Acts of God

Insurance companies like to avoid paying out any of the money they rake in, and one way they do this is with a clause about “Acts of God”. Acts of God are things like earthquakes, tidal waves, storms and floods, extreme and dramatic versions of weather or climate that are caused by God. These Acts are considered so destructive that no insurance will cover them. This seems good evidence to me that God is destructive.

I am going to take a look at who this GOD is, and what He is up to with his weather and climate control, and how he manages to pull off these Acts of God. It seems to me that the Church is right after all, there is a God in the sky. But God is not kind, he wants to control and destroy. God is not all powerful, his power is only a hijack of OUR power.

Casting Spells…
We get dry spells, wet spells, sunny spells. They are all fore cast by the weather forecasters who stand there on TV screens waving their magic weather wands about over the maps on the wall. Can you see ACTS in that CAST ? These spells of weather are Acts that are cast by God.

Whether spells…
Weather can be spelled differently. Weather is about whether it is hot or is it cold, or wet or dry , or windy or calm. You don’t really know what it will be, and much of life in England is spent wondering whether you should wear this or that bit of weather proof clothing, never quite sure what the weather is doing. Luckily we have fore casters who give us sneak previews of the drama that God has planned for us. God is behind the scenes, and he sets the scene.

Casting Director…
God needs some servants to help him, he can’t do this alone. He casts people to play roles in his drama, his Acts of God, his staged play, his film of special effects. We all want to be in his play for some reason. It is now considered a high status career to be an actor or actress, and the top ones are very highly rewarded. I expect God’s top actors get promised rewards in heaven. If you are not in on the ACT, you probably spend a lot of time watching the CAST that perform the show that keeps you SPELLbound, or maybe you talk about last night’s show of weather, or tomorrow’s cast of weather.

Cats and Dogs…
“It’s raining Cats and Dogs” we say, when it rains heavily. Let’s shuffle the letters a little bit, same symbols, new spelling, and CAT and DOG becomes ACT and GOD. Cats and dogs raining causes flooding. A good flood is very destructive and attracts high viewing figures, in the news, on the internet, and in the papers. Maybe someone will even make a good money spinning disaster movie about it, with a cast of people to act it out.

Dog Collar…
The hotline to GOD is via the DOG collar of the vicar. There is a dog lead on that collar that goes up to the sky, with God’s almighty hand firmly controlling it. The vicar is a well trained dog, God’s best friend. There is an identity tag on that dog collar, with a name and number, maybe something like “Francis 1”.

Cat Collar…
The Pope is part of the ACT in his CATholic Church. Cats have collars and identity tags too, and the very top of the global Church hierarchy is The Pope. I am reminded of a curious Act of God at the moment that Pope Francis was elected, when a bolt of lightning struck the Vatican.

Ants and Bees Cats and Dogs…
…gives ABCD, the alphabet. AD, BC, the surrounds of Time Zero when Christ the time chrystal was born. The alphabet is from Latin, the language of the Roman Catholic Church. Our Language and Time, perhaps our biggest control mechanisms, were both set up by the Romans, who now call themselves the Roman Catholics. Language and time are transmissions that ensure we are all soldier ants or worker bees, working and fighting to serve God’s Plan.

Under the Weather…
Look what happens when it is a sunny day. People are happy and smiling, their spirits are lifted by The Sun. God’s one and only Sun. The Sun has the power to lift spirits. The sky is very powerful isn’t it ? Why are our spirits in so much need of lifting? We have come to accept being “under the weather” as normal, at least we have in England, perhaps the most weather ridden country of all, and we are grateful for some reprieve from God. Thankyou God Almighty in the sky for giving us a sunny day.

An over cast day spells out doom and gloom. Overcast is a type of sewing stitch to finish off the rough edges of a seam or piece of fabric, to stop the threads unravelling. One such type of overcast stitch is the blanket stitch. An overcast day is like we are covered over by a shroud of cloud, or a blanket. It’s oppressive. God oppresses us by pressing his control buttons in the sky. He doesn’t do the work himself, he gets us to do it for him. God has servants on Earth, (probably in the sky too). We build aeroplanes and drones for God’s plan. Isn’t it fun all this play acting, these new toys? Isn’t it exciting, all this drama? And then we spray the skies with chemtrails to create the overcast spell.

Global Warning…
The Glow Ball is the Sun. God’s Sun. The Sun seems to be getting hotter, but most of the time in the UK we don’t see it or feel it, because of the overcast spells or the cold windy spells, or the wet spells. The Glow Ball should be a warning to us, pay heed. We are powering the Glow Ball Warming, because we are obediently powering the Sun (See Moon Eye Money). We don’t need to, if we weren’t such busy bees giving our energy skywards to God, we would have more warmth left for ourselves.

Climate Control…
A scientific laboratory is carefully controlled with climatic conditions, such as heat, light, humidity, air pressure, water. The Scientist plays God with his lab, because he controls it and changes all the conditions at his own whim, as an interesting experiment. It allows the Scientist to study what happens to the beings in the lab according to different conditions. The lab may be full of plants, or animals, or bacteria, or maybe even human volunteers these days ! The life in the lab responds to the climatic conditions just like we respond to our God in the sky changing our climate. We are living in a sort of lab with God in control.

The scientist uses the climate controls on his lab to create a particular climate or culture for the organisms to live in. Or perhaps die in. It is all very interesting for the scientist to collect his data. This sort of data is very valuable if you want to understand the Cause and Effect of controlling living organisms. If you want a certain effect to happen, then you need to know what you have to do to cause it, what sort of culture and climate do you need to create? Have you noticed how culture in a country is effected by climatic conditions across the world?

In the current climate…
Climates are in our mind too. The culture of our collective mind can influence things. In the current climate, for example, it is difficult for a man to be nice to a child he doesn’t know. Somehow the climate of paedophilia has branded all unknown men as paedophiles. Though the ones you know or see on the tv are all trustworthy of course. That is part of our current cultural climate too, to trust the people on the television.

Apple Core…
God sits in the sky with his planets and his servants and his endless control panels. By my reckoning, this is the controlling CORE of our world. (See Through the Wombhole). We live inside this big Apple globe, and the centre is God’s Skyentific control zone. We are God’s servants on Earth, and the more he can sever us from our Mother Earth and from each other, the better he can control us to serve God’s purpose. Severance makes better servance.

The core of an apple contains pips, which contain cyanide, a well known poison. The core of the Apple is poisonous and we should be careful not to swallow it. To murder someone, you persuade them to eat the poison by hiding it in their favourite food. Or even in the air that they breathe ! The Apple we live in is rotten to the core. Even if you are not a believer in God, you will find that your world is increasingly run by the Corps, in particular Apple Corp, creator of icloud. The eye and the I is clouded and padded, and the poison is hidden in the apple core. The Corporates and the Church are two big agents of God on Earth, his management on Earth, managing us servants on Earth to power up his Sky. Are you powering the Apple Corp ? I am.

Sun Dial…
God’s most powerful dial is The Sun Dial. Wherever you are in the world, your ruling regulating climate is mostly determined by your relationship to the Sun. Once upon a time, God druidly drew up a plan, and marked out 4 arcs on the Earth for his Sun Dial. The Arctic and Antarctic Circles, and the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, all contain the letters ARC. They also contain TIC, tick tock clocks are part of this too. The Sun Dial is quite simple. If you are in the Tropics, the Central zone where the Sun hangs overhead, it is overly hot. If you are in one of the icy Circles, it is overly cold, it has 6 months of light, and 6 months of dark, even the light times are cold. If you are inbetween, you get an inbetween climate.

Moon Dial…
My guess is that God’s HQ is on the Dark Side of The Moon. The World Heritage Organisation (WHO) is known by its French name Patrimoine Mondial, does that sound like a Patriarchal Moon Dial ? The World Heritage is being organised by the Moon Dial. Heritage is what survives after Acts of Destruction.

Star of David…
You can trace a six pointed star, a hexagram known as the Star of David, over the globe, and the top and bottom of the central hexagon will match the tropic lines, whilst the North and South star points will match the Arctic and Antarctic circles. (I have not checked the exact maths of this, but it looks remarkably close by my eye). This maybe why the extreme cold zones are called “tic”. The Arc.tic is at 12 o clock tick tock, and the Ant.arc.tic is at 6 o clock. So The Sun’s annual movements seem to be defined by a Star of David, a YELLOW star of david. The hottest bit is the central hexagon, the coolest bit is outside of the star completely.

Jewish servants on Earth…
The Yellow Star of David seems to symbolise the Sun. It also symbolises some other things. It is the daffodil, the national symbol of Wales, home of St David’s City. It is on Jewish armbands in World War 2, labelled JUDE. The Beatles sang Hey Jude. It seems to me that the Jews have the misfortune to be God’s chosen ones on Earth, they have the hotline to God, and maybe they make the best trained and most obedient dogs.

Collie dogs…
Collie dogs are black and white and they herd flocks of sheep. They are very well trained, responding to their Master’s beck and call. Collie is like collar, and I can’t help but notice that some well trained collie dog type characters here on Earth might be useful to God to herd the human flocks. The Pope usually goes around with a ceremonial sheep crook, and a vicar has a “flock”. I think the vicar is a collie dog responding to his Master’s Voice. The Master’s Voice maybe transmitted from the Vatican where lives the Chief crook, the shepherd. “The Lord is my shepherd, I’ll not want”, we all sing. We love it don’t we, giving everything upwards, giving up, in return for an occasional crumb of Sun in return. DON’T GIVE UP. The Master’s Voice is an early symbol stamped on vinyl records, with a picture of an obedient dog. And there we are back to The Beatles. Dog is man’s best friend, and maybe the Vicar and The Pope are God’s best friends. There is a nice little chain gang of herding control going on here.

Wales is full of sheep and hill farmers, and a good sheepdog program on the TV will have a collie dog, and be set in Wales, home of the Daffodil and St David’s City. The home of the Yellow Star of David. Wales is known for some other things too, Male Voice Choirs in the female valleys, and COLLIEries (coal mines), as well as their collie dogs. The Prince of Wales is the Heir to the Throne, or maybe the Air to the throne, representing the transmission of energy filled hot air to the throne of God in the sky. I seem to have diverted unexpectedly to Wales again, and maybe I will follow this one more in a future post.

We are told that Climate Change, or is it Global Warming, is happening. We are told we caused it, which I think is true, because we are obediently powering God and his scientists in the Sky, and we can drop out of doing that if we really want to. Isn’t it great? Look what God has done. He has built himself a sort of EcoHome in the sky, with unlimited renewable energy sources, that’s us! We power it for him ! God is INSIDE his EcoHome within his EcoLab, unlike a conventional earthly scientist who lives outside his lab. God sucks up all the energy that we so willingly transmit skywards to him. And I bet that God’s EcoHome is carefully guarded, perhaps with some nice Moonshine coloured pearly white gates.

Eco Geo Industry…
This is an excuse to build elaborate Eco buildings on Earth, lots of destruction of Mother Earth in the name of construction. Nothing new is it ? The Geo industry has been born to geoengineer the globe in full public view with chemtrailing and other methods. Both are huge corpoorate ventures that want to unite the whole globe into one big corporate control to power the glowball. Same as before, warm the glowbal, glowball warming. These industries are giving even more power to God to control us even more. They are fuelling more destructive Acts of God. This is God’s solution to the problem that God created. Do as you are told, be Eco, be Geo, be Good.

Construction Industry…
The Sun controls us, and we power the Sun (see Moon Eye Money). We want to keep powering the Sun, because we believe it is the source of all our power, life, warmth, light, and energy. We forget that it is Mother Earth that is the source of all life, not the Sun. The Sun is sourced from the energy of Mother Earth, just as the Son is sourced from the energy of the Mother. Son and Sun are both constructed by destruction. The destruction of Mother Earth sends energy skywards for the male Sun. The destruction of the baby’s womb in utero by the male sperm, results in a baby son. (See I Want One)

Eco Crisis…
We power God by obeying God. We are powering our own lab control, and Climate Change too. The Sun gets hotter because we are pedaling and peddling faster and faster. The Eco crisis makes us pedal and peddle harder to solve it QUICKLY before it is too late, Hurry Hurry Hurry, there is a deadline, don’t stop to think, just obey orders.

ForeCourt Casting…
Ironically we are perpetuating the crisis in our panic to solve it. Remember when Cameron falsely announced a petrol shortage, then people obediently reacted by panic buying, and sure enough a petrol shortage was created. This is how forecasting works.

Climate Change…
I don’t know about you, but these days it seems that climate changes by the hour in the UK, and within a hundred yards too. My back door and front door often seem to be in different climatic regions at the same time. Then we get climatic changes from one day to the next, or even on the same day. Climatic regions and seasonal times of year are not sticking to the rules. The weather and the climate is causing chaos and confusion. Well that’s handy for someone that has a new agenda….

Problem Reaction Solution…
Chaos and Confusion is a problem, a problem that causes a reaction, and a seeking of a solution. It will drive some of us towards signing up for a computer climatic controlled dome atmosphere to live in. That seems to be what EcoHomes are. We are already in a biodome, called Mother Earth, but they want another layer of dome to sever us from Mother Earth and get us more servile. Maybe you will sign up for a life in the sky, with God, in heaven, or on a new Eco science space ship satellite, a sort of scientific Eco heaven.

Eden Project…
The Eden Project in Cornwall (The Prince of Wales also rules Cornwall) has captured lots of global plants in bio domes called “biomes” with ticking time controlled thermostat conditions. The biomes have hexagon shapes in their construction, and there is a giant BEE sculpture to remind us how much the bees have to do with this. The Eden Project is a tourist attraction, attracting corporate MONEY. Big events and top name pop music concerts are held there to concentrate mass energy into one place to feed the sky, just like the Olympics and Church masses, and other festivals and events. This is NOT the garden of eden at all.

Power off God…
Imagine that there is no Sun and no planets, no satellites, no planes, only a whole Moon always shining its gentle light over all of us all the time, its dark side reclaimed as light. Our eyes would adjust to the gentle moonlight. Imagine a world with gentle seas, gentle tides, no more serfing or surfing ! No more extreme weather, no spells, no overcasting, no cloud or cold winds. No more Sun Worship to drain Mother Earth, our Mother will be always warm for us if she is not constantly drained. A warm ground, never frozen nor burning. No drama. No extreme sports. No excitement. No challenges. A world of peace, not pieces.

“Some people say I’m a Dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. So sang John Lennon before his influence of truth spreading was silenced by assassination. His speaking out combined with his popularity got him killed. Maybe he knew that risk.

God and Mother Earth get conveniently muddled up. Atheists think there is NO GOD at all, and so they blame destructive “Acts of God” on something else, like Mother Earth, “Nature” or Carbon emissions. On the other hand, GOD followers like to see GOD as loving as a Mother, so they attribute all Mother Earth qualities of kindred spirit and creation of all life to God Almighty in the Sky, Acts of God are just reasonable punishment that we deserve for disobeying Him.

By my reckoning, the inner core of our world is very small compared with the surface of the Earth we live on. The inner Core, the SciFi Sky, where God lives, is not Mighty at all, but mitey, a little mite, maybe a termite, minute, miniature. The Wizard of Oz is just a little man in the sky behind a big screen with a megaphone, and a huge population of obedient servants.

(See also: Astronomical, Forecasting, Comfort of Your Own Home, Gas Time Bomb, Blinded By The Light, Moon Eye Money, Mother Moon Time, Time Lord, Blame the Pilots, various posts on the moon including Blood Sacrifice, Stop Watching, Vinyl Revolution, Bank Robber Bees, New Roman Times, Romans Remain, Time and Place, Time Tunnel, Through the Wombhole, Pavlov’s Women, Queen’s Alms, Popule Copule, Wizard of Oz, Poison Apple, The Queen and the Pope)

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8 Responses to Acts of God

  1. Tim says:

    Hi Suli, great post. πŸ™‚
    Not short though…

    Cast is an interesting word. Google says it means:
    1) “throw (something) forcefully in a specified direction.” – e.g. a net, or a light
    “cause (light or shadow) to appear on a surface.” – same thing

    2) “an object made by shaping molten metal or similar material in a mould.”
    i.e. – Something which holds a shape that is defined by something else, another object.

    a) The cast cast (throw) the spell at the audience forcefully, like a light. A lie-m-light? (Limelight – Lie to ’em light?)

    b) The cast is of a play is cast (fixed), defined by the ‘casting director’. Once filmed, it’s ‘cast in celluloid’.
    The characters of the cast are defined by the script – the other object.

    Actors are ‘cast in a role’ – a living statue. They mould themselves to the character from the script.

    Cursed sounds like Cast: If you’ve been ‘typecast’, or ‘cast-aside’, I guess you’ve been cursed.
    Caused sounds like Cast: If something has been ’caused’, it’s fate has been cast/caused by external forces.


    Cull: a selective slaughter of animals or ideas.
    -ture: a practise, skill, profession.

    Therefore, ‘Culture’ = The practice of selectively killing certain ideas.


  2. Tim says:

    Well, the ‘ture’ bit isn’t quite right, but it’s amusing…
    Suffix: -ure – denoting an action, process, or result.
    Cult-ure: The process & result of forming a cult.

    But folk who are called to a cult have their ideas culled. They’ve been collared. Their minds are coloured…

    Or how about this one:

    The cult exults adults, and consults the occult. An insult! The result is tumult.

    lol πŸ™‚

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes exactly. I dont think cultured people who despise cults, realise they are in one themselves. Locked in by a culled mind. All these cultural things like cinema, books, theatre, cafe culture (i sit in a cafe as i write)…. Mind programming.
      By curious coincidence, my next post is about “ure”, though I hadn’t actutally looked up what it meant !
      I could probably write a long one on casting too. You cast off from shore in a boat. You can also cast on and off in knitting. Both of these are about tying knots. Or is it nots ? The casting theme is an endless one that seems to permeate everything. There is also caste !

      • Tim says:

        I had a bit of inspiration – and wrote a post: ‘Cast in Spells’ here:

        Cast basically has 2 meanings: THROW or IMMOBILISE.
        It’s funny how these 2 opposite concepts can fit together – a paradox again… I think all real truth is paradoxical…

        Take the caste system: they’re ‘thrown’ into their caste by karma, once incarnated, they’re immobilised. You can’t change caste.

      • suliwebster says:

        Will enjoy reading that Tim !
        Yes THROW a pot on a wheel (wheels again ! Man’s greatest invention).
        I am very ambivalent about the prevailing belief in karma, though I am sure there is plenty of Recycling going on. (See Karma Acceptance).
        There is also castle, as in the game of chess. Caster sugar, and castors or is it casters on chair legs which I think are a sort of WHEEL ! Replacing legs with wheels is the next cast as far as I can see. The next incantation incarnation, and we will be a nation of cars, in car nation. (See Britannia’s Wheelchair).
        Castrate also comes to mind. Cast Rate.

      • suliwebster says:

        Very good post Tim, I am trying to find a way of commenting. I also can find no way of following your blog.
        Sol Id is the id of the Sun or Son ! We are cast as solids by the Son spell when we should be fluid (liquid or gas). Anti flu vaccinations will help that one along.
        I notice that splinter is a meaning of spell, and you cast your broken leg in a splint.

  3. paul says:

    wales gets a mention
    Windows on the World: The Real King Arthur with Adrian Gilbert

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