Blue Genes

Blue genes are Royal genes, the ones that produce blue babies, blue blood, cold blood. This is the same as the prized Nazi blood, and it is ‘O’ blood type in the ABO blood system. If you are an O blood type, you are 100% O. If you are A or B type, you may be an ‘O’ carrier. If you have O blood, it does not mean you are part of the ruling elite, but you will be of more interest to them.

And look how Blue Jeans have become our uniform! The very symbol of the ruling elite bloodline. We dress in blue genes. David Bowie wrote a song called Blue Jean, and he is someone who seems to tune in to what’s really going on. It always seemed odd to me that there was only one Jean, and the song was clearly not about trousers. He also wrote a song called Jean Genie, which sounds the same as Gene Genie. It was from the album Aladdin Sane, (A Lad Insane) which shows how Bowie was playing with words at the time. I read Gene Genie as a manipulator of genes, a eugenicist. Publicly, this could never be admitted, and I notice that artists often channel deep thoughts in disguise through fiction and music and art, because stating the truth as truth is taboo. In order to get the truth out, you have to pretend it is something else.

EU is the first part of the word Eugenics. And EU turns up a lot. EU.rope. EURO. The European Union is EU, what was wrong with EEC? There are names Eugene and Eugenie, and we have a Princess Eugenie just to remind us what is going on in the Royal Family. There are place names beginning Eu, some of which have morphed over time to “Ev”, as Evercreech near Glastonbury has.

EU sounds like Yew, You, Ewe. Increasingly I see “you” spelt as “u”. The Yule log is from the Yew and is symbolic as a long burning flame at Xmas. The Ewe gives birth to the lamb, the Holy Lamb of God.

U is also used by the Film censors to mean “Universal” rating, the one that everyone can watch, even little kids. By strange coincidence, the Royal ‘O’ blood is known as the Universal Blood type.

So it seems to me, Eugenics is about the Universal gene, the ‘U’ gene. And EU and blue jeans are symbols or markers of what is going on, and we are all unwittingly joining in with this eugenics by supporting the symbols, by focussing energy on them.

Sangria is a Spanish drink which is blood red in colour. Which sounds remarkably similar to “sang real”. Sang real is old French for Royal Blood. San greal is old French for the Holy Grail. So Sangria is another symbol of the global Eugenics program, which seems to be one of the main driving forces for the global elite.

Whilst checking facts for this post, I stumbled across two jeans brands, one called Sang Real Jeans, the other Blue Blood Jeans. Seems to confirm what I am saying.

(See also earlier posts: Know Your Blood Group, Blood Eugenics, Word Play)

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