Grande Danger

A bomb exploded at an Ariana Grande pop concert in Manchester Arena, killing 22 and injuring 116 on 22 May. The numbers are hallmarks of Illuminati massacres. The country is horrified that a terrorist can do this to all these young kids, I am horrified that we as a country are willingly sacrificing our young kids to be sexed up at pop concerts, which teach them how to sell themselves for sex.

This post is about selling sex to young girls and selling young girls for sex. Young girls have “pulling power”. Pulling power means more money, big big money. The sort of big big money that rules the pop music industry.

Ariana Grande has a following of young girls. Girls at Ariana’s bomb concert are “underage”, aged as young as 9, which matches the current age of Sex Ed in schools (soon to be lowered to age 4, please see Capture the Kids).

Selling Sex…
Ariana talks about sex and liberated women. She doesn’t just talk it, she dresses it and flaunts it, selling herself sexually as if she is an object for sale. Look at her POWER. Liberated women have power, pulling power, power over men who want her, and power over young girls that want to be like her. Ariana is for sale through her records and videos and gigs. It reminds me of the slaves that were put on stage in slave markets, up for sale, to be inspected to see if they were a good buy or a good bet. To fetch the best price for your owner, as a female slave, you would have to dress right and strut your stuff at the slave auction, probably a bit like a catwalk. The modern day addition of performing oral sex on a microphone surely increases the bid (bride) price.

Because I’m worth it…
Liberated women go around saying things like “because I’m worth it”, originating from a TV hair advertisement, you are worth more if you have great hair, groomed hair. It’s nice to be worth a lot isn’t it ? You feel powerful.

Young girls are being groomed through the pop industry into offering sex willlingly by consent. Ariana has well groomed hair, it looks like a pony tail to me (Please see Bridle and Groom). A well groomed female will fetch a better market price.

Horse power…
The strength of an engine is measured in horse power, this originates from when horses pulled carriages, thus 2 horse power means the equivalent pulling power of two horses pulling. These days the Royals are still pulled around by horses for special occasions like weddings. Pulling power is horse power.

Worth a Grande…
A grand is £1000. I am sure Ariana is worth more than that. I am sure her pulling power has doubled since the bomb exploded. Because the bombing show was so successful, they are going to do it again. Yes, that’s right, Ariana is going to do a repeat show. In Manchester. Tickets are on sale, and someone is going to benefit from a big haul of money, by selling Ariana. Ariana tickets for sale, hurry hurry….

Grander Arena…
You can tell her pulling power has increased, because Ariana Grande needs a bigger grander arena for the repeat show, one that can take double the numbers, and raise double the money.

It’s for Charity ! …
Can’t argue with that can you ? The money raised, once the record company or whatever have taken their expenses, will go to the Red Cross. The Red Cross are always there to clean up after war and this is what they benefit from. Wars mean big business and profit for the Red Cross, who are always there to help the war effort. (Please see Human Procurement Centres).

Free tickets for victims…
This is incredibly generous… anyone who went to Ariana’s bombing show is entitled to free tickets for the new gigantic double-the-size show. I bet they can’t wait to go again and have some more fun ! Obviously the 22 that were killed or the 116 who are in hospital will not be in a position to take up this special offer. Those wanting to claim free tickets are told to “hurry” as if it is some sort of race. A human race, perhaps, or maybe…

Aryana Race…
Go on quick, rush to get your ticket. The Aryan Race is the perfect race of the Nazi nationalists. It is said to have originated in Sweden with the blonde hair and blue eyes. The look that fetches a higher bride price, or higher bid price at auction.

And now on to the big money involved here…

Tits and Gigs…
Large amounts of British money have similar names to female body parts. Tits or titans are the breasts, gig or gigantic or giant is the vulva. (Please see Sheela Negative). A “grand” is ONE THOUSAND POUNDS, as everyone knows. It is less well known that a “giant” is a gigantic ONE MILLION POUNDS. And a “titan” is ONE HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS. There are large banknotes in existence that are worth this amount. Hey girls, are you worth a titan, or a giant ? How much are your tits and gig worth ? Are you worth it ?

Bits of paper…
A “titan” is a Bank of England banknote the size of an A4 sheet of paper. A “giant” is a banknote half that size, which is A5. The whole monetary system is surely at its most ludicrous when you know that one A4 size piece of paper is worth £100 000 000. Apparently this is more convenient for storing than endless suitcases of used fivers. These bits of paper are not in circulation, they are stored in heavily guarded bank vaults. Brilliant isn’t it ? Is it worth it ? Are you worth it ? Why are we all chasing these bits of paper ?

Benefit Gig…
The gig is a very beneficial thing. It is beneficial because it is worth so much. A Gig sells for a lot of money, a sellout, and so do tits. How many female pop stars have their tits insured for large sums ? Do they trade on their sexual body parts ?

The Grande Finale…
The bombing occurred just after Ariana Grande’s finale song “Dangerous Woman”. GRANDE DANGER is an anagram, or maybe an Ariana Gram. Did Ariana win the grammy ? Is she dangerous ? Or was it the suicide bomber that caused the damage ? Or is it the society that says pop concerts are great for sexing up kids. Look what we are doing to our kids. Where has childhood gone ?

Gig of Death…
There is some truth disguised in this horror story, because Ariana is presiding over death and the subsequent gig which is the funeral. It is my view that the vulva (or gig) is the way back out of life in spirit form, to match the way we came in when birthed. The death rituals should therefore be women’s work, as it still is in some cultures. And if the ritual is not undertaken by women in the correct way, the spirit is not correctly returned to its source. I hope to write some more on this one day. I doubt very much that the Ariana benefit gig will benefit the dead, or the alive, because it is all being horribly distorted as part of the paedophile agenda.

Ariana and Rabbits…
I wrote “Mrs Warren’s Profession”, about rabbits and sexualisation of young girls, before the Manchester Bombing, exactly one week before on a Moon Day Monday, though the post had been in note form for a few years. Ariana wears big BUNNY ears as well as a PONY tail. And rabbits are one of her “trademarks”, a mark of her trade, printed on her merchandise that is also for sale. It is all part of the sexual symbology aimed at girls and liberating them as young as possible. Liberating their “gig” and their tits for use and for sale. Opening up what is known as “private parts”.

Age of Consent…
Before long, 9 year old girls will be deemed to have enough sexual knowledge to consent to sex, because they will be sexually educated by schools, the media, and pop concerts, “gigs”. At present, the age of consent is set where it is because those younger than 16 are deemed to not have enough knowledge to be able to make “informed” consent to sell themselves. (It is age 15 in happy liberated sex-equality Denmark, and the Gillick Principle allows for girls aged 12 to take contraception in preparation for sex, if their doctor thinks they are mature enough). It seems to me that young girls are getting sexually informed very fast.

Porn Pawn…
This post is not a personal attack on Ariana. Ariana is no more than a pawn in a nasty game, same as the rest of us, caught up in this net and internet of deceit and evil. She is a pawn used unwittingly for porn, believing that liberation is helping girls. If she wanted to get out of it now, she couldn’t, which may explain why so many pop stars die young. I sometimes feel powerful when I am writing, and I have a following too. Maybe I am just another pawn in the game too, sucked into the net.

(See earlier posts : Bits of Paper, Sheela Negative, King Cnut, Capture the Kids, Human Procurement Centres, In Hospitable, Burn The Bra, Through The Wombhole, Body Parts, Body Chopping, Paedophile Agenda, Mrs Warren’s Profession, Age of Consent, lots of others too )


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J.C. and The Suffragettes

Door-to-door callers are very invasive and annoying. There are the salesmen trying to convert you to a product you don’t want. There are the religious campaigners trying to convert you to a cause you don’t believe in. And there are the political campaigners trying to convert you to a cause you don’t believe in.

They all sound quite similar.

I am told I must vote because the suffragettes died to save me. I am told I must vote because I am a woman, and especially I must vote for J.C. (Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party). People are getting angry with me. There is an election war on. Yet again. It is breaking up families and friendships in its never ending religious fervour.

It’s going to be different this time round. It really is, really. I know we said that last time, but this time it’s true. Live in perpetual hope ! Be Positive ! J.C. will save us, save the whole country and the whole world, all we have to do is vote for him and then the world will be a beautiful place. And we can all carry on shopping in peace, while J.C. takes care of everything, and suffers to save us.

So many people are repeating the same mantra at me, it’s making me think they have all been brainwashed with it through some sort of Church.

A church where they worship J.C and the suffering of Suffragettes. Maybe you can get a suffragette crucifix to wear round your neck depicting a dead suffragette mashed up under the Kings Horse.

Politics is like a religion. You know the one where someone special called JC (Jesus Christ) comes to save us because we can’t do anything ourselves.

It used to be compulsory to go to Church on Sunday. It was a sin, a crime, not to go. There are moves afoot to make voting compulsory, it already is in some countries. The same people that despise “religion” want to force the voting religion upon others. And you can see that the new religion is State Worship. You must partake !

“Look at The State you’re in !” is what someone says when you are battered and bruised and damaged. Being in The State is not that great, is it ?

Schools began with Sunday school, Church School, just on Sundays. For little kids. To be brainwashed with religion. To learn about J.C. our saviour. Nowadays, we have State School, compulsory, five days a week and increasing. Attendance is vital to the success of the State School, which starts the day with some sort of assembly, like Church. State School trains you to worship the State.

I find myself keeping quiet about the fact I don’t vote, wondering if I will get my windows smashed in, or receive hate mail. It’s a sin !

You must attend the polling station. Coincidentally, it is usually schools and churches that get taken over to be polling stations. The frequency of elections these days means that soon they will be building dedicated buildings for delivering election services. And the day of worship will be Thursday. Compulsory. An election every week. Has anything changed ?

The State Church sends out newsletters in the form of daily newspapers. We have State run TV services, and there is the one world state that runs the internet as a Service Provider, A Church vicar delivers services to those that attend.

In some countries, say Tibet (which no longer reallye exists), the State and Church are the same thing. Of course in our advanced intelligent Western Countries, we do not get Church knotted up in the State, do we ? We are secular. The Queen is head of both State and Church, but everyone seems to conveniently forget this, not to mention that JC has already sworn allegiance to the Queen.

I am told I must vote because…

…The State controls our lives, don’t you want a say in it ? (why does the state control our lives?)

…JC is so amazing that half his own party are plotting to get him out, (sounds like a great unified group of people to run the country). He is going to make a better State for everyone, just like God !

…The Welfare state (farewell) is collapsing and we must keep propping it up (hospitals that kill our bodies, and schools that brainwash our minds). Worship the State !

…I must be counted. (I don’t want to be counted).

People are angry with me for not voting, and sad that I don’t care, I am so lazy, and stupid. And above all else I am not honouring the dead suffragettes, that died so that JC could save us.

It seems that the Labour Party rose to power alongside the rise in “suffrage”, i.e. the Women’s vote. (see links below). Was the Slave Labour Party begun to soak up the votes of women, to make them feel they had their say. To dumb them down ? And to create a war between the male and the female, the reds and the blues, a polarisation of the population in a perpetual Orwellian war. We must have a perpetual war to control the people !

And when JC doesn’t come for the second time, It will be because some women didn’t vote, even though the suffragettes died to get us the vote (which makes it almost compulsory). It will be as if JC was crucified, either by his own team, or by the Roman style Tory party. The blame will be cast to those who were too lazy, stupid, or uncaring to cast their vote for him, those who did not want to be saved or to save the world. To NOT VOTE will become the biggest sin of all, and steps will be taking to witch hunt those who sinned, particularly the witchy women. And to cast them out, or force them to repent and change their non-voting ways.

A vote is carried out by marking a cross in a box. The mark of the cross is the sign of JC. It is a mark of a gruesome death.

The second coming of JC is a sexual phrase, but that’s another story. A story to do with our new non-religious worship, in our secular secsular sexular society, the one where we are liberated, especially liberated women, we have free speech and can make our own voting choices in life.


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Mrs Warren’s Profession

“Mrs. Warren’s Profession” is a well known stage play by George Bernard Shaw. The story is about the oldest profession in the world, prostitution, selling HOLES. The name “Mrs Warren” is apt because bunny rabbits live in warrens. A WARREN is a big underground network of HOLES. Rabbits have a reputation for constantly breeding, we jokingly say “at it like rabbits” or “breeding like rabbits”.

The symbology of rabbits is all about sex and holes and selling them.

Rabbits for Sale…
Rabbits are sold as pets for kids, as if they are toys to play with. Only one more step and we have rabbits linked to sex toys. When you grow up, you can buy a different sort of rabbit to play with. “Petting” is what adults do leading up to sex. There are signs at the swimming pool where the kids go to play : “No petting” is written on the same sign as the messages aimed at kids “No jumping”, “No running” etc etc.

Holes for Sale…
Wholesale is selling wombholes, w.holes, the original trade. Wholesale trade means selling in bulk. It’s funny how selling empty holes is selling in bulk. Bulk buy of holes eh ? Who would want to buy empty holes ? Holes are nothingness. Is it some sort of marketing trick? There are lots of rabbits in England, and ever since rabbits were introduced to Australia by English immigrants, there are lots of them there too. Maybe the hole-sale trade began in rabbit country ? Maybe England exported its wholesome wholesale trade to Australia along with the rabbits.

Whores for Sale…
WARREN looks like WAR, and WARE. A war is an invasion, like whore, wor, whoring, invading a cunt or cuntry. A ware is something for sale. A whore is for sale, selling her wares, though really it is her wombhole, hole, her warren that is for sale. The price to pay is the entrance fee. Entering the whore is entering a hole. Entering a rabbit warren is entering a hole. The hole is entrancing, an entrance.

Bunnies for Sale…
Playboy bunnies are branded women, an international brand with a magazine, clothing and all sorts of other things I don’t really want to look up. Playboy bunnies are women who are there to trade their sex for men’s pleasure. For play time. Foreplay time. Play time reminds me of kid’s toys. Toy time. The fluffy females wear fluffy cotton wool tails to advertise their ware with their wear. It draws attention towards the hidden hole. Lots of young girls seem to like going around with Playboy branded clothes and accessories, they want to be cute bunnies, they want to be wanted, they want to be sold, they want attention.

Tails for Sale…
And so you can see that the re.tail trade is about selling fluffy bunny tails. The tail advertises the womb hole for sale, one hole at a time, retail style. I suppose a playboy magnate can buy a big batch of holes at discount wholesale warehouse whorehouse price, and then sell them retail, individually, one at a time, one play at a time, at a great profit.

Sex for Sale…
Whores and Playboy bunnies sell their sex in two ways. Firstly they sell the act of sex by selling admission to their hole. Secondly they risk their female sex for a 50/50 gamble on converting to a male sex because by allowing access to the hole, there is access to the egg, and the egg could potentially be converted to a boy. A play boy. Look what Kate did…

Playboy Prince…
Prince George has already been branded as the “Playboy Prince” (when he was only just walking). A boy or man who is a playboy is one that buys playboy bunny women for self gratification, women are for play and toys. George is also compared to Prince Harry, whose playboy style sexploits are frequently published, as if to show us he is “at it like rabbits”. I am waiting to hear that Prince George owns a pet rabbit.

In Bread…
A “bun in the oven” is an expression used for a baby in a womb, which is doubling in size just like bread does. A bun is a small round bread, or bred, and the woman is breeding just like a bunny.

Fore Sail…
Perhaps the oldest profession went international with shipping. You can see that when the ship’s fore sail appeared on the horizon, the people on land knew that the holes were coming in for sale. The foresail sign means For Sale. Holes for sale.

Homes for Sale…
Homes these days are sold by erecting a “For Sale” sign outside, coincidentally usually making a big HOLE in the ground to hold the sign in place. Rabbits do not buy and sell their holy homes, only humans. Human homes are considered “property” or “housing” to be owned and traded. Human holes are considered “property” to be owned, either wholesale life-member, through marriage, or retail PayAsYouGo, through prostitution. Rabbits do not buy or sell their holes either.

And perhaps the first warship was a whoreship, a ship full of whores for sale. The trade wars, the trade in whores, the trade hips. The hips of the whore are traded and invaded. Ships of hips, And I cannot help but notice that hips and haws are berries you pick in the autumn to make jelly with… And that is why the haw tree is known as the Holy Thorn, because the holy whore has a hole.

Sugar for Sale…
The trade in sugar goes back to slave trade days, and trading whores is as much a part of the slave trade as trading sugar, which we still do today. (please see Silver Spoon). You need sugar to make jelly and jam, and I am wondering about this whole jam making business…

Jam Maker…
Every good housewife, when they are not whoring, will be at it making home made jam. It’ll go nicely with the bun in the oven, a little bit of jam and bread with your quintessentially English tea. You see, it could be that the the sugar that came on the whoreships, haws hips, came from the sugar plantations of that old colonial English outpost called “Jamaica”. It’s now a tourist destination, that’s nice.

Down The Rabbit Hole…
I am going further and further down the rabbit hole in true conspiracy theory style. Alice in Wonderland went down the rabbit hole to another world where everything was too small for her. It seems to me she was going back to the womb, following the white rabbit into the whore hole, into the rabbit warren that is the way to the womb, from whence we came. We came from a smaller world.

The Whole Way…
These days, sex is not just reserved for breeding, it has been rebranded a wholesome sort of activity, a sport, a leisure activity. “Did you go the whole way ?” The whole way means right up the whole hole, into the womb. Like rabbits. At it all the time. Though strangely, I must have seen a million wild rabbits in my life in England, but I have never seen them “at it”.

Chocolate For Sale…
Easter is the time of year for Easter bunnies, reminding us to breed like rabbits. It always seems like a time of year to sell chocolate. Chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies, yum yum. Full of slave trade sugar and cocoa, brought in on the whoreships. Chocolate is one of those gifts that men buy women to woo them. Did I say “buy women” ? Is it a sort of trade ?

French Rabbits for Sale …
LAPIN is French for rabbit. A modern version of Playboy Bunnies is LAP dancing clubs, and all of this is totally acceptable and above board in England, advertised in public spaces. A lap dancing night out is the sort of thing that someone might buy for a man on his stag night. Or they might buy him a playboy bunny, a prostitute. A bit of PayAsYouGo PlayAsYouGo before he settles down for his lifetime contract. That’s acceptable too.

Plastic Rabbits For Sale…
A “rabbit” is a an adult toy for women, it’s only fair that modern day liberated women can have rabbit sex toys as well as men. A “rabbit” is a machine device that women can insert into their own hole when they are playing by themselves. The “rabbit” is a product for sale, of course, a toy for a playgirl. And you can see that women as well as men are being accustomed to intimacy with plastic and rubber and machines, things without soul, but things they can control themselves. And can you see that one day, someone will invent a plastic “rabbit” that can breed. For Sale of course. The “rabbit” only needs a simple upgrade to squirt out some DNA coded fluid. Maybe we can call it a BRED Maker ? To go with the Jam Maker.

The Oldest Rabbits…
The Jews are the world’s oldest race, which sounds rather neatly matching the oldest profession. Maybe the Jewesses were the very first holes for sale ? The Jewish community have priests called “rabbis”. The rabbi presides over marriage counselling, weddings, bar mitzvah, growth, unity, a list of things that seem to be directly related to breeding. The word “rabbi” literally means “teacher”. The symbolism of the rabbit and the rabbi is teaching us sex and reproduction, and selling it.

The Oldest Confession…
You can carry out your sinful profession, and then go to the catholic priest for sinful confession. The classic confession is original sin, the one to do with sex and holes. Jewish rabbis hear confessions too.

Bright Eyes…
Myxamytosis killed off the rabbits. They went blind. “How could the eyes that burned so brightly suddenly turn so pale ?” goes the song. They say that too much sex makes you blind. I see a person with bright eyes as someone who has a spark, a vitality, someone alive, someone who has a strong spirit at one with their body, and when that spark goes, it is as if their soul has been lost or sold. Rabbits are caught in the headlights of a car, the bright lights. Myabe they were blinded by the slave driving cars. They don’t like the bright lights, and neither do I. Myxamatosis was deliberately introduced in Australia to kill off rabbits. Because the population was too big. (sound familiar ?).

Watership Down For Sale…
The song “Bright Eyes” was written to accompany the film of the book Watership Down. Which looks like Warship Down. Watership Down is a book about rabbits, and how their home, their warren was destroyed by human invasion, bulldozered. Probably to build homes for humans. Homes For Sale of course.

Internetional Rabbits…
We now have the internet to speed up the oldest profession, the sex trade itself is speeding up to match the breeding speed of rabbits. It seems to me that the world’s newest profession of “IT”, is rapidly becoming the world’s oldest profession of holes for sale. The internet is an international shop, a new world trade centre. It’s virtual. It’s a giant hole. A giant hole for sale. The internet is an international sex shop. Do you ever feel like you are going into a big hole, albeit a square hole, when you hook up with the internet ? Is it enticing, is it addictive, is it entrancing, is it seductive ? The internet is not our home, it’s going the wrong way. It has no soul because the soul has been sold.

The World for Sale…
There are so-called Missing Kids websites, there are dating mating websites, there are sperm packs (DNA) for sale, human eggs for sale, there are Malaysian girls for sale. And of course rabbits for sale. Almost everything else that is for sale will have some sexual suggestion draped all over it. In amongst it all, there are paedophile rings, like PIE, waiting to come out of the closet. The internet is one very big whole sale site. We are returning to, or maybe arriving at, Original Sin, OS. OS is Operating System. The Operating System is Original Sin, eating the Apple. Buying and selling holes, wholesale is profitable, big business. The internet is the IT industry, at IT like rabbits. The IT industry is the Sex industry.

The Story of Mrs Warren…
It is a very sad and sorry story. Mrs Warren sold her hole to make money so she could bring her daughter up well, out of poverty. This is often why women are driven to prostitution. The daughter eventually learnt what her mother did for a living, because her mother confessed. To start with, the daughter was ok about it, until she realised, Mrs Warren was still at it. Mrs Warren got greedy, she didn’t just want to lift her daughter out of poverty, she wanted her to have a good education…. and believe it or not, she wanted to “trade” (nice word for this is “marry”) her daughter to a suitably rich husband, there is so much more to offer with a well educated hole. Presumably if you marry a rich husband, you will not be driven to prostitution, the irony of it ! Mrs Warren could not see that she was selling her daughter wholesale, for life, selling the very same wholesome goods that she had sold herself PayAsYouGo. Selling the most desirable des-res home of all…. The WHOLE. And the brilliant thing about the modern day profession of prostitution is that women are selling themselves and their daughters, willingly. How does that compare with female genital mutilation in Africa ?

Souls for Sale…
You can see that Mrs Warren sold her soul and did her best (albeit unwittingly) to sell her daughter’s soul too. All in the name of “bettering” herself and her daughter. (Please see Place Your Bets and Good Offers). It seems to me that women and girls want to be sold this way when they have lost their soul. But what they are really looking for is to be re-souled. To find their lost soul. And now we have a new type of For Sale game to fill that gap (or is it hole) in the market… Seeking your soulmate, go dating and mating, be at it like playful rabbits, for a fee to join and enter this website, click here.

Womb Home…
The womb is the home we once came from, and is what we seek. We live in a bigger version called Mother Earth. The Whole Earth is our home. Methinks that wombholes should not be traded, be-trayed, bought and sold, nor women, nor rabbits, nor the Earth, nor homes.

In praise of rabbits…
Wild rabbits seem to me to be very humble creatures that do not harm. They are considered a damaging pest, but the biggest pest to Mother Earth is surely the Human Race. Rabbits eat grass and meadow flowers, they live in Earthly burrows. They have simple lives playing outside on the grass, and are very Earthed. They snuggle up together to sleep inside Mother Earth. Maybe we could have a different sort of rabbit symbology that teaches us how to live more in harmony with Mother Earth and each other.

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The Moon Clock

The traditional clock face is big, white and round. It is like the moon face. It is mounted high up above our heads to look down upon us, God like, telling us what to do. These sort of clocks still exist at railway stations, town halls, church towers, and some are illuminated from behind like the one on Bath Abbey, so it really does look like a bright white full moon.

Well that’s odd, because the traditional Clock is measuring Sun time. The Clock that we are familiar with divides a Sun cycle into 24 equal hours. The Sun runs on a very different time cycle to the Moon. Very strange…

We look at the clock to give us an accurate measure of the stage of the Sun time.

Except the Clock is not accurate by the Sun, because it has been standardised.

People used to read The Sun itself to determine the time of day. Then clocks came along, and people stopped reading the Sun, because it was more convenient to look at the clock, (or indeed hear its hourly bell chiming loudly throughout the region). And nowadays you can just stay indoors and not even know the Sun exists, so convenient. But at least, way back when, the clock was vaguely accurate, so that 12 noon by the clock matched the Sun being overhead.

With all this advance in technology, you may be surprised to know we have less accuracy now, because when the trains came in, 12 ‘o’ clock Noon was standardised to fit with train timetables. For example, if you live in Bath, the Sun will be directly overhead at about 12.10pm. That’s a great level of accuracy isn’t it ? (Though strictly speaking the Sun is never overhead in England, we are too far North).

An accurate clock these days means it is well adjusted to universal central control time, not well adjusted to the Sun.

So we got used to using the Clock instead of The Sun, and if you run your life by the clock as school children do, you will nearly always be slightly off-time, with your body senses and the clock always in slight disagreement about the truth. Ouch ! Is there a battle going on somewhere ?

Now back to the Moon Clock…

Could it be that the Moon is a sort of clock ? It looks like one. Big, bright, round, white, mounted above our heads.

Could it be that the Moon is man-made and put in the sky above our heads so that we can look at The Moon and read off exactly where we are in our Moon cycle, just as we look at a Church Clock or school classroom clock to read where we are in the Sun Cycle ?

You see the phases of the Moon seem to be set out rather neatly, rather clock like. There are exactly 28 unique symbols that the Moon can display. Ranging from Full Moon to New Moon, and the 13 waxing or waning (wayning) symbols inbetween. When you look at a Moon Chart, it is really quite easy to decipher it.

The Moon is universal, everyone in the world gets synchronised to it. (Please see Sky Television).

But suppose the Moon was first erected to clock something that already existed, just like the clock on the church tower clocks the Sun. Supposing The Moon was put there to clock women…

Supposing it clocked a female 28 phase cycle of waxing and waning. Supposing it was put there so everyone would know exactly where women were on their moody cycle. Supposing the moody female phases came BEFORE The Moon ?

The Moon Clock follows the fertility cycle of Mother Earth and all women. It waxes up to full fertility, and wanes to nothing, then is renewed.

High Moon is Full Moon, when the womb is full (sounds like a Full Monty), when the womb is ready and ripe for being seeded. New Moon is when it is emptied out and needs renewing.

The Moon Clock can be used as a timing device for conception or avoiding conception, providing all women are synchronised to it. No need to ask the women, just look at the clock ! Bloody brilliant, blood being the big word here, you can see the blood drain away in the phases of the moon, and you can see it build up again too.

If you are a woman you will know what your body is doing (as long as you have not been programmed out of your senses), but if you are a man, how will you know what a woman’s body is doing, and you want to reproduce yourself as a boy ?

I suppose it helped men to make and take the decisions about family planning, instead of relying on their women telling them the truth. And this seems to suggest that the goal of woman was the very opposite of the goal of men, a bit like two opposite teams in a football match.

Football matches are now frequently played at night by bright white floodlight mounted up above our heads, in order to transmit the TV footage round the world (by Sky TV) at a convenient universal standardised time.

The Moon is a fertility symbol.

I would say it was originally put there to direct and control fertility rituals. And it was so dominant that all women everywhere eventually became synchronised sin-chronised to The Moon by being programmed out of their senses. Regional and cultural differences were ironed out, just as this is being done today by programming everyone to standard Sun Clock time across the world.

The Moon Clock took over women (and men too) and became a universal standard once it was raised (as standards are raised) into the universal sky of God. Our convenient devices always control us back eventually.

Some gardeners plant their crops in Mother Earth’s fertile soil, by watching the phases of the Moon, just like a man might have once planted his human seed by watching the Moon. And maybe if you are clever, you can use the Moon Clock to determine whether you get a boy or a girl.

To get a boy, I would go for just past Full Moon, full womb, just as The Sun, The Son is rising, the crowing cock rising heralding the peak of rising male fertility. The exact time of Easter (high oestrogen) is decreed by some peculiar calculation of Sun and Moon, that seems to match this plan. The sort of plan that might result in a birth about 25th December.

I am looking at the word WAX and WAYNE, and I can see X and Y. The waXing before Full Moon will give a baby girl, an XX. And the waYning after Full Moon gives an XY, a boy.

The Sun Clock has 24 divisions, probably representing the daily peaks and troughs of male virility. The Moon Clock has 28 divisions. They are not so dissimilar. We carry mini sun clocks around in our pockets these days, in the form of phones, or on our wrists as watches. It has all gone miniature, pocket size. And maybe women’s cycles are becoming less synchronised to The Moon as other types of clocking devices gain more influence in our daily control, or women simply opt out of clocking altogether (that is what I am working on myself).

Nowadays, we have a new clocking device to control women’s fertility, or more accurately, INFERTILITY. A mini Moon Clock to carry in your pocket, called a contraceptive pill, THE pill, as if there is only one. It comes in pocket size packs of 28, each little pill looks like a mini moon, to be taken daily, to be taken exactly once for each revolution of The Sun. Each pill is numbered and labelled in groups of 7, just like the Moon phases. Follow instructions accurately to achieve full infertility.

This time round, it seems to be more about controlling and creating infertility. Modern women desire to be barren, yet still constantly available for sex service, so liberating. There is no fertile time any more. The man-made moon pill is devised to control infertility of women, just as The Moon was man-made to control the fertility of women, and perhaps more importantly the fertility success of man.

I suppose that if we continue this path, eventually all women will be synchronised to the moon pill, just as they were once synchronised to the Moon.

If the Moon began as a Clock, then it seems that is how each of the planets were devised. Planets are very computerised, robotic, machine like. Each one clocked a different cycle of the human condition, a way of monitoring what was going on by scientific measurements, and displaying it in the sky. The further away the planet is from the Sun, the longer the time cycle. Eventually each one of these planetary devices becomes more than a clock or a measure, it bites back and takes us over and tells us what to do.

Fertility rituals are performed to create new human life, in a family planning sort of way, a plan to create a new birth. A planetary plan. No danger of any accidents of birth if men and women obey the Moon ! So maybe that explains how much our birth “chart” influences who we are, eh ?

Charts and readings sounds like the stuff of academics and scientists, universal university type people, trained in universe cities, and Freemasons.

Birth charts are read by looking at the planets as if they are a technical instrument, a dial to be read off. So are daily “Sun” horoscopes, and you can see the word “horo”, meaning clock. The daily dial position of the planets is a giant multi-clock, a set of dials like the flight deck in an aeroplane, that tells us where we are at in all our different cycles. Birth charts are read and produced by experts, experts who have mysterious talents and training.

Methinks that if you pay too much attention to the planets, it is the equivalent of following the inaccuracy of clock, or God in the sky, following the Universal programming that attempts to pull us all into line. It knocks the senses out of you, as you give greater weight to something mounted high above your head, and you disable, override or ignore your own senses and inner voice.

I think the planets are all slightly off time, just like our phones and watches no longer match the Sun time they once set out to measure… Because there is this very strange anomaly between Esrth and Heaven, for which I now offer an explanation… The planetary equinoxes and solstices that are announced by astronomers who observe the planetary dials are always about a day or two AFTER the Earth Energy lines come into harmony. Everyone tunes in on the wrong day, we are all slightly off tune. It is just like the clock time in Bath saying 12 noon before the Sun is overhead. Ouch, a clash of information, a clash between God’s higher plan, higher planets, and our our own senses.

I don’t think full universal control was ever achieved with The Moon, and you can almost see the problems with the fact that the Moon cycle is never exactly 28 days. Just like they have to add a day to the year every 4 years, and other such corrections. Ultimately nature resists being measured, it is inherently unmeasurable.

To me, we are relying too much on devices, and not enough on the intuition (in tune) that we all have within us. Feeling our way along is more harmonious than referring outside ourselves to standardised universal devices, either those above our heads or those inside our pockets.

And whatever gets measured or monitored or watched, eventually the measuring device takes over control.

I am left asking the question as to the nature of the Battle of the Sexes. Could it be as simple as a fight over whether to conceive a boy or a girl ? The answer is surely in The Moon somewhere.

The French word “mondial” looks like Moon Dial to me. It means global, or world, or worldwide. It seems to imply that the Moon is a dial, or world clock.

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Premier Babies

I remember being in the US at the time of the “Preemie” craze. Girls were collecting a new type of doll called “Preemie”. I WANT ONE !!! These dolls were modelled on premature babies, babies born well before their due time and IN NEED of serious medical intervention to keep them alive.

They’re so cute, premie babies.

Luckily medical science comes to the rescue. Luckily we live in modern times with medical science to help us out when we are in need.

Or is it medical science that is IN NEED ?

Medical science needs premie babies to experiment upon.

You can see that back in the Preemie craze of 1985, dolls were used to program girls were to adore helpless premature babies that needed lots of plastic tubes and medical attention. And to want their very own PREEMIE. A fashion for premie babies was created, and now those girls are maybe aged 30 or so, the boom in premie babies coinciding with the fashion for preemie dolls.

The premie baby is the desirable one, the premier league, the one that gets the most attention. The one that is the most cute. A bit like the fashion for premie baby size dogs that female pop stars carry around.

In my home town of Bath, there is a premie unit at the Royal United Hospital (RUH).

The Premie unit is funded by charity, the Forever Friends Appeal, and in particular the “space to grow” campaign. Space to grow sounds like a womb. Lots of good people are raising and donating money to help the cause, help cause it. To help a problem that should not even exist. A problem that has been created in order to supply medical science with babies to experiment on. The challenge for medics is how many they can “save”, and more importantly from how early on in the pregnancy. The most heroic medic will be the one that saved the most premier premie of all, the one born the earliest.
The website says that 1 in 10 babies born at the RUH are “premie”, I had to read that 3 times to make sure I had read it correctly. That is 10% of hospital births, this is Big Business indeed.

Premie Babies are kept 4-5 babies per room. A bit like a dormitory or factory. Mothers are kept out, they get in the way.

Babies are kept in square boxes, called inCUBEators. They are plugged in and strapped in and monitored by medical science which is substitute for all the things a womans’s womb would provide. Food is piped in through plastic. No human touching. There is no space for mums to sleep, so they have to go home.

Surely it is a shock to both mother and baby. Trauma splits the personality, separation at this age and stage is trauma. Splitting mother and baby is splitting the personality. Dividing. Dividing and conquering. Mothers are being phased out and replaced by medical science.

These babies are pioneer babies grown in square boxes like horticulture. That is why they are premier league, they are pioneers ! Advance ! Progress ! The baby unit is sponsored by Dyson, the pioneering engineer who invented the bagless vacuum cleaner for housewives. Babies are aborted by vacuum cleaner technology, sucked out of the womb prematurely. A bagless woman would probably be a wombless one, one with no growbag inside her. A vacuous woman would be one like a Stepford wife, that behaves robotically, as if medical science had created her.

When the premie baby is past its danger point, stabilised (like jesus was born in a stable), then the mother is allowed to stay with the baby in a specially built appartment. The appartment has a TV, closed doors and windows, and sounds like a prison, or a hotel room. One of the rules is that neither of them are allowed out. They must not leave this SQUARE ROOM.

Not until the DUE DATE.

Yes that’s right, the baby must stay in the SQUARE ROOM square womb until the exact scheduled date. They are replicating the womb but with new improved efficiency that outdoes the unpredictable untimely womanly womb. The baby leaves the hospital womb room on its due date. Perfectly trained from birth to stick to timetables.

So they just have to deliver babies earlier and earlier, smaller and smaller, cuter and cuter, so cute they attracts lots of funding.

At the other end of the medical science pregnancy, we have IVF which starts the pregnancy off in a square lab, or a penis shaped test tube. And you can see that if they keep the IVF embryos out of the womb for longer and longer before implanting, eventually the entire pregnancy can be done in a lab, a square room womb. One day the IVF embryo will be big enough to go straight into the premie baby unit, bypassing the womanly womb altogether. It will be as simple and normal as going up a class at school.

IVF babies are usually produced several at a time, and luckily the Premie Unit is set up for that with its dormitory style accommodation. 4 or 5 identical siblings can be kept together in the same square room womb.

Cutting edge stuff eh ? Isn’t the human race great ?

There are so many advantages to doll-like premie babies. They are labour saving devices to help women, just like washing machines, and bagless vacuum cleaners. A shorter pregnancy, easier to push out due to its small size. Soon everyone will want one, just like washing machines.

The premie baby is programmed from birth to bond with squares and pipe feeds and scanning devices, plastic coffins, plastic tubes, LED lights, uniforms are its norm, its love of familiarity. And severed from human touch, and the regulation of its mother’s heartbeat.

So much easier to control.

The baby will be good, trained to be good from premier birth.

Why are there so many premie babies ?

Is it Anti-D injections ? endless Scans ? folic acid diets, blood letting, or just modern living with endless ipads and phones. Or perhaps it is the new advice to couples that sex during pregnancy is healthy for your baby, so women can no longer say NO without being accused of premature bad parenting before the baby is even born. (See Cervical Sex)

An image of a baby in a plastic cot with tubes is normal, everywhere. It is an image that shows how much we care. It is an image that raises money for good causes.

Eventually you will be able to order a real live baby off the internet for just $60, or a bit more for a custom made one, just like you can now order a preemie doll. And it will be DELIVERED to you on its due date, just like babies are delivered, and books from Amazon are delivered. And just like you can already buy baby animals for dollars, and noone blinks an eyelid.

Preemie baby dolls come with adoption papers. Just to make sure it’s all authorised and legal and allowed and acceptable.

How many charities are devoted to the cause of medical science ? And why are they all growing and breeding even faster than premie babies ? You might expect that a premie baby charity would want to reduce the number of premie births, but methinks they are helping increasing them, devoted to medical science.

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The Olympic Showcase

There are now three categories of Olympic Games. The original one (sounds like a flavour of crisps), the Paralympics, and newest of all, the Special Olympics.

The Olympics are there to show off the greatest achievements of man.

The Special Olympics is for people with “special” needs, MENTAL health problems, and it’s nice to include them in the Olympics, it’s only fair that less able people get included in a show that is supposedly there to show off the most able. “Special” looks like “species”.

The Paralympics is for people with PHYSICAL problems, things like missing legs. It was set up to showcase the achievements of medical science. The Paralympics was the idea of an ex-Nazi neurosurgeon who came to work in Britain re-engineering damaged bodies. The war provided a steady supply of damaged bodies for hospitals to experiment on. These days, car accidents provide the supply as well as wars. And coincidentally, so do sporting activities.

Maybe the purpose of all the Olympics is to showcase the achievements of medical science ?

Not just any medical science, this is re-engineering the human race.

Did I say Human Race ?

The Olympics is the biggest measure in the world for the Human Race. The star event of the Olympic Games is the 100m Human Race, supposedly to determine the fastest man on Earth. Though it is not the fastest man on Earth that is relevant, it is the achievement of ever increasing speeds that they are really showing off. Remember the big media excitement about the 4 minute mile ? There will be another big media excitement when medical science breaks the 3 minute mile barrier.

The Olympics measure achievements very scientifically. The highest achiever is the one that can run the fastest, or throw the furthest, or jump the highest. It is time and distance that are measured. And therefore SPEED. The fastest man on Earth is deemed to be the one that can run a short straight line as fast as possible. STRAIGHT LINES are very Roman, and maybe they are Greek too.

An example of scientific accuracy in Olympic measuring is the rebuilding of Bath University Olympic Pool a few years ago. It was less than 1cm too short for Olympic requirements, due to a miscalculation on the thickness of the tiles. It took 6 months to rebuild.

The original Olympics was men only. To showcase the achievements of MEN. Or perhaps to showcase the achievements of medical science in creating a new advanced species known as men. The Olympiads are the very best specimens from the medical labs. Special men, species of men.

Nowadays, to be fair, women are allowed to enter the Olympics too, just like women are now allowed to vote. You can see that eventually if we watch too many of these shows, we all want to be just like them.

But women do not compete in the same races as men, because that wouldn’t be fair, would it ? The women would always lose, wouldn’t they ?

Men perform better at all original Olympic events, the ones that scientifically measure distance, time, and speed.

Why were they showcasing men ? What exactly had medical science achieved ? Could it be that the performing men on Olympic display had been re-engineered from damaged bodies ? Had they been re-engineered from a steady supply of war damaged women ?

War on women means wor (whore) on wombs. A damaged womb justifies a bit of re-engineering treatment, an opportunity for medical science to create something better than the original. (The modern day routine of hysterectomy is history repeating itself). Man is created from re-engineering the womb. A baby boy is produced by removing the womb from the female egg, before the embryo even develops. (Please see I Want One).

Boys always grow taller than their mothers. It seems that the energy that goes into growing a womb has been diverted by medical science into growing higher, and into physical strength. Plus you can run faster and straighter with a more square-shaped wombless body.

There are plans that one day the three Olympics will merge into a sort of league table, and athletes that excel in the Paralympics will be promoted to the Original Olympics. You can see the medical science specialists rising to the challenge of getting their most promising specimens into the Paralympics and ultimately rising into the top level Olympics. Eventually the new-build athletes with replacement limbs, or new hearts, will out-perform the existing human species. Headline news.

The athletes think they are there to win for their own glory, or for the glory of their beloved nation. “How many Gold medals did Great Britain win”, people ask, as if Great Britain is a person who runs races. But the real glory is behind the scenes. It is the gory glory of engineering and achieving another upgrade to the Human Race.


A new species maybe !

The Special new species Olympics is going to be about mental re-engineering, just as Paralympics re-engineers the body. The Original Olympics merges it all into acceptable normality, and one or two generations down the line, we will all want new hearts and legs and minds, so that we can GO FASTER, GO LONGER distances, grow to greater heights, achieve greater heights, grow longer, live longer. MORE MORE MORE. Advance !

If an Olympic athlete uses certain drugs to boost his performance, it is considered against the rules. But the Paralympics is getting us used to the idea that a new leg or a new heart is within the rules. The Special Olympics is poised to introduce microchipped humans as acceptable ways to win races. Strict diet, and rigorous training (trains go fast in straight lines), and special shoes are all acceptable in the rules of the game. I would say these ARE the rules of the game, it is not the human that wins, it is medical science.

Darwin’s Origin of Species is about the origin of MAN, the special species, not woman. We have been programmed Darwin for many years now. It is about the Survival of the Fittest. The fittest is the fastest. Athletes are the fittest. The new fit species will be re-engineered, made to fit the scientific measuring requirements of the Olympics. The Olympic Show is a measure of our progress, a measure of the Human Race.

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In Hospitable

How many people do you know that are “in hospital”? It is as common as going shopping these days. SHOP HOSP, not much difference, except we go shopping for new body parts. I don’t even react any more when someone says they are going to hospital, it has become a normal weekly activity for consumers, like the weekly shop. Maybe there will soon be hospital departments in supermarkets, and shops in the hospitals, so you can conveniently combine the whole lot in one all consuming trip.

War hospitals…
I always associate hospitals with war. The hospital emergency departments used to be called “Casualty”, treating casualties of war. Now they are called “Accident and Emergency”, as if all the casualties are caused by unfortunate accident. A war hospital was a welcome hospitable refuge from the ravages of war, and preferable to staying on the front line. The injured soldiers provided a willing army of damaged bodies to be experimented on.

War Surgery…
Back in the days of world wars, surgery meant amputating a limb. Nowadays tree surgeons are thus named because they amputate the limbs of trees, as part of the war on trees. The title of “surgeon” has advanced war-like to other things, but it always involves invasive acts upon the body, ones that would be considered criminal if you hadn’t agreed to it, and if it wasn’t sanctioned by doctoring certificates issued by the government. A bit like how it is ok to murder during a war, because it is sanctioned and sanctified, justified.

Crime War…
Crime is not a crime if we are playing by the rules of war, crime suddenly becomes noble and heroic. Just like surgeons. The most famous nurse is Florence Nightingale, who set up a war hospital in the Crimean War, in the 1850’s. They were fighting over control of the Middle East, has anything changed ? All war is a crime in my view, deliberately murdering and invading others. Maybe the same is true for hospital intervention. The war on human bodies seems to continue off the battlefield, within the hospitals.

Friendly Fire…
…is when armies shoot at the wrong team, maiming and killing people in their own team, not the enemy team. Hospitals are hospitable friendly places, run by your own team, phew that’s a relief to be off the front line and away from the enemy. No more stabbing, drugging, or being killed once you are in a friendly hospital run by your own team. You’re safe now ! In good hands, God hands, hands of medical science. Hospitals kill people, but it is friendly fire, an accident. Luckily hospitals are set up to deal with accidents and deaths.

Peace Hospitals…
If hospitals are for wartime, then why do we have so many casualties in our current “peacetime” ? Hospitals are overflowing, people are dumped on stretchers in corridors, staff are stretched to maximum capacity, some people die before they arrive. Ambulance sirens are a constant feature of daily life, like the noisy planes overhead. What is the modern day “frontline” that is creating so many casualties of war ?

World war three…
Here are some examples… road accidents kill about 2000 people a year in Britain, many more are injured and rushed to hospital for treatment. Alcohol causes hospital admissions. Sometimes alcohol and roads combined. Work related illness, injuries and stress. Domestic violence (domestic war), often combined with alcohol. Modern day diseases like cancer. Sports injuries. Chemtrails attacking from the air, drugs in the poisoned food. And of course war itself, the one with guns and soldiers. We are constantly under attack on our health and well being. It’s modern living, advanced living, you “advance” in war. “Advance !” is the battle cry. It’s progress, good progress, God’s progress.

Are you on a waiting list ? If you go to your doctor these days, chances are you will be told of some possible scary disease you may have, cancer maybe, or something with a fancy name. You need tests ! Medical tests. Tests taken by experts for experts. Prodding and probing your body. MRI scans, blood tests, blood pressure, biopsy, exploratory operations, cholestrol levels, data collecting, the list goes on. Sign here. See how we all agree to it, just as soldiers sign up for war. And all the testing and weighty waiting makes you ill.

Be patient…
Then there is the agonizing wait where you think you might have terminal cancer, but you have to wait in the queue, patiently, wait for the appointment for the test, wait for the test, wait for the test result, and then repeat all over again with some additional tests. Maybe you will get a false positive to create false alarm, like the false positive friendliness of the hospitals. Be positive, we are lucky to have all this care, people in other countries and past times didn’t get this treatment !

Consumer Choice…
There seem to be an endless list of possible hospital activities, and a huge array of hospitals to choose from, to give us consumer choice. You can SHOP around for the best HOSPital, the best surgeon, the best operation, the best price. There are supermarket style hospitals, and local type hospitals, just like going shopping. Some hospitals do better sandwiches, and have nicer reception areas, with friendly staff that Smile at you, they have car parks with spaces available and cheap parking. Some hospitals have a cafe. Some have en-suite facilities. Hospitals should be hospitable refuges, shouldn’t they ? Noone tells you there is a choice not to consume, not to sign here.

Medical Science…
Wars create a good supply of mutilated bodies to experiment with. Medical science cannot progress without people willing to donate their bodies for the cause. You do not need to be dead to donate your organs. You just need to SIGN HERE. And if you want a POSH HOSPital, then you have to pay for it too.

Over the years, hospitals have become increasingly centres of medical research. Sometimes hospitals are part of Universities, like the Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham. They need live humans to research on, just like animal testing, and Queen Elizabeth herself will be part of the research too. Whatever we do unto animals we do unto ourselves, but we fail to notice because we have been numbed and normalised, anaesthetised by what we do to animals.

Fix It…
Hospitals claim to fix you or cure you in return for experimenting on your body. But first they have to get you to SIGN UP, ENLIST. First you have to be convinced that you need fixing, that you have a problem. So problems have to be created.

Sometimes people find the only way out of their life is to be sick. It is like in the war, when most soldiers wanted to be declared unfit, and be sent back home to a welcoming hospital, where you are looked after, fed, clothed, bedded. Welcome Home ! When the frontline is that bad, hospitals are very hospitable looking places. If you are unlucky, you will be fixed up and sent back to the front line again. So you have to be really bad to completely escape.

Go to hospital…
Royals like The Queen or Kate go to hospital for tummy aches. Royals patronise hospitals, open hospitals, visit hospitals, have hospitals named after them. We are programmed into seeing hospitals as wonderful inventions that are essential for a healthy society. So why is everyone so sick ? Why is the hospital industry expanding and growing like a cancer ? Any little thing, go to hospital. Hospitals are the place to go to get your body fixed.

Operating Theatre…
Surgeons perform in theatres. The lights are trained on the stage, the hospital bed where the drugged body lies. The surgeon cuts with his knife, he sticks things in, pulls things out, alters things, have we been stitched up ? It sounds like some sort of Shakespearian evil, or an operatic tragedy. An operation requires your co-operation though, otherwise we would say it is a crime… It is the same sort of activity that a date rapist performs, drugs the victim at knifepoint, then invades. And sometimes the rapist leaves his victim for dead too…

Death by Hospital…
I only found out recently that a hospital operation killed my grandfather over 40 years ago. He had a heart attack on the operating table, and never came round again. He went into hospital with not much wrong with him, just routine getting older sort of stuff. He was drugged, and then sharp tools cut into him while he was out of it, triggering a fatal heart attack. How often does this happen, and what goes on the death certificate ? Did he die of a heart attack as I had always been told, or was he murdered by hospital ? Doctors write out the death certificate, and it seems that murder by hospital is as acceptable as murder during war, it’s part of the rules of engagement.

Hotels are hospitable places, a bit like hospitals. Sometimes they provide medical care too, if they have many elderly residents. Posh hospitals are like hotels, with your own room and TV, and en-suite bathroom. Complete with a call button for room service. A residents day lounge maybe. They even look quite similar from the outside with their rows and columns of rooms and beds. Hospitals and hotels are measured by the number of beds available and quality of service. Can you see how hotels prime us for hospital living ? Some people like going to hospital because it feels like going to a hotel where you get “looked after”, a little holiday.

Care Homes…
A care home is halfway between a hospital and a hotel. It is the best place for slow deaths. It is where old people go to die if they are not sick enough to die quickly in hospital, nor killed by the hospital, nor dead by the time they arrive at hospital. “I’ll take care of him” is a euphemism that a hitman says when referring to his target to be killed. You pay for care homes like you pay for hotels. The National Health Service (NHS) in Britain is now operating care homes, where they can scoop up all the slow dying elderly for a profit. Elderly people may have their own home or a stash of savings that is up for grabs before it is passed on to their family via inheritance. It makes good business sense to slowly drain them of money and life.

Pavlov’s elderly…
An example from a hospital near me… The hospital is full of old people, waiting for the doctor to say they are well enough to go home. (Fat chance, with LED lights, TVs blaring, and constant drip feed of drugs). Or waiting to be told they are not fit enough to go home, they have to go into a care home to wait for death. The elderly people sit in chairs, and when they get up from the chair an alarm goes off to alert staff. You can see that eventually they won’t bother getting up. And when they stop getting up, they start to become…

It is much easier for the staff to put them in nappies than to help them to the toilet. Inter-continental hotels, incontinent hospitals. All so hospitable. And once they become incontinent, they are even less fit to go home.

Waiting Room…
It is said that “life is a waiting room for death”. That seems to fit with the idea of hospitals as controlling all deaths. Waiting rooms are like hotel lobbies, with reception staff, magazines, potted plants. A hospital is somewhere that you may go into and never come out again, you can die there or stay there, or be moved sideways into a care home sort of waiting room. And I think that this is the general plan.

Corpse Hospitality…
We are all on our way to the morgue. Every hospital has a morgue, usually in the basement or cellar, where dead human bodies are kept chilled in plastic packets with number labels to identify them, a bit like the chilled meat section of the supermarket. It would be a major criminal offence if it wasn’t government sanctioned. Soon the hotels and care homes will have morgues too. It makes good business sense that the morgue is located where people actually die. Why not encourage people to die at the morgue ? You might as well turn up IN ADVANCE, before you are dead, then you are in the right place. Then it is much more convenient for everyone, and the whole process can be controlled and approved by the government sanctioned medics to make sure there is no crime involved.

Corporate Hospitality…
This is when big corporations spend a fortune entertaining clients at flashy events in order to win business. Usually sporting events, like horse racing or rugby. And there will be plenty of alcohol provided. Sports cause lots of interesting medical injuries for research, and so does alcohol. The corporates drip feed the clients on alcoholic drugs, whilst persuading them to SIGN HERE. Consent, say YES. It sounds like hospitals. It sounds like date rape.

Hospitality Suite…
Hotels often have a hospitality suite, that’s sweet. It is where corporations can host fancy events or functions, usually with alcohol. Or families can book the suite for events like weddings or funerals. Hotels are hospitable places.

Roman Medici…
The Medici family are an Italian dynasty, that look like they created the word Medicine. They pretty much owned Florence, the same name as Florence Nightingale. They were a banking family, the richest in Europe. Medicine and hospitals and doctors and surgery are looking distinctly ROMAN to me. Roman life is known for Universities (creating doctors who pay to be trained), War (creating patients who pay to be fixed), and money (profiting from the whole thing). All sourced from ITALY.

Or is it acamedic ? Medics are the most academic of academia, studying at University for 6 years instead of the usual three, heavily programmed. Medici, Academical, Medical, Decimal, all contain MDC Roman numerals. MDC adds up to 1600 in Roman, which is a nice Roman SQUARE number. The Medici family were Roman Catholics, no surprise there, and their domination covered the year 1600. Decimal means counting in tens, Roman style. Decimate means to kill us all off, though the original meaning is Roman and was to kill one in every ten of the enemy. What is the death rate in hospitals ? Schools in England are being renamed aCaDeMies, and they train people to want to be doctors, and they make us sick.

Medi Kate…
Medicate. Kate always goes to hospitals, once for morning sickness !!! And of course to collect her babies. Copy her. Medici sounds like middle C, the centre of the piano keyboard, or the mediterranean Sea. Or Middle Tone. Kate Middleton, Middle Kate, Medi Kate, Catherine Middleton, Catherine Medici… Is Kate the modern day Catherine de Medici ? Does she promote medical science ?

Building Robots…
The ultimate aim of medical science seems to be to rebuild human beings as a new advanced species, more suitable for New Roman Times (NeuroMan Times). They need to dissect and analyse our bodies so they can reconstruct us like reconstructive surgery. Each surgeon will have a specialist area of the species. And together a whole new human can be made. Advance ! Maybe humans can be made-to-order over the internet, and you can go and collect one from your local supermarket hospital shop. (Like Kate does, copy the Royals)

Vaginal Hysterectomy…
This particular medical co-operation is specially relevant because it is removing live wombs, our traditional source of life from whence we all came. I hear that women aged 80 are now deemed suitable candidates, perhaps they are more willling to donate their bodies as they near death’s doors? Where are the stolen wombs going ? To remove a womb, you make a cut through the abdomen to loosen the attachments, then you use a pliers type instrument to grip the cervix and yank it out through the vagina, after first drugging the victim and getting consent. Obviously this would be a seriously criminal sex offence if it was not sanctioned by government and agreed to by the victim. And could any surgeon actually perform this ritual if his patient was not drugged into a corpse-like state ? A surgeon’s training must be similar to a soldier’s training, convincing him he is performing for the greater good, greater God, and thus overriding any natural revulsion or squeamishness.

Memory problems…
After anesthetic, a patient has no memory of the operation. That’s the whole point of anaesthetic, to stop you feeling, stop you knowing. The entire medical co-operation is based in us all being numbed and dumbed. And probably numbered too. Patients awake to confusion and pain, and cuts and bruises on their body which give them some sort of clue what has been done to them. It sounds similar to being drugged and raped. And after a serious rape, many women are so permanently damaged they cannot have babies, just like a hysterectomy.

Birth by Hospital…
Most Western births are in hospital. You can see how few stages there are left to alter before we have live wombs provided for us by hospitals for our convenience. They can just keep the womb alive and ticking with various pipe feeds in some sort of Frankenstein laboratory cage. The womb does not need to be part of a woman, does it ? Let’s separate the two. Advance ! progress ! A new labour saving device, coming soon.

Coffin Birth…
This is another great advance from medical science. Live babies can be birthed through dead women, if the mother dies before giving birth, say in a car accident. They just somehow manage to keep the womb alive long enough to get the baby out through the vagina. Brilliant.

Birthing Unit…
… is a new name for the Maternity Ward ! Can you see how the mothering has been removed ? No more mention of “mater” for mother, or maternity. The emphasis has switched to “birthing”, whatever method is used to bring a new baby into the world, no mother required.

Host and Guest…and holy ghost…
A pregnancy is like a host and a guest. The woman hosts the developing gestating, guest-ating embryo. The woman’s womb is hospitable. It’s just like a hospital, isn’t it ? Food on tap, en-suite facilities, 24/7 care. The Holy Ghost is the spirit that inhabits us, makes us human, joins us as kindred spirits. You give up the ghost when you die, and you gain the ghost when you arrive. Is the hospital a central way of controlling the recycling of the Holy Ghost ?

Born there, die there…
Hospitals are being set up for all arrivals and departures, like airports. The Holy Ghost flies in and out of bodies as planes fly in and out of countries, and the baby is ported out into the world through the porthole of the vagina. Eventually it will be convenient to live near a hospital too, already is… Elderly people feel more secure living near a hospital, it is a selling point for housing. And living near an airport is handy for young people who fly a lot. Maybe airports are training our minds for hospital arrivals and departures.

Scanned In…
(Please see Scan Gate). Babies in the womb are scanned in. Elderly people are repeatedly subjected to MRI scans. Scanned out. Good for feeling secure, isn’t it ? Keeping terror and terrorists away. It’s worth it. Scanning everyone is collecting data, and policing the gates. Body scanning is like policing the gates for birth and death. It is like air traffic control for humans. I bet hospitals have arrivals boards (in the birthing unit) and departures boards.

De-earth via the womb…
In times gone by, women would be in charge of the death rituals, not men in black suits, nor men in white coats, nor funeral parlours, morgues of hospitals, Roman Medicine. The job of processing death was women’s work. Someone sat constantly with the body, as you would with a baby, until the time for departure. It was deemed a nurturing process like pregnancy and mothering. It seems to me that the natural way out of life is somehow the way you came in, through the wombhole (in spirit form). The Medicine industry gives us a little clue as they collect births and deaths together in the same place. The natural way is for births and deaths through the wombhole, and that is why the presence of women is required, else the soul or spirit or Holy Ghost is somehow trapped.


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Book: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

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