had announced a major storm, with 100 mile per hour winds, sweeping over Britain. The storm is so major that it has a name, Storm Doris.

And so everyone was programmed to see a dangerous storm, even when it was just a “windy” day.

Coincidentally, the names of storms are planned in advance every year. Almost as if the storms themselves are planned in advance every year.

I spent two hours gardening, because the promised rain I had been programmed with had still not arrived. The wind was blowing my gardening stuff around from time to time, but overall, it was easier gardening weather than say, a very wet day, or an icy day. At no time did I feel I was in any danger.

By the time I got home again, the major storm had blown over, and there was still no rain.

Yet all over Britain, people were acting according to what they had been TOLD to expect. We are TOLD what we will experience. The entire media world, including the internet, is designed to TELL us what to expect and how to behave. Mobile phones help people spread the programming information across world wide networks.

The future is written by the media, and so is the past. We follow the script more than we follow our own senses.

I have got rid of nearly all these helpful danger warning facilities in my life, but I like to talk to other people.

And everyone keeps telling me, very authoratively, what the weather will be tomorrow. Sometimes they shove an iphone in my face with numbers and pictures of clouds on it. And once that information is planted in my mind, even though I know it is spell casting, I can’t shake it off. I get caught in the net that was cast.

It is sometimes known these days as “predictive programming”. It is also “addictive programming”. The net is huge, it’s cast all over the world, and we kindly send mobile phones and radios to Africa to help them. It is the biggest addiction of the world, and it’s a big habit to shake off.

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Male Reproductive System

The biggest difference between man and woman is the womb. Men do not have one, and they cannot therefore reproduce themselves. Men need something else to do it for them, a device to create more men…

The male reproductive system is called “woman”. Woman is a labour saving device for men. The saved labour of men becomes the slave labour of woman. As is the case with all labour saving devices, the labour is simply moved elsewhere.

The man sparks off the reproductive process by jump starting the woman, turning on the machine, and then imprinting his unique DNA, including the key identifying mark of the Y chromosome. The woman incubates the baby, and delivers it to the man by a force called LABOUR, the labour force.

A baby boy’s passage through life is fundamentally different from a baby girl. Hence the first classification made of any newborn is its gender, this determines your path through life in all cultures throughout time and place. You see, when a boy gets to a certain age, he is reclaimed from the world of women and the labour of love that produced him. He is reclaimed by the world of men that pressed the BEGIN button that began production. If a baby is a boy, he has the stamp of ownership of the Brotherhood, a baby cock.

A baby boy cannot be created by a woman alone, and a baby boy is also clear evidence that a woman has been successfully invaded by the cock of a grown man (or these days, it could br a syringe of male sperm). A baby boy proves and provides the paternal line.

When a boy gets to a certain age, he is expected to cross over to the man’s world and leave his mother and other female carers behind. It is a fundamental difference that boys are born into the world of their opposite sex, whilst girls are born into the world of their own sex.

The crossing over is called INITIATION, and I think it explains a lot about why boys are more prone to separation anxiety (from their mothers) than girls. Subliminally, they know what is coming.

Initiation of boys happens in different ways with different methods, according to culture. But the fact that it happens seems to be universal. Initiation is frequently cruel, deliberately so. Gotta make a man out of you, my son.

I started writing this post when I learnt about male circumcision amongst Australian Aborigines. This happens when the boy is about 8 years old, and it is considered “men’s business”. Which means that women turn a blind eye, the men know best how to make a boy into a man. Within the aborigines, the purpose of male circumcision is to put the boy through extreme pain at what must be one of the most pain sensitive parts of his body. The idea is that the boy learns to experience pain and overcome it, and therefore learns to hold no fear of pain. It toughens him up. Though why pick on the genitals eh ? I personally think ritual circumcision is a form of torture, and I cannot see any justification for it. After this, the boy is considered a MAN.

Do you see what I mean ? The boy is now reclaimed by the world of MEN, as if he was commissioned as a work of art. There is no choice, some deal has been made to deliver the boy as a parcel or product, and the mother now hands over the boy to his rightful owner. The boy must bear these scars for life, and in order to continue to believe that the right thing was done to him, he must participate in performing the same rituals on younger boys himself. Otherwise he will have to admit that there is something very deliberately cruel going on amongst the people he has learned to love, and why did his mother not protect him ?

The Jewish circumcision ritual happens much earlier in life at 8 days old, and is probably more traumatic at a more impressionable age.

The British Public School system still operates initiation rites to this day, which includes “fagging” whereby a young boy must fag for an older boy, carrying out orders including any sexual demands, hence the word “fag” to mean gay sex. Young boys are sent at young ages to board at public schools, SEPARATED FROM THEIR MOTHER. No protection. It’s men’s business. The British elite men reclaim the boys from their mother through the public school system. These boys grow up to be the men that walk the corridors of power. Another form of public school initiation I have come across is rolling a new boy down the stairs in a locked suitcase. These ritual practises are condoned by the blind eye or cooperation of the school staff.

It seems to me that the big underlying FEAR of the world of men is that they will revert to women. It is an insult to a boy or a man to be too soft and girly, or worst of all a “mummy’s boy”. Is this the driving force behind male circumcision and other initiation rites ? The cock proves you were born a boy, seeded by a man, but the circumcised cock proves you are MAN MADE. You have made it as a man. You have a man made scar on the most sacred male symbol of all.

By my reckoning, men will indeed revert to women eventually if these initiation rituals die out. But to me that does not justify the cruelty. Baby boys are created by women, and they have to be MADE into men by a subsequent process, whereupon they are declared MAN MADE.

There are plenty of modern day Western cultural activities to make a man out of a boy that do not involve circumcision, such as alcohol, porn and violence. To us they are normal, to another culture they would appear to br torture.

However, strange changes are happening in the world of women too. It seems that girls are becoming more man made.

The State takes back ALL BABIES, both girls and boys. The State is becoming the new husband and replacing the WORLD OF MEN. Women increasingly look to The State to provide for them and their children. The starting age for school in Britain is now aged 4, and it is getting younger with nursery schools. It is no longer just the elite that go to school, everyone does. And in the UK, the State is now offering free boarding places, and school hours and years are lengthening.

The Pro State cancer is growing, and it could be that prostate cancer among men is a reaction to the growth of women choosing The State instead of a man.

Today we have “surrogate mothers” who are conduits for reproducing babies for other women. But can you see that women have been surrogate mothers for centuries ? Women are surrogate mothers for reproducing men.

Cuckoo ! says the SWISS made clock. Cuckoo ! Somehow women have learned to raise little boy chicks as their own, but they have been cuckoo’d.

Somehow women have learned how to raise little boy cocks as their own. Cockoo !

My own experience is that whatever I give birth to, I already love because of the incredible closeness of the bond of the womb. It is my creation. Whatever the ways of the world in other cultures and my own, I would have to turn a very big blind eye to not care about any cruelty inflicted on any child of mine, whether boy or girl. (I have both). Mind over matter. Matter undermined. And surely deep down, women around the world have something very big gnawing away at their hearts when they hand over their boys to the world of men, knowing what it is they have coming to them.

I also notice how men change their views about the practise of sex, when they have a daughter growing up and start to think about other men invading her, knowing full well what she has coming to her. A father that loves his blossoming daughter seems to have a little bit of a conundrum to do with the world of men and how it all works. And then he GIVES his daughterr away in marriage to another man, with his blessing. We are all programmed to accept this and turn a blind eye, what else can you do in a world that does this universally ? Everyone does it, it’s what we do.

I wonder how all this began. And it seems to me that the baby boys are a sort of tax system. You can keep the girls, give us back the boys. Or else… So maybe once upon a time, a trade deal was agreed upon.

And now the trade deal is going one stage further. Because it worked so well didn’t it ? If you pay the taxman to go away, then the harrassment was successful, and he will return and do it again. Nowadays the trade deal is to sign over ALL your babies to the State at birth, and women are reproductive systems for the State. Though it is not so new, all Roman babies had to be state registered within 30 days of birth, or else… In modern day UK, you have 42 days….

The original parliamentary system (British) was set up to govern the ownership of slaves and their enforced labour, and the labour of women to reproduce more slaves is no exception. New girls must be produced too so that the reproduction systems can be renewed. (Until they can replace women with laboratories, then girls will no longer be needed).

For the continuation of THE species, THE species of MEN, God’s species, Homo sa-penis, it is essential to have initiated men. Real men, men prepared to invade women’s inner nest to seed more men, men prepared to initiate boys to keep repeating the cycle. Man made men. God made men, God made man.

But by my reckoning thus far, men are not essential for the continuation of woman. And here we have a glaringly big underlying INEQUALITY.

I think we need a sex discrimination act, don’t you ? It’s not fair, is it ? We need to make things more EQUAL.

Could it be that once upon a time, sex equality laws were introduced that encouraged POSITIVE discrimination for men, because it was seen that women had the upper hand ? Suppose that most women were self-reproducing girls by themselves, and some more generous women (known as whores) were producing a few boys as well, at the rate of roughly 50% boys, that would still mean that there were far more girl babies. To make things FAIR, like fair trade deals, a new law would have to give equal chance of boy or girl being produced. That’s fair isn’t it ? And the obvious method is to ban women from self-reproducing (it’s so unfair), and leave it all up to the male seed, which has been coincidentally designed to be FAIR and EQUAL.

And so religion was born. Because underlying all religions and all philosophies is the subject of sex and reproduction. It seems to me that the basic premise of our world is CONTINUATION OF THE SPECIES, the male species. Religions advocate missionary position heterosexual sex. Hero sex. It’s heroic to be fair and equal. It’s heroic to be made a man. God created us all equal, didn’t he ?

Man is MANMADE, Woman is NATURE, nativity, that which we are born to. All things that are called man made have exploited and altered nature in some way. I am not sure why we all seem to want to continue either species anyway, but maybe that’s another story.

Eventually if we continue our manmade progress, we head towards Homogenisation, the new global human species of Homo Genesis, man generated, man made. “Homo” means “same” or “man”. It all sounds a bit samey, like supermarket fruit and veg that is seeded by Monsanto.

I somehow doubt things would be any less cruel with women regaining the upper hand, it just feels like the same old flip-flopping of political power, whereby each team gets to have 10 years in power, then we change colour to the other team. It makes it all FAIR, just like democracy eh ? But FAIR is really a trade system based on FEAR. And I would say that the biggest undercurrent of fear everywhere is that the species of MEN and the accompanying cock will die out or become a rare species. It seems to drive us all like slaves.

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Sky Television

Television is a device that socially unites people, a shared experience, something almost everyone has in common. That’s nice.

I do not have a television and I therefore find it difficult to join in with daily conversations that revolve around what was on tele last night. I have the same problem with news stories.

I used to watch TV when I was a kid, and I can share my experiences with other people of similar age who were brought up in Britain. Remember Blue Peter, and Dr Who ? There are even phrases like “Here is one I made earlier” that only those who watched the TV programme will understand. It creates a bond between us that we have had the same experiences at the same time.

It was the Bristish Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that created that bond. That’s nice of them.

On the other hand if you have not had the same TV experiences, you are likely to feel excluded, and children who go to school and don’t have a television at home will find themselves unable to join in. If you have not watched Blue Peter regularly, you won’t know what I mean by “Here is one I made earlier”. That is when you start to want a TV so you can join in.

If you are a foreigner, you will feel left out unless the show is a worldwide one like The Olympics, or The Queen, or The Twin Towers, or Trump.

The BBC is doing a good job to bond people around the whole world with its broad casting activities, in particular the BBC World Service. It doesn’t really matter what is broadcast as long as we are all sharing the same very suspect wavelength, and the show is centrally controlled. There is lots of paedophile activity at the BBC, and the sculpture over the entrance to BBC HQ gives us a clue to the wavelength we are all being invited to share.

Underlying all these nice shared screen experiences that bind us, there is an undercurrent of a not very nice hidden agenda that is programming us.

But of course the BBC cannot reach everywhere. Neither can the internet get its screens into every home. Annoyingly, there are plenty of remote tribes in the world with no electricity ! And Africa is a very big continent to run broad band broad casting throughout.

There is, however, one very big screen TV that everyone in the world watches, whether they like it or not…..

It’s called The Sky.

It’s Universal. It’s central. Perfect for controlling the whole world.

It is the one viewing we all have in common, wherever you are, whoever you are. Some people in the world have never seen or even heard of the existence of the sea. Some, like me, have never seen a rainforest. But we have all seen the stars of the sky show.

The two celebrities of the Sky are The Sun and The Moon, a male and a female lead, just like all good stage and screen shows.,

Then there are the main supporting actors, The Planets, with their carefully choreographed movements. And last but not least, there are billions of stars to create crowd scenes, and Zodiac signs. The stars of stage and screen. All carefully staged, and it is one big screen.

I would say the sky screen is made of some sort of glass, and the stars are some sort of screen saver image to me (maybe we need a new charity called Save the Screen). Sometimes a screensaver is called a “wallpaper”, but it could be a CEILing paper if it was above your head. The French word for sky is “ciel”, which can also translate to “heaven”. A wall is divisive as the Berlin Wall demonstrates, and we can paper the wall or ceiling to make it nice and pretty to kid ourselves we are not a heavenly heavily guarded prison.

By my reckoning, we live IN the world, on the INSIDE, and the sky occupies the central space in the middle that is common to us all. (Please see Through The Wombhole). To really truly centrally control the world, you need to take over the sky space. Does that sound like God ?

The Vatican is central control HQ on Earth, and you can see that wall paper is also Papal Wall. The Sky is the Papal Wall designed to divide and conquer. The Universe and the Sky is the domain of the Pope and God. Sky TV’s chief Director is God.

NASA has a big part to play as the Space Agency. Like a travel agency, or estate agency, Nasa is there to sell us a vision of another place, the place known as “outer space” (slightly misleading marketing words like all good agencies, it should read “inner space”). NASA creates advertising and publicity material, and its most successful drama series was probably the Moon landings, which is why Stanley Kubrick’s name is still linked to it, whether he filmed it or not, we all deep down know it is showbiz. Sky showbiz.

The Sky is the biggest TELE VISION of all. It is universal, of the Universe, it broadcasts its show out to all of us. Wherever you go in the world, you can talk about the Moon and the Sun. It unites us all. Everyone has seen the programme. EVERYONE in the world. It is on all day every day, all night every night. You can’t switch it off… unless you hide in a radiation proof cave, and maybe cave people have more sense than we are led to believe.

A TELEscope is used to improve VISION of the sky. Hence the word Television.

These days, it is no secret that there is a Sky Show that is man made. We have been told that some of the moving movie “stars” up there are actually man made satellites that are used for broadcasting. That’s ok with us because we all worship screens. (Are you looking at one right now? I am). We have “Sky TV channels”, and we have “cloud” that stores data. Data goes up through the cloud to the Sky. And the Sky broadcasts down to us, just like the BBC World Service, to everyone, whether we want it or not. It is all part of the global screen world of programming.

If you didn’t know about the satellites, or even planes, if you lived in a remote tribe, then you might be very much in awe of these strange sky entities created by sci entities, scientists, science. If you lived in the future, and all our current knowledge of satellites and planes had been eliminated by education programs, then you might be in awe of these strange sky entities. You might call them “moving stars” or movie stars. Nowadays everyone assumes that the stars and sun and moon and planets (another form of “plane”) are “natural”, and we are in awe of them. That is because we are educated.

The satellites (and other entities) in the sky do not just transmit TO US. It is a two way show. They WATCH US. Google Earth for example, has watching satellites, they even tell us this! They tell us that they are controlling and watching us from the sky. It’s not just us in the Western world that are being watched, the whole world can be spied upon, and any hidden tribes discovered and obliterated if they refuse to convert to screens. It is like the Orwellian two-way screen in everyone’s living room, except these Sky screens are in the Universal living room, living womb space we all live in. Everyone everywhere is watching the Sky, everyone everywhere is being watched and controlled by The Sky. This is nothing new, it’s been happening for eons.

And that is starting to explain a lot about why some of the behaviour patterns of human beings are universal, even in remote tribes.

Watching a show on terrestrial TV is never just watching. You get dosed with radiation and flickering lights transmitted to you from the screen. It controls you, programs you. You don’t even need to watch it, it affects you if you are in the room, it affects you in the air outside which is filled with invisible inaudible transmissions, it affects you at work next day when you hear about last night’s tele. Sky TV seems to be doing the same thing, even if you don’t look at it, you still get the radiation.

We are increasingly being encouraged to look at the Sky Show. Areas are being designated as star gazing areas. TV watching people keep talking about how we are a tiny planet hurtling through Space, and how we are thereby insignificant and helpless against the mighty Universe and Solar System (which will also save us). We are being led by broad casting to marvel at the stars of the Sky as if they are celebrities !!

Much of the Sky Show is very predictable, so predictable that a computer can predict it accurately years ahead. That tells me that the background Sky show is run by a computer program. But we can have a few foreground specials to liven things up !

Special events and Special effects, just like going to the Movies. Or going to The Moon. Eclipses (film clipse) are headline news, appearing on terrestrial TV screens. Last year we had the Northern lights appearing in the wrong place in the West of Cornwall. People love the colours of the sunsets, so they are being made more pretty with the increase in chemtrails, great for photos to store on iclouds. In the Vietnam war, the sunsets became prettier with the chemical warfare, we like things to look nice, don’t we ? What are shooting stars, they look like extra fast satellites to me, and “shooting” is how you make films, you shoot stars. Meteorites come in showers or shows, which reminds me that the weather is broadcast form the METEOR logical Office. See how logical and computery it is ?

The weather and the climate is part of the Sky Show too. Rain shows are big in England. But perhaps the most exciting bit of weather recently was the lightning strike at The Vatican just as Pope Francis was chosen by God as the next Pope ! Surely this is proof of God’s existence, and his strong electrical connection to The Pope. You need electric connections for screens to work, wireless is best. God exists for sure, God’s Sky TV has power over us, God is a higher power over our heads, but he is not as strong as the lower power beneath our feet.

Our weather and climate is influenced by the Sky show above all else. The Sky is ABOVE all else. So is God. And in Britain, we all talk about the weather, possibly even more than we talk about tele and screens, because the weather is so changeable, and unstable, it impacts our daily moods.

Our daily moods are impacted by the planets too, female moodiness is oft attributed to the Moon, and methinks any screen watching or screen being watched will impact your moods too.

Astro logic, astrology, is the study of how the sky rules over us. It’s logical like a computer program. At birth, we are each allocated a Sky team to belong to, according to which part of the screensaver or wallpaper is “ruling” over us at the time. Our official birthdates show the Roman calendar month we began life in, but everyone still seems to know which zodiac team they belong to.

It seems there is no escape from God’s Sky rule, but there is a curious thing about the Vikings, who are said to be the best seafarers. They did not navigate by watching the stars, or indeed any other TV show or screen. It seems obvious to me that they must have tuned in to the Earth Energy, the spirit that runs through Mother Earth, the chi energy of our shared mother. This is our true navigation, and you don’t need any VISION to do it. You don’t need to watch anything. It’s more touchy feely. You just to feel your INNER power, inner space, and I would say that is strongest at the solar plexus. This tuning in is a different wavelength to Sky TV and BBC TV, and electric screens. It is lower and slower.

I think our inner power is stronger and capable of overruling the Sky. But we tend to pay attention to the Sky and other screens instead. And by paying attention we pay our power to the show.

The four fundamental elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air are being altered and the new names widely broadcast. The Sky is a show, it is not the same thing as Air. Meanwhile Earth is being renamed Planet, as if it is now part of the Sky Show.

It seems that the new Sky TV corporation could be destined to be the next Sky above our heads. An upgrade to something so much better, higher, flying. But really the sky is being lowered closer towards our heads, and the amount of Air we have to breathe is being reduced as the prison gets smaller and tighter.

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