The Royal Olympic Fertility Ritual

The Royal Baby has just been announced. Finally the Olympic Opening Ceremony is starting to make some sense (with the help of some fellow bloggers, see links below). It was a fertility ritual of some sort.

Giant baby…
The giant baby in the Opening Ceremony is the first clue. It’s grotesque, wrapped in bandages like an Egyptian mummy rising again. It has adult breasts telling us it’s female.

The map…
The Olympic stadium was laid out like a map of London (see link), with the River Thames running prominently through it. Except as you travel along the river, you come to Glastonbury Tor, which is in Somerset, not London. Mmmm that’s strange. If Glastonbury Tor was not overlaid on the map, what would be there instead, underneath? What is Glastonbury Tor hiding? It’s hiding Kensington Palace, where Kate and Wills live. This has an egg shaped pond in front with a straight path up to it, looking rather like an egg waiting to be fertilised. The path is crossed by the Serpentine Lake of Hyde (Hide) Park. The whole thing is neatly aligned with the direction of flow in the Olympic Stadium, along the river towards the Tor, or rather towards Kensington Palace, and the egg.

The Energy Lines…
There is a pair of important earth energy lines at Glastonbury Tor, called the Michael and Mary lines. They traverse Britain from Cornwall to Suffolk, passing through many sacred places, notably St Michael’s Mount, Glastonbury Tor, and Avebury. They flow across the land in a snake like wavy form, but in a consistent direction, and they cross each other from time to time. At both Avebury, and Glastonbury Tor, they form much more complex shapes, and these two places are both very important ancient ceremonial sites, temples of the Earth. The lines have been carefully mapped and recorded in the book The Sun and The Serpent. Here’s the best bit… At Glastonbury Tor, the shapes formed by the lines are quite clearly mating!

The Focus of Power…
Billions of people watched the Olympic Opening Ritual. Nearly all of those people will have had their minds imprinted and programmed subliminally. (You can only shield yourself if you understand what you need to shield). All those people were giving their attention, their focus, their energy to the ritual. You don’t have to be in the place to donate your energy. You just need your mind to be there. That’s a huge surge of power all channelled towards the procession to Glastonbury Tor, to the fertility ritual, and to Kensington Palace underneath. All going towards the conception of the new baby.

The Opening…
I always wondered what the ceremony was opening. Not a sporting event, that’s for sure. It seems that it was the pathway to the egg that was being opened. A sexual opening.

The Troy labyrinth…
Labyrinths have a transformative power. Walking a labyrinth can create a shift in consciousness. The ledges around the real Glastonbury Tor are carved out as a particular design of labyrinth, known as the Troy labyrinth. So walking this route to the top could change your state of being in readiness for any fertility ritual. It seems that the Tor was and still is a place for fertility rituals. Coincidentally, London used to be called New Troy, and Britain was founded and named after Brutus of Troy.

Cleopatra’s Needle…
Back to the map. Where the river stops, and the map is overlaid with the Tor, this seems to be about the point in London where Cleopatra’s needle is, a phallic obelisk of male sexual energy. If the Tor is symbolic of the womb, then this point of the map is the entrance to the womb. The needle is phallic, representing male sexual energy. It’s an obelisk with Egyptian hieroglyphs. Cleopatra was an Egyption female ruler, associated with snakes. Is it Cleopatra rising as the giant baby?

The entwined serpents of the Caduceus symbol of medicine represent the Kundalini rising through the body. One way of activating the kundalini is through sex, conception. The power of the kundalini will infuse power into the conception. The serpent theme runs throughout, with the Serpentine Lake, and Cleopatra, as well as the fertility symbolism. Even the Earth Energy lines are known as the Serpent.

Due Date…
I am quite surprised the conception date was not actually 27th July! (date of the Opening Ceremony). Did something go wrong with the plan? Are they behind schedule? Or do Royal babies incubate for longer? The due date is not yet announced, but is known as sometime in July 2013. A due date of around the 24th July would trace back to around Halloween as the date of conception. The Royal couple were in England at Halloween, not on tour anywhere. Halloween is a day when the energy lines are in harmony, and there is great opportunity to crossover to the spirit world and communicate with ancestors. A due date of 27th July would be an interesting synchronicity. This is no ordinary baby, and we can’t assume the pregnancy will follow a normal course.

The new baby will be female (or the first one out will be, if its twins). The law has just been changed to allow girls equal rights to the throne, by “happy coincidence”. That is not a coincidence, it’s in readiness for the female baby to ascend the throne. The second clue is the breasts on the giant baby, indicating female.

The New Jerusalem…
The new baby will be Jewish if the parents are anything to go by (Rothschild, Goldsmith), though we do not know where the genetics are from, only that Kate is the carrier of the baby. The embryo could have been implanted, or edited while Kate was in hospital. The plan is for the money lenders to take their throne in New Jerusalem with their new Queen. The New Jerusalem is in England. There are two clues. The first is the hymn Jerusalem by William Blake, which surprise, surprise, turned up at the Opening Ceremony. The second is in the Knights Hospitaller of St John, also known as The Order of St John of Jerusalem in England. The names keep changing, and it seems they were once the Knights Templar. There seem to be many links with this Order to my home town of Bath, which I think is one candidate for the New Jerusalem. Another possibility is of course London, especially with its square mile.

Rosemary’s baby….
The whole gory thing reminds me of the brilliant book Rosemary’s Baby. I didn’t watch any of the Olympics, but for some reason, I was compulsively drawn to read Rosemary’s Baby earlier this year. I have just checked when, and it was around Halloween, and now I know why. Spooky! I was on Glastonbury Tor on Halloween, with some others, infusing the earth energy lines with some good energy! Hope it worked. In the book, the innocent Rosemary is impregnated by Satan, surrounded by Satanic ritual. The entire pregnancy is carefully supervised and controlled by satanists, including a satanic doctor.

Baby London
I often wonder if the name London comes from Babylon. This is a good way to disguise the past, to lose one part of a name, and add another. BABYLONDON. The Baby has been lost to give London, but now the baby is back. Have we come full circle to Babylon?

King Arthur and Jesus…
I think that the births and conceptions of these two people were accomplished in a similar way to the planned future Queen. With great power and ritual and using the earth energy lines. Possibly they were both fathered by non humans, as in Rosemary’s Baby. Possibly this is why they were both so super powerful. They were infused with special powers from the beginning. There are, coincidentally, two Troy labyrinths carved into the rock near Tintagel Island, Arthur’s birthplace.

(See also earlier posts: Earth Energy Lines, Queen Worship, Olympic Medal Decoded, Olympic Deaths, Halloween Harmony, Round Tables, There Are Four Jerusalems, Rod and Staff)

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The Sun and The Serpent by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin (also wrote Stepford Wives and Boys From Brazil)

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3 Responses to The Royal Olympic Fertility Ritual

  1. suliwebster says:

    UPDATE: There is a map on this page showing the energy lines at Glastonbury Tor.

    Here is a map of the Troy Labyrinth at the Tor. This can also be seen to be a sexual union, which means there are two overlays of the sexual act on the Tor. Quite a place!

  2. suliwebster says:

    Comment from my Facebook friend Phillis, adding in yet more links to the story:

    Wow, this is great! You ALWAYS have awesome stuff! By chance, is there a map that includes these places? I can help fill in the U.S. side of things. Two things that will hopefully help. Rebirth, or what Christians call “born again”. These folks are lifers, doing hard time on planet Earth. It’s why they have so many different names down through generations and centuries. If anybody can work a rebirth, aka – physical manifestation, it’s them.

    Next, the Serpent Mound in Ohio, U.S. Since the phoenix has to rise in the U.S., that gives us two points. One, the Ohio serpent is alone. That indicates that the U.S. will exist no more, because a phoenix rises from ashes. Two, it might not matter that she is alone. It is prudent to consider partheno-gen-esis (Parthenon-gin-Isis) which is a function of female reptiles. The Ohio serpent has what I believe to be an egg in it’s mouth. Your snakes are mating, but you’re also New Jerusalem.

    Perhaps the mating isn’t only a reptilian coupling; perhaps it is also the bridging of two dimensions. Instead of thinking in terms of latitudinal geography, try adding dimension/depth. Include the upward-turned eyes of Christ, which is how he is often depicted. That is a reptilian sign of disease (called star gazing, caused by an arena virus), which generates enough energy from emotion, suffering, and misery, as well as creating a 3D image……the ingredients one needs to bring energy (spirit) into mass, which is our physical dimension.

    The fact that it’s an arena virus suggests that London’s Olympic stadium was the womb, or conception site. Maybe snakes don’t have fallopian tubes? It would explain why there was 24 hours of missing time during the fencing competitions that nobody can recall seeing. That just so happened to take place on the day Britain adjusts for leap year. The stadium is built on nuclear waste for good reason. We associate nuclear energy as destructive force, but it creates life. That’s why Fukushima occured. You must have a nuclear explosion in order to bring life, which is precisely what happens when a sperm fertilizes an egg. Humans are nuclear beings.

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